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Airway G247 on the fly at the Ukrainian "Bukov-М1". Russian border under the threat of new provocations from Kiev


The third meeting of Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov and US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volcker, held on November 12, 13, did not include a single item on Washington’s military-political victories. Later it became known that following the results of the talks, the Russian side represented by V. Surkov approved only 2017 of 3 proposed by the state-owned hawks to update the Russian resolution on the deployment of the peacekeeping force in Donbas. This, in turn, finally confirmed the conceptual divergence of the parties' positions on this issue, because the main goal of the Pentagon is to incite the next winter escalation stage, which lasts up to the presidential company of the Russian Federation, and maybe for a longer period, and so far According to the McCain russophobic ideology of the “students” in this field, everything is progressing very well.

In particular, by providing the “independent” 175 first, and then 350 a million-dollar military aid package for the purchase of various ground-based and airborne survey radar equipment, network-centric linkage equipment, patrol ships, and in the future, probably, anti-tank complexes FGM-148. Javelin "with adjustable M982" Excalibur "ammunition, the US Department of State in a kind of" soft-mode "is trying to remove even small bits and rudiments of common thoughts from such, beginning to think, representatives of the Ukrainian General Staff, like Victor uzhenko. Recall that the last, 5 of October 2017, announced the possible loss of 12 by thousands of Ukrainian militants in the very first week and a half after the start of the general attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics. And the weather here is far from being done by Muzhenko, but by such high-ranking and “distinguished” war criminals as Avakov, Turchinov and Poroshenko (Valtsman).

If we assess the situation objectively, for example, “from the bell tower” of the personal financial benefits of the same “bloody pastor” Turchinov or the illegitimate President Poroshenko, then maintaining the conflict in the Donbass theater of war in a “smoldering” state will allow them to “warm” Western investors departments / companies for billions or even tens of billions of dollars. As you already understood, neither Washington nor Brussels (headquarters of NATO) fundamentally suits this picture; Here, the most acceptable scenario is the early resumption of hostilities while simultaneously drawing into direct confrontation of the Russian Armed Forces to wear them out before the decisive opposition of the European theater of operations. As a result, skillfully and quickly abandoning the next “democratic landing” in Ukraine represented by Saakashvili, accompanied by Tymoshenko, Sadovy, Hired, etc., the West even more skillfully manipulates all security forces in the Square, despite all the shadowy plans of the Ukrainian leadership on embezzlement intended for the military-industrial complex. Now, in the case of disobedience to the American supporters of the continuation of the active phase of hostilities in the Donbas, Poroshenko and his entourage may as soon as possible lose their seats through the next "Maidan", every now and then fueled by the loud calls of the famous "tie-eater" and the new dollar "cookies" delivered from the American printing press.

And, apparently, the aforementioned American tactic of keeping the Ukrainian elite with overgrown corruption on a short leash has an excellent result. So, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is more and more openly approaching the moment of the active phase of military operations. A striking example is how the recent powerful artillery strike on the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration, during which more than 450 of unguided missiles of the 9X22 MLRS MLRS Grad, which are so sudden, were launched at the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration, so sudden replenishment of BM 9KXNNXX BMTX ammunition kits of the MLZHXXXMXS under Mariupol. It follows from this that it is precisely in the New Azov operational direction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that offensive operations with previous artillery preparation are planned.

A few days later, this information was confirmed by a statement by the commander of the Trojna Special Forces detachment of the DPR People’s Police Corps, Vladimir Alabaya Novikov, who noted that in order to avoid large amounts of blood, the junta would not launch an attack on large groups of DPR troops in the agglomeration areas, but would try to control the border on operational directions with the smallest depth of the rear zones. Despite the fact that “Alabai” forgot to mention the even more tactically vulnerable “Telmanovsky Isthmus”, his thoughts turned out to be quite correct. But the most important point here is that at the time of the junta’s attempt to break through the junta’s armored units to the southern borders of the Rostov region, the Russian Ground Forces are unlikely to calmly watch as they exterminate the peaceful population of Donbass with Ukrainian artillery fire approach our southern approaches. This action of Kiev will be disrupted in the shortest possible time, followed by a rapid counter-offensive of the line and corps of the People’s Militia of the DPR. On Wednesday, November 15, a correspondent for the Politnavigator agency referring to the secretary of the Defense Ministry “Independent” Vladimir Govor, reported that at the current time about 120000 military servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to return to the unit, which means that the offensive “backbone” of the junta will be increased 2,5 times (from 80 to 200 thousand people), which is just enough for 3-multiple numerical superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the buildings of the People’s Militia of the Republics.

