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Russian sport "in neutral status", or WADA against RUSADA

The prolonged scandal associated with the “state doping system” in Russia led to a predictable decision of the board of founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA): The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) will not be restored in its status. Meanwhile, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, popularly explained that Russian candidates for Olympic performances in Pyeongchang participate in qualifying competitions and pass doping tests confirming the integrity of athletes. However, in the West, Zhukov’s opinion is not interested.

The theme of the confrontation between WADA and RUSADA is of great concern to the Western public. Already the second week about the notorious doping scandal, as well as the decision of WADA write the largest US and European media. No wonder: the participation of Russian athletes in the XXIII Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in February 2018 of the year in Pyeongchang (Republic of Korea), depends on the struggle of anti-doping organizations and those behind them.

Home news: By decision of the founders of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) will not be restored to its status. No matter what the Russian officials from the sport say about WADA decisions, athletes from the Russian Federation will probably be able to get to the new Olympiad only under a neutral flag. In any case, the probability of this is very high, the precedent is known.

The scandal with the WADA decision came out noisy, but predictable. Few people expected that everything would turn out smoothly for Russia, and in the West they would simply forget about previous doping scandals and revelations. Do not forget, and for many reasons.

Mr Pound’s famous report on the “state system” of doping in Russia, published a couple of years ago, has already entered the world history sport The noise about the "doping system" in Russia has not subsided since. Various structures, from the Ministry of Sport to the Federal Security Service (FSB), which supposedly organized doping, are inclined. Recall that the Pound document featured the director of the Moscow laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov (at that time already the former; now Rodchenkov is an emigrant, since January 2016 has been living in the USA and is apparently protected, because he is an informant for WADA). Grigory M. Rodchenkov - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, a specialist in the analysis of biological samples and the detection of doping, was the director of the Russian "Anti-Doping Center" in 2006 — 2015. It was he who flagged positive doping tests as negative. He did this ostensibly not according to his own initiative, but as a result of “consultations” in the Ministry of Sport. These revelations Rodchenkova later received a sequel, which added fuel to the fire.

The Pound report was followed by two Richard McLaren reports. Then the IOC (International Olympic Committee) Commission, under the leadership of Dennis Oswald, took up the weaning of medals from the Russian Sochi Olympians. The decisions made, affecting the Russian athletes, are hardly the last. There is only to get a taste!

"The IOC, after the proposals of the special commission of Dennis Oswald, has already dismissed six Russian skiers from the Olympic competitions for life," writes "Sports panorama". - But the meeting continues. Yesterday, for example, the cases of suspected biathletes Olga Vilukhina and Yana Romanova were considered. That is, two more Russian Sochi silver medals are in question. ” “Moreover, the initiator of the revelations, Grigory Rodchenkov, promised to provide new information. In addition, it became known that the IOC and WADA have at least one more informant from among foreign coaches who prepared Russian athletes for the Olympics, ”adds the publication.

Against this background, Moscow should not hope for any rapprochement on the Olympic anti-doping topic. WADA officials are not impressed with the achievements of RUSADA in the fight against doping inside the country, despite assurances from Russian officials, including the head of the Olympic Committee, A. Zhukov, about the honesty of Russian athletes preparing for the Olympics in Korea.

And for the “negative reaction”, WADA has all the formal grounds: Moscow did not recognize one of Mr. McLaren’s reports and did not give out those thousands of samples from the laboratory that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation had sealed when investigating Mr. Rodchenkov’s case. All the Western press is now writing with enthusiasm about it - from the USA to Europe.

Moscow, we note, hardly will go to such a recognition, because agreeing with McLaren’s conclusions and issuing samples would mean agreeing to the existence of a “state system” of doping in the country. At the same time, this would give the West additional advantages in its political game against Russia. So it remains for Moscow to talk about the honesty of today's athletes.

The forecast of whether the Russian national team will go to Pyeongchang was made by the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, who returned from Pyeongkhan, where he had just appeared before anti-doping officials. His words leads the TV channel "NTV":

“These two processes - the restoration of the Russian anti-doping system and the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympics - are not related to each other. WADA and the International Olympic Committee, which determines the order of participation in the Olympic Games, are completely different organizations, and each is responsible for their area. Although before the Olympics in Rio, WADA decided to recommend the IOC not to allow our team to the Games, now WADA does not make such decisions, because it is not his business. ”

Zhukov also said that Russian athletes who are candidates for performances in Pyeongchang now participate in qualifying competitions and regularly take doping tests that confirm their honesty: “An athlete who participates in competitions throughout the season, passes the doping tests, he has all the negative tests. There is no doubt that he does not take illicit drugs, and there is no doubt that he can compete in all competitions. ” According to Zhukov, sports officials will try to convey their position to the people who make the final decision at a meeting of the IOC Executive Committee.

