Military Review

Shotgun MP-156: a test from the "Kalashnikov"

The Kalashnikov Concern conducted a test of its first smooth-bore self-loading shotgun MP-156. This hunting rifle has a very high degree of unification (more than 90%) with a popular and well-developed in terms of technology and reliability of the МR – 155. The test was attended by two options: with a barrel length 710 mm and a shorter 625-millimeter.

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  1. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 20 November 2017 18: 54
    Carry out another 100 tests and exchange plastic sleeves for metal and sell.
  2. faridg7
    faridg7 20 November 2017 19: 10
    I have Murka 155, everything bursts, just make adjustments. I won’t even think about changing to 156 (sports do not chew, the probability of overcharging is not zero). No need for nothing
    1. Russian bear
      Russian bear 21 November 2017 10: 13
      I am also the proud owner of MP-155, for the entire time of operation, and this is almost 4 years, there was only one !!! nedosdel, lifted up the sleeve skirt as in this video. it was in the first hunting season, he shot at a hare and this sore got out. figured out the reason and file fixed the factory jamb. since then has never failed, pah, pah, pah. I shoot, by the way, exclusively with my scooter from 28 gr. and to the limit of weight.
      according to sabzh I’ll say it is clear that the MP-156 is still “raw”. really did not like it. on the hunt such a number of failures is fraught ...
      ps. I want to try 24 grams on my own. I'm not going to shoot them on the hunt. so for fun.
      1. faridg7
        faridg7 21 November 2017 13: 33
        I chew 24 g both factory and a self-screw, While automatic gear was running in, I had to tighten the gas piston spring to the limit, now, in principle, you can tighten it by a couple of clicks and reload 24 g factory ones (a self-cool screw reloads without adjustments) I shot about 4500, there’s nothing to complain about .