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Infantry fighting vehicle WZ502G

The military engineering genius of the People’s Republic of China presented to the general public his offspring called WZ502G. If you “scrape off” an “Asian raid” from this machine, then we will see an “old acquaintance” - the development of military engineers of the late Soviet period called BMP-3. Yes, and the engineers of China do not deny that they took this model as the basis for their car. By this, it should be understood that the WZ502G is almost completely unified with its tracked prototype, although there are external differences, and even a wheeled version of the machine has been developed.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of this BMP specifically give out only a small part of the information about the WZ502G, it is not even known whether the marking is industrial or military. According to the designers, the machine is a deeply modernized model of the BMP WZ502 (military designation ZBD-04, the earlier series of which was designated as ZBD-97). One of the key points of the ZBD-04 deep rework is that the authors cite the presence of excess capacity to overcome water obstacles, such as the installation of a powerful jet propulsion unit and the ability to withstand 2-3х sea waves.

However, these opportunities are completely unnecessary for the units of the People’s Liberation Army of China, stationed in the interior of the country. The refusal of increased buoyancy allowed us to change the armored hull in order to enhance the overall security of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the ability to swim across the water barrier without preparatory work for the BMP still remained, but the movement through the water due to the rewinding of the tracks eliminated all the seaworthy qualities of the predecessor.

The body of the WZ502G is one-piece, welded from steel armor plates that provide reliable protection for the crew and the landing against bullets and striking elements of artillery shots. If you compare the body of the WZ502G with the ZBD-04, then its height decreased slightly, the roof was made flat, and the armor plates of the sides became vertical, although on the previous model they had a slight tilt angle. To reduce the area of ​​vulnerable booking areas, the shape and location of the hatches for engine and transmission servicing has changed, and the geometry of the control compartment hatch, which is now integrated with a set of monitoring instruments, has also been changed.

Now it is possible to optionally install additional armor elements on the lower frontal part of the hull, moreover, the thickness of the armor has already been increased.

Infantry fighting vehicle WZ502G

Arrangements to strengthen the armor were not in vain, and, as the manufacturer claims, the security of the machine reached a new qualitative level. Namely: the frontal armor of the hull and the tower withstand a direct hit of 30 millimeter-armor-piercing projectile at a distance from 1000 meters, side armor does not penetrate 14.5 millimeter-sized ammunition from a distance of 200 meters and more, the stern and roof do not break through with armor-piercing bullets of a caliber 7.62 millimeter and more, the stern part and the roof are not penetrated by armor-piercing bullets of a caliber 5 mm and more These parameters correspond to the 4-th, 3-th and 4569-th levels of ballistic protection, respectively, according to the classification of the STANAG XNUMX adopted in the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

The results of modernization significantly affected the total mass of infantry fighting vehicles. The machine was heavy on 5 tons and began to weigh 25 tons, while its predecessor weighed just 20. The increase in mass had a negative impact on the power density of the vehicle as a whole, but at the same time it remained at the level of the Norwegian BMP Strideford 90. The power plant is almost an exact copy of the Soviet UTD-29 - V-shaped (camber angle 144 degrees) four-stroke 10-cylinder diesel. The engine is naturally aspirated. Its maximum power is of the order of 500 horsepower (about 368 kilowatts), torque 1461 newton meters (149 kilogram-forces per meter). The specific fuel consumption of the order of 250 grams per kilowatt-hour. The capacity of the fuel system is 700 liters.

The air for the power plant is pre-cleaned in a cyclone tapeless single-stage air cleaner, which automatically cleans itself from solid dust particles. Engine cooling system liquid, closed with forced circulation of coolant.

Blowing radiators with air is forced due to the effect of ejection. The preheater, to facilitate engine start-up during the cold season, is a fire-tube boiler with a nozzle burner, which warms up the coolant, engine oil and intake air.

The power plant is mounted in the same block with the transmission. The transmission is hydromechanical, reversible, has a four-speed planetary gearbox with a differential turning mechanism and hydraulic propulsion drive.

The gearbox has 4 transmissions forward and 2 reverse. Hydraulic volumetric transmission drive is an adjustable axial piston hydraulic motor. Onboard planetary gearboxes have one gear. Disc brakes are dry. Brake actuator is equipped with power. The controls of the main power train of the vehicle are a steering column with a motorcycle steering wheel and a gear shift lever.

The caterpillar drive is located in the stern of the machine, and the guide wheels in front. Caterpillars have small links of the civic engagement with parallel rubber-metal hinges and a rubberized treadmill. The track tensioning system is electromechanical, controlled from the driver's seat, has a tension force indicator.

