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Project "ZZ". KGB always wins

What is the United States against Russia? What is Trump vs. Putin? Almost nothing. It’s easy to explain: no super owner can stand up to a KGB man. The KGB always wins, the KGB always wins, even if with the help of lies. Some Western media think so. By the way, the foreign press reminds that the West lies about Crimea: Crimeans do not talk about the "annexation" of their peninsula, they talk about "reunification with Russia." Therefore, the West fools its head with its own propaganda.

The lauded American bargaining art that has met with KJB is inferior to KJB. The KGB always wins, says John McLaughlin, whose article was published in a magazine "Politico".

The expert made such a conclusion “from a strange episode” of a meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump believes Putin and in fact admits that Moscow “did not interfere” in the American elections in 2016.

Information: John McLaughlin in 2000-2004 Acting director and deputy director of the CIA, now teaches at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

After the meeting with Putin, the author recalls, Mr. Trump himself initially created the impression that he "accepted Putin’s assurances." True, then Trump tried to clarify that he continues to believe and the estimates of the US intelligence agencies, "currently headed by wonderful people." Well, the previous intelligence officers say that Russia has just interfered in the elections. At the same time, Trump himself continues to think, relying on Putin’s words, that Russia did not do this. Earlier, the author recalls, Trump ridiculed former intelligence leaders in particular, James Clapper (ex-director of National Intelligence), John Brennan (ex-director of the CIA) and James Komi (former director of the FBI), calling them political intriguers.

What to do with such strange statements by Mr. President?

In all likelihood, the US president seems to believe in what he said. It is difficult to apply logic to such “trampism”, the expert laughs, but still “let's try”.

If the assessment of the intelligence community was prepared by the leadership of American intelligence based on "political intrigue" and if the president finds an investigation into the Russian intervention "mystification" (as he most often says), then it is logical to assume that he doubts the assessment of intelligence officers and takes "Putin's refutation."

It turns out that Trump's return to his first thesis (about “mystification”) is only a matter of time.

Further, the expert notes that the President of the United States is either “incredibly naive and not aware”, or Putin is “an outstanding KGB officer who has gone through a good one. school. Or true "all of the above", the author ironically.

The tactic of misleading "practiced in Russian intelligence and foreign policy," says John McLaughlin. Facts and evidence of Russians in this case are not a hindrance.

“Recall,” writes the analyst, “that in March 2014, Putin with an imperturbable face denied that Russia has power in the Crimea, and then in independent Ukraine, although we could see on TV that this was a lie. Then he said that Russia would not annex the Crimea, but he began to do this almost immediately. A month later, he admitted that yes, the Russian forces were indeed there. It may well turn out that Putin will not resist the temptation to repeat this scheme with the elections in the USA, if at some point in the future he will benefit from it, having received some kind of bonus. ” And what the American president does not understand is the fact that the Russians just need to say: guys, we know that you are lying. This conclusion makes McLaughlin.

We need to get rid of it and just “get down to business,” adds the former ceerushnik. Russians will "respect you most when they know that you know what you are talking about."

The expert himself, when he was in Moscow, gave “hard statements on behalf of the US government” to the Russians when he knew that “Russia will deny what we know as truth”.

You should do such things explicitly, openly, “in a businesslike manner” - and “move on”. No diplomatic receptions are needed; Russians "just need to know what you know." “Enough. It works, ”the CIA man boasts.

And what about Trump? And he crossed an important line when he began to “personally attack” the leaders of the intelligence community (now former). Not a single president for 70-year history The American intelligence community has never called intelligence leaders "political intriguers." Moreover, the game of politics is considered the “highest sin” in American intelligence. And the three “attacked by the president” figures were “one of the most dedicated civil servants”, all three had “wide respect” among the “rank-and-file members” of the community.

And the more the president continues to “stir up” the topic of Russian intervention, the less likely the US will take the necessary steps to protect against further attacks by the American electoral system and other aspects of political life. Until the president himself demands federal efforts to tighten the “defense of the elections” that will take place in 2018 and 2020, federal, state, and local efforts will move in the right direction slowly. So the American system is arranged.

And the last “sad fact,” McLaughlin writes, is that the president has the right to think that America should work with the Russians and cooperate with them on certain issues of mutual interest. For example, in Syria. “Putin’s successful defense of the Assad regime” has already led to the fact that the American side really cannot avoid a political settlement. The problem is that as long as the US president "persists" in his current approach to Putin, "few will trust him."

