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Americans plan to freeze Russian investments in US national debt

Russian currency weakens every day. Over the past three days, the dollar and euro rates have increased by 3%. Financial analysts believe that instability is to blame for the background of possible sanctions by the United States. Investors fear for their investments and gradually sell Russia's sovereign debt securities. A freezing of Russian assets in the USA can also be a serious blow, experts say. This may happen in the coming months, because the time allotted for taking such measures is 2 February next year.

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  1. dog breeder
    dog breeder 15 November 2017 20: 26
    There is a wise proverb about eggs in one basket. Only this basket looks more like a mousetrap!
  2. Bumblebee_3
    Bumblebee_3 15 November 2017 20: 40
    Bravo Americans! This is the only way to teach our liberals! Freeze all their accounts and seize all their real estate. If you have the courage, declare persons non grant, the children of Russian officials!
    1. mkop
      mkop 16 November 2017 10: 47
      Will ours learn?
      1. Sergey53
        Sergey53 16 November 2017 20: 37
        To hell with them, our liberals, we have about $ 110bn in US Treasury securities. And for some reason they are not being taken out. And the fact that our elite is taken away is the very highest ordered, and it is unlikely that they will be taken away from them all. Americans say a scoundrel, but their scoundrel. This is not our elite.
  3. Vard
    Vard 15 November 2017 20: 41
    They don’t learn anything ... Well, they’ll freeze assets ... and so ... This is with some kind of banana republic a ride .... And here Russia will simply leave the dollar ...
    1. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 15 November 2017 20: 46
      Will Russia move away from the dollar? Dreams Dreams! Who will give it to do? Kudrin, Gref, Chubais, Miller?
  4. solzh
    solzh 15 November 2017 21: 22
    The dollar exchange rate on tomorrow 16.11 increased by 0,01%, brent crude today rose by 0,68%. All data is taken from the website. So for now, everything is fine with us. I don’t see any reason to panic yet.
    1. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 15 November 2017 21: 29
      solzh "The dollar exchange rate on tomorrow 16.11 increased by 0,01%, brent crude today rose by 0,68%." What do you think is the reason for the increase in gas prices? There is no panic, of course, but the increase in gas prices will automatically lead to higher prices for goods.
      1. solzh
        solzh 15 November 2017 22: 10
        The reason for the increase in gas prices, It's my personal opinion, connected:
        1. Rising energy prices for law firms;
        2. Of course, the increase in excise taxes. Although not everyone will agree with me on this point;
        On the next third point, most disagree with me:
        3. Replenishment of the budget of the Russian Federation related due to the fact that sanctions apply to us more than the government officially recognizes.
        1. Bumblebee_3
          Bumblebee_3 16 November 2017 08: 23
          solzh Yesterday, 22:10 p.m. Well, my personal opinion and I think that many will agree with me - The reason for the increase in gas prices - The collusion of "effective managers" of the refinery.
  5. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 16 November 2017 05: 55
    "there must be a mat" because this "news" is repeated every year. every fucking year at the beginning of winter, the ruble exchange rate falls, and the buck grows. like this "news."
  6. dDYHA
    dDYHA 16 November 2017 09: 45
    Most of all, a high dollar is needed, not strange to the Russian government. We sell oil, gas and other assets for bucks. And we pay pensions and everything else in rubles. That's all guys - a pair of a pair of frames.
    1. Oleg Salov
      Oleg Salov 16 November 2017 22: 25
      It is not strange, but the state makes very good money on a galloping dollar.
  7. Rostislav
    Rostislav 16 November 2017 10: 06
    The threat of freezing assets, "acquired by excessive labor," scare oligarchs and thieving officials. With such an incentive, they can be forced to do anything, which is what striped people use.
    Russian state assets will not risk freezing, because, firstly, it will undermine confidence in American bonds, and secondly, it is akin to a direct declaration of war. But Russian missiles, unlike Iranian ones, reach the United States.
    1. Alexander S
      Alexander S 16 November 2017 11: 08
      The confidence in American bonds is so great that a conflict with the dwarf economy of Russia will not change anything. And both have missiles, but this is the only thing we can remind of, like the DPRK.
