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The shrines of the island of Cyprus (part 2)

"Luke, the beloved doctor, greets you ...)
(Colossians 4: 14)

Before telling about the shrines of Cyprus further, you should at least share your impressions about the island itself. It is said, and it is true that Cyprus was a colony of England. But judging by some circumstances, one might get the impression that he was, and today continues to be a colony ... of Russia. If there are three flagpoles in front of the building, then there is no doubt that the flag of Cyprus will fly on one, the UK will fly on the other, and Russia will fly on the third! Shops with Russian names, at the entrance to cafes and restaurants announcements "we speak Russian" and we have a "Russian menu", discounts are offered to Russians for wine. In Russian, Cypriots speak through one, as in English, so that at least that’s it, and you will explain! Cyprus is an ideal place for those who go abroad for the first time and fears that they might not understand him there. Where, where, and in Cyprus, Russian people are always understood and in any condition. Transport on the island is well developed: air-conditioned buses, you can rent a car and quad bike, in a word, it is convenient to move around the island.

The shrines of the island of Cyprus (part 2)

This Boeing-747 will take you to the island, which, among other things, is even interesting to fly on - it’s very big.

Hotels there are different, for every taste and price, but I personally prefer these, with bungalow-type houses with a separate entrance. This is, for example, Tsokkos Paradise Village on the outskirts of Ayia Napa. But the "margin" is a relative concept.

In the center - a huge pool. Many foreigners (Germans) swam only here and did not even go to the sea (idiots!). Some in the reviews on the web complain about the poor performance of the Internet. So ... I just want to say: “You did not come here over the Internet, but over the sea, the sun and the beauty of the local temples. So enjoy it, you are our poor! ”You sit here under an umbrella, you drink beer, and you think -“ Live well! A good life is even better!"!

Very close to the beach is Nissi Beach and many such charming lagoons. Well, I wanted a “divine”, so two kilometers from this hotel right on the sea there is a chapel and the cave of St. Thekla (Tekla in Greek). As he left the hotel - to the right, to the water park, and then to the sea to the left following the signs! The cave keeper is an elderly Greek, a lover of kissing Russian women of balsac age, will gladly show you everything there. In the cave, however, frankly disgusting. I do not understand why to gain holiness you need to live in such a hole. True, the beach is located a little further on. And then trudge through the local heat and stuffiness in order to look at the dark stinking hole - this is not for everyone. This "feat of faith!"

By this time, the abundance of Orthodox churches in Cyprus had already caught my eye, interest in them appeared, and along with it, the most famous and revered monastery in Cyprus in the Troodos Mountains wanted to visit ...

Troodos Mountains. Kykksky monastery.

It is hardly an exaggeration to claim that this monastery is the most famous and most crowded tourist and pilgrim monastery on the island. It was founded for the sake of the miraculous Kikkskoy icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to legend, written by the holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke himself.

“The road winds around like a ribbon, there is no end to the road, there is nothing more necessary than brave hearts!” By the way, at the bottom left is one of the main reservoirs of the island. In a drought, it dries out completely and then water is brought to the island by tankers, as we have oil.

Bearing in mind that the “main robbers” in Cyprus are Russian tourist companies, they bought a tour to the monastery from the Bulgarians. The same Russian guide, the same bus, but “we have” 56 euros per person, and the “bratus” has only 26. For four, the savings are very substantial.

“Higher and Higher and Higher!”

On the way to Troodas we were told a long time history this icon. It is “divine” from beginning to end, and its essence, if briefly, is that this icon, before being in Constantinople, wished to be in Cyprus, and ... it turned out in the end! That is, by hook or by crook, but she made her own! True, the emperor bargained for such a condition that the face of the Mother of God on her should now remain closed, so that those who prayed would have more reverence for her. So today the icon is almost completely, except for the hands, curtain velvet curtain. And who, they say, will launch your hands under this cover - that they will wither away! Because next to the icon hangs an ancient sword! It inspired me very much and clearly why - the sword, after all!

However, the first place where tourists are brought ... is not a monastery, but a store of icons and all kinds of divine goods located above it on the mountain. The thought involuntarily creeps in that Mammon is closer to God here than the monks actually serving him, but then he disappears, so many beautiful things of all kinds are exposed here. The icons are large and small, in silver or even in gold salaries, healing oil, candles (“cheaper here than in a monastery!”) - in a word, skill and beauty unwittingly climb into the soul. However, you will not fail to be reminded that if you bought an icon here, then you can consecrate it below! Here, that is, just above the Kykk monastery (and still higher than the store!), Is the tomb of Archbishop Makarius - the first president of the Republic of Cyprus, who always has an honor guard.