That's the way the “bargain art” gives in to KJB.

Publisher Kirsten Engelstad in a Norwegian newspaper "Aftenposten" suggests to look at Russia and its policy with different eyes. For example, in the Crimea.

The West sees the conflict with the Crimea "one-sidedly," she writes. In fact, it is much more “complicated”.

In the autumn of 2017, Kirsten Engelstad herself visited the Crimea. And I listened to what and how the locals talk about the spring events of 2014 of the year. She grouped five main points that clearly contradict the Western way of thinking.

1. What in the West is called “the annexation of the Crimea by Russia”, the locals call it “reunification with Russia”.

2. According to NATO and hundreds of UN member states, the 2014 referendum of the year in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine was illegal. Meanwhile, according to the politicians of Crimea, the referendum was attended by an 151 observer from 23 countries, as well as 1240 observers from different Crimean organizations. Lawyers refer to Art. 138.2 of the Constitution of Ukraine, and believe that the referendum and reunification with Russia became legal "after the coup d'état in Ukraine."

3. According to the assurances of the West, the rejection of the Crimea from the territory of Ukraine and its inclusion into the Russian Federation was a violation of international law. But the Norwegian Peter Erebek, a professor of law, refers to Art. 73 of the United Nations Charter, which states that the sovereignty of the people is the highest principle of international law. He believes that people in Crimea should be able to decide their own destiny on their own, including deciding on the issue of independence or return to Russia (after all, this region was part of Russia before 1954): at that time Crimea was “moved” to Ukraine people). Politicians in Crimea also claim that the right of people to self-determination is enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter and confirmed in other international agreements.

4. The West claims that when the Ukrainian authorities 22 in November 2015 of the year stopped supplying electricity to the entire population of Crimea (about 2,5 million), they “acceptablely responded” to the fact that Russia reduced gas supplies to Ukraine after years of disputes over the payment of debts for gas. However, already on March 23 of 2015, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine said that his country would stop buying Russian gas from 1 on April 2015 of the year, because “it is no longer needed”. “What would happen,” Kirsten Engelstad asks, “if the government stopped supplying half the population of Norway in the middle of winter?” But in Crimea, its inhabitants, using “improvised solutions,” had electricity for only a few hours a day. And so it was "for several winter months."

5. In September 2017, two years in prison for terrorist activities received one Crimean Tatar. In October 2017, several criminals were arrested and charged with planning terrorist acts. The Helsinki Committee and the Western media have submitted this information as an example of the “persecution of the Crimean minorities by the Russians”. In fact, the highest Crimean religious leader, Mufti Emirali-Khadzhi Ablaev, said that these radical Islamists now have minimal support among the Crimean population.

* * *

Five examples that Kirsten Engelstad cited show: the issue of the Crimea and the conflict over it between the West and Russia are "much more complicated", and its unilateral representation by Western politicians only creates distortions. As a result, the western man in the street is subject to propaganda, which is led by Western governments. True, the western man in the street knows nothing about this. Here Kirsten Engelstad visited the Crimea - and learned something.

And you say - KJB!

Mrs. Engelstad did not detect any KGB agents in Crimea. Well hidden, must be.

It would be nice to see John McLaughlin, who stubbornly sees the dominance of the “Russian KGB” and the “lie” of Moscow, about which America knows from somewhere that it is a lie. How does he know, McLaughlin does not speak. Perhaps he, like the unforgettable Jen Psaki, needs to “look in the office.”
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  1. solzh
    solzh 20 November 2017 09: 30
    As a result, the western man himself is exposed to the propaganda conducted by Western governments

    Well, are you starting to see the West? Whether there will still be when your pink glasses finally break.
    1. seti
      seti 20 November 2017 09: 41
      Yes, the West does not care about the opinion of individual political scientists or journalists. There is a "party line" or whatever you want and call it. The West is determined to confront the Russian Federation and is largely indulged by the United States. Therefore, everything will be decided only by time and whose eggs are stronger. However, this does not apply to Western countries ...
    2. your1970
      your1970 20 November 2017 10: 17
      What kind of devil was the KGB ?? he was the director of the CIA - and doesn’t know that the KGB has been gone for 26 years? That those who came in 1992 to the new body created instead of the KGB are retired?
      If he is serious - I’m scared for us, they don’t even have real information then
      If it is about the “terrible omnipotent KGC” - how much stronger was their propaganda under the USSR, that they are still afraid of the nonexistent organization of a nonexistent country. And how well this body worked ...

