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MiG-29 "on steroids" Polish Air Force challenges MiG-35. What does the tricky plan "WZL-2" provide?


Most of the air forces of the Warsaw Pact member countries were very closely acquainted with the unique airborne technical and, therefore, combat capabilities of the advanced twin-engine 4-generation fighters of the MiG-29А ("9-12Б"), which began to enter service 1 th squadron of the Warsaw Fighter Wing Regiment at the end of July 1989. Even despite the fact that the machines were equipped with a simplified export version of the weapon control system VCS-29E having the current restrictions on the range of radar N019 "Sapphire-29» (about 55 km target with EPR 3m2 in the forward hemisphere and 30 km - in the rear hemisphere) , as well as medium-range air combat missiles Р-27Р1 / Т2 with underestimated range characteristics, the original aerodynamic airframe of the airframe allowed melee air combat to win from any Western European and shtatovskogo fighter (from "Mirage-2000C / -5" to F-16A). In particular, the angular speed of the steady pitch reversal is for the MiG-29 about 23,5 degrees / s, which is comparable only with the newest multi-purpose fighter "Rafale".

"Falkruma" remained in service with the Polish Air Force even though 15 September 2006, the most Russophobic Eastern European country, began to take some of the most modern tactical fighters into combat units - the F-16C / D Block 52, which later received the addition of "+" , and this already says a lot. After all, firstly, MiG-XNUMHA in close air combat (“dog dump”) can still be fought with “Rafalee” and with “Typhoon”; secondly, they have a unique modernization reserve in terms of onboard electronic equipment, which the Poles intend to implement in the hardware in the near future. For example, a Polish source, citing various state resources, reports that in Warsaw they are thinking about the implementation of the 29 stage of the improvement of the Soviet MiGs.

The first two stages included: installation on the 26 MiG-29А and 6 MiG-29UB new Israeli-made digital computer, standard for modern fighters of the MIL-STD-1553B data exchange bus (provides for the open architecture of the avionics radio), modern wide-format multifunctional indicators, advanced radio navigation system GPS modules and also additional hardware element base for the full unification of missile weapons on hangers with a weapon control system (KUV). The last point makes it possible to carry out pre-flight testing of guided missiles of air combat directly on the suspensions. The vehicles were also equipped with high-resolution compact cameras for the classification and identification of intercepted air objects during close-range air combat, which made it absolutely impossible to determine the type of air target during combat beyond visual visibility. This update package, according to experts from the Polish Defense Ministry, has allowed to extend the operational life of the fighter to 2025 year. At the same time, the "ancient" airborne radar sighting system H019 "Sapphire-29" was unified only with outdated air-to-air missiles P-27Р1, equipped with semi-active radar homing heads (PARGSN) s, as well as P-27Т1, and also homing radar homing heads (SARGSN) sntnXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of of A-of-2 homing heads.

The third stage should become the crown of engineering of the Polish aircraft repair company Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze. It provides for the installation on the improved “Products 9-12B” of more advanced multi-mode airborne radars of the AN / APG-68 family of version (V) 9, as well as the unification with AIM-120C-5/7 medium-range air combat missiles and AIM- 9X Block II "Sidewinder". Due to this update phase, the Poles plan to establish parity with our MiG-35s, which should go to combat units from 2018, as well as with the Baltic fleet Russian Navy Su-30SM. But let's look at this perspective more objectively. Even if the WZL-2 specialists, with the help of Northrop Grumman employees, manage to “cram” a rather large (0,48 x 0,72 m) oval antenna array of the AN / APG-68 (V) radar 9 into the MiG-29A radio-transparent fairing, designed for the 700 mm H019 Sapphire-29 radar, they are unlikely to gain a confident superiority over the promising MiG-35S and Su-30SM.

Firstly, AN / APG-68 (V) 9 is able to detect a target with an 2 2 EPR at a distance of no more than 90 km, while the Zhuk-AE and H35M Bars radars mounted on the MiG-30 and Su-011M are installed "They will charge the" Pole "at a distance of 140 - 170 km. In fact, Russian pilots will be able to “capture” the Polish MiG-29A for accurate auto tracking at 2 times the greater distance. Moreover, ours will have an advantage in terms of noise immunity, bandwidth and target channel, as the above radars are built on the basis of active phased array (“Zhuk-AE”) and passive phased array “Bars” (8 and 4 of fired targets, respectively. In -second, when operating in the passive mode, our MiG-35 will receive indisputable advantages provided by the presence of an attacking missile detection station provided by high-resolution sensors of the upper hemisphere (VS-OAR) and the lower hemisphere (NS-OAR). Optical-electronic data Uli can detect the silhouette of a MIM-104C / ERINT SAM at a distance of 30 — 40 km and AIM-120C — 25 — 30 km. In Polish cars, such a product is not expected in the future.