The monastery is located high in the mountains. Therefore, there is a wonderful air and breathe very easily. In addition, pines grow around it. But the streamer that leads there, yet he has no concrete fences, nothing! Looking at what your bus makes pirouettes, you unwittingly start that ... well, that very thing. Therefore, it is impossible to go there without a pack of aeron, well, unless you are a retired pilot or an old sea wolf.

For example, how do you like this icon?

On the way to the monastery, stories are told: here, overnight, all Turkish troops died of God's craft (then the stench was from so many thousands of corpses!), Then a Cypriot millionaire fell ill with cancer, sacrificed all the money to the monastery, prayed to a covered image and ... was healed In a word - everything is in the mood!

Prices are quite reasonable. This copy of the icon of the Byzantine letter is worth only 28 euro!

People rush from the store to the monastery. Do you know why they are in a hurry? Because buses with tourists approach him every 20 minutes, and the next batch of 40-45 people rushes to his entrance.

There are so many people that no matter how hard you try, and without them you won't be able to photograph the entrance to the monastery!

Kikk monastery is one of the richest monasteries on the island. The church inside is very richly decorated. But the special attention of tourists is attracted by the beautiful gilded mosaics made on the walls of the galleries surrounding the monastery courtyard. Among them are the amazingly beautiful mosaic icons, as well as various scenes from the biblical history of the Old and New Testaments.

It is very inconvenient to photograph these mosaic scenes due to the peculiarities of the monastic architecture, but at least there is something here, but it can be seen ...

In general, in my opinion, it has long been known to all that women should enter the temple of God with their heads covered and shoulders closed, and also in a long skirt, well, men should change their shorts for pants. But since the majority of tourists from the heat and serpentine brains work with difficulty, and many simply never had them, they do not remember about these rules. But the monastic brethren, “meeting the wishes of the working people”, made it easier for all forgetful to enter the monastery's shelter: at the entrance, all those dressed in the wrong way are offered ... beautiful terry robes of purple color with a hood, which hide both shoulders and shorts. And all the "hollow-shoulders" and "bare-legged" tourists and tourists at once become like good-natured pilgrims of the times of St.. Helen!

Look at the center of the photo - you can see how one lady is wrapped in this purple robe!

Nowhere have I met such smiling and welcoming monks, who in addition are so eagerly taking photos with tourists.

Entered the church, where the hung icon is exposed. And there ... all, as we have at the end of 80-s for sausage. True, moving fast. The guide explains: “You have thirty seconds. Look at the icon, attach to it, then turn to the monk, get a fleece with holy oil from a lamp in front of the icon and move on. ” The guide continues: “The monastery was founded in 1100, here is the Kykkos icon, its face is covered. Pay attention to the chandeliers: the third and fifth of them were donated to the monastery of Nicholas II in a particular year. ” Above the crowd the chandeliers really hang one another beautifully. I take a closer look, and on one inscription: “Brought as a gift by the emperor All-Russian Nicholas II and Sovereign ... in the summer of 1902 of the year ...” That is, they were here and brought it. It is possible that the sovereign stood here with the sovereign and prayed in front of this icon. The Lord asked for something ... And they got 1917 for a year and a basement ... But yes!

This is what this holy icon looks like!

Next to the icon of oars is not a sword, but some souvenir dagger. And instead of a severed dried hand - as I hoped - a brush carved from wood. Ecstasy, standing in front of the curtain, I did not feel. Then the monk threw us some cotton wool in turns and said in Russian: “Dries up - just burn! Do not throw away! Head ache - rub! "

In the museum of the monastery, we have not got on time.

They took it in the evening, when my daughter got a headache due to the heat and stuffiness. First one. Then everyone else smelled and half an hour later the head passed. After the visit itself, they again got fucked by the bus - 40 was given to the group for the whole tour, and they went on to feast at some mountain cafe, drink local wines and buy silver and lace. By the way, there are other monasteries in the mountains: the monastery of the Mother of God of Trooditissa, the monastery of the Mother of God of Trikukja, where they are necessarily served tea, bread and very tasty jam, which the sisters cook themselves, but we did not get here, as well as the holy temple the martyrs of the Moors. It is necessary to specifically go to the mountain monasteries and temples.

To be continued ...
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  1. XII Legion
    XII Legion 28 November 2017 06: 57
    The article is interesting as household details, as well as cultural treasures of the island.
    One would like to say: “Not over the Internet you came here, but over the sea, the sun and the beauties of the temples here.

