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Frigates project 11356 "Petrel". Infographics

Project 11356R / M frigates, code "Petrel" - a series of multi-purpose patrol ships of the far sea zone for the Naval Fleet Armed Forces of Russia. The ships of the project are designed to conduct military operations against surface ships and submarines, to repel attacks of air attack means, both independently and as part of a formation. Their tasks also include: defensive and strike missions in the Black Sea, as well as the adjacent water areas; demonstration of the St. Andrew's flag in the Mediterranean Sea and participation in anti-terrorism and anti-piracy operations.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 16 November 2017 08: 07
    Comparison with foreign counterparts ... for example, of the Bear type allows us to conclude that the project turned out to be extremely successful ... this ... by marine standards, a kid ... can cope with the performance of any combat mission ...
  2. venik
    venik 16 November 2017 08: 55
    Lord Well, WHO with permission to say "infographic" did ?? Either you need to tear off your hands, or your head?
    Width and draft are indicated (moreover - draft - wrong!). They forgot about the length .... Instead of the AK-630 - there they suddenly placed the “Dirk”, the crew - generally indicated in 22 (twenty-two !!!) people ..... Well, WHO? WHO did it ???
    HEATHER 16 November 2017 09: 01
    WHO did it ??? Who’s the victim? Who doesn’t even know how to spell in the u-tube. And there is no time for administrators to check.
  4. Dmitry Konoplev
    Dmitry Konoplev 12 December 2017 20: 50
    The year of creation is much earlier than 13 years. Yes, and there are a lot of mistakes in armament.