Despite the fact that the training and tactical knowledge of gunners, anti-tank and tank of the DPR NM crews noticeably surpasses the same bar for the junta, plus a significantly higher fire density plays in favor of the militias due to the smaller territory of the republics and a similar amount of equipment, there are also defense structures of the Luhansk People's Republic, in which, as you know, today there is a very unpleasant conflict between the ruling elite in the person of the head of the republic Igor Plotnitsky, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR in the person of Igor Kornet, who was allegedly evicted from his house under the pretext of being accused of "squeezing" the living space from the legal owner.

It is obvious that this fact took place at the moment when the hostess left the house at the time of active hostilities on the northern front of Novorossia in 2014. But there is absolutely no desire to exaggerate this topic like other analytical publications, since Plotnitsky himself quite successfully managed to “wring out” a lot of things in the Lugansk People’s Republic (from supermarket chains to a private house where Olga Arkadyevna Tsikalova previously lived, also left home for a period of active action). And I remember the troublesome period of sweeps of all objectionable national field commanders of the emerging army of the LC (from Pavel Dremov to Alexei Mozgovoy; about those who put the interests of ordinary people above all, not the amount of funds in their own bank accounts). You have long been aware of this situation.

We, moving away from various details of internal strife in the republic, will return to the fact that such conflicts between power structures of the LPR can play a very bad joke in an escalation situation when an adversary with 3-fold numerical superiority is developing a bloody large-scale offensive operation with active engagement far from harmless and not “headless” sabotage and reconnaissance groups and employees of the SBU, successfully trained by our Western “friends”. Whether the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR can effectively and promptly stop the actions of such groups in an internal conflict is a big issue, so the government of the republic and the Ministry of Internal Affairs need to urgently return to the dialogue and begin full-fledged interaction in the face of the enemy.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not waste any time and decided to start an extremely dangerous “game” with the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems. In particular, according to information received during the call of an anonymous person to the “hot line” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR, it became known that a freelance shunting group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces appeared in the occupied part of the LPR as part of the 9310X1 self-propelled fire unit and several ZU-23 self-propelled fire installations infantry fighting vehicles. The group is formed on the basis of the 250-th separate ZRDN of the 11-ZRP of the MAT. The applicant stated that in recent months this group has already been seen in several areas of the occupied part of the LPR, the Starobelsky District (the village of Butkovka, Balakirevka, Dubovivka and Prokazino), as well as the Novopskovsky District (the village of Lysogorovka). It is not yet known whether this is the only shunting group of the 9А310М1 SOU, since Ukraine’s defense has several dozen of such fire installations capable of operating autonomously, by targeting from the automated control systems of anti-aircraft missile brigades and without the need to activate the 9X18X1 automated missile defense system, with the use of the XNUMXXXNUMXXXNUMX automated command and control brigade and without activating the XNUMXXNUMXXXNUMX automated missile defense system, with the designation of the XNUMXXXNUMXXXNUMX automated command and control brigade without activating the missile system XNUMXXXNUMXXXNUMX of the same unit of the program, the unit of the unit.

If we take into account the fact that after the plane crash of the intercepted 9М38М1 “Boeing 777” missile (MH17 flight), the international air routes M996, L32, P851, A83 and L980 over the Donbass are closed by the “dispat- ips and i’t have i’t come at the same time. the next Ukrainian “wandering” “Buka” simply will not find a single air target for the new provocation; there will simply be nothing to shoot down. Consequently, the emergence of the 9А310М1 SOU in the Starobelsky district can only indicate the plan for using 9М38М1 anti-aircraft missiles on ground targets of the army of the LPR and localities of the republic located within 25 - 30 radius of the contact line.