      Z. Wikipedia data about him - NO(of all there is, except him)
      1. Mart
        20 November 2017 10: 36
        Quote: your1970
        Data on Wikipedia about him - NO (about all there is, except for him)

        Here they are, data.
        1. your1970
          your1970 20 November 2017 17: 00
          Sinned - looked alas ....
      2. Alber
        Alber 21 November 2017 15: 12
        Quote: your1970
        What kind of devil was the KGB ?? he was the director of the CIA - and doesn’t know that the KGB has been gone for 26 years? That those who came in 1992 to the new body created instead of the KGB are retired?
        If he is serious - I’m scared for us, they don’t even have real information then
        If it is about the “terrible omnipotent KGC” - how much stronger was their propaganda under the USSR, that they are still afraid of the nonexistent organization of a nonexistent country

        The KGB exists and functions perfectly in Belarus, fulfilling the tasks assigned to it to ensure the security of the state ...

        Quote: your1970
        they are still afraid of a nonexistent organization of a nonexistent country. And how well did this body work ...

        As for the quality of the work of the KGB of the USSR, especially in recent years, I wouldn’t say so confidently, especially after this is the very KGB of the USSR about ... (c) ... the collapse of the state, which this KGB should protect and preserve, was in full swing. ..
        The whole point is who runs the country
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. SklochPensioner
          SklochPensioner 22 November 2017 08: 39
          "... the collapse of the state, which this very KGB was supposed to protect and preserve ..."
          Nonsense and nonsense: the KGB did not have such a task!

          "The whole point is who runs the country"
          But this is a bullseye!
          Glory to the CPSU. However, do not rush to blame ordinary members,) the majority was deep in the lantern, alas (
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 20 November 2017 12: 04
      The KGB was declared the sword of the CPSU. And where is this Communist Party and where is the KGB?

      1. demo
        demo 21 November 2017 17: 41
        I remember at the beginning there was a word.
        Everyone seemed to have broken the chain.
        Everything and everything started to chat.
        I, who well understood the essence of our system and our state, was terribly interested - what will it end with?
        And such an interesting picture appeared:

        But as it turned out, the KGB people also wanted to leave clean hands, a warm heart and cold heads in the past.
        They also wanted the charms of Western life.
        So those who write about the former powerful intelligence service of the USSR should understand that a person was weaker than circumstances.
        With rare exceptions.
        The current descendants are money-grubbers, movers, criminals.
        You look at the fleet in front of the regional administration, you see "modest" dwellings, you learn about summer vacation spots for relatives and friends, and ..............?
        There are no questions.
  2. alex-cn
    alex-cn 20 November 2017 09: 32
    In one thing, these Trump experts are right before Putin - like the moon .... on foot.
    1. Sergey Cojocari
      Sergey Cojocari 21 November 2017 15: 44
      I won’t talk about personal conditions, I didn’t count and I don’t know, I know that Trump is a billionaire. It’s not easy to make such a state even in America. It’s not Russia; there, in America, for tax evasion, they plant it seriously and for a long time. Trump became president in the FIGHT, he spoke throughout the country, participated in debates with his rivals. Tell me, when did you see Putin participating in the debate? On air, the same Zhirinovsky will crush him utterly!
      1. Svetlana K.
        Svetlana K. 21 November 2017 22: 11
        What can one talk about with a person who is not worth a penny in his country. Your trumpet (and Zhirik) are real populists. They are nobody, and their name is nothing. And you would shut up with your opinion, which interests no one.
        1. Sergey Cojocari
          Sergey Cojocari 22 November 2017 12: 46
          The same thing I can say about your idol. That's who the populist is. And of course you, Ass lick.
  3. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 20 November 2017 09: 52
    Spring in Russia will be hot. Here, in the moment, the presidential elections and the revenge of Ukraine in the Donbass and the sanctions that came into force and much more will converge.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 20 November 2017 10: 11
    “Recall,” the analyst writes, “that in March 2014, Putin with a straight face denied that Russia has forces in the Crimea,

    And Colin Powell shook a test tube in the Security Council, with an unflappable face, claiming that there with terrible work was obtained evidence of the presence of WMD in Iraq.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 November 2017 11: 01
    The fact that the former CIA has remained afraid of the KGB abbreviation alone is good. The old defeats in the struggle of the special services are not forgotten, and the KGB really had enough successes in the struggle with the special services of the West.
    “Respect you most when they know that you know what you're talking about”
    I know that you know what we know ... That's just the last time the United States including and special services only use fakes.
  6. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 20 November 2017 11: 53
    That's right, let them be afraid)))
  7. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 20 November 2017 12: 06
    What is the USA against Russia? What is trump vs Putin? Almost nothing.