The BMP drive wheels are made of steel and have a removable gear rims for ease of repair. The directing wheels also steel duo-pitch. 6 gable support and 3 single-sided supporting rubber-coated rollers are installed on each side. The suspension of the rollers is independent with torsional shock absorption. In order to stabilize, torsion boards are mounted non-axially. The first, second and sixth suspension units are equipped with double-acting telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. In addition, the first, second, fourth and sixth nodes of the suspension have travel stops of the rollers with rubber stops.

The standard armament of the machine is represented by the 100 millimeter cannon paired with the 30 millimeter cannon, which is completely identical to the armament of the Soviet BMP-3. But, the fire control system (LMS) has some differences. The BMP WZ502G is equipped with two thermal imagers, one of which is at the disposal of the commander of the vehicle, and the second is part of the aiming system for pointing the gun. At the disposal of the commander of the crew also included a new stabilized observation device. The aiming complex provides automatic target tracking and control of guided missiles, which are induced by the laser beam. Also implemented the possibility of using the main armament from the crew commander.

In addition, the machine has a smoke screen installation device similar to the Russian “Tuche”.


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  1. ward
    ward 31 March 2012 08: 24
    A neighbor bought an analogue of RAF4 ... but he was such an intelligent person .... and now in a sentence of five words four are obscene ... They say all the obscenities from Chinese ... I now understand them ...
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 31 March 2012 08: 36
      But he shouted for sure I didn’t give me a RAF for 1,3 million, when here 1v1 but for 600 thousand)))))))) We also had such a lot at first, you can’t sell this rubbish and don’t even leave it at CASCO)) )))
      You can also pay attention to HOVOmaniya, when the truck came up with dump trucks at a price of Kamaz with twice the carrying capacity, but the resource was shoved and transmission for a year is not enough, and the parts ordered in half the cases are not suitable in size, and now these trucks are probably in every corner of the factories Siberia crammed in the form of donors
      So, even after forcing water barriers, this BMP must be wiped, so that it does not rust until it reaches its destination - the Chinese suck up equipment, even cheap snowmobiles and quadrics require capital every season, but the electronics are often surprised by the survivability
      1. 755962
        755962 31 March 2012 13: 47
        The military engineering genius of the People's Republic of China

        Smiled to the core laughing But the fact that our BMP-3 was taken as the basis touched ... again, to the depth of her darling. angry
        1. 9991
          9991 31 March 2012 17: 08
          That’s who the Chinese are watching and they’re not inventing anything themselves.
          But I still think that the quality of military equipment they will have is better than their cars.
          Recall the USSR and its tanks and .. Cossacks ..
          1. Zynaps
            Zynaps April 1 2012 02: 03
            and what about "constipation" is wrong? quite close to the original copy of the post-war fiat "Cinquecento" - this is in the "humpback" version. for its time, a very good and unpretentious car. now the demand for it exceeds the supply, because few of them were produced.

            and in general, it’s good to know the basics of the economy: when the cost of repair is more expensive than a new thing, then the plan for the shaft is much more important than quality. for consumer goods - the iron law. even for developed capitalism. our people are very strange: with low labor productivity and general irresponsibility, they consider themselves worthy of going no less than a Volkswagen Passat.
  2. Roman A
    Roman A 31 March 2012 10: 30
    The Chinese they are The Chinese besides oil and gas they can’t have nothing to sell
  3. dred
    dred 31 March 2012 10: 55
    That's how they sold them BMP-3 and here it is a copy.
    1. Flight Recorder
      Flight Recorder 31 March 2012 14: 34
      The Chinese, by the way, will soon begin to produce tanks with an engine of 2000l / s and a 152mm gun. The mouth will break any competitor.
      And in general, you are laughing at the quality of Chinese technology in vain, the technical garbage that they sell to Russia is really produced in artisanal conditions and if Russian citizens who are greedy for free buy it, then why not produce it? But the most powerful and modern industrial base in the world belongs precisely to China and there is no need to think that they are inferior to our decrepit military-industrial complex in some ways. And the R&D budgets are probably higher than the entire Russian military budget with giblets.
      1. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 31 March 2012 21: 09
        Quote: Flight Recorder
        The technical garbage that they sell to Russia is really produced in artisanal conditions and if it is bought by Russian citizens who are free to eat, then why not produce it?

