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Maidan. And the battle struck

For the fourth anniversary of the Maidan, Italian journalists prepared sensational materials. During the investigation, the snipers who fired on Kiev’s central square made loud confessions about their recruitment and reward for shooting people. Moreover, it turns out that snipers are directly connected with the future, at that time, the governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili.

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  1. Scud
    Scud 22 November 2017 13: 57
    Regarding the so-called peaceful protestuvalniks. Today they have received the status of a participant in hostilities !?
    Who really are these Svidomo? About 90% of all biomass on mudan was just freeloaders. Seasonal work was over, and then there was a lot of money to eat, I don’t want to put on buzi. A normal person, even being unhappy with Janek, never he won’t leave work, study, family, again - his own shirt is closer to his body. Take the same Sergey Nigoyan. His first banged from a sawed-off shotgun point blank. Refugees from Armenia lived in a ruffled house near Dnepropetrovsk. At first I wanted to go for a freebie to the Mudan, but they didn’t give me money and I had to pay for ours.
    There was a tragicomic case. At the other end of Kuev, one chela was soaked in a cafe. Without thinking twice, they drove to the Mudan and the victim of the underground hundreds. Relatives lowered their eyes and received about a million hryvnias and mendal. There were only a few true Ahtivists on the Mudan. Everyone was interested only in a good position, grub, select a business, etc.