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Pavlensky: help, the bully is deprived of view!

Not! Sometimes we have funny human copies seize the sympathies and minds of our opposition! After all, many people remember the immortal lines from a children's work: “Do not go, children, go for a walk to Africa! In Africa, sharks, in Africa, gorillas, in Africa, big evil crocodiles! ”And many heed these tips, and some are unbearable and want the hard way to make sure there are sharks and crocodiles.

Here, take, for example, Mr. Pavlensky, who is admitted by our fighters for universal human values. How many laudatory epithets have been spilled out about his creative expressions! Some of the “installations” are worth it: either self-entanglement with barbed wire, stitching up your mouth as a symbol of lack of freedom of speech in Russia, or wasteful use of your genitals: everything, everything that is acquired by overwork and restless spirit of genius, everything is under the tail. They did not appreciate the work, they were not afraid of accusing nailing their scrotum to the pavement, they did not create a martyr of conscience from a psychopath. So the restless genius had to go to an ordinary criminal act - to set fire to the doors of the FSB in order to shake the foundations of the totalitarian system in Russia. Resisted totalitarianism, surprisingly (here, it seems, acted strictly according to the proverb: take yourself ... which is wrong for us), closed his eyes to this "feat", but when the overbearing genius caused a fight and allowed sexual violence against the theater actress Pavlensky labored, “the anti-human regime” did not put him in his bloody dungeons, but cruelly allowed the “artist” to flee to the land of his dream - Africa, that is, to the country of Western democracy - France.

It would seem that everything in the West will be picked up and warmed. But it turned out, as in the classic movie: and robbed, and heated. They didn’t understand the soul of the beautiful impulses of the escaped convicts ... sorry, the artist, didn’t pay any attention to the genius, didn’t provide bananas and pineapples. Having jumped "along the branches" of the French household tree, the artist did not think of anything new, how to go the beaten track. Since the scrotum was already full of holes, it was painful to stitch up the mouth again, and in a damp European climate, you can also make chiry, if you entangle yourself with wire and scum in the streets, one way of self-expression remained - arson! What was successfully executed - was set on fire the front door of the French bank! But, contrary to expectations, the usual applause from the same geniuses (the greatest concentration, it seems, such “talents” only in Russia) did not follow. On the contrary, the contract workers of the French tailoring came running around, wrapped the fins ..., sorry, hands the artist and laid him down (just like in the hated totalitarian state!) With his face on the pavement.

After that, everything seemed to evolve according to the laws of the genre: the prisoner’s face, the face of a prisoner exhausted by inhuman spiritual sufferings, the satraps in the form of police and all kinds of security officials, crowds of people with placards in their hands are painted with angry demands to give freedom to an artist imprisoned in prison, usual liberal op in the media all over the world (necessarily around the world, otherwise it’s not an interesting idea!), meeting all sorts of prime ministers with Macron with the obligatory delivery of petitions demanding freedom to the artist with peace th name finally crumble and shackles - freedom! The apotheosis is the performance of Pavlensky standing on an armored car and calling on the western man to “open” his eyes and see the spiritual messiah.

But something went wrong. They tied up, murdered in the bullpen (or whatever they called the jail of preliminary detention), the trial in a closed session and - the madhouse (to put it politically correct, a psychiatric hospital). And here a completely unexpected thing happened! From the French torture chambers there were shouts about the unjust trial, about the horrors that were happening in the country of Western welfare and rampant democracy! Why is this happening? Instead of forty ships (from the words of Pavlensky himself) under the supervision of dozens of lenses of photo and video cameras, defensive ketch lawyers and (as a result) of insistent demands to give the creator freedom of expression, - a closed session without the right to pry into one’s own defense .

Guys, where are Africa, Mordor and where is the world of the triumph of democracy and respect for human rights? It seems that Mr. Pavlensky has already found the answer for himself. Otherwise, he would not whine because of the walls of the psychiatric hospital and would not lament that he simply had not even been given the word in his defense and held a court in a closed format.

