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Satellite operator spoke about the signals from the missing Argentine submarine

World satellite communications operator Iridium last received a signal from the missing Argentine submarine "San Juan" on the day of its disappearance - November 15, reports RIA News company message.

As they say in the message, the Iridium device was installed on the submarine, and on November 17 the company began to collect information about the activity and location of this device.

Unfortunately, our data did not record any signals or attempts to communicate with this device from 15 November 11.36 GTM (14.36 Moscow time) when the last signal arrived,
noted by the operator.

The company stressed that the previously recorded Argentine Navy 7 signals that could be received from the missing submarine were not sent through the Iridium network.

Despite reports of seven signals that arrived on 18 in November, Iridium can confirm that these signals were not sent through our network. Other satellite operators may have equipment on the submarine, and they also participate in the search operation,
explained the operator.

The US Navy also joined the search for the submarine. They used a stand-alone “Bluefin 12D (Deep) UUV unit, which for 30 hours is capable of searching thousands of meters at 5,6 speed per kilometer per hour, as well as three Iver 1,5 UUV drons that can work for 580 hours 14 meters.

In addition to underwater UAVs, the Americans provided other special equipment and a search aircraft.

Submarine "San Juan" stopped communicating on November 15 communications on the way from the port of Ushuaia to the city of Mar del Plata. Onboard were 44 crew members. The missing submarine was built in Germany and incorporated into the Argentine Navy in 1985 year. Its length - 66 meters, reaches speeds up to 25 nodes.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 20 November 2017 09: 15
    Unfortunately, the sailors died .. Rest in peace ..
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 20 November 2017 09: 21
      Unfortunately all recourse Rest in peace sailors, but hope dies last.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 20 November 2017 09: 29
        Quote: 79807420129
        hope dies last.

        Hope is self-deception, but that’s all we have. With every minute the chances that the divers have survived are increasingly tending to zero. But miracles do happen ... hi
      2. Alex_Rarog
        Alex_Rarog 20 November 2017 09: 29
        It’s a pity, but really, it’s probably only the worst. All the same, the die is on the level of survivability still not the same device.
  2. Observer2014
    Observer2014 20 November 2017 09: 15
    Everything is very, very sad. It remains only to wait and hope for the best.
  3. Nemesis
    Nemesis 20 November 2017 09: 15
    5 days have passed, for dieselyuha it's ALL ...
    1. Ankipelgygyrgyn
      Ankipelgygyrgyn 20 November 2017 09: 28
      It seems so ...
  4. askort154
    askort154 20 November 2017 09: 21
    It is strange that the United States is most actively involved in the search. What is their interest? For no reason, they will not hit finger by finger.
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 November 2017 09: 34
      Quote: askort154
      What is their interest?

      Well, firstly, as always, show off and make yourself universal "good guys." Search equipment to try again. Like unplanned exercises, with real conditions close to military ones.
      1. your1970
        your1970 20 November 2017 09: 52
        I’ll add: according to sea practice - “Without salvation - there is no reward.” So Americans can not only practice freebies and without threats from their boats - but they can also cut the dibs if they find a boat and take part in the lift. In any case, they are in the black - at the same expense of the military budget
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 20 November 2017 10: 30
          but also the grandmas to cut

          Most likely you are right. Not from a commitment to the maritime community and warm relations with Argentinean submariners, the United States showed activity. Naturally and show your technical security and possible skills.
        2. Orionvit
          Orionvit 20 November 2017 20: 31
          Quote: your1970
          So the Americans can not only practice freebies and without threats from their boats - but they can also cut grandmas