    People are often like zombies - they don’t see anything except gadgets (even at pedestrian crossings). And the Internet is an invention harmful to human health (and not only for him).
    the emperor and the empress stood here and prayed in front of this icon. They asked the Lord for something ... But they received the year 1917 and the basement

    Who knows. Can it be better to atone for sins in this world than in that?
    Thank you!
  2. Amurets
    Amurets 28 November 2017 07: 26
    Thank. Interesting. Very beautiful photos.
  3. ICT
    ICT 28 November 2017 07: 29
    So I want to say:

    Sorry Masyanya, but I chopped off the Internet, as
    Those glorious days have passed when the Internet was for porn ... now it is for CREAT
    1. kalibr
      28 November 2017 08: 01
      In the West, a book by some sociologist has come out, entitled "Modern man must be heard." And it says that in the age of information technology, this has become an urgent need for most people. And the Internet provides them with this opportunity. The main thing is to declare yourself and know what you are reading. Some even hope that this expressed opinion will affect something and change something there. Naive ... As a rule, even direct calls to the websites of the relevant departments do not change anything! Dickens explained this very well in Little Dorrit. 150 years have passed, but ... little has changed. Well, someone was able to "reach out" to the president on his "direct line". Well then, unless ...
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 28 November 2017 09: 37
        Quote: kalibr
        Well, someone was able to "reach out" to the president on his "direct line". Well then, unless ...

        Our governor is still chasing officials for the Green Folder with complaints from residents of the region. Means reached out.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 28 November 2017 08: 02
    ] And there ... it’s the turn, as we have in the late 80s for sausage.
    [/bapter...Without this, and the article, not the article .. Thanks, about the sausage, reminded ... smile
    1. kalibr
      28 November 2017 10: 46
      "These are dear to us, it is impossible to forget!" - the song was like that. And why roads are better than sausages?
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 28 November 2017 12: 38
        We do not choose roads, roads choose us ...
        1. Mikado
          Mikado 28 November 2017 13: 01
          We do not choose roads, roads choose us ...

          well, this dispute has stretched since medieval theological disputes. Can a person influence fate, or just follow what was intended? But then the problem of sin arises - does man commit it? Because if it is completely predetermined from above, then there is no sin. request A little messy put it, but it is, a philosophical joke drinks laughing but the fact that everything happens for a reason in life is true. hi
          1. parusnik
            parusnik 28 November 2017 13: 35
            I agree, the brick itself does not fall on the head .. For somewhere, Annushka has already spilled oil .. hi
            1. Mikado
              Mikado 28 November 2017 14: 16
              and we all already discussed it somehow under the article about the "black face, black shirt" what eternal philosophical themes ..
        2. kalibr
          28 November 2017 17: 26
          Confucius taught that in life there are always two bridges in front of you: one must be crossed, and the other must be burned. The question is what to choose for both one and the other?
          1. 3x3zsave
            3x3zsave 28 November 2017 18: 28
            "The die is cast! ... along with the rest of the property, when trying to cross the Rubicon back" "Odysseus leaves Ithaca" (V. Mikhailov)
  5. Curious
    Curious 28 November 2017 10: 33
    "But the tourists’s attention is attracted by the beautiful gilded mosaics made on the walls of the galleries surrounding the monastery courtyard. Among them are amazingly beautiful mosaic icons, as well as various scenes from the biblical history of the Old and New Testaments."
    An interesting point. The monastery is almost 1000 years old, and the frescoes and mosaics of 1991. Painted by local, Greek and Romanian artists.
    In the monastery, by the way, there is a very serious museum, which is part of the sacristy. Really interesting place. Didn’t you visit?

    And the question. How can a person rest in such a bedlam whose work is connected with constant communication with his own kind? These crowds, guzzling, drinking, messing around, scurrying around. After such a rest, you need to rest again, normally.
    1. kalibr
      28 November 2017 10: 51
      I wrote that this museum did not get in time. I photographed the entrance, got on the bus and drove on. And about the rest ... and who told you that I spent time among this bedlam in the hotel area? Cyprus is good because go a little further and there are no people at all. Or very few. Again this in Kykkos is full of people, and there were churches and monasteries where there was NO ANYTHING, empty. And it’s cool. In the previous article there were photos. I’m just in the crowd and never climb. Wanted to eat Cypriot meze - this is their national dish. It was possible in the center, among the masses of devouring people. But we found a restaurant on the outskirts, where we were generally alone. First visitors for the whole day. And they met us accordingly. So if you think with your head, then deserts can be found even in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Anapa example. Nowhere to spit - some people on the beach and water are just writers. But ... rested in a private boarding house 25 km from her. And as if in another place. Own beach, clear sea, 40 people on a huge beach ... You need to look ...
      1. Curious
        Curious 28 November 2017 12: 56
        "Need to search ..."
        So as not to waste time searching, next time head straight here.