Despite the fact that energy and ballistic quality data missiles do not allow to overcome the distance comparable with indicators of tactical ballistic missiles 9M79-1 Complex "Tochka-U» (120 km) or 8K14 complex 9K72 «Elbrus» (300 km), SDA 9А310М1 have significantly better passability indicators in conditions of autumn thaw and snowy ground, which is more than relevant for the Donbass theater of military operations. It is also known that the tracked platform has a noticeably better “high-visibility” in comparison with the BAZ-5937 three-axle wheel chassis of the “Tochka-U” complex (the power density of the latter barely reaches the 16,5 hp / t). Therefore, the 9А310М1 SOU is more preferable for overcoming difficult terrain areas.

The radius of the same effect of 9М38М1 anti-aircraft missiles on 25 - 35 km, albeit with a grief in half, but suitable for firing on LNR settlements such as Lugansk, Alchevsk, Debaltsevo, etc. Ukrainian militants are at hand, especially to support offensive operations. Moreover, in contrast to, for example, the Elbrus complex with a liquid-propellant rocket engine, the 8K14 of the Elbrus complex, the 9М38М1 is a solid-fuel rocket, which means that the maintenance of the SOOXNNXXXX9X310 is simpler in field conditions. We all know well that the 1М9М38 SAM can easily get a surface-to-surface mode through simple hardware and software adaptation, and there are several hundred units at the junta’s disposal, which is already a very bad sign for the defense capability of the LPR People’s Militia Corps. However, if the future actions of the APU shunting group in the 1А9М Buk-М310 in the Starobelsky district are not something extraordinary and leave time to plan countermeasures using UAVs and radar artillery reconnaissance for effective artillery fire to suppress "active Buka ”, then the appearance of the same group in the Novopskovka district of the Luhansk region (the occupied part of the LPR), and the more eastern regions of the region, suggests very disturbing thoughts.

If you look at the Flightradar24 online map showing the movement of civil aircraft aviation and all military aircraft with ADS-B transponders turned on, you can notice that from the Middle East towards the “air harbors” located in the European part of Russia, as well as in the opposite direction, a huge number of airliners are moving. Cars, on board of which hundreds of passengers are present, occupy one of the most important arteries of the air traffic of Eastern Europe - the international air route G247. Everything would be fine, but this air corridor, despite the inadequate actions of the “independent” in the Donbass (including the interception of flight MH17), runs along the south-eastern border of Ukraine. For a person unaware of the tactical and technical characteristics of military equipment, such a situation may seem quite banal: “bypassing Ukraine, that's good.” At the same time, everything is not so simple. The G247 international air route runs over Rostov, Millerovo and Nagibin (the western part of the Rostov Region), at a distance of 30 - 40 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border and the border with the Lugansk People’s Republic. And this is a kind of “critical” distance for the combat operation of the 9A310M1 self-propelled firing system both in stand-alone mode and in target designation mode.

It is known that the target radar, integrated into the 9А310М1 SOU, is capable of performing the function of a radar detector in wide (± 60 ° in azimuth and ± 3 ° in elevation) and narrow (± 5 ° in azimuth and ± 3 ° in elevation ) search zones; while the search time in these sectors is 1 and 4, respectively. Knowing exactly the location of the airliners in the G247 air corridor, the above-mentioned shunting group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is fully capable of trying to discredit the LC of the LC in the eyes of the international community by attempting to destroy any aircraft directly over the territory of the Russian Federation. And, believe me, even the hand of the Ukrainian crew does not flinch during the bringing of the SOW from the duty officer to the combat mode, because “the hand is already full” during the interception of the “Boeing 777”. The launch may well be carried out at the time of the active phase of the confrontation on the northern front of the LC, both from the disputed territories near the Stanitsa Luganskaya and from the more northern points under the Red Talovka and the Cretaceous. An excellent point for accusing NM of LC in the shelling of another passenger plane could be a counter-offensive of Lugansk militiamen to the north, when the contact line is unstable, the assault units of NM LC and APU will find themselves in the indiscriminate chaos of military confrontation somewhere east of Novoidar.