          I agree with the first, but not with the second. What is there to chop, not that scale. And the costs can be many times more than some kind of mythical reward, which no one has yet announced. Old submarine with sailors, this is not a ship with gold.
          1. your1970
            your1970 21 November 2017 07: 19
            the bulk of the ships in the world are insured (including the military - yes, yes !!!), and both the cargo and the lives of sailors are insured. The insurance is quite decent, the cost of the ships themselves is already high + the cost of cargo. Until now, ships have been specially drowned - in order to receive them (despite all the efforts of insurers to catch such bugs). It is in connection with this that the formula “Without salvation - no reward” applies - if you did everything possible, but the ship you saved drowned, you won’t be paid money at all. And vice versa - if you didn’t seem to do much, but saved the ship - your insurance premium.
            The government of Argentina announced whether or not a reward was made - it does not matter if it is found and raised - the lifeguard will receive insurance.
  5. solzh
    solzh 20 November 2017 09: 34
    If trouble happened with a submarine and it sank, how many submariners can hold out? And is there any chance of their salvation?
    1. dzvero
      dzvero 20 November 2017 09: 58
      It depends on what happened. If you failed to the uttermost depth - that’s all. If the fire (as originally mentioned) is also not sugar, but two to three days is quite possible. If something is “simpler”, then they will probably be able to “stretch” air supplies for a week or even ten days. In this case, nothing really is known and any predictions like fortune-telling on coffee grounds. If (!) They could not release an emergency buoy, then most likely the situation is very serious and there is practically no hope of salvation, alas. sad
      1. 20 November 2017 16: 14
        What, excuse me, is the transcendental depth at the transition from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata? The shelf is coastal. depths of 200-300m.
        1. dzvero
          dzvero 20 November 2017 17: 14
          If you walked there, then yes, it’s small. And if it is “to the right,” it’s already much deeper. After all, we do not know the actual route.
   21 November 2017 00: 02
            And what is the point of going from one port to another along an arc? Although, of course, we don’t know the knowledge base
  6. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 20 November 2017 10: 02
    It is interesting to know the reason why the boat sank. Seems to me not without help ...
    1. Topotun
      Topotun 20 November 2017 10: 37
      Now until you find the boat (if they find at all) you don’t know anything. So, you can guess forever ...
  7. Vitas
    Vitas 20 November 2017 10: 07
    Does the Argentine Navy have a ship for saving submariners ?!
  8. skomfit
    skomfit 20 November 2017 12: 20
    My father used to go on the first nuclear submarine Leninsky Komsomol so this is what he said; In case of serious emergency situations, the alert buoy (rescue buoy) automatically shoots how it all looks like the orange buoy itself (it is visible very well on the water) there is a radio beacon on it (now also a JPS beacon) + it pulls a gut for air (liquid food can pass through it) and an electric cable with a connector for remote connection of electricity. So either the buoy didn’t work in automatic mode (it can also be released manually ) either it was not at all, or the boat went to a depth with which the buoy did not come to the surface since there is a limit on the length of the cable, but the lighthouse would work and under water it means it dived deep and the water completely blocks the signal.
    1. Eflintuk
      Eflintuk 20 November 2017 16: 08
      Did father also talk about liquid food? ... :) on our 2-generation boats there is an RSU-1D (a buoy with a radio beacon on a cable-cable - telephony, power supply). At 3m - an autonomous buoy B-600 for transmitting signals about the nature of the accident and the last location (in Kursk - did not shoot back).
      1. skomfit
        skomfit 20 November 2017 16: 21
        We talked with Batya about Kursk too (they wrote about the buoy if I’m not mistaken that it broke and seemed to be found, but I don’t know for sure) my father said that everyone died in it in the first minutes, because the air burns out from the explosion and you can only relieve it from the hull of the submarine.
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 20 November 2017 18: 54
      Quote: skomfit
      so that's what he said; In case of serious emergency situations, the alert buoy is automatically fired (rescue buoy)

      And your father did not tell you that he was welded in front of the autonomous unit, "so that it wouldn’t be torn off by a wave" ...
      And everyone knew about it, so there are no unbelievers in the sea ...
      ("Peacocks! You say!?" (C)
      1. rudolff
        rudolff 20 November 2017 19: 04
        Not only the buoys were welded, but even the VSC on the atomic ones. And in Kursk, the buoy was not even open. This is the commander of the communications warhead, but the commander was in the know.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 20 November 2017 19: 24
          Quote: rudolff
          Not only the buoys were welded, but even the VSKs on the atomic ones.

