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Pistol Beretta APX left the army on the civilian market

The recent competition for a new pistol for the US Army ended with the adoption of the Р320 pistol from Sig Sauer. One of the competitors of this weapons was the gun APX of the Italian arms company Beretta. After the weapon turned out to be “overboard”, the company did not close the project and since April 2017, this gun has appeared in the civilian market, and in a good configuration and at a relatively modest price.

Standard Beretta APX Pistol Kit

The standard set of the new pistol includes the pistol itself, three magazines with a capacity of 17 rounds (10 rounds where the capacity of the magazine for civilian weapons is limited and 15 for the version of the weapon chambered for .40S & W), two rear grip covers that allow you to adapt the handle to different sizes hands of shooters. All this is packed in a plastic case of not the most presentable kind, but so that all this does not dangle, pieces of foam rubber are laid inside.

Obviously, the non-gift wrapping of this weapon is compensated by a reasonable price, as for the USA the recommended price is 525-575 dollars. By the way, Р320 is offered at a price of 450 dollars, but only two stores are included. Actually the low cost Р320 became its main trump card in the competition for a new gun for the US military. The weapon itself, service kits, holster, accessories and warranty repairs for each of the P320 pistols will cost the Ministry of Defense an average of 2000 dollars. But back to the Beretta APX.

The appearance of the gun Beretta APX and its ergonomics

The first thing that catches your eye when examining a pistol is its not quite ordinary shutter casing. Instead of notches in the front and rear of this part of the weapon along the entire length there are quite large protrusions.

Pistol Beretta APX left the army on the civilian market
Such a decision has repeatedly shown its advantage over small notches where the winter season is really winter, with frost and snow, and where the hands of the shooter are protected with warm gloves. A considerable advantage of this form of housing-shutter will be in a situation where both the hands and the weapon itself are smeared with dirt or blood. In the end, with this form of casing-shutter, you can bring a pistol into combat readiness with just one hand, pressing the weapon to the body or holding it between the same knees, which will be useful if one of the hands is injured.

The disadvantage of such protrusions on the cover-shutter is usually considered to be that they will cling to the clothes when removing. But here it is necessary to clarify one moment. This gun was originally designed for the military, and the military does not have the habit of carrying a weapon in a pocket or under a belt, the gun is in a holster. In addition, even now, when this weapon has become a hundred percent civilian, its dimensions make wearing a holster more convenient. And, judging by the corners, the removal of such weapons from their pockets should not interfere with anything. But if you put your gun in your belt, fashionably, cinematically, in front or behind, you can show not only your level of culture of handling weapons, but you can also strip the skin on your stomach or lower back during extraction.

If we talk about the ease of use of weapons, which includes not only carrying, but also use, then one of the requirements in the competition for a new gun for the US Army was the ability to change the size of the handle of the weapon. This is already implemented in a standard way - in the form of linings on the back of the pistol grip. Anticipating the question of why in the standard set of interchangeable pads, you need to give a little explanation. The possibility of adjusting the dimensions of the pistol grip is determined not only by the size of the palm of the arrow. The weapon can be used both with bare hands, and then when the hands are protected with the same gloves, respectively, ideally, and the size of the handle should be different.

Another requirement in the competition was complete bilateralism of weapons. Since there is no fuse switch on the gun, only the shutter delay key was duplicated, and the button for removing the magazine can be moved to both the left and right sides of the gun. On the left side of the gun is a lever for disassembling weapons.

The sights of the pistol in its standard version are presented in the form of conventional rear sight and front sight. These elements are not one with the shutter casing and are mounted on the seats. That is, the sights can be easily changed to other, more convenient ones and even put a collimator sight instead of the rear sight. Additionally, in the plastic frame of the Beretta APX pistol under the barrel there is a seat for a small-sized flashlight or laser pointer.

The design of the gun Beretta APX

The basis for the new gun company Beretta chose automation with a short stroke of the weapon. Coupling the housing and bolt and the barrel is carried out by protrusion above the chamber, which enters the window for ejection of spent cartridges. In the process of movement of the barrel and the casing-bolt back, the chamber is reduced, leaving the clutch with the casing-gate. The reduction of the chamber is realized due to the interaction of the transversely inserted axis of the contactor and the cut-out in the tide under the chamber. In general, the scheme has long been run-in and it is hardly worth waiting for something new from it, with proper performance, it has proven to be reliable and reliable.

Shock trigger trigger with dovzvodom, back is already well-established. The weapon is quite safe, even with a cartridge in the chamber, security is ensured not only by the force of pressing the trigger, but also by the so-called automatic fuse in the form of an insert on the trigger. The force when the trigger is pressed is 2,8 kgf, the trigger stroke is about 6 millimeters.

In order to ensure a quick return of the weapon to the line of sight after the shot, the designers place the barrel of the gun relatively low. Of course there are pistols and with a lower set of the barrel, but here we must take into account that under the barrel of the weapon there is a guide with a return spring.

