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The money allowance of conscripts fixed for another two years

The draft resolution on the monetary allowance of servicemen on military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 2017-2018 was prepared by the Ministry of Defense and posted on the Federal portal of draft legal acts.

This resolution applies to legal relations arising from January 1 2017.
- said in the draft document.

The money allowance of conscripts fixed for another two years

The decree is being prepared in order to execute the presidential decree of 1 of November of this year, which extended by 2017-2018 for a period in the Russian Armed Forces experiment on the unification of monetary allowances for conscripts.

The experiment began in the 2012 year and then extended several times.

Earlier it was reported that in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 333 in 2016, a payer in the amount of two thousand rubles per month would be paid to military personnel undergoing military service on conscription. The explanatory note to the draft of the new decree states that this amount will not change. The decision takes into account the salary for military posts and additional payments, reports "Interfax-AVN"
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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 16 November 2017 10: 33
    The money allowance of conscripts fixed for another two years

    On the other hand, why does the conscript in the army need money when he’s ready for everything ... wassat
    1. The black
      The black 16 November 2017 10: 34
      Quote: PSih2097
      On the other hand, why does the conscript in the army need money when he’s ready for everything ...

      I agree ... that’s enough for ice cream .... they don’t give back homeland money ... smile
      1. Smog
        Smog 16 November 2017 11: 47
        Quote: Black
        enough for ice cream ...

        And for a smoke ????? I certainly understand a healthy lifestyle. But you won’t throw words out of a song .....
        1. The black
          The black 16 November 2017 12: 07
          Quote: Smog
          And for a smoke ?????

          young ishsho .... nicotine kills ...... smile ....
          1. Smog
            Smog 16 November 2017 13: 27
            Quote: Black
            . nicotine kills ..
            Take care of horses, otherwise you will have to plow yourself !!!!! laughing
            1. The black
              The black 16 November 2017 13: 45
              Quote: Smog

              no matter how .... Horse feels great .... even wants to run for president ... laughing
              1. Smog
                Smog 16 November 2017 13: 53
                Quote: Black
                The horse feels great.

                I just posted recently ... but I decided to repeat myself, please- laughing
        2. Dedall
          Dedall 17 November 2017 22: 54
          The standards for the issuance of tobacco products in the Army has not yet been canceled. Non-smokers are replaced by sweets. So there is nothing to pamper the kids.
    2. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 16 November 2017 10: 44
      ". In 1966-88, the monetary allowance of soldiers and sergeants was determined by several tariff categories for their position. The rank from ordinary to foreman did not affect the amount of monetary allowance. The soldier received 3 rubles a month (To understand the size of this amount, a pack of cigarettes" Prima " 14 kopecks, a bottle of vodka 2 r. 87 kopecks, a loaf of butter bread 22 kopecks, a kilogram of cooked sausage 2 r.20 kopecks, a bottle of beer 37 kopecks, a kilogram of potatoes -10 kopecks).

      In addition, a soldier was given 80 kopecks per month. on cigarettes. When serving abroad, tobacco money was not issued (in return 12 packs of cigarettes were issued per month), and cash allowance doubled - 6 rubles. and issued in local currency (for comparison - in Czechoslovakia a can of crab 2 rubles, a bottle of beer 17 kopecks, a bottle of Coca-Cola 8 kopecks, a liter of milk 10 kopecks).

      Sergeants depending on the position received from 8 to 30 rubles. per month.

      The cadets of military schools in the first year of 8-50, in the second 10-80, in the next 15-80.

      To this monetary allowance was added a reward for qualification (the so-called premium for class). There was no allowance for the specialist in Grade 3. A specialist of the 2nd class received in addition to the salary 5 rubles, 1 class 10 rubles.