Self-propelled fire installation 9А310МXXUMUM

And what is most remarkable, VSUs do not even need to bother with obtaining target designation from third-party radar tools: to quickly search and “capture” the victim, it will be enough to find her on the Flytradar and direct the radar 9A310М1 into the corresponding direction, which is able to accompany the target with ESR over 10 m2 at a distance of 75 km ..., then the score will go for a second. These kinds of threats continue to emanate from our “independent” neighbor, and, of course, such information cannot be ignored. First, the G247 airway should be moved to 20 - 25 km west of the Rostov-Millerovo line, beyond the reach of Ukrainian Bukovs to ensure an adequate level of security. Secondly, in the vicinity of the Millerovo military airfield, it is simply a matter of asking for the deployment of at least two C-400 Triumf air defense missile battalions capable of intercepting X-LUMX-XXNX-XXXX-9X and XNUM-X-XXNUM-X air defense missiles that invaded the Russian air defense missiles, which invaded the Russian air defense missiles.

Losing vigilance over the situation in the part of the LPR that is controlled by Kiev near the Russian border cannot be for a second, since the subversive activities of the Western intelligence services are really Napoleon’s: recently, the representative of the NM of LNR, Andrei Morochko, announced the deployment of one of the NATO states to the above-mentioned area.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 17 November 2017 07: 02
    Secondly, in the vicinity of the Millerovo military airfield, the deployment of at least two S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile divisions, capable of intercepting 9M38M1 and 5B55R anti-aircraft missiles invading Russian airspace from the Ukrainian side, simply begs to be deployed.

    ... we must assume that we will do this ... and the anxieties indicated by the author have a foundation ... from the Nazis you can expect anything for their black souls, along with their masters ...
    1. Krabik
      Krabik 17 November 2017 10: 37
      And the first thing that came to my mind was counter-battery work or, in our case, the search and destruction of BUKs on the march.
      Better using Grad. DRG to expel is dangerous and you can run into an ambush.
      1. Maxim Tkach
        Maxim Tkach 18 November 2017 11: 58
        UAV + Msta-s and the head does not hurt.
    2. ARES623
      ARES623 18 November 2017 10: 51
      Quote: aszzz888
      ... we must assume that we will do this ...

      First of all, it is necessary to crush the guidance and tracking stations of the corresponding APU complexes. Without them, a rocket cannot be aimed at a target. Or, in general, crush any radar in the danger zone. Moreover, there will be no “victims and destructions” on the territory of a neighboring state.
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 17 November 2017 07: 38
    Airway G247 on the fly at the Ukrainian "Bukov-M1"
    The Ukrainian air defense has extensive experience in the destruction of passenger aircraft! I do not like this fuss with Buki!
  3. Nemesis
    Nemesis 17 November 2017 08: 47
    How cowards are tired ... and patriots of foreign states got lost in Russia .. It's time to cleanse the Russian government from the first and second .... This Ukraine should be afraid of provocations from Russia, not Russia impudent Russophobia ...
  4. egsp
    egsp 17 November 2017 10: 38
    author, moderate your militaristic intoxication. you, like Sharikov, “give advice to cosmic stupidity”, manipulate numbers and technical data about the meaning of which you have no idea.
    1. Fulcrumxnumx
      17 November 2017 12: 23
      Look at the Donbass theater and the network of surrounding air corridors and begin to develop tactical thinking. With numbers here everything is clear, as well as with the understanding of the degree of threats, given the situation on the occupied part of the "independent" .. Make the brain more voluminous ..
  5. Monarchist
    Monarchist 17 November 2017 13: 01
    Quote: Uncle Lee