    Then you can not read this nonsense. ....... "presidents" control the countries ...., yeah.
    1. Veron
      Veron 20 November 2017 17: 39
      The fact that Jews have ruled in Omerig for a long time is no secret. But the fact that Russia continues to get out of this influence is a fact. Therefore, on the part of the omerizans of the Zhid mold such pressure. Yeah.
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 20 November 2017 15: 11
    Hehe ... How many are there, very roughly, the American intelligence community? Already more than two million people? Well-armed, well-trained in very specific techniques, psychologically stable ... There is only one trifle. What for? Why does America need so many spies? After all, the guys are extremely expensive, budgets are growing and immediately melting ...
    And first of all, who will be interested in this question? Professional politicians - never. The specifics of their education is such that they, in principle, are not able to raise certain topics. Since the slightest hint, shadow, a sound that intelligence somehow interested, and you can say goodbye to a political career. This Castro could not be eliminated in any way. And in their own country, the guys who are forbidden to work in it are practically omnipotent.
    But Trump is from another party. It is not easy to “repay” it. Not Castro, but not Obama either. It would seem that such a formulation of the question is contrived. Is that so? After all, why are the States at such a dead end now? As one great man said, every problem has a first and last name. Yeah. The names and surnames of those who led their country into a dead end will not be difficult to find. Yes, in general, it's simple - they scream heart-rendingly, what Trump is bad.
    The horror of the present is the financial auditor. And an analysis of activities over recent years 15 ... Yes, yes. It's all about Putin. In whom else?
  9. Essex62
    Essex62 20 November 2017 16: 25
    Abstracting from the text, reacting only to the title, unfortunately, the Office does not always win. In the 80s she mumbled a mishandled Cossack, then allowed him to clean herself. She allowed a swag coup and does not exist in her former power.
  10. Theodore
    Theodore 20 November 2017 22: 19
    The West claims that when the Ukrainian authorities stopped supplying electricity to the entire population of Crimea (about 22 million people) on November 2015, 2,5, they “responded reasonably” to the fact that Russia cut gas supplies to Ukraine after years of debate over paying debts for gas. However, on March 23, 2015, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine said that his country would stop buying Russian gas from April 1, 2015, because it was "no longer needed."

    Look at the dates! So who when, to whom, and then disconnected?
  11. a housewife
    a housewife 21 November 2017 15: 24
    they are funny Americans! I know, you know, all of Russia knows that our troops have always been in the Crimea, moreover, legally. But the Americans do not know. Americans simply believe Putin, who assured us that our troops are not there. When did he say that? And when he said that we have and had military forces there - "you see, you see, you used to cheat!"
    Kindergarten of some kind. And who believes this? Smart do not believe the rest is not necessary.
  12. Sergey Cojocari
    Sergey Cojocari 21 November 2017 15: 31
    Is it possible then to consider the collapse of the USSR a “victory” of Kei JB
    1. The comment was deleted.
  13. staviator
    staviator 21 November 2017 16: 17
    Mrs. Engelstad did not detect any KGB agents in Crimea.

    Because the KGB is gone bully
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Skywa1ker
    Skywa1ker 21 November 2017 18: 13
    Customers of the article are probably satisfied - it turned out to be superfood. But why because of sanctions do we have a negative economic outlook, and they have growth - they don’t feel our "counter-sanctions" at all - they don’t care?
    Authors, are you aware that pension growth has been frozen? What is the deficit in penfonds?
    It is ridiculous to read about "Western propaganda" - in the west there are so many channels and newspapers - there are so many opinions, and here, like in a scoop, patriotic rhetoric flows from all the irons.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. Natalia777
    Natalia777 21 November 2017 23: 46
    American virgins do not know that in the Crimea there was a Russian navy - 20 thousand fur seals. Well, why should Russia send troops? Putin told the truth about Crimea.
    1. japs
      japs 22 November 2017 19: 07
      "20 thousand fur seals"
      Tell me, pliz, but the cats were not there?
  17. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 25 December 2017 07: 06
    The phrase “although we could see on TV that this is a lie” is especially touching, as an example of irrefutable evidence, the ultimate truth !!! ... ...
    And this is after the film "The tail wags the dog", and all sorts of animated films, more than once exposed, with White Helmets ... sad