Military Review

The launch of a new missile for the Iskander-M complex was videotaped.

At the annual CSTO exercises, which this time took place in Tajikistan, the launch of a new modification of the missile for the Iskander-M operational tactical complex was carried out. According to the press service of the Central Military District, the new rocket confirmed the declared characteristics and hit the training target at a distance of 130 km and with a deviation of no more than 10 meters.

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    HEATHER 18 November 2017 14: 32 New
    Camouflage-awesome! Where did it go? Another ISIS bunker in Syria?
    1. Gale
      Gale 18 November 2017 15: 17 New
      Yeah, especially for the desert laughing
  2. Servla
    Servla 18 November 2017 16: 31 New
    According to the adversary - FIRE!
  3. Charik
    Charik 18 November 2017 16: 54 New
    And what is the difference between M and K
    1. Berg berg
      Berg berg 18 November 2017 17: 12 New
      The difference is very simple, K- where kirdyk got there! And M, when hit, even observers exclaim "my mother !!!"
    2. Gale
      Gale 18 November 2017 19: 00 New
      K- shoots a cruise missile, M-ballistic, if I do not confuse anything ..
    3. Igar
      18 November 2017 19: 12 New
      complex "Iskander-K" does not exist in nature. there is only Iskander-M with different types of missiles
  4. Vadim237
    Vadim237 18 November 2017 21: 45 New
    Apparently this new rocket is faster than previous versions - a more pointed fairing is worth it.