By itself, the gun is assembled on a steel base, which is fixed in a plastic frame of the weapon with a pin in the back of the frame and additionally with an axis of the contactor.

An interesting detail in the design of this gun is a small button located on the right side next to the pin. This button is designed for the safe descent of a pistol drummer, which additionally ensures the safety of the handling of weapons.

The plastic frame of the gun is impact resistant, not exposed to ultraviolet radiation. High and low temperatures within reasonable limits do not affect the strength of this element of the weapon.

It is not yet known whether the versions of the weapon with another trigger mechanism or another version of the casing-shutter, which switches off the automatic fuse switch, will be solved this issue will solve the demand for this weapon.

Characteristics of the gun Beretta APX

At the moment, the pistol is presented only for cartridges 9x19, .40S & W and 9x21, but in the near future there will be options for weapons for all common cartridges for pistols, including those for .357SIG. Depending on the ammunition, the mass and capacity of the magazine will change, and the dimensions may also change in some cases. In the meantime, you can give the characteristics only for the pistol variant for the above mentioned cartridges.

The length of the pistol is 192 millimeters with a barrel length of 108 millimeters. The height of the pistol is 142 millimeters, the thickness is 33 millimeters. For the 9 mm Beretta APX pistol, the unloaded weight is 780 grams, for the .40S & W version, the weight is slightly more - 800 grams. The nine-millimeter versions of the pistol are fed from a 17-round magazine; their larger-caliber counterpart uses magazines with 15 rounds.

Characteristics of the new gun Beretta APX

It is possible to characterize a new weapon from different sides, there appeared already as well as negative reviews, and enthusiastic positive ones. It is noteworthy that all the negative is reduced to individual details of the weapon in the form of the same protrusions on the casing-gate, which is somewhat strange, since the person saw the purchase, for which he gives money. Much more positive feedback, which separately notes the high reliability of the gun and the usual design for service.

In any case, you need to understand that the Beretta APX pistol was not designed as a sports weapon and not even a pistol for self-defense, it is an army weapon, and not the main one, which means reliability in it comes first, and only then accuracy.
Separately, it is worth noting that the Beretta APX pistol is the first pistol of the Italian company with a shock trigger mechanism with a dovzvod, and, as it turned out, not always the first pancake lump. Despite the fact that the weapon did not win the competition and did not become a pistol for the US Army, Beretta APX found its niche, although largely due to the name.

Despite the fact that the gun has a common design and many solutions used in it for more than one year, it’s still a big stretch to call this weapon an ordinary one, since ordinary samples do not participate in competitions for one of the largest armies in the world.
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  1. Mik13
    Mik13 22 November 2017 15: 42
    ... if you put a gun in your belt, in a fashionable, cinematic, front or back, you can show not only your level of culture of handling weapons, but also specifically peel the skin on your stomach or lower back when removed.

    And yet, such actions easily lead to deferfing of the gunfighter .... However, it is for the better. All of humanity is extremely interested in such arrows not to multiply ...
  2. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 22 November 2017 16: 14
    I have had the Italian Beretta 92F for many years. Excellent, I’ll inform you, Bauble.
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 22 November 2017 18: 02
    It is an attractive trunk, both externally and at a price. Moreover - Berrett ..
    1. AlexMark
      22 November 2017 18: 12
      After talking with the owners of these weapons and videos with its use in slow motion, when you see the behavior of a pistol when firing, I even began to look askance at Shtaer M9, and for my ability this is the perfect gun, it was probably)))
  4. Firstvanguard
    Firstvanguard 22 November 2017 18: 05
    Am I alone, looking at this Beretta, see a glock with baubles?
    1. AlexMark
      22 November 2017 18: 10
      I did not say this, but the percentage of 50 (80) modern pistols is the Glock in one or another variation))) BUT! Some versions are very well superior to the originals. The main problem of Glock now, in my opinion, is a somewhat wrong marketing policy. Well, various add-ons cannot cost as a pistol floor, or even as a whole pistol. You can not release a new generation without compatibility with the old. So Glock already goes into the sunset.
    2. Disorder
      Disorder 22 November 2017 18: 26
      More like a 99th Walter.
      1. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 22 November 2017 19: 09
        It's not about similarity, but about constructiveness.
        1. Disorder
          Disorder 23 November 2017 03: 57
          Structurally, this is the 92nd Beretta with the replaced USM. also in due time from the 88th Walter was received the 99th. All have one scheme - Browning.
          PS And here at p.ndos.ov with pistols something is not ice - all European models are adopted.
          1. psiho117
            psiho117 23 November 2017 19: 36
            Quote: Trouble
            But at the p.n.dos.ov with pistols something is not ice - all European models are adopting