      When traveling on vacation and back, on a business trip, and on other trips, so-called food travel money in the amount of 1 rub.30 kopecks was given out instead of a food ration. for a day. When located outside the part (where it is impossible to eat from the military kitchen), instead of rations, its value in the amount of 87 kopecks was issued. per day."
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. NN52
        NN52 16 November 2017 12: 35
        Cadets of military schools in 1989 received a scholarship of 22 rubles.
        Good guys 27, excellent students 32 rubles.
      3. A. Privalov
        A. Privalov 16 November 2017 14: 06
        That's right! At the same rates they paid me in 1972-1974.
        As an ordinary sergeant, I received 13 rubles + 80 cop. tobacco allowance. I did not smoke then, did not consume strong alcoholic drinks, and on ice-cream, sweets, etc., the small joys of life were quite enough.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 16 November 2017 11: 03
      I remember that we had enough money to pay for the cheapest bottle of Moskovskaya vodka, when it cost 2 rubles .87 kopecks. But soon the price was raised to 3 rubles. 62 cop. And she was too tough for an ordinary soldier, but the corporal still had enough. And so, the ruble went to the binder and a jar of cream for boots. Remained 2 re 70 kopecks. Another 50 kopecks. went to a school notebook, ballpoint pen and mail envelopes. On the day of pay, a bottle of lemonade and a gram of 200 gingerbread were bought in a soldier’s tea room, which is another 50 kopecks. By the end of the month, there was no longer enough money for the cheapest cigarettes or cigarettes. I had to "shoot."
      1. Puss in Boots
        Puss in Boots 16 November 2017 11: 08
        when I served, I received 21 p 50 kopecks))), even according to Soviet standards, with the cost of cigarettes (which were not already issued) 6 rubles good
        1. siberalt
          siberalt 16 November 2017 11: 18
          In 1970, they did not even give out the makharka, not like cigarettes. lol
          1. Puss in Boots
            Puss in Boots 16 November 2017 11: 30
            my brother-in-law served in 84-86gg, they were given cigarettes or sugar (chocolate, sweets) to choose from hi
    4. Maz
      Maz 16 November 2017 11: 08
      What is the article about? How much is the private allowance? Specifically in rubles
      1. thinker
        thinker 16 November 2017 11: 49
        Yes, not enough specifics. There is also a demobilization double salary. In the last month of service, you get 2000 + 4000 = 6000 rubles. fellow
    5. Whaler
      Whaler 16 November 2017 11: 59
      They didn’t serve, therefore you don’t know)) what do you want to go into the bumps? filing, soapy - rylny, cookies - cigarettes .... soldier
    6. ID90
      ID90 16 November 2017 12: 14
      and the scholarship in the college is 400 rubles.
      and earlier (the end of the eighties) a soldier received less than 10 rubles, and a simple scholarship was 30 rubles.
      and what is our state?
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 November 2017 10: 46
    Oh, there was a time: 3,8 rubles to the row, 4,8 rubles to the corporal, 16 rubles elders
    e! 0,8r. for canceling the tobacco!
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 16 November 2017 11: 13
      Here, in 83-85, an ordinary soldier received 7p, a corporal - 8p, comm. - 12r, zavkomvzvod - 15r. Then they changed the staff and the departments became crews, and eliminated the castle and platoon platoons, they became commanders of 1 crew and began to receive 12p, but duties remained.
      Something is wrong here about tobacco money. 3-plus ruble was compensation, because 7p and it turned out.
  3. Sige
    Sige 16 November 2017 10: 54
    Unification is equality.
    Therefore, in order to achieve this equality, it is necessary for the Commander-in-Chief and his Minister, and their generals, and even more so for their officers, also to fix their salary of two thousand rubles.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 November 2017 11: 07
      Quote: Sige
      Therefore, in order to achieve this equality, it is necessary for the Commander-in-Chief and his Minister, and their generals, and even more so for their officers, also to fix their salary of two thousand rubles.

      “Unification” means that all conscripts receive the same denomination. contentment.
      Since the needs of conscripts, which the state cannot satisfy “materially” (that is, give out as a uniform or lunch in the dining room) do not depend on the position they occupy.
  4. Piramidon
    Piramidon 16 November 2017 10: 57
    Well, what are the tears pouring about? In my time, conscripts were paid so much that there was not enough for a bottle of vodka, but only for a smoke. In the first year of school I received 10 p. and not dead. What for the conscript loot, with full state security?
    1. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 16 November 2017 11: 30
      ". in the first year of school .." and the porridge was delicious. ..shot 16 ...
  5. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 16 November 2017 10: 59
    Enough for cigarettes
    If you smoke twenty packs a month
    1. sogdy
      sogdy 16 November 2017 13: 34
      Prima from 32 to 52 rubles. What are 20 packs?
  6. ydjin
    ydjin 16 November 2017 11: 12
    1990 In Germany, we were given 18 packs of Prim-type cigarettes without a filter, and I don’t remember how many boxes of matches.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 November 2017 11: 30
      Just before there was a tobacco allowance, which could be taken with sugar (often given out with sweets). Now it has been canceled. And this money is not given out to conscripts for cigarettes.
      1. rumatam
        rumatam 17 November 2017 15: 16
        when was that?
    2. Svarog51
      Svarog51 16 November 2017 12: 04
      In Germany, we were given 18 packs of Prima type cigarettes without filter
      Hutsul, Don, Northern, fourth forgotten, but also "thermonuclear". 83-85gg. hi drinks
      1. y-yz
        y-yz 16 November 2017 12: 18
        There were still hunters, but they only got to officers
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 16 November 2017 12: 23
          Exactly, only our officers with a filter smoked, and they gave us cigarette rations to us.
      2. Naum
        Naum 17 November 2017 16: 51
        "Smoke" was still. How much health flew with him to heaven! It's me like a smoker with 30 years of experience grumbling. Already 7 years in a blindfold ...
  7. weksha50
    weksha50 16 November 2017 11: 22
    "in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 333 in 2016, military personnel on military service will be paid cash allowance of two thousand rubles per month"...