Zhukov also did not deny the “manipulations” that had taken place earlier: “Yes, of course, we hear calls from a number of countries today to prevent our team from precisely because there were some previous manipulations. But in our opinion, this is an absolutely unjustified approach, an attempt to introduce some kind of collective responsibility, to make athletes responsible for someone else's sins. ”

While Mr. Zhukov acknowledged "sins of others", a major Western press was scolding with might and main to the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). Reuters It recalls that RUSADA's activities were suspended from the publication of the WADA report in 2015, when "evidence of sponsored [Russian] doping state was discovered."

WADA has formed a “roadmap” for Russia, which was supposed to take the path of correction, but now, on Thursday, it was recognized that the key requirements of the commission “were not met”.

WADA President Craig Reedie (Craig Reedie) said that the Council approved the recommendation of an independent committee that monitored Russia's compliance with the requirements put forward to maintain the status of RUSADA as an agency that did not meet the required level. The reason for this decision was the failure of two key requirements (listed above). By the way, the council rejected not only Russia: Kuwait, Equatorial Guinea and Mauritius were also recognized as “inadequate”.

Such a decision is likely to create some pressure on the International Olympic Committee, and he will (quite probably) advocate a ban on Russian athletes from participating in the Winter Olympic Games 2018 of the year on behalf of the country.

The Kremlin considered the decision WADA unfair, the publication indicates. Moscow insists that Russia does not conduct a state-sponsored doping program. "We do not agree with this decision," - quoted by the agency spokesman for the President Dmitry Peskov. Peskov denies "categorically" all the charges of doping and the "state support" of doping. "This is out of the question," said Peskov.

The director general of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, Yuri Alexandrovich Ganus, said that his agency did everything possible to restore its status, with the exception of two requirements that were not met because they could not be controlled by the agency. “We have fulfilled all the requirements that depended on us,” Ganus quoted the publication. What exactly the two requirements were not met, Ganus did not disclose. However, Reuters points to the refusal of the Russian authorities to recognize the findings of the report on “state-supported systematic doping in 2015” and the refusal to “release samples from their Moscow laboratory.”

Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov also commented on the decision of WADA, the agency said. He noted that some of the criteria for the restoration of RUSADA are “political”. According to Kolobkov, Russia has done everything possible to restore the status.

Reuters recalls that the report, published by Canadian lawyer R. McLaren in 2016, found that more than 1000 Russians, who participated in more than thirty sports, “were involved in a conspiracy” that allowed them to “hide positive doping tests” . The "conspiracy" lasted five years. Now, a few days ago, the WADA stated that they had received a database confirming R. McLaren’s claims about widespread “state doping” in Russia.

USA Today quotes Dick Pound, a member of the IOC of Canada and a member of the board of WADA. According to him, if Moscow does not make concessions, Russian athletes will have “one more obstacle” to participate in new games. And this "obstacle" will affect the decision of the IOC, he said. Pressure on Russia will grow, and the IOC will find it difficult to make a decision: in Russia, after all, there is no longer an accredited laboratory or an accredited national anti-doping agency. And it is impossible to ignore, sure Pound.

On the WADA side, no change in attitude towards Russia is foreseen: in a recent interview with Reuters, WADA CEO Olivier Niggli stressed that the road map will not change. "We will not assume that they have fulfilled the conditions while there are still unfulfilled points in the roadmap," USA Today quotes him.

* * *

It remains to wait for the decision of the IOC Executive Committee (December 5 — 7 will be known) about the participation (non-participation) of Russia in the upcoming Olympiad.

As for WADA, they have repeatedly stated that they are not going to influence anyone in the IOC and will take a decision of the committee, whatever that may be. Such statements, whatever they are based on, seem dubious, because the IOC cannot ignore such a loud international scandal, in which the press throws a coal every day. Passions are very high. Therefore, it is likely that the IOC will “allow” Russian athletes to go to the winter games in the so-called neutral status, that is, not under the flag of the Motherland. This will mean the reluctance of officials from international sports, as they say, "to punish athletes."

Well, of course, the West only wants to punish the Russian Olympic Committee. This is the same as with the sanctions: the West wants to punish Putin and his entourage, but not the Russian people. But for some reason the last suffers ...

