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A-100, Borey-A and Tu-160М2: Russia has become stronger in just a week

Over the past week, the Russian army received three new items from the domestic military industrial complex: a modernized version of the Borey-A submarine missile carrier launched in Severodvinsk, a new DRLO A-100 aircraft made its first flight in the Moscow Region, and a new modification of a bomber of a new modification took place in Moscow. 160M2. All these events have a direct impact on the Russian strategic forces.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 20 November 2017 10: 54
    Beauties! Both products and defense industry!
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 20 November 2017 11: 09
    A small clarification ... in the video, not TU-160M, but TU-160M2.
  3. kojak
    kojak 20 November 2017 12: 06
    Well, you are handsome, AWAXA completed 50 years after America, and your most bomber is two generations older than the American (b2 - b21).
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. 76rtbr
        76rtbr 21 November 2017 03: 16
        it’s a tactic of a pissing state, when there is nothing to “cover”, they begin to scream to the whole world about Russia as a threat;
    2. Vadim Sh.
      Vadim Sh. 22 November 2017 17: 44
      Well, it’s not worth paying attention to the exclusive rabble of transgender people, if they don’t have chewing gum in dry land, then everything is lost.
    HEATHER 20 November 2017 14: 23
    All this equipment is on the verge of testing. They will be armed for years through ... Soon.
    1. Eflintuk
      Eflintuk 20 November 2017 17: 35
      Soon we will celebrate rolling out each tank and assign names to them.
  5. Nikolay Fedorov
    Nikolay Fedorov 21 November 2017 11: 41
    If we consider these three events, then we can confidently say: last week our army received nothing. All this beauty will begin to enter the troops in six months or a year. Imagine how much boiling water all sorts of angry, envious Americans write here ... Let them continue to shoot their stupid films about the conquest of the moon and the universe ...
  6. Igor msk
    Igor msk 23 November 2017 14: 02
    On the basis of the Tu 160 it is necessary to make a civilian version of the aircraft. This is a unique plane, no one has one. Business jets will diverge like hotcakes. The technology is worked out, there was no accident. Everything is reliable. How many millionaires are known in the world? Many will want to fly faster than sound. But pests do not give work. Who does not know, the Americans introduced officials who are paid just to sabotage the work of our industry.