        Hotel Anassa. Secluded location, conditions !!! 400-800 euros per day for a double for two - and silence with the sea.
        1. 3x3zsave
          3x3zsave 28 November 2017 16: 58
          Nice, but ... monstrously expensive. And then a couple of days in this “paradise” and “you see the whole world” out of boredom. Of course, one could argue that having given such money to a hotel, saving on car rental is the essence of stinginess. It would seem: 50 € / day. - and here it is freedom of movement, but there is a nuance ... Traffic in Cyprus is left-hand and cars are right-hand drive. Many may object, they say, a matter of habit, but I came to rest, and not to strain in getting used to the English driving style.
          1. kalibr
            28 November 2017 17: 23
            Totally agree with you. But there are good buses (with air conditioning), and as a last resort there is always a taxi.
            1. 3x3zsave
              3x3zsave 28 November 2017 17: 39
              Here is a taxi, if the price tag is Central European, it’s really luxury!
              1. kalibr
                28 November 2017 18: 44
                We drove! But bargained !!! Many of our people are embarrassed to bargain even in our market - they will think that I am poor. But there’s nothing wrong with that - bargain, you will never meet again with this person. Therefore, if a carrier requires 50 euros, then boldly offer 20, and as a result, for 25 you will go anywhere. And it is cheaper than ours from Anapa for the village of Blagoveshchensk - 2500 p.
                1. 3x3zsave
                  3x3zsave 28 November 2017 19: 07
                  I forgot, it's Greeks .... I would start with 10.
                  1. kalibr
                    28 November 2017 22: 01
                    I also started once ... but unsuccessfully. Still, we must give life to others.
                2. Curious
                  Curious 28 November 2017 20: 59
                  "Many of our people are embarrassed to bargain"
                  In 1995, while on a business trip in Istanbul, they decided to dress one comrade in leather. Specially selected in the Asian part, Kadikoy region, there is real Turkey. Found a store of local "designer". We had a comrade who immediately said - do not panic, I’m bargaining.
                  For more than three hours, the process went on. Sweat is hailing from a Turk, beating his forehead on a carpet - I can’t throw it off. But throws off. We drank two bottles of Metaxa, a bucket of coffee, the price dropped from $ 450 to 90 !!!. When they left, the Turk said that he had not received such pleasure for a very long time.
          2. Curious
            Curious 28 November 2017 17: 34
            Rent a motor yacht at the hotel instead of a car. And you don’t need to get used to the steering wheel, and disperse boredom. And left-hand traffic - yes - you don’t get used to driving along the oncoming traffic immediately.
            1. 3x3zsave
              3x3zsave 28 November 2017 18: 07
              So I think for 800 € per day you can generally hire a yacht, what for did this hotel give up ?!
        2. kalibr
          28 November 2017 17: 24
          "Need to search ..." Your humor appreciated!
          1. Some kind of compote
            Some kind of compote 28 November 2017 18: 33
            I read it in one breath.
            I have not been to Greece
            But as if he was hi
  6. Blue cop
    Blue cop 28 November 2017 11: 10
    The soul probably rests more than the body)
  7. Livonetc
    Livonetc 28 November 2017 15: 00
    At one time, Cyprus was visited in April.
    Heat, but no heat.
    Everything around, even something that shouldn't bloom, blooms!
    There are no crowds of people (in connection with which there are many advantages, both in terms of personal comfort and quality of service.)
    Still clean and in good condition.

    The minus is the cool sea (to put it mildly).
    However, my son and I swam, albeit not splashing for a long time.
  8. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 28 November 2017 21: 48
    Thank you for the story, of course, but why is the Transaero plane, killed a couple of years ago, on the first photo? Old stuff?
    1. kalibr
      28 November 2017 21: 58
      I flew there for a long time, but it is written only now ...
      1. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 28 November 2017 22: 05
        Clear. I was there in early November, a very comfortable place. I was impressed by the local "collective farm market" in Paphos, small, but with real local grapes and apples, everything is cheap and tasty, not like in supermarkets.
  9. Kostay15
    Kostay15 29 December 2017 14: 34
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    1. Marina250
      Marina250 25 August 2019 17: 32
      To visit Cyprus is still my dream! I’m just looking for a sensible guide or company that will help make my dream come true! After I visited Spain with a guide Oleg Dyachk (, I understand that independent study of unfamiliar cities, in most part, is a waste of time. And about Tours Cyprus I have heard positive reviews for the first time, most likely I will turn to them)))
  10. Kostay15
    Kostay15 10 January 2020 17: 08
    But I have not been to Cyprus yet, but really want to.
    So far I have visited Italy, Tuscany.
    The capital of Tuscany and the former capital of the Italian Republic of Florence is a very ancient city. It preserves the great history and culture of the country. The guide Natalya Kaptarenko will help to see the architecture of the city and learn its history