    Macaques are generally CONTRAINDICATED any weapon except its tail (and that one is a pity), and even more so the Buk.
  6. Monarchist
    Monarchist 17 November 2017 13: 34
    Let's start with the points: 1) that the situation of tension on our border is beneficial for shifts, the hedgehog will understand. 2) in America, HARASHO can count and weigh everything related to profit. Javad costs a lot of money, and for 404: "cabbage grew empty in my pocket" (as we said in childhood), and Pan Pedro would hardly have paid for such toys at his own expense.3) I would like to say Pedro and Co. praying for the health of Plotnitsky, in general, all that manual bothers me .. 4) I have no doubt that Natsik can go on various provocations, but in this case: “according to the information received during an anonymous call,” such a phrase touches me: moving such installations and plans for their application they don’t discuss at the bazaar (every ADULT will understand, and who doesn’t understand ....), but some anani knows. This is suspicious to me, what if it’s a provocation?
  7. Former battalion commander
    Former battalion commander 17 November 2017 15: 34
    Instead of simply recognizing these republics and sending Russian troops there all the way to the Dnieper, the Russian leadership (like Stalin in 41) is afraid of “provocations”. It should be understood that the decision to attack Russia has already been taken in the west. And no pleasures, no exhortations, DO NOT ACT. If a fight is inevitable, you need to beat first. And so Russia in the eyes of the "world community" is the aggressor. It will not be worse, because there is nowhere worse. Delays in making a radical decision only aggravate Russia's almost hopeless situation. If you procrastinate now, then it’s better to CAPITULATE AT ONCE. The “world community”, of course, will perceive the beginning of real help to the republics as a war, but the war is ALREADY GOING ON in fact.
    1. Bo Yari
      Bo Yari 18 November 2017 10: 45
      in my opinion you have nonsense ...
    2. Krabik
      Krabik 18 November 2017 12: 11
      Now Ukraine is at war with LDNR and we can compete on equal terms with partners from abroad.

      If we get personally involved in the conflict, then we ourselves will become pawns in a strange game.

      Yes, and no one took the attack, just the usual competition in the world for resources and markets.
  8. Doliva63
    Doliva63 17 November 2017 20: 14
    "More recently, the representative of the LPR People’s MP Andrei Morochko announced the transfer to the above region of an entire intelligence unit of one of the NATO states."
    The whole intelligence unit - is that interesting? And whose?
    Did the NATO people do something with their own hands? This would be bold. I suspect that I will not be very mistaken if I assume that they can help dill arrange a provocation there, and for some reason they themselves feel our border.
  9. CooL_SnipeR
    CooL_SnipeR 18 November 2017 07: 00
    Yes, they would provoke, let’s launch our boeing with napalm or something else like 11/09, let them knock down and hang up the junta on the armchair in a couple of days am
    1. ARES623
      ARES623 18 November 2017 10: 58
      Quote: CooL_SnipeR
      after a couple of days already hang up the junta on the armchair

      I hope that our SSO-FSB-GRU has already worked out plans to block the air, land and sea border crossing of Ukraine, so that not a bastard could go abroad.
  10. Mikhail Anokhin
    Mikhail Anokhin 18 November 2017 10: 49
    Here's the answer to why the Russian Federation does not want to join Donbass and Lugansk, at least forty times hold a referendum!
    Crimea is indicative of this issue! Such a quantity of high-level decay smeared in showdowns with murders, as in Donbass and Lugansk you rarely find it!
  11. Natalia777
    Natalia777 18 November 2017 10: 51
    When will the US fall into the abyss ?! How much life can be spoiled to all countries and peoples!
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Yuri Simonov
    Yuri Simonov 18 November 2017 13: 34
    The vile military aggression of the United States and NATO against Russia has been developing more and more since 2014 on the Ukrainian front. It is impossible not to see this and not to take appropriate countermeasures! Repeated 1914 and 1941.
  14. Yuri Simonov
    Yuri Simonov 18 November 2017 13: 42
    Quote: Former battalion commander
    Instead of simply recognizing these republics and sending Russian troops there all the way to the Dnieper, the Russian leadership (like Stalin in 41) is afraid of “provocations”. It should be understood that the decision to attack Russia has already been taken in the west.

    That's for sure, unfortunately!
    1. Bosch
      Bosch 18 November 2017 18: 36
      All right. It really is.
  15. master2
    master2 18 November 2017 15: 02
    If I had been shown this article and comments to it 10-15 years ago, I would have decided that it was a joke or mentally unhealthy people wrote, but alas, it’s true - what TV does with brains !!
  16. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 18 November 2017 18: 01
    Quote: aszzz888
    the alarms indicated by the author have a basis ... from the Nazis you can expect anything for their black souls, along with their masters ...