      1. Seryoga
        Seryoga 16 November 2017 13: 09
        It is not a matter of trust, but a fear of losing funds already invested in American papers.
    2. racha4
      racha4 16 November 2017 13: 48
      For me, it’s necessary to hang up kudrin on the lantern! We had to build plants, machine tools and other equipment to buy. To develop our industrial sector. And this one, radish, swelled grandmas in green candy wrappers! And who is he after that ????
  8. Alexander S
    Alexander S 16 November 2017 11: 05
    This will be fun. What symmetric measures will we have? Will we push the dollars with bulldozers? Ban Windows? Simonyan will give the hero of Russia?
    1. bratchanin3
      bratchanin3 16 November 2017 12: 27
      But no symmetry is needed; we will invest dollars saved from export to the United States in additional production and development of the Russian Far East. And Russia also has an operating IT management system, and no worse than Windows. And you need to change the flag to American, it will be more correct.
    2. medvedron
      medvedron 16 November 2017 13: 24
      No, I suggest that you personally turn into a sheet and crawl slowly into the cemetery, since everything is so bad for you.
  9. Tishka
    Tishka 16 November 2017 11: 41
    It's high time to freeze the assets invested in the economy of America! Maybe then, Nabiulina Oreshkin, get down to business, start investing in their own housekeeper, in new plants and factories, and 200 jobs that the guarantor promised will appear!
  10. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 16 November 2017 12: 21
    How can American debt be frozen if Russia owns American capital? Well, let them freeze, but in return there will be nationalization and tens of billions of dollars will remain in Russia for its development. I think this is a very good option.
    1. reminin
      reminin 16 November 2017 13: 18
      The ownership of American capital in Russia is very small. But there are many US bonds - on which America may refuse to pay. There are many shares of American companies bought by the Russians. Actually, the issue is being taken away from Apple, Microsoft and other US companies from Russian citizens (as I understand it).
      But I don’t see how this can adversely affect the ruble exchange rate. Here on the dollar - it will definitely affect.
    2. medvedron
      medvedron 16 November 2017 13: 26
      I completely agree. And not only confined to Ameri, but to do the same with their hangers-on.
  11. Vitaliy sm
    Vitaliy sm 16 November 2017 13: 34
    I always asked myself, why are we investing Russian money in the US public debt? I watched and read the clever sayings of various economists and finance ministers that these are very profitable papers. Now let's see how it will be beneficial to Russia if this forecast happens. Who is only responsible for the lost opportunities, to invest these finances in their own, Russian economy.
    1. racha4
      racha4 16 November 2017 13: 51
      They will find a scapegoat, do not hesitate! Even the trial will be and the deadline will be given !!! Conditional!
      1. myobius59
        myobius59 16 November 2017 15: 34
        K @ zel absolution found long ago. This is us. Food and stuff are rising almost every week. Salaries, on the contrary, are reduced. In general, there are pensions only to die not from hunger, but from some kind of illness, since there is already no money for medicines. In terms of living standards, we are already after all the Baltic states, Kazakhs and other Azerbaijanis, not to mention the Czechs, Hungarians and other Poles. Which, by the way, have no oil or gas.
        As someone said, the point is not that the poor cannot be fed, but that the rich cannot get drunk in any way.
        and once again, instead of stimulating production and increasing salaries by stimulating trade, as in the same USA, the next step will again be multibillion-dollar injections into banks, so that they, poor ones, God forbid, do not become poor.
    2. Baby sitter
      Baby sitter 5 December 2017 22: 45
      And you are not too lazy, in Google, for which grandmas invest in the debts of developed countries.! you will be surprised when you find out that it’s not because of interest :)))))))))))))
  12. Che burashka
    Che burashka 20 November 2017 09: 46
    Quote: Oleg Salov
    It is not strange, but the state makes very good money on a galloping dollar.

    This is exactly the trouble of our country and the economy! The state should earn money by creating new jobs and real production. And it is engaged in the sale of its non-renewable resources and currency speculation.