Also, in addition to the nose optical-electronic sighting system OLS-UEM, the MiG-35 has a similar turret module of the lower hemisphere OLS-K, designed to work mainly on ground targets (targets like "tank" - 20 — 30 km, PU OTRK - 40 —50 km, destroyer — 65 — 80 km) in the television and infrared channels with the possibility of laser targeting. Polish “WZL-2” for this will need to hang on fairly “tacky” glider “Falkruma” separate container OLPK type “Sniper-ATP”, etc., that will make the car heavier, will increase the load on the wing and will not allow maneuvering close combat . Moreover, the modification of the MiG-35 for the Russian VKS can receive the RDDF with a deflecting thrust vector RD-33МК2, which will turn the transitional generation Falkrum into a super-maneuverable air fighter, similar to Su-30CM and Su-35С. In this case, the Poles finally drop out of the game.

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  1. Titsen
    Titsen 21 November 2017 06: 40
    Whom does the author persuade for Soviet power?

    Urya-patriotism again?

    Tired of all the same - we are the best, we are the best ..

    And after the salary and pension, I don’t want to climb into my pocket - it’s empty there ...

    No money, but you hang on there ...
    1. Soho
      Soho 21 November 2017 08: 23
      Titsen Today, 06:40
      And after the salary and pension, I don’t want to climb into my pocket - it’s empty there ...
      No money, but you hang on there ...

      if you wanted to condemn the political and economic situation in the country, then you wandered to the wrong site.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 21 November 2017 10: 46
        And the article is about something else ..
        Quote: Soho
        Titsen Today, 06:40
        And after the salary and pension, I don’t want to climb into my pocket - it’s empty there ...
        No money, but you hang on there ...

        if you wanted to condemn the political and economic situation in the country, then you wandered to the wrong site.
      2. AlexVas44
        AlexVas44 21 November 2017 10: 54
        Quote: Soho
        ... you wandered to the wrong site.

        And what, the phrase "In this case, the Poles are finally eliminated from the game." warms the soul? We will defeat all naked patriotism !?
        1. Soho
          Soho 21 November 2017 11: 05
          AlexVas44 Today, 10:54
          We will defeat all naked patriotism !?

          What does patriotism have to do with ??? You are screamers who turn any discussion of the technical characteristics of the weapons of the warring parties into a political platform.
          If you really want to go out on the topic “Lush used pensions paid to pregnant women with disabilities”, then go to the sites corresponding to this topic. And whine there even until the blue.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. mgero
            mgero 22 November 2017 12: 49
            And what values? Our MiG 40limon Su 50 lemons and the Poles for 5 lemon upgrade all Indian MiGs, the question is price
            1. seos
              seos 25 November 2017 22: 57
              for 5 lemons it doesn’t work out ... there is development, design work, and so on through not the cheapest firm .... but the Poles have a military budget with gulkin horseradish ....
    2. Now we are free
      Now we are free 21 November 2017 10: 43
      Greetings Titsen!
      I wanted to answer you, but Soho got ahead of me. You and your comment were two years late for this meme was already covered in dust (if not mold). It would be better if Serebrennikov wrote about the money spent, that’s where doctors and teachers would have been enough ...

      P.S. The author of the article deployed with those. features told about the comparison of light front-line fighters: MIG-35 and the Polish "remake" based on the MIG-29. What does the next blah blah blah "About ... all polymers" have to do with it? ..
      1. Sergey Pavlovich
        Sergey Pavlovich 21 November 2017 20: 41
        K. Serebrebryannikov received as much money from the Government for "7studiy" as M.O. ALL training of officers (future).
        And what is the use of the "7studiy" project - besides supporting tantrums.
    3. shans2
      shans2 21 November 2017 10: 53
      eat matzah, and everything will pass), you lose, hysteria is useless)
    4. Ivan Volkov
      Ivan Volkov 21 November 2017 12: 56
      Pasha as Americans and you will not have a salary, but a high income.
      1. lukewarm
        lukewarm 21 November 2017 15: 47
        Quote: Ivan Volkov
        Pasha as Americans

        Is it in the sense of printing dollars? What are they so plowed at? And if you plow, then no one is against, but:
        1. Nowhere
        2. Plowing in the Russian Federation (especially in the regions) does not at all mean an appropriate standard of living.
        For the periphery of capitalism.
        1. Baby sitter
          Baby sitter 21 November 2017 18: 45
          Well, of course, "nowhere to work." You only want to work hard on Wednesdays ... And that is not a fact.
    5. Whaler
      Whaler 21 November 2017 18: 16
      pst Zhako)) I don’t want to climb into my pocket - go for it bully no money - go earn and not noah, liberd .... for example, with my pension and salary hi
    6. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 21 November 2017 20: 01
      Quote: Titsen
      No money, but you hang on there ...

