Military Review

How the Japanese stole the gold of Admiral Kolchak

October 6 1919, admiral Alexander Kolchak, suffering a defeat from the Red Army on the Eastern Front, appealed to Japan for military assistance and signed an agreement with her: in return for a bail of 55 million gold rubles, they must supply the necessary weapon and ammunition. Gold went to Japan, but the “whites” never received any weapons. Why Kolchak, possessing a huge gold reserve, and could not win the war with the "red"?

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    HEATHER 20 November 2017 14: 21
    Damn! And in Baikal they’ve been looking for it for decades!, Because they are stubborn! And it’s in Japan. It’s necessary to ring the people. Let them dig into the yap.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 20 November 2017 14: 48
      It is necessary to tinkle with the people. Let them dig into the yap.

      50 poaching divers are few. but 200-250 diver bear cubs (instead of diving in Baikal) will sort out the Yap gold reserve for lace underpants and Kruzaki tequila.
  2. 32363
    32363 20 November 2017 15: 55
    near Atbasar (RK, Tselinograd region) there is the Kolchak hill, according to legend, it is in it that Kolchak’s gold was buried.
  3. Dead duck
    Dead duck 20 November 2017 16: 48
    Gold went to Japan

    Is this something the Czechs didn’t manage to take out?
    1. datur
      datur 21 November 2017 01: 48
      YES!!!! good Czechs + Japanese !!!! all this riffraff !!! owe us !!!!! winkKsati Czechs exported our gold to the CZECH BANK - which almost immediately became cool !!!!
  4. Saling
    Saling 21 November 2017 13: 51
    Oh, what a poor Kolchak, you see, they deceived him. The film is complete nonsense. And since the statement that weapons from abroad have not been received, this generally goes beyond the limits.
  5. Stepan Kudinov
    Stepan Kudinov 9 December 2017 09: 14
    And for this reason, the Judaic liberals are ready to erect a monument to this "admiral". Well done !!!!!!!!!! 1