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"Vice Admiral Kulakov" entered the North Sea, accompanied by a British frigate

Last week, the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov, returning to Murmansk from the Mediterranean, passed through the English Channel between France and Great Britain. At some point, the rocket frigate Somerset HMS of the British Navy appeared as an attendant. Reports about it InoTV with reference to the Daily Express.

Like all Royal ships fleetoperating in the waters of the UK, Somerset HMS was on full alert for any tasks related to maritime safety,
said the commander of the frigate, Timothy Berry.

Tracking the passage of non-NATO ships through the territorial waters of Great Britain is part of the regular duties of the Royal Navy to ensure the security of the country. Having successfully conducted Russian ships from the sphere of interests of England, we continue to perform the initial tasks,
added on.

The publication notes that "Vice Admiral Kulakov" is not the first time near the British coast. 2012, the ship went to Portsmouth, and in the 2013 was taking part in celebrations to mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic in Liverpool.

“However, since then, especially after the onset of the Ukrainian crisis, tensions between Moscow and London have increased significantly, as has the activity of Russian warships and airplanes in the region. Because of this, Britain had to strengthen its defense almost to a level comparable to the period of the Cold War, ”writes the publication.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 22 November 2017 13: 37
    Only ONE frigate accompanied .... Something smaller NATO ....
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 22 November 2017 14: 10
      The reaction of British bloggers to the passage of Vice Admiral Kulakov ...
      Somerset frigate accompanied Vice Admiral Kulakov on his way to the North Sea. On the Web, the British openly ridiculed this escort. So, the user zargon compared the British ship with a “cute little boat”, reports “Economy Today”.

      “Oh, look at this cute little Royal Navy boat near the big Russian ship. How sweet, ”he wrote.
      “It's amazing that we did not send the rowing boat. The fact that our armed forces have been reduced makes us a joke for the Russians. Shame on our leaders, ”says AnthonyAllen1.

      “Do I feel danger from the only Russian warship? Not. Do I feel threatened by the pathetically anti-Russian position of our authorities? Yes. Do I feel a serious threat from the lying, inglorious, duplicitous, rotten and corrupt EU anti-Russian position? Yes!"

      What will happen to the Britons if Prince Vladimir comes up near their shores ...
      1. Nasrat
        Nasrat 22 November 2017 14: 30
        YES stop .... all these comments are related to photos not related to the Somerset HMS British Navy rocket frigate.
        therefore, do not write heresy without understanding what is the matter ..
        The shaving komenty were from this photo:

        And here is the frigate itself:
        1. Solomon Kane
          Solomon Kane 22 November 2017 14: 34
          Turn on the brain, Dear!
          They posted the reaction of the "British colleagues" ... And that’s it !!!
          No one has commented on what is happening .....
          1. Nasrat
            Nasrat 22 November 2017 14: 42
            Quote: Solomon Kane
            Turn on the brain, Dear!
            They posted the reaction of the "British colleagues" ... And that’s it !!!
            No one has commented on what is happening .....

            It’s good that you don’t repost the reaction from the fences
            1. Solomon Kane
              Solomon Kane 22 November 2017 14: 58
              "November 21, 2017, 22:01
              Photo: "ship of project 1155, as an illustration for the article ... just a photo of the Russian frigate ..
              1. Nasrat
                Nasrat 22 November 2017 15: 19
                All comments from the express edition ..
                From this link

                There are also comments from this link:


                If you look at the second photo (from the first link), the shavers reacted to it ... that’s all ... And the comments didn’t concern Russia as such, but joked about the reduction of the British fleet.
                1. Solomon Kane
                  Solomon Kane 22 November 2017 15: 38
                  .... but joked about the reduction of the British fleet.
                  , so what was the speech about, we just misunderstood each other. I bring my sincere regrets! hi
                  1. Nasrat
                    Nasrat 22 November 2017 15: 41
                    Accepted, forgive me if something is the same ... hi
  2. 210ox
    210ox 22 November 2017 13: 39
    Where are we without an "honorary escort" ... wassat [B] [/ b]
  3. Safer
    Safer 22 November 2017 13: 46
    I remember from a year ago, topics were actively raised that there was practically nothing to shoot the “great” British fleet with.
    That's about how they see me.
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 22 November 2017 13: 51
    And a bit of humor on a marine theme.
    On Sunday, a French frigate entered the Black Sea and this is how this news is presented in ukrosmi ... wassat
    The invaders are approaching friend of “Getman Sagaidachny” - Geprat invisible missile frigate
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 22 November 2017 13: 58
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      The invaders are approaching the friend of “Getman Sagaidachny” - the invisible missile frigate “Geprat”

      it is strange that they are silent about Turkish ships - they are also NATO.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 22 November 2017 14: 13
        The Turks have recently been making scandals in NATO, and Erdogan often meets them with the Moscow Tsar .... that’s why they’re not friends with Getman, but the French are reliable guys and they will never let Paris down a beautiful city, all the same Europe ... )))
  5. Wolka
    Wolka 22 November 2017 15: 44
    a couple of such convoys of Russian ships and shaves without pants will remain, it’s too expensive a pleasure to keep “duty ships” in constant combat readiness ...
    HEATHER 22 November 2017 17: 13
    There wasn’t like a frigate there, but something like a tugboat. Anglican frigates out of 6 total 2 on the go.