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Reaper drone was first involved in anti-submarine exercises

For the first time, the US Navy deployed the MQ-9 Reaper drone (Predator B) in anti-submarine exercises, reports bmpd with a link to the resource Air & Cosmos.

Prototype UAV General Atomics MQ-9 Predator B

For this exercise, the UAV was equipped with a signal receiving system from hydroacoustic buoys manufactured by Ultra Electronics and a signal processing system manufactured by General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada. Both systems allowed receiving signals from buoys set up from a helicopter.

The received signals were analyzed by the drone and sent to an operator several hundred miles away.

In addition, according to the resource, LL pursued underwater targets.

The Lynx radar was also installed on the UAV to highlight the surface situation, and an opto-electronic station to detect and classify surface targets.

It was previously reported that the U.S. Navy opted for another drone - the MQ-4C Triton, with the first unit recently transferred the fleet. However, it is not equipped with a PLO system.
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General atomics
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 21 November 2017 12: 32
    The news is not good .. For we have such seams ..
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 21 November 2017 12: 38
      Our prototypes have been flying for many years, and in no way can the MO not only choose, of those that it was now possible to start adding to the army, but even the whole range of tasks for an attack drone can accurately form it. According to rumors, ours want a kind of 10 combine harvester in one so that the drone can actually actually attack stationary targets, before fighting against maneuvering surface ships!
      1. just exp
        just exp 21 November 2017 12: 45
        Well, the ideal is to strive, though within reasonable limits.
        1. Herculesic
          Herculesic 21 November 2017 12: 52
          It is rumored to have been rumored for at least 7 years, if not more! !!
      2. ZVO
        ZVO 21 November 2017 19: 35
        Quote: Herkulesich
        According to rumors, ours want a kind of combine 10 in one, so that the drone can actually actually attack stationary targets before fighting against maneuvering surface ships!

        What are you talking about?
        Do not give out your fantasies for reality, for rumors, etc.
        Do not lie...
  2. tasha
    tasha 21 November 2017 12: 49
    I recommend the book "Liquidator. Revelations of the operator of a combat drone" by Thomas Mark Mackerley.
    After reading it, you begin to understand that we are ten years behind the Americans and in the technique and tactics of using strike UAVs, by optimism ... sad
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 21 November 2017 13: 20
      Quote: tasha
      I recommend the book "Liquidator.

      And if you read "Star Wars" ... then finally bidaaaaa !!!
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 21 November 2017 14: 18
        Quote: dvina71
        And if you read "Star Wars" ... then finally bidaaaaa !!!

        A man really served on these drones, so it’s not entirely correct to compare with fiction.
        The Liquidator is a story about an unusual group of young men and women with whom I had the honor to serve from 2003 to 2012. This is also the story of Predator and its transformation from an object of mossy air jokes into the main striking force in the war against terrorism.
        In this book, I used only tactical callsigns (nicknames) or names without surnames to keep the identity of pilots and other crew members secret. Some senior executives, whose identity is already known to the general public, are called full names. The radio call signs of the aircraft, units, and specific people are indicated as authentically as my memory allowed me to do. Separate tactical callsigns have been modified so as not to jeopardize the lives of those who continue to perform dangerous duty.
        I tried not to disclose the details of any operations that are ongoing at the present time. In addition, he omitted the mention of certain tactical techniques and procedures that our crews continue to use when carrying out sorties.
        The information presented in the Liquidator reflects my personal point of view. This book is a general description of the unmanned aircraft community. I tried to depict the picture of events as accurately as possible, although I admit that the “fog of war” could distort my perception of facts and erase some details of what was happening from my memory. Any errors made in the text are solely on my conscience. In addition, all value judgments made on this book are also my own and do not reflect the official position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States Government. I just wanted to pay tribute to a small cohort of pilots and operators who fought and continue to fight, remaining in deep shadow.
        "Liquidator" is their story. Https:// B = 595182 & p =