Military Review

Blow to the “Point”: spectacular shots firing the missile complex

The tactical missile system "Tochka" was adopted by the Soviet army in 1975, the upgraded version of "Tochka-U" - in 1989. The main feature of the new modification was the long range - up to 120 km, as well as higher accuracy. The missile is capable of carrying various types of warheads, including nuclear ones, but the main ones are high-explosive and cluster. In the near future, all the Tochka-U complexes will be replaced by more advanced Iskander-M OTRK.

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  1. Gale
    Gale 18 November 2017 20: 21
    It certainly looks spectacular, but only by reducing the maximum speed of the video I never saw the arriving warhead right before the explosion (I even used a freeze frame), looked 10 times in my opinion ... it feels like the houses stupidly undermined from the inside smile
    like at the point, the quo has tens of meters, and here such precise hits, I had no doubt doubted ..
    correct if I'm wrong)
    1. Falcond
      Falcond 19 November 2017 00: 18
      Fake of course ... propaganda roller ...
      At the point, the warhead does not separate ... but the entire rocket flies ...
      Secondly: the missile does not fly directly into the target, but explodes at a certain elevation ...
      Thirdly: the area of ​​damage from 2 hectares depending on the equipment ... and on the roller zilch - like a trawl bomb exploded

      In short, if the Tochka rocket would fly at such a distance as the camera, then we would not see anything at all - we would not find the camera!

      Yes, and the directing itself: the launch takes place somewhere in the steppe (desert), and the “missile hits” already in the forest of central Russia ...