    So I got a soldier 3 rubles. 80 kopecks, and a cadet - 8 rubles. 20 kopecks ...
    I tried now to compare TE 3,80 and THESE 2000 - what could be bought and what could be - now ...
    Comparison is far from in favor of the current situation ... Even, intellectually, there isn’t enough for a smoke ... But the hemming, thread-needles, wax-shmaks? A "cap", at least once a month?
    Here are comments from PSih2097 and Black: "why do the conscripts need money in the army when he’s ready for everything .." ... "enough for ice cream .... they don’t give back home for money ..." ...
    Guys, are you kidding or what? Or are they, conscripts, now EVERYTHING, right up to the shaksa vacca, is given out?
    Or am I already so far behind that nowhere else ... recourse
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 16 November 2017 11: 40
      In the stove training 1990. monetary allowance of an ordinary cadet 7 rubles. per month, not enough! Parents sent translations! A pack of prima cost 16 kopecks. on caps, oval, shmaksy vaccines really were not enough. Yes, try to buy cigarettes, deficiency in those days! The benefit of the local drove, you ask the civilian to smoke, so he takes out a pack and says take it all! You say no, it’s not necessary (it’s inconvenient), take it in response, you yourself served, I know! Oh my youth, Belarus ...
    2. Dedall
      Dedall 17 November 2017 23: 02
      Yes sir! They give out. But they only make contract soldiers and unit officers give money to this. But soldiers spend money on telephone calls and the Internet. There is no life from this - you will look into the barracks about two o'clock in the morning, and there a couple of screens will glow.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Third kalach
    Third kalach 16 November 2017 11: 45
    It’s just bad that for these unfortunate 2000 the foreman holds out his hand ...
    1. Cadet
      Cadet 16 November 2017 20: 14
      They received 420 rubles, the ensign took 100 rubles for soap and soap and irons (we just didn’t see it), etc., platooned 100 rubles to himself, company-paid 150 rubles to himself, totaling 70 rubles, 50 rubles sergeant in his pocket, 20 rubles the remainder. Without leaving the cash desk, try not to give it back)))). The requisitions took place with the words - why does a soldier need money, you soldiers already live on everything ready, and we need money for the family. The requisitions abruptly stopped with the arrival of a new unit commander and chief of staff.)))))))))
  10. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 16 November 2017 11: 53
    And that’s right ... why do the birds need money ... The amount is just not clear. If only 3000 per month would be put, 100 rubles per day ...
  11. Whaler
    Whaler 16 November 2017 12: 06
    It used to be remembered (in the mid-80s) that an ordinary term would receive a allowance of 7 rubles. ... so the current 2 thousand is not even bad both in the sausage index and in the confectionery, and in the vodka index, so the song bully
  12. ando_bor
    ando_bor 16 November 2017 13: 53
    Two thousand is not enough, a minimum of 5-6 is needed so that you don’t pull from your parents, even without smoking.
    My son served term in 12-13, received 12 thousand. In military units in the Caucasus and abroad, conscripts are paid a bare salary of a contractor, so somewhere half remained, do not smoke.
    1. rumatam
      rumatam 17 November 2017 15: 14
      Yeah, that would be pulled by all sorts of temptations, 500 r for the eyes.
  13. Sergey53
    Sergey53 16 November 2017 15: 44
    It would be better if they brought their salary with all payments to the national average \ as they like to report \. You look and it would be possible to increase the contentment of conscripts.
  14. eleronn
    eleronn 16 November 2017 21: 12
    My urgent service began at a training center in Otar. And my only desire was to sleep and devour! Money didn’t interest me.
  15. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 16 November 2017 21: 36
    And why is the Visa payment system card shown in the photo ?! And not PEACE ?! That is, the World we only plow Crimea, the rest three hundred years it was not needed. Interesting "squiggle". recourse
    Here and think about the friendship of peoples gentlemen comrades ... hi
  16. rumatam
    rumatam 17 November 2017 15: 13
    the horseradish is so much money for a soldier, he’s wearing shoes, are cigarettes more expensive?
    1. SergeiP
      SergeiP 18 November 2017 19: 20
      And why the hell to serve a fighter if they don’t pay for it. Maybe a fighter and not a man at all? Or has communism suddenly set in and money is no longer needed?
      Nevertheless, we have lived for a long time under capitalism, and grandmas - this is the main thing, at least for twenty years we have been hollowed out.
      Let the state compensate for "lost profits" when leaving the reserve.
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