In connection with this, I recall one more example - these are the accusatory speeches of the father of the former FSB lieutenant colonel Litvinenko, who was poisoned with polonium-210, that it was the special services of the Russian Federation that killed his son, and he is so disgusted with Russia that “I don’t eat can". All his accusatory speeches sounded on camera and they were thrust with pleasure into all issues News in the West. After Litvinenko’s father had run out of “compromising material”, he was easily left to himself, doomed to a half-starved existence. Hunger and everyday deprivation turned out to be excellent psychiatrists, and after some time the accuser turned through the media to Putin to forgive him and let him go back to Russia. If memory serves me right, then Putin showed goodwill and allowed this gentleman to return to the country. And, mind you, without fanfare and timpani. Wrong? Recognized a mistake? We forgive, but no more dirty tricks.

I think that such examples should be remembered and not forgotten by those who today, thinking that the price paid for dirty tricks is somewhere out there, behind the hills, in their performances in various talk shows and other media performances, sometimes overstep the boundaries of all decency and moral norms. What I call them.
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  1. Landscaping
    Landscaping 21 November 2017 05: 54
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 21 November 2017 06: 05
      Quote: Landscaper

      The list of goats to send to their favorite democracies can be printed on .... sheets and sent, according to the list.
      PS Do not take it back!
    2. volodya
      volodya 21 November 2017 11: 50
      Quote: Landscaper

      Everything is right! The only bad thing is that young goats, who also have not seen life, are drawn to these goats. They like it, it seems like something more, a struggle with the authorities. And when they begin to understand, it's too late! Already deadline!
  2. 210ox
    210ox 21 November 2017 06: 05
    Moron, you didn’t go there ... There is democracy, and this is a vile thing (according to Churchill) ... But it was necessary to mess, and this is closer. Under Zhmerinka. They would understand ..
  3. andrewkor
    andrewkor 21 November 2017 06: 07
    I strongly suspect that the little black cell mates loved this “neighbor” very much!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 November 2017 07: 14
    From the French dungeons there were cries of an unfair trial, of the horrors in the country of Western prosperity and rampant democracy

    Yes, where is the "GBShnoy power" with its "terror" against free artists and handshakes in the "unwashed and soviet" Russia. Everything is relative. Maybe for others there will be a science, although it is unlikely.
    1. your1970
      your1970 21 November 2017 07: 48
      The word "Ordnung!" nobody canceled in Europe - as well as private property. For the attempt on these things he received
        ALEA IACTA EST 21 November 2017 07: 51
        Such garbage should be detected and sterilized in a timely manner, and when trying to "express themselves" - isolated and used at work.
        1. FID
          FID 21 November 2017 09: 52
          How brutal are you ... About a certain Serebryanikov howl now stands ... He, too, is "expressing himself", the Gogol Theater has "transformed", are he scum? Or are we unworthy not mature enough?
  5. Mih1974
    Mih1974 21 November 2017 07: 59
    In vain they let Pavlensky’s father am He betrayed his homeland (which is exactly what he did) - there is no forgiveness to you !! Only shelter (death) can wash away the shame of betrayal of the motherland.
  6. Old26
    Old26 21 November 2017 09: 52
    Such garbage should be detected and sterilized in a timely manner, and when trying to "express themselves" - isolated and used at work.

    There is another option. Help them express themselves even more. If he wrapped himself with a thorn, it was necessary to help "more tightly" to wrap, He nailed something of his own (probably not really needed) with a nail - it was necessary to help along with a nail - a railway crutch. Then there would be no talk that they did not allow to express themselves laughing
  7. Nemesis
    Nemesis 21 November 2017 11: 06
    So the son of Dudaev is sitting in a Baltic prison, his love for banditry was not appreciated there ...
  8. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 22 November 2017 18: 25
    Urgently restore the installation with a nailed scrotum, depriving the author of the opportunity to destroy the "work of art". Barbed wraps and lip suturing are welcome under the same conditions.