          And this happened. Anchar's VSK separated only after hitting the ground ...
          Eternal memory to peasants ...
          1. rudolff
            rudolff 20 November 2017 20: 35
            Komsomolets is remembered. He, too, the buoy did not separate after flooding. And VSK Komsomolets “spontaneously” lost in the 83rd during the tests in Bely. Fortunately, they did not weld after that, at least one sailor was later saved.
        2. Veteran
          Veteran 21 November 2017 00: 04
          With the buoy (WOW) "Kursk" in general is a bad story. Not only was the buoy's start (release) key (its presence is the concern of the BC-4 group), an unmetered technological plug was found in the inlet of the flooding sensor, which excluded the possibility of automatic activation of the anti-aircraft arrester when the 3 compartment is flooded from water pressure at at a depth of 85 m. In addition, in this B-600, the pneumatic antenna device could not work either (after releasing the buoy, the antenna could not move to the vertical operating position), because the safety pin was not removed after the installation of the squibs. The last two circumstances are a consequence of the negligence of the manufacturer and the military representative. But the attitude of the boat’s command towards emergency buoys — you yourself know what, and not from a good life — because of the possible “treacherous” loss of the buoy, and also the rules for financial compensation for this “loss of naval property”.
          1. rudolff
            rudolff 21 November 2017 08: 14
            That's right, Yuri. That is, how it was manufactured at the factory, how it was installed on the case, so he was not ready for work. Is that just not in the "packing box". But this is not the fault of the workers. I myself came across something similar. The crew takes the boat even on the slipway, long before launching. Installation of equipment, its preparation for those operations, debugging are carried out in the presence of officers of the corresponding warhead. The buoy was installed, they were convinced that the BIUS sees it, and then ... either at the request of the workers, БЧ4 did not bring it into working condition or if the warhead itself, after all ZHI, the GHI returned it to its original state. Of course, with the knowledge of the commander. Nobody supposes to drown, but for the loss of expensive, secret equipment they will not pat on the head during a campaign on the head. If the buoy also goes on the air, then plus to the troubles, the disruption of the combat mission. Moreover, in Kursk there wasn’t even a buoy, but a (drifting) emergency information device, where information about the last location, running parameters, course, depth, speed, emergency development data are loaded through the BIUS.
            1. rudolff
              rudolff 21 November 2017 08: 35
              And VSK was just a little afraid. Not only can you lose it, as Komsosolets lost during the tests, just imagine what it takes to keep a running watch on a bridge in a storm, knowing that a detachable part of the ship is under your feet. You get used to it, but it's unpleasant. Here at the scheduled repairs, the stopper was also seized. In principle, in the repair for the corresponding bakshish, you can agree on anything, even though the TA covers are brewed.
            2. Veteran
              Veteran 21 November 2017 17: 32
              I agree, rudolff, only about the quality of work of workers of the manufacturer is not entirely. We took the boat from the new building in 1970, but we didn’t get any surprises only after acceptance. After the GHI in the Baltic, the acceptance of submarines, we went from Liepaja to Polyarny around Scandinavia, to the NP. And the first thing I encountered was a high voltage break in a large p / transmitter at the end of the SBD transmission. Rechecked all of its blocks - nothing, everything is in order. And by the end of the transition, the punched tape had already only half passed, the VN was cut out. They arrived at the base, I waited for everyone to leave, went down to the cutting room, opened the antenna circuit block, stuffed pieces of metal braid into the block nests, launched the transmitter, cut down the lighting and turned on the VN. And here in complete darkness I noticed a small flash and a slight crack under the circuit block, in the power supply. He opened it, and found a slight darkening at the end of the vitrified powerful resistor. He disassembled it, one internal insulator washer collapsed in his hand and was black inside, obviously, the assembler pulled the resistor during assembly, one of the insulated china washers cracked, but for a long time it kept the insulation, but then the first breakdown passed, this channel went further the breakdown became more and more "passable", and led to the inoperability of the only powerful submarine p / transmitter. Those. there is a negligence of the manufacturer. True, then the special officer asked me - “is this a diversion at the enterprise?” Barely turned him off from this version. And then new “surprises” began, it’s good that much more could be done through the complaint.
              Best regards hi
              1. rudolff
                rudolff 21 November 2017 18: 46
                Yura, yes, I do not shield workers or representatives of manufacturing plants. Also drank with them, only on navigation systems. But some very smart guys came across. On the fingers they explained when and what jambs would climb and what should be done. I spoke specifically about this buoy. A key, circlips ... these are algorithms for checking the device’s readiness for work, it’s impossible to fancy it. And the key, if I’m not mistaken, was at all who had БЧ4 in the safe.
                1. Veteran
                  Veteran 21 November 2017 19: 09
                  Yes, rudolff, the key was stored in a safe. Warhead-4, but before going to sea the groupman had to pick it up from there and put it in the control panel, although this depends on the decision of the "bull".
                  There is, of course, a huge difference between the employees of the enterprise directly manufacturing the product, and the so-called "adjusters" who "implement" this product on the ship. The former may not even know what they are making - they are assembling (in any case, it was like that in Soviet times), the latter are top-notch professionals who are skilled in setting up and operating the product at the facility. We were waiting for them with hope in "surprise" cases while we were in the database.
                  1. rudolff
                    rudolff 21 November 2017 19: 35
                    БЧ-4, as I understand it, is this your place? By the way, Rudolph, this is not a nickname, real, so it is possible in Russian.
                    1. Veteran
                      Veteran 21 November 2017 20: 28
                      Yes, Rudolph, I started the service as the head of the RTS commander of the warhead-4. Basic - VVMURE them. Popova. hi
                      1. rudolff
                        rudolff 21 November 2017 20: 40
                        Once he thought to enter this school. He was a radio amateur before the army. Yes, and in the VVMUPP there was a collective, but I don’t remember that anyone would be aired from it.
                        Still found vertical keys or already electronic "left-right" were?
      2. skomfit
        skomfit 21 November 2017 18: 13
        Were you on the Lenin Komsomol submarine? If not, then you should not draw conclusions on the submarine you served on (if you went on the submarine, in general) I have no reason not to trust my father, just as you have no reason to say if you did not serve with my father at the same time and on one the submarine. ("Peacocks! You say!?" (C)
  9. Mestny
    Mestny 21 November 2017 10: 34
    The company stressed that the previously recorded Argentine Navy 7 signals that could be received from the missing submarine were not sent through the Iridium network.

    You see, after a while, they will begin to fill in the version about the unidentified submarine, which gave these signals.
    Well, then it’s clear that a collision will be announced, and of course, about the ownership of this unknown submarine.
    Guess which country it will belong to according to Western media?
  10. Veteran
    Veteran 21 November 2017 21: 23
    What are you, Rudolph, we were still vertical. But we practically didn’t use them, all the programs are either in the DBMS or in the radio / telephone. But tlg hearing was very important.