      Medvedev can be interpreted as you like, but in the Crimea it swells like no other Russian region, in the Crimea there are no dandelions in power.
      1. Xnumx vis
        Xnumx vis 22 November 2017 21: 24
        Give Crimea with Sevastopol back to Ukraine. And you will be happy .. Dandelions are not in power in more than one country in the world ... The fact that Sevastopol and Crimea were destroyed to the limit over the years of the Wehrmacht is certainly not Russia's fault .... A lot is being done in Sevastopol and Crimea now, I see it with my own eyes. The bad thing is that along the roads and all kinds of networks (electricity, water, communications), agriculture has been destroyed, factories are standing ...
    7. Vladimir Gordeev
      Vladimir Gordeev 22 November 2017 12: 02
      advertising and PR is the engine of progress, especially the American fake ... and how does your empty pocket compare with the reconstruction of the Polish MiGs? And about the empty pocket, this is for you to liberoids like Nabiullina, DAM and Gref, they are investing the US economy with our money ....
      1. meGrail
        meGrail 28 November 2017 12: 59
        And you are now printing such meaningless comments from a fake computer.
        1. Senior manager
          Senior manager 21 March 2018 23: 25
          I read the comments - just a joke, the article is about airplanes. It turns out that we are simply torn off the topic, and the horses were reformatted. Provocateurs breed us like suckers. Sadness.
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 21 November 2017 07: 07
    The Poles have already received MiGs from the Bundeswehr. Now the question is, does MiG like an “innovation” like something accompanying a NATO member? But how about the Indians, their Dryers are fighting, and Russia is to blame!
    1. Soho
      Soho 21 November 2017 08: 28
      Now the question is, and the MiG corporation is similar to the “innovation” of a NATO member as it accompanies

      yes does not accompany. The issue of spare parts is solved mainly through "donation". But if the migraine breaks, they will of course say that the Soviet-Russian equipment is “gamma”.
      1. Bersaglieri
        Bersaglieri 21 November 2017 21: 21
        Not "donation," but "cannibalization." And the rest is all right.
  3. KKND
    KKND 21 November 2017 12: 45
    In particular, the angular velocity of a steady pitch turn is about 29 deg / s for the MiG-23,5A, which is comparable only to the latest Rafale multi-role fighter.

    Author, teach the materiel !. These data must necessarily indicate the speed of the aircraft or the data is generally not about anything.
    Firstly, AN / APG-68 (V) 9 is capable of detecting a target with an EPR of 2 m2 at a distance of no more than 90 km, while the Zhuk-AE and H35M Bars radars installed on the MiG-30 and Su-011SM "Find the" Pole "at a distance of 140 - 170 km.

    He wrote beautifully, only the ESR of a fighter, at a minimum hung with explosives of 15-30 m * 2, is usually estimated.
    In this case, the Poles are finally eliminated from the game.

