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US can provoke an armed conflict with Russia

The relationship between the United States and Russia is experiencing a deep crisis. It is primarily caused by the desire of our country to preserve its sovereignty. After all, if Russia begins to pursue foreign policy akin to the one that was in the 90-s, Western sanctions will be immediately lifted, and the “Russian bear” from enemy No. XXUMX will turn into the best friend of the Western world. However, even in this case, "external pressure" on our country will not go anywhere.

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  1. dSK
    dSK 16 November 2017 12: 32
    "Sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character reap a fate." The states are used to raking in heat with the wrong hands - if they gather a crowd of 20 for one, and find a “possessed” like Hitler, there will be a “big war”. Some will not fight openly with Russia.
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  3. Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman 16 November 2017 13: 23
    I wonder how Putin’s policies differ from those of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Yes, nothing - all the same desire to be friends with the West. But ... traitors are "loved", but not respected. No wonder Putin called the United States a traitor: they, the "perestroika" so sought to secure the west from the USSR, that they destroyed the USSR, ruined the Soviet economy to make way for the west, destroyed the Warsaw Treaty and the Armed Forces of the USSR, and the west, instead of licking its nose " perestroika "pokes a broom. And how Putin painted the partnership with the West, especially when the West accepted Russia into the WTO, he prophesied the golden age! Did you dream of receiving dividends for treason? Yes, dreaming is not harmful. History has long determined that in all ages Russia is a log in the eye of the West (to put it mildly) and the West needs only resources and is free, and now leads to this. The one who says that the West wants a war with Russia is lying. Nonsense. This is extremely disadvantageous. The West believes that the current authorities have led the Russian world to a point of no return and that the Russian world will not be able to get together and Bismarck was wrong and the current capitalism in Russia is unable to lead the country out of the abyss. There is enough work in the west in more profitable regions of the world, and Russia, they believe, will not go anywhere — it will fall into the hands of the west sooner or later. And here they have very great chances, especially when you consider that both state and oligarchic finances are in the hands of the United States and the West and are increasing every year. And the fact that Putin is barking with Trump is because of the despair of the US “betrayal” and not knowing the way out of the situation how to become “partners” of the West, it rushes to extremes: from the promise of a barrel of honey to threats. And in order to distract Russians from internal problems, they frighten with “problems” external, as always, as always ...
    1. bratchanin3
      bratchanin3 17 November 2017 14: 07
      It’s somehow very one-sided, although at first glance there is a sense in your words. But do not forget that the Western World has accumulated enormous wealth and bought many corrupt "allies" of the former USSR. Even “friendly” Belarus strives for a freebie to snatch a piece from the Anglo-Saxon hegemon, betraying the interests of Russia. Naturally, Russia, in this situation, found itself with virtual allies (Kazakhstan, Belarus) is forced to maneuver and look around.
  4. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 17 November 2017 13: 51
    Whatever the United States would do or say, but they would not be able to provoke a nuclear conflict with Russia, for one simple reason - they would receive a devastating blow in response. Even if there is a probability of a 99,9% guarantee of not getting retaliation, even in this case, the Americans do not dare to attack Russia. The United States manages and shapes its foreign policy. Jewish financial clans, accustomed to living in luxury and comfort on their overseas islands and yachts. A guaranteed blow to Russia will immediately deprive them of all this (assets stolen over many centuries, starting with Carthage, the Crusades, Constantinople and ending with the Second World War) and God forbid, if they all survive and do not die in a nuclear maelstrom. At best, you will have to live deep underground and it is unclear what time they will have to get their own food, if it remains. And a simple example of "cockpit" battles around the DPRK, the whole Amer’s arrogance crashed on the hardness of Koreans and Un.