    Although our chief GeSimov assures us that he covered our borders with "sufficient forces," - the chief chief of the General Staff Zhukov also thought so in 1941 - we see with our own eyes that this is not so, for example, in the Belgorod Region. There, no less than a division should be deployed, or even a motorized rifle corps only for defense from the Kharkov and Sumy directions, and in your mind you also need a tank division for counterattack. And air defense means for covering Belgorod and Stary Oskol, important industrial and transport centers - 500 thousand people with suburbs each! The border from Belgorod is 35 km, and Kharkov, where ukronatsiks almost have an army (with military schools) have - 70 km in a straight line. Even the S-400 is not needed there, but the S-200 and S-300 must be on duty! In 2014, they drove divisions of “hailstones” to the border, with the task of a provocative salvo from the border in Kharkov — and followed by an immediate “otvetka” in our direction! And it’s time for our border guards to transfer their security regime to the border defense regime, with corresponding aviation and artillery reinforcement. You can not repeat the mistakes of the Red Army 1941!
  17. Bosch
    Bosch 18 November 2017 18: 34
    Banderlog at the end spawned.
  18. Normal ok
    Normal ok 18 November 2017 21: 26
    ... and in the future, probably, the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank systems with M982 Excalibur adjustable munitions

    I did not read further. The fact is that M982 "Excalibur", - it's xnumx mm guided active-rocket shell for howitzers. Having nothing to do with the Javelins. Moreover, it is 155-mm! 155mm Carl !!! Ukraine has no 155mm artillery !!! This illustrates well the level of competence of the author.
    Along the way, the author writes as Lyapis-Trubetskoy at Ilf and Petrov "and the waves fell by a rapid jack" lol
  19. misti1973
    misti1973 18 November 2017 21: 59
    The USA will exhaust Russia economically. And all means are good. But it’s unlikely that it will come to an open confrontation. Moreover, there can be no talk of any “European theater”! All this is an idle chatter of politicians seeking popularity and singing venal magazines to them :)
  20. Den nn
    Den nn 20 November 2017 12: 22
    What are you all naive!))) (
  21. poruchik_rus
    poruchik_rus 20 November 2017 14: 47
    Damantsev decided to intimidate everyone with the words of the SBU provocateur:
    the information was confirmed by a statement by the commander of the detachment of the Special Forces of the Troy of the DPR People’s Police Corps, Vladimir Alabai Novikov, who noted that in order to avoid a lot of blood, the junta would not launch an attack on large groups of DPR troops in the agglomeration areas, but would try to take control of the border in operational directions from the smallest depth of the rear areas.

    This is the same provocateur Novikov-Ryabukha, about which the commander of the SPN DNR company Olkhon made three exposure films, and about which his colleagues and fellow countrymen told the truth:
    - Olkhon about Novikov Alabai (Ryabukh - present surname)
    - Antifeyk program about traitors and provocateurs, including Ryabukh, who calls himself Novikov
    - Antifeyk about the scammer Novikov (Ryabukh)
    - Olkhon about Ponte Alabay

    So draw conclusions about the quality of Damantsev’s article yourself if the "authoritative opinion" of the SBU provocateurs is given here))
  22. Lighten
    Lighten 21 November 2017 17: 19
    ...... Millerovo-Rostov highway ....
    strange, but looking at the sky above Rostov-Semikarakorsky-Volgodonsky (220 km deep into Russia).
    Yes, and flying recently from Moscow, a slightly different picture developed. From Moscow they fly along the highway to Volgodonsk, and then turn around already to Rostov. Moreover, it is clearly visible that the track in this place has a bifurcation. Part goes to Rostov, and part turns to Krasnodar - Sochi.
    So the direction of Rostov is further Millerovo .....
    Although maybe Flytradar shows in more detail than is visible from the ground.
    But in any case, the planes from Rostov go far from the border when flying to Moscow.
  23. Lighten
    Lighten 21 November 2017 17: 21
    And in any case, the mover over Semikarakorsky-Volgodonsky after 14 years increased significantly