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Water armored vehicle: an “instant assault boat” of the 02800 project

The official name of this boat is the 02800 air assault boat. The main, but not the only task of the boat is counter-sabotage operations. It is not in vain called "floating armored personnel carrier." She has anti-bullet armor, while the speed of its movement and maneuverability can be envied by many high-speed boats. The 02800 project will be a logical addition to the 03160 Raptor patrol boats that have already entered service.

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  1. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 19 November 2017 10: 45
    If the air assault, there must be an impressive firepower .. Multi-barrel machine guns and AGS.
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 19 November 2017 11: 04
      Armament - 12,7 mm Kord machine gun - 1 unit. on the rack, 7,62 mm Pecheneg machine gun - 2 pcs. on swivel installations.
    2. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 19 November 2017 11: 08
      I agree with you. Moreover, aluminum armor can withstand only the hit of bullets of ordinary caliber. And if the “barmaley” DShK?
      Somali pirates will handle the rubber boats.
  2. beeper
    beeper 19 November 2017 11: 53
    I’m glad that, after the devastating timelessness of the 90s and the beginning of the “zero”, the fleet "went up (... and mine-sweeping forces, too, in the video, like a brand new base minesweeper passed by?)", And also replenished with such interesting boats with non-conventional performance and great potential smile . The ideology of the ascent system on the go and its technical implementation, I really liked!
    Project 02800 can easily be disguised as an ordinary pleasure boat, completely harmless in appearance winked , and the front ramp allows you to mount in the "cockpit" what a deadly "surprise" of "dagger fire". Judging by the training video on the simulator shown, the boat is seaworthy with an excitement of 5-6 points (as I understand it, the overkill test will also pass wink ?)?
    Respect and respect to the creators of the 02800 project hi !
    PS And the journalist from the video is not a timid dozen! good
  3. jann
    jann 19 November 2017 14: 57
    Well, here again: they took the old "baby", slightly changed. BUT!!! They use the same AM alloy for the Case !!! He burns, not extinguish, it’s better to say !!! Well, what should I call it !? Wrecking / scamming / cutting? !! And also the "military acceptance"! Ugh .... no words, some emotions!
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 19 November 2017 17: 27
      Quote: jann
      Well, what should I call it !?
      Is it possible to make a boat of the same size and performance characteristics of steel? Any technical solution is a compromise.
  4. domnich
    domnich 19 November 2017 16: 26
    A good watercraft for special forces. And it was built with the participation and taking into account the opinion of the “specialists”. The cinema shows well the interaction of the DSL with the 22160 project patrol ship under construction (see the minutes of the 07.45 - 09.10 show).

    Despite criticism by many on the site of the patrol ship of the 22160 project, the need for such a ship in the Navy is beyond doubt. If we accept as an axiom the fact that there will be no big war, then the heavily armed ships, including nuclear submarines, are nothing more than “show-offs”, which cannot be done without to prevent this war itself. It is patrol ships with DSL on board that will daily and really fight in peacetime (fight against pirates, special operations, fishing protection).
    Thus, without diminishing the importance and necessity of frigates, destroyers, cruisers (surface and underwater) and aircraft carriers, do not underestimate the importance of the much-needed class of patrol ships, the armament of which is “sharpened” to carry out routine everyday, nonetheless combat operations. You should also not try to “arm” them with ABM, PLO, Gauges, etc. Not for this they are intended.
  5. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 19 November 2017 16: 37
    There will be no work left. In the Good Way!