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 21 November 2017 06: 55
    athletes from the Russian Federation are likely to be able to get to the new Olympics only under a neutral flag.
    in the USSR, it would be equated with the betrayal of the Motherland, and now they are discussing ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 23 November 2017 10: 49
      The Constitution of the Russian Federation establishes the supremacy of decisions of international courts over national ones. And something from Mutk there is not a single lawsuit to protect the rights of our athletes. In addition, Russia occupies almost the leading place in the number of “human rights defenders” per capita. And where are they? belay
  2. Odysseus
    Odysseus 21 November 2017 07: 02
    Everything is simple here. The Russian authorities have relied on sports of the highest achievements (conducting Olympic Games, World Cup). This is generally typical of a bourgeois state, it is also a way of distracting people and a social elevator for the poor.
    But in the West this, of course, is well understood, therefore, after 2014 (when the conflict with the West entered an acute stage), they seemed to pull the rope on themselves and showed that this game can be played together. I take advantage of Russia's weak work in sports institutions (except for skidding money) they began to hit the sport consistently, trying to weaken the Kremlin’s "propaganda" as much as possible (but for example, such actions against the enemy, the DPRK, which are much more important for the West, are simply meaningless because sports of the highest achievements are unimportant for them).
    So we should expect further actions in this direction: most likely, a Jesuit decision on winter Olympic athletes will be made, but under a neutral flag. The World Cup will not be able to be taken away, but different provocations will be necessary.
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 21 November 2017 08: 35
      Quote: Odyssey
      most likely a Jesuit decision will be made on the winter Olympic athletes to allow, but under a neutral flag.
      Under a neutral flag? Then let some "neutral state" pay these prize Olympians. Correctly, our hockey players said that under no circumstances would they compete under any other flag than the Russian one. And the rest do not care, or what? The main thing is participation?
      Ask the people if they will pay for their “neutral” athletes from their taxes.
      1. Andrey NM
        Andrey NM 6 December 2017 06: 12
        Allow all foreign KHL hockey players to participate in this "Olympics", but only under a neutral flag. All formalities are observed.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 November 2017 07: 08
    Bitterly, insulting, but most of all outraged by the stupidity of our officials from the sport, who for some reason decided that they could peacefully negotiate with WADA without resorting to the courts.
  4. Deck
    Deck 21 November 2017 07: 13
    From the magazine "Skiing". Discussion of this topic in the forum:
    If thesis is:
    Initially, there was doping, and it was quite systematic (we didn’t forget the discs for the Samples of Dementiev, Chepalova, AYuA, Starykh and again Yu, Loginova, ...?). And it was at the state level (I'm not talking about Sochi and scratches, I'm talking about aircraft, for example: dozens of our stars were caught on ONE drug that THEN was not caught - were they all buying it in pharmacies, by coincidence?). Etc.
    They want to punish us for this, but to PROVIDE it is impossible for athletes (about the same Max and Petukhov, for example) - only indirectly.
    Namely, in such cases they usually AGREE, seek a compromise (behind the curtains, essno).
    At first it seemed that this would happen (a lot of evidence, a long list).
    And now both sides go on the rampage, and athletes will suffer as a result. And what is wrong? At the last moment, pull out “Grisha’s new testimonies” from the sleeve, and appoint decision-meetings so that there is no time to replay anything - is this not a “rampage” from “their” side? And with ours: to say that we will not give samples, since the Investigative Committee is investigating them? Are there other versions, besides the fact that it is DELiberately done so that athletes do not go? If there is - to their studio!
    Well, and the most obvious conclusion, WHY this is done on our part: under the elections and "scrapie"! If we repeat Vancouver, and even under a neutral flag, will this raise the rating? But to find enemies and "rally" - yes! And Ustyugov and his OI - who cares when?
    My opinion (this is not in the article): this happened gradually, not all of a sudden, at first our tactics were really negotiating, and Mutko and Co. “corrected” from above when they buried. Smirnov was appointed, RUSADA was reformed, etc. But then “something went wrong”: apparently, a certain brain center all the time “counted the handouts”, and at some point it became clear that it would be more profitable like this - with links to the UK and our guys from the United States, which from there entered our OUR base a year ago (is this generally for WHOM it is designed for?).

    Dozens of Russians were disqualified for Turinabol, in which they believed that he was not caught. They took right up to the games, some right at the games. They won many medals of various denominations and then all of them were selected.

    The pseudo-believing pseudo-patriots somehow completely forgot about this terrible asphyxiation of Russia by enemies. Prefer not to remember.

    But it turns out that the Russians cannot even go out to the competition “clean”: they eat and run, jump, throw under the substances. What if not for Turik? Would you have won nothing at all? How to fix this pseudo-patriotic hysteria?