            their special forces both ran with the M1911 clones, and continues. Here is an eternal construction!
            and the army team has a 9x19 cartridge, so they try to squeeze out everything possible from this cartridge, using the latest European trunks.
            1. Disorder
              Disorder 24 November 2017 04: 03
              Specura - that’s why it’s special. She can run with anything. Though with a revolver in caliber 0.50, even with a Hummingbird pistol in caliber 2.7 mm.
              Caliber has nothing to do with it. Smith-Wesson releases clone SW1911 in two calibers: the native .45 AKP and 9x19 Parabellum.
              The fact is that Beretta, Walter, and Glock are made in the same way as the M1911 of the unforgettable John Moses Browning.
              So it turns out - the clones of the 1911 pistol are riveting, and when you need something more modern, they take the European ones.
              As well as with a machine gun - as Browning did a few years before his death, the M2 machine gun, so it is still being used.
              1. Michael HORNET
                Michael HORNET 26 November 2017 15: 45
                This is demagoguery. The "scheme" of the Glock and 1911 pistol is VERY STRONGLY different and in general there is only a reduction in the barrel with its participation in the lock
                I have a completely different design
                Clones of 1911 and 2011 are produced by a lot of people, but mostly they are now used in sports
                Beretta is very peculiar, but not mind practical solutions in these protrusions and design
                It is unclear according to the article whether the drummer has a complete self-cocking.
          2. 4thParasinok
            4thParasinok 26 January 2018 10: 36
            Quote: Trouble
            Structurally, this is the 92nd Beretta with the replaced USM. also in due time from the 88th Walter was received the 99th. All have one scheme - Browning.
            You want to say that the P38 also has a Browning scheme? The 92nd beret uses a modified system from Walter P38 with a swinging larva, the trunk does not change its height and moves in a straight line.
            It’s still possible to call these weapons ordinary with a stretch, since ordinary samples do not participate in competitions for one of the largest armies in the world.
            They take part and still participate, there are simply fairy tales, and there is the harsh truth of life, which is very different from fairy tales.
  5. Glory1974
    Glory1974 22 November 2017 20: 25
    White dots are applied to the sighting bar and the front sight. Cheap and cheerful! It helps to aim very well in the dark.
    1. AlexMark
      22 November 2017 20: 45
      I like the stripes option more, it fits into one line much faster, although at short distances it doesn't matter at all.
      1. Glory1974
        Glory1974 22 November 2017 20: 50
        I like the striped option more.

        did not even see such an option. Where is it used?
        1. AlexMark
          22 November 2017 22: 23
          For the same Shtaer M9 there is such a variant of sighting devices, but non-standard, by itself
  6. burigaz2010
    burigaz2010 22 November 2017 22: 51
    Well, Beretta is Beretta, a mark of quality however! But someone explain what for the need for two-sidedness? On earth, that so many lefties appeared? For thousands of years, weapons have been made under the right-hander and no one has bathed with it !!! And somehow they fought after all !!! Ha ha ha !!!!
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 23 November 2017 05: 55
      But someone explain what for the need for two-way?

      Sellability is higher.
      1. Michael HORNET
        Michael HORNET 26 November 2017 15: 50
        Well, sometimes you have to use your left hand, so a small two-way delay is not superfluous
        Beretta’s attempt to enter the polymer airsoft gun market, belatedly)
    2. AlexMark
      23 November 2017 16: 29
      Quote: burigaz2010
      On the ground that so many left-handers appeared?

      Officially 15% left handed)
    3. stroybat ZABVO
      stroybat ZABVO 27 November 2017 15: 35
      In Argentina, a huge number of people writing with their left hand was surprising. As my wife explained to me, here as a child took a pen or pencil for the first time in a hand convenient for him, he writes all his life, no one forces anyone to be right-handed.
      And, by the way, about the birds, I have had Taurus PT92 AIF for many years, a Beretta clone, I shoot from any hand, to which the fuse on both sides contributes.
  7. Izotovp
    Izotovp 23 November 2017 00: 36
    As far as I understand, their 9x21 is completely different from ours?
    1. Kibb
      Kibb 23 November 2017 12: 06
      Other. 9x21 IMI - cartridge for the civilian market based on 9x19. In Italy, 9x19 cartridges are prohibited for civilian use
  8. Catfish
    Catfish 1 July 2018 14: 59
    I understand that there is nothing new in this model. Everything, so to speak, is “stolen before us,” and everything, as always, is known by comparison. Will appear with us, shoot and compare. And here is 92 - I didn’t like something - a heavy and bulky gun. But this is my opinion, I do not impose on anyone.

    Mark, thanks as always! It was interesting. hi
  9. Brigadier
    Brigadier 31 July 2018 02: 41
    Good machine. Do not compare with clumsy Makarovsky "pistol".
    Even Luger-08 was a cut above Makarov’s “creation”, although it was made at the beginning of the century, 40 years before Makar ...
    And we have everything pulled and pulled with new pistols for the army, although there is at least the same "GSh-18" or "PL-14" - good, killer cars for our fighters, choose any!
    But it’s obvious that our bureaucrats are trying to extend the "life span" of the wooden makar, and, as always, do not care about people in the army ...