        This garbage is their industry, it is neither in Europe nor in America
        Quote: Flight Recorder
        But the most powerful and modern industrial base in the world belongs to China and you should not think that they are inferior to our decrepit defense industry

        This base is only partly theirs, they are often only workers and landlords there, and the price of such a product there is quite European
      2. Zynaps
        Zynaps April 1 2012 02: 11
        while the Chinese in tank dvigle depend on supplies from Russia or Ukraine. their contract for the supply of OBT-2000 tanks for Peru fell through precisely because of Ukraine’s refusal to allow the supply of equipment with an engine of Ukrainian production to a third party. and rightly so. usually before a deal this question is settled.

        The rest of the stupid nonsense, even commenting on laziness - I personally had to work with the Chinese. The general technological level of China is the USSR of the late 70s - early 80s. best case scenario.
        1. Flight Recorder
          Flight Recorder April 2 2012 00: 19
          Do you know how you can compare Kiev and Beijing?
          Like the lungs of a smoker and a leading athlete. I’ll try to crawl out of my snail shell, don’t be afraid to look at the World with open eyes, they may not be killed.
  4. German
    German 31 March 2012 16: 15
    I would not scold the products of the PRC so indiscriminately ... Since 2006 I have been driving "TIGGO" and the more I drive, the more I am convinced of the correct choice .... It all depends on the gasket between the steering wheel and the seat! And in the case of the BMP, I think so too
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps April 1 2012 02: 19
      You are very naive if you believe that technologically the levels of BMP and "tiggo" are comparable. for the production of modern military equipment, the entire body of knowledge is needed. "tiggo" and in Africa can be collected.

      no need to scold indiscriminately. but China is heavily dependent on advanced technology for other countries with an even higher level of technology. if a lot of questions arise with their shooter, then with the new BMP there are two orders of magnitude more questions.
  5. deredevil90
    deredevil90 31 March 2012 18: 16
    Yes, this is Kurganets-25 in the Chinese version))
  6. avdkrd
    avdkrd April 1 2012 14: 47
    this is not a clone of BMP 3. In addition to the combat module, the similarities end. On the Chinese, steel armor, BMP 3 - aluminum. In general, the need for a mass infantry fighting vehicle to have buoyancy and seaworthiness is very doubtful. In my opinion, this is the lot of specialized equipment (BMD, for example) for the rapid reaction forces, but in fact for the Airborne Forces and the Marine Corps. How many times have BMPs been used in real combat conditions to force water obstacles? Moreover, BMPs do not operate in isolation from tanks and, if necessary, a crossing will still have to build bridges. But it is the seaworthiness of our infantry fighting vehicles that imposes restrictions on security, which is much more important than the ability to swim to the "left" bank. By the way, the Chinese have thoughtfully thought out additional hinged booking - not a superfluous thing, and in my opinion what is called "additional booking" should be standard, and to force water obstacles, it should be possible to quickly "throw off" the skin.
    With regard to Chinese technology, I can say the following - the bottom has manufacturers who, in terms of technical level and production culture, are at the level of the best European ones. It is these manufacturers who receive contracts from the army. There is, for example, such an auto giant Dong Feng. His trucks made on the basis of MAN do not fall apart and run at least no worse than their European prototypes, another thing is that our "entrepreneurs" prefer to buy something two or three times cheaper, while. that Dong-Feng is cheaper than Kamaz. I suspect. that the Chinese weapon control module is much better than the donor one (I draw conclusions on the ZTZ-99.)

    1. 16
      16 April 1 2012 22: 31
      At the moment and today, the Chinese are making only clones, copies !!! be it military or civilian equipment !!! and the clone is always worse than the original !!! personal experience !!!
  7. soldier of fortune
    soldier of fortune April 1 2012 17: 02
    Healthy again!
    Or I don’t understand something, or another delitant author ?!
    It looks like Vadim Sobin or mixed up the pictures or laid out the wrong text ?!

    Take a closer look !!!
    BMP in the MTO photographs in front (leading sprockets and the driver's seat shifted to the left and back are clearly visible).
    In the pictures of transportation on the railway, the aft hatch of the airborne compartment is clearly visible (the opening height is from the top sheet to the bottom), which does not allow placing the MTO in the stern.

    The BMP-3 is the opposite! (similarity only in the layout of the trunks)
  8. 16
    16 April 1 2012 22: 27
    A 100 percent copy of the BMP-3 !!! nothing new !!!

    then they and the Chinese !!!
  9. Sergei N 58912062
    Sergei N 58912062 April 2 2023 03: 12
    The BMP turned out not bad for the Chinese. It is arranged much better than our BMP-3.
    Well done! good