    With the filing of one KGB propagandist, she perfectly mastered the style of communication with the people - “turn on the fool”.
    So good that I forgot how to turn it off.
    After reading Zhukov and Kolobkov, I realized that they were not going to "turn off the fool".
    The boss gave the order to put out the scandal, and they signed a road map.
    And what do these people get money for? When they signed up, did you think about shopping on a business trip abroad?
    This is a logical, systemic result.
    The most stupid thing is to blame the leadership of WADA, IOC, FIS, etc.

    There, one condition is insurmountable for our functionaries - “unconditionally acknowledge the McLaren report”, and if this is done, = admit that the system is organized by the state! That is, everyone in charge of the sport is in the dustbin! Ai spike from may hart, gentlemen.

    I emphasize once again - this is the opinion of athletes-skiers. In the USSR they would be shot. Isn’t it, Andrei Yurievich?
    1. your1970
      your1970 21 November 2017 08: 30
      On the one hand, athletes will not go to competitions, maybe they’ll never have the last Olympic Games for them, etc. On the other hand, the state has invested crazy money in sports, including in them.
      I don’t know if there is any acceptable solution at all in this situation ..
      If it goes under the flag of the IOC, then the role of the state in its preparation seems to be zero. And why then spend billions on all this sports of the highest achievements ????
      Who pays grandmas - in the case of a neutral flag? And will we pay dues - if we are completely removed?

      Apparently it’s much more advisable to spit and move on to the development of mass sport, and it’s much more useful for the people
      1. Deck
        Deck 21 November 2017 12: 21
        In early 2000, the entire ski team of Finland was disqualified for doping. The Finns made conclusions, went to work with WADA and are now successfully performing. Hindus, Brazilians, about Lance Armstrong generally shot a feature film. And only our officials lie and dodge to the last, driving the athletes into a corner.
    2. kashtak
      kashtak 25 November 2017 09: 36
      Quote: Deck
      I emphasize once again - this is the opinion of athletes-skiers. In the USSR they would be shot. Isn’t it, Andrei Yurievich?

      not true, no one would shoot them. most likely after that they would start playing for the ZhEK team, maximum. Of all the teams above this, they would be kicked out with shame.
  5. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 21 November 2017 08: 24
    The lying thieves' power generates similar processes in all spheres of activity, not only in sports. Education with medicine and more, also wallow in road dust.
  6. Loess
    Loess 21 November 2017 08: 25
    athletes from the Russian Federation are likely to be able to get to the new Olympics only under the neutral flag
    Better in any way than somehow ... You don’t need to go there under a neutral flag ... And if you don’t go, you don’t need to broadcast from the Olympics. I don’t know who finances WADA and the IOC, but if there is a share of Russia in their financing, it will be fair to deprive these organizations of funding from Russia. And to do this as publicly as possible, because Western organizations are very sensitive when they can be beaten affordably.
  7. X Y Z
    X Y Z 21 November 2017 08: 43
    There will be no "improvement" in the situation. The "partners" from WADA need only unconditional surrender and they will not bargain. All threats to sue them in the courts of general jurisdiction ended in nothing. Currently, the courts do not have a single lawsuit against WADA, the IOC and other similar structures. That we will not go to the Olympics under our flag, if we go at all, consider the issue resolved by 90%. The question now is what to do next, including with the Zhukov-Mutko tandem. Continuing further the pacifist and compromising policies of this tandem is no longer possible. This is the road to nowhere. The international authority suffers, the country's sports honor and the senselessness of such a “work” causes an increasing grumbling of our people. Maybe at least such a “result”, with our participation in the Olympics, will push the country's leadership to some kind of active action. Is it time to hit your desk with your fist?
    1. Oden280
      Oden280 21 November 2017 11: 30
      All professional sports have already been given and have nothing to do with the sporting honor and international prestige of the country. This is the gladiatorial game of gluttonous steroids of mutants, the main purpose and task of which is to earn money. And what is the relationship of ordinary people to the Wishlist of these athletes to make money, the same is not clear. For me it is much more important that there is a sports box in the yard, and in reach there are sports sections for children at an affordable price.
  8. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 21 November 2017 08: 49
    In today's professional sport, little is left of the sport - solid pharmacology ... sport needs to be developed massively, not these gladiator shows
  9. Verkhomnapule
    Verkhomnapule 21 November 2017 08: 59
    this west is already sitting in the liver, they’re gagging mother Russia, they’ll let it go well, and don’t let it go, and let’s fuck it with them. it’s shameful to speak out, it’s a shame for the power !!! drinks
  10. Kent0001
    Kent0001 22 November 2017 00: 55
    Everyone is against us ... afraid
  11. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 23 November 2017 10: 57
    We must perform under the Soviet ... Fire guaranteed ...
  12. Ivan.A
    Ivan.A 26 November 2017 16: 57
    That's because the devils are striped, as they began to be contorted from Russia.