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US fails another exam in the Middle East


The fight against terrorism in Syria is in its final stages. In the near future, the settlement of the conflict can continue at the negotiating table, at which each participant has a purpose to take a convenient place. The latest confirmation of this is the spreading by Washington of the problems of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) within the walls of the United Nations.

On the eve, Moscow did not extend the mandate of the UN-OPCW mission to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria. According to Russian representatives at the UN, the latest report of the Special Investigation Mechanism (IDA) "is based primarily on assumptions and selective use of facts."

During the two years of the commission’s existence, Russia has repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of its work. One of the main reasons for the criticism of IDA was the investigation of the incident with the use of sarin in the city of Khan-Sheikhoun (Idlib province).

The organization imputes the blame for the chemical provocation to the Syrian leadership, however, no intelligible confirmation has so far been submitted. Having confined to unsubstantiated accusations against Damascus, the experts did not take a single sample from the Syrian Shairat air base, from which, allegedly, a blow was struck. In turn, it should be noted that in the current situation, the western elites and individual neighbors of Syria turned out to be the beneficiaries, using the “chemical excuse” to discredit the current President Bashar al-Assad.

As expected, the decision of Moscow to suspend the work of the commission met with an unambiguous reaction from the “partners”. The United States Plenipotentiary to the UN, Nikki Haley, concluded that Russia had “killed” the RMC, while assuring that the topic of chemical weapons in Syria would not be left by Washington. Obviously, the statement of Mrs. Hayley is a very loud statement, since this is not about the murder of the engaged instrument of the West, but about a ban on the continuation of its activities under the auspices of the UN.

Be that as it may, wondering what caused the US desire now to begin an active discussion of the “chemical theme”, several arguments arise.

It seems that the first thing to emphasize is the creation of the “necessary” information background.
In addition to the south-east of Syria, where government forces are engaged in clashes with the terrorist group ISIL, there are still several hotbeds of tension in the country, the largest of which is located in the province of Idlib. Earlier on the official website of the US State Department appeared a brochure in which US citizens are not recommended to visit Syria, while one of the main reasons is the risk of the use of chemical terrorists by terrorists. weapons. Idlib in a published document of the US Foreign Ministry is an area of ​​heightened danger, which, apparently, is not accidental.

US fails another exam in the Middle East

Recall that in the 2013-2014 year, during the implementation of the plan for the elimination of chemicals in Syria, it was reported that part of the weapon fell into the hands of militants. Given that the information on the presence of poisonous substances in the radicals “Dzhebhat en-Nusra (most of the illegal armed groups are now in Idlib) appears on the network regularly, we can assume that US intelligence has more complete information.

Returning to the question of the creation by Washington of the “necessary” information background, in the Idlib area there is a high probability of the start of active hostilities between terrorists and the SAR army. It seems that the West prepares itself and the public for the scenario in advance, when a certain party allows itself to use “chemistry”, and it becomes necessary to blame the other participant.

In addition, it cannot be dismissed that the principled position of the United States with respect to the current Syrian leadership and Russia's position on the settlement issue in Syria is an attempt to occupy an exceptional position in the post-war negotiations on the SAR. Probably, the guarantor of world security, for whom the Syrian project can be called yet another failure in the Middle East, continues to entertain the illusions that the war has not yet been lost for it.

Nevertheless, the exam in political chemistry is completed, the next time the announcement of the results. Looks like a deuce again!
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  1. vik669
    vik669 20 November 2017 06: 36
    So the Powell tube was never found? Probably when he was leaving as a keepsake of his "victory" the nasty took away!
    1. Ren
      Ren 20 November 2017 06: 45
      Quote: vik669
      So the Powell tube was never found? Probably when he was leaving as a keepsake of his "victory" the nasty took away!

      No, Powell just donated Monica powder for washing, so that the dress would finally be removed, otherwise Hilary would walk around and calloused him! wassat
    2. datur
      datur 21 November 2017 00: 29
      Well, as experience shows, they do not care !!!! they have a principle - if a gentleman loses, then he changes the rules of the game !! wink wink
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 November 2017 07: 31
    Actually, the Americans contradict themselves. At one time, Obama took over the laurels of an agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, although the main merit was Russia. It was claimed that the Syrian chemical weapons were destroyed. This year, shells with chemical fillings and US markings surfaced in the liberated territories. So what's the problem? Although the problem is, of course, understandable — to slander Assad and Russia as an accomplice.
    1. Nikolay73
      Nikolay73 20 November 2017 10: 09
      ... in my opinion there are no problems, contradictions and "deuces" in chemistry, states everything is up to date, all over the world they are doing what they need, for now we are also extras for them, like China ... we have experience of confrontation, China doesn’t, but the world does not stand still, and the crown of power began to turn the head of the ruling elite of the states ...
    2. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 21 November 2017 16: 20
      Quote: rotmistr60
      So what's the problem?

      The problem is that our bosses, with the stubbornness of a maniac, cave in and lust to lie under amero-geeks, but on their own terms, despite the constant spitting, cuffs, bumps, slaps and dents, which, without stint, give them “partners”.
  3. Ural resident
    Ural resident 20 November 2017 10: 45
    At the same time, it would be appropriate to create an independent political structure from the countries of Russia and partners.
    Such peculiar "goodwill games." Or within the framework of the CSTO, or the SCO or BRICS.
    And send your commission to investigate the use of chemical weapons on an ongoing basis.
  4. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 20 November 2017 10: 50
    Americans need a pretext, and it doesn't matter if it is fake or not. The main thing is that it is.
  5. solzh
    solzh 20 November 2017 11: 02
    Nevertheless, the exam in political chemistry is completed, the next time the announcement of the results. Looks like a deuce again!

    Parents to school to the principal. Leave for the second year. laughing
    Seriously, the Americans are looking for an official reason to fight Assad and with the help of a non-existent chemical weapon to remove Russia from the region.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 20 November 2017 13: 26
      Quote: solzh
      Seriously, the Americans are looking for an official reason to fight Assad and using non-existing chemical weapons remove Russia from the region.
      Chemical weapons that is. No mind. They can’t come up with anything new and try to play the same card over and over again. A kind of run on a rake that someday will hit them. In reality, there is a need to create an alternative commission to investigate the use of chemical weapons from representatives of countries not under the influence of the United States. The very proposal to create such a commission will cause hysteria in the United States.
  6. BAI
    BAI 20 November 2017 13: 45
    Well, it's like in a joke about Iraq: USA in the Security Council: We know for sure that there are chemical weapons in Iraq. We brought him there ourselves.