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Highly mobile radar based on the BMP-3

Equipment on the chassis of the serial BMP-3 can press reliable, but at the same time outdated conveyors MT-Lbu, writes Messenger of Mordovia with reference to the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Highly mobile radar based on the BMP-3

“The light transporter developed in Kharkov was created almost half a century ago, using the technologies 40-50. Therefore, there is an acute issue of a new technology, which until the mass appearance of the Kurganets-25 platform in the troops could replace outdated products. The candidacy of the BMP-3 is considered optimal, ”the article says.

In Kurgan, on the basis of the BMP-3, a mobile radar station and an MRU-B command post (reconnaissance and control module) 9C932-1 were created for units of the military air defense.

It is reported that the range of the MRU-B reaches 500 km, and the added mass of the equipment practically did not change the dynamic characteristics of the armored vehicle. It can still accelerate to 70 km / h on the highway and to 10 km / h afloat.

The equipment of the vehicle “is capable of tracking real-time up to 80 air objects at the same time, marking them as targets and distributing among the air defense systems,” writes the publication.

The deployment time of the MRU-B is less than 7 minutes. The equipment operation time from own electric generator is up to 3 days.
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  1. san4es
    san4es 23 November 2017 12: 49
    MRU-B (intelligence and control module) 9C932-1
    Operator Places soldier

  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 23 November 2017 12: 50
    Yes, such a machine and work on the ground is not enough. For intelligence and monitoring the situation on the battlefield.
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 23 November 2017 12: 53
    Cool, modern station! Especially touches the log in the stern! Tradition, however! drinks
    1. Don
      Don 23 November 2017 12: 57
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Cool, modern station!

      My opinion is that the future lies with passive tracking and guidance stations, as current ones are very vulnerable to anti-radar missiles.
      1. just exp
        just exp 23 November 2017 15: 10
        and the PRR itself is not vulnerable to missiles?
        something I remembered the theme from the movie "and they have ANTI-AON, I have ANTI-ANTI-AON"
        1. Don
          Don 23 November 2017 19: 16
          Quote: just explo
          and the PRR itself is not vulnerable to missiles?

          To shoot down a small rocket whose 0,001 EPR is in principle real, but impossible in practice.
          1. just exp
            just exp 24 November 2017 10: 49
            damn it, sometimes read at least something on military subjects, missiles from the Wasp are converted into training targets, they are several times smaller than charms and shrikes, and you won’t believe that the same Torah is hit directly.
            so it’s impossible, you’ll tell your grandmothers at the entrance.
    2. d ^ Amir
      d ^ Amir 23 November 2017 13: 30
      Good afternoon!!!! Particularly touching fuel consumption is BMP-3 !!! liter / kilometer .... my opinion will be redone on a wheelbase .....
      1. PVOSV
        PVOSV 23 November 2017 15: 37
        fuel consumption is not the main indicator for military equipment.
        this machine is replacing the ballast, as I understand it, which is based on MTLBu with a flow rate of 1,3 liters / km.
        on a wheeled chassis in military air defense, it is not needed.
    3. forsait
      forsait 23 November 2017 14: 39
      Do you even know what this log is for? any diesel engine can be started if you push the car a bit behind. We often have 2C1 fighters planted the battery when they are in position (training), so they saved themselves - you will drive up from behind, push and voila
      1. neri73-r
        neri73-r 23 November 2017 15: 14
        Of course the log can be used as a damper, but actually it is for self-digging. hi
        1. Sergey53
          Sergey53 23 November 2017 21: 08
          Self-pulling. In general, the entire caterpillar eats. Therefore, it is considered the consumption in liters per hour of work.
          1. PVOSV
            PVOSV 24 November 2017 00: 04
            Consumption is considered for an hour of work on the spot and for kilometers, while working on the spot, the engine drives the SEP generator and consumes a greater amount of fuel than in motion. In the waybills, the expense was considered separately: hourly hours on the spot and kilometers with% allowances for movement in the convoy, poor road conditions, winter and so on.

            So the BMP consumption will not be very different from MTLBu, for the military the main question will be: reliability and ease of use.
      2. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 24 November 2017 01: 18
        What am I talking about? The method is proven and therefore indispensable!