    These Poles can dump, and not get out of the game, as they have done more than once.
    Generally Author-learn materiel!
    1. DarkMatter
      DarkMatter 21 November 2017 18: 30
      I’ll also allow myself to add that while the purchases of the Mig-35 with a slot antenna were announced, they didn’t say about AFAR, it’s not ready yet ...
      And analytics again all calculate the virtual fellow
  4. meriem1
    meriem1 21 November 2017 14: 24
    The crow-shit did not peck .. Although the Poles have long had memory cancer and megalomania. They will definitely try and, as it were, clumsyly fail to get the money in the MIGs ... they will yell that everything is fine. But this is before the first clash! And the choice of MIGs suggests that the NICHE gliders are the best in the WORLD !!!
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 22 November 2017 19: 59
      And no one objects :: yes, the best, if not one "but" ...
      Maybe, remember, at our 23rd airbase, somewhere in the period of the 10s, two MiG-29 cars fell in the course of six months, in both cases, the keels came off on the left turn after takeoff. Reason :: corrosion not detectable outside the airframe (cars were 29 years old) ...
  5. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 21 November 2017 15: 10
    This is wonderful, the Americans are unlikely to climb Russia, they will only bully, and the Poles will climb. Because of their ambition climb.
  6. alekseymartin
    alekseymartin 21 November 2017 16: 39
    The Falkrooms remained in service with the Polish Air Force even despite the fact that on September 15, 2006 the most Russophobic country in Eastern Europe began to take into combat units one of the most modern tactical fighters - F-16C / D Block 52, which later received the addition of “+” , and that already says a lot. After all, firstly, the MiG-29A in close air combat ("dog dump") to this day can compete with both the "Rafals" and the "Typhoons".
    So who can compete with whom? F-16 or Mig ???
    1. IL-18
      IL-18 21 November 2017 19: 07
      Well, in light of Poland’s latest EU raids, both request
  7. yuliatreb
    yuliatreb 21 November 2017 18: 06
    Comparison of experiments with a finger in terms of volume and content, but the finger may become loose, and the finger may not.
  8. Anti-fascist
    Anti-fascist 21 November 2017 18: 50
    Poles said they were going to compete with the 35th? Or they just upgrade what they have, for service up to 25 years.
  9. iouris
    iouris 21 November 2017 18: 52
    Let's make Russia great again!
  10. b-volh
    b-volh 21 November 2017 18: 53
    The Poles repeated the results achieved during the upgrade of Mig 29, brought to the level of Mig 29 SMT and Mig 29 K Today, Mig 35 will not differ much from that of Mig 29 K and so will be up to 30 sets. km is negligible. This showed the failure of the tender in India, as well as the technical capabilities of RF technologies. Our crystals for the antenna can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees in the United States
    over 100 Recently, the academician Fedosov wrote about the former general director of NIIAS. And of course Titsen is absolutely right. Today, in the aviation industry, wages are slightly higher than the national average, therefore people of retirement age work there, and there are very few young people, no skilled workers at all
  11. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 21 November 2017 22: 46
    Question: for how many planes per year does the aerospace system receive? Just do not own information
    I know for sure that with the fleet, not as I would like to .. (
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager 21 March 2018 23: 31
      The film "Putin" S.K.Shoigu voiced the figure of 200 units per year, he did not name types.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 22 November 2017 16: 28
    Well, very Poles want to declare themselves ...
  13. Mikros
    Mikros 22 November 2017 16: 48
    These are the Poles that the tombs of the Bulgarian Air Force?
    1. Sanichsan
      Sanichsan 22 November 2017 17: 42
      Yes Yes. those are the same. well, as they say, god help you.
    2. pytar
      pytar 21 March 2018 20: 28
      These are the Poles that the tombs of the Bulgarian Air Force?

      The contract for the cost of 6,138 million Euros with Poland was to repair the 6 engine and rent another 2. By October 2016, the Polish state-owned enterprises WZL 2 and WZL 4 had fully completed it. These 4 MiG-29 needed only engine repairs and now fly normally! Nothing is ruined! Bulgarian pilots tested in 2017 due to the fact that there are still 15 MiG-29 at risk. A few weeks ago, the 40,7 million euro contract with RSK MiG and for their repair came into force. After finishing work, Bulgaria will have 19 serviceable MiG-29.
  14. golem
    golem 22 November 2017 17: 00
    Modernization is being transferred not because of some special features of the Mig-29, but because there is simply no money for new planes. This is what they bought new, bought in the West, and if something else is bought it is only in the West. Soviet equipment is being repaired and modernized until a new one appears. Mig-29 for Poland is already unpromising. They will not invest much money.
  15. silver_roman
    silver_roman 23 November 2017 11: 30
    TTX of our OLS has always been interesting. Are they really that effective? and how does flying target tracking generally take place? what viewing angle, sensitivity, interference in the form of clouds, etc.
    That and the Polish Air Force in general - a thing quite abstract, although in tune with other "lacks" may already pose a threat. Although the experience of Polish pilots is in doubt. Have they ever stung a trigger on a trigger?
  16. intuzazist
    intuzazist 24 November 2017 18: 25
    Quote: Titsen
    And after the salary and pension, I don’t want to climb into my pocket - it’s empty there ...

    As you work, you’ll break it! In youth it is necessary to work, so that in old age do not put your teeth on the shelf! Even one pension is enough for me, I could not work! And retired at 32 and not by disability ......