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Military sanatoriums want to add "customers"

Military sanatoriums want to add "customers"
The Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory for Regional Policy and Law proposed to allow servicemen to use the preferential services of military medical institutions and sanatoriums, regardless of their length of service.

As explained by the chairman of the regional policy and legality committee, Jambulat Tekiev, for this, it is necessary to amend the 16 article of the federal law “On the status of military personnel” so that military servicemen who received injuries or diseases could receive full-fledged medical care in specialized institutions of the Ministry of Defense. Now they do not have such an opportunity, since the benefits are directly dependent on the length of service.

Legislative initiative was launched in 2015 year, but the implementation of such far-reaching plans is still in question. So, the military men themselves note that getting a ticket to a military sanatorium today is a real problem. As the journalist and captain of 1 rank reserve Valery Gromak found out, under various pretexts in sanatoriums almost half of the applications are rejected, and in order to get a chance for a summer trip, you need to send the documents back in November. The reason is simple - sanatoria can sell vouchers at full cost to everyone, and it is financially more profitable for institutions than to take beneficiaries. Therefore, places for the military is becoming less.

By the way, according to the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, a significant amount is spent annually on military medicine. Over the past five years, specialized agencies of the Ministry of Defense have received modern equipment worth more than 24 billion rubles. Interestingly, over the last three years only about 600 million rubles have been spent on military sanatoriums, but it is difficult to assess these costs to the final recipients of services - for many years now the Defense Ministry has worsened the quality of service. Despite the fact that, according to the department, over the past four years more than 200 clinics and sanatoriums have been repaired and built, feedback from visitors shows that not all institutions were affected by the update.

“I rested with my wife in September 2013. I used to take a rest there and more than once. Every year the situation in the sanatorium is getting worse and worse. We lived in the 5 building on the 1 floor in a two-room two-bed room suite. The furniture is old, worn. Balcony for the night can not be opened, walk cats and rats. With rats in general trouble. Nothing of the fruit can be left on the table, everything is subjected to a rat inspection. Sleep at night is a problem because of rats. They constantly eat something. As for the territory, of course, there is no dispute. The territory was gorgeous. Only that was. Now to go from the dormitory building to the beach is a whole problem. "

So far, questions arising from military personnel regarding medical care and sanatorium-resort treatment remain unanswered. The head of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Trishkin, in the electronic reception department limited himself to references to documents without explanation. Trishkin himself had previously argued that military sanatoriums can be an alternative to recreation abroad - but for the time being, departmental health resorts are approaching foreign resorts only in terms of prices, but not in any way in terms of quality of service.

Probably the reason for the decline in military medicine lies precisely in the ineffective leadership. Dmitry Trishkin, now in charge of this industry, from 2009 to 2012 for a year was the Minister of Health of the Perm Territory, but did not cope with his duties. Later, the official took a similar position in the Moscow region, however, and was dismissed from there for disrupting the supply of medicines for benefit recipients.

If the legislative initiative from Primorsky Territory is supported at the federal level, the number of people willing to use the services of military medical institutions will increase significantly. Will hospitals and sanatoriums cope with an increased load - or will it get even harder to get treatment than it is now? Perhaps the increased attention of the media and the public to this area will change the situation for the better, and all military personnel will be provided with decent conditions for treatment and recreation.
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  1. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n 23 November 2017 07: 37
    This year I received a notification from the sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the name of someone else. I wrote to them that I didn’t order, all the more for a fee, and the surname is different !!! There is no answer for a long time. 2016 year. The situation is not encouraging, especially with power and repair. It is really impossible to leave a response on an official site, because criticism is not welcome, only "rainbow" essays!
  2. cobalt
    cobalt 23 November 2017 07: 51
    My father had already finished the service for 20 years, but he had never been issued a ticket, although he had contacted on this issue, now for the first time they have issued an order through the Brotherhood of Brotherhood as an Afghan, but not in the sanatorium of the Moscow Region, which is even better, but in our region , there they treat normally and the conditions are good.
  3. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 23 November 2017 08: 27
    Now the bulk of the money goes to restore the Crimean sanatoriums, because Ukrainians didn’t leave stone upon stone after they left. All that could not be taken with them was broken and spoiled.
  4. Severok
    Severok 23 November 2017 08: 42
    Regardless of the length of service, the fee for the sanatorium, which was taken over by the military, the staff in the rank BEFORE the senior ensign / warrant officer can not afford.

    Morons bl ...
    I have the honor.
  5. Irina_V
    Irina_V 23 November 2017 09: 49
    The husband went to the sanatorium and was just in quiet shock ... old Soviet furniture, repairs from the same time. They didn’t feed very well, and the procedures were disappointing - the knee ached, and it remained painful. Thank you for not getting worse.
  6. Svyatoslav alenkin
    Svyatoslav alenkin 23 November 2017 17: 18
    I don’t understand one thing, how, HOW do the most dumb and ineffective regional officials get into big politics, so to speak ??? Here is Trishkin. After all, it is obvious that the development of health care is not his horse, at least look at Perm (I think there are no worse hospitals in the country), how could such a person be entrusted with such a serious matter as the health care of the Ministry of Defense ??? He will ruin him completely
    1. Cadet
      Cadet 23 November 2017 20: 40
      time to please and be silent in front of the leadership and agree with them and that's it
    2. SAF
      SAF 27 November 2017 13: 32
      From where - watch the episode of the movie Old Man-Rogues:

  7. killganoff
    killganoff 27 November 2017 18: 20
    And sanatoriums will turn into dens for "double basses".