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Is Trump an Enemy of the American People?

Trusting Putin is a big mistake. Mr Trump, who trusts Putin, is either a naive type or a pest acting contrary to the interests of US national security. So says Senator McCain.

Donald Trump said that Putin "sincerely" refuted Kremlin interference in US presidential elections. According to Trump, which was repeated by all the leading newspapers in the world, theses on the role of Moscow are a politically motivated “order”. And this “order” prevents America from cooperating with Russia on a number of vital issues.

Julie Davis, correspondent "The New York Times".

At a meeting with Putin on the margins of the APEC summit, Mr. Trump asked if the Russians interfered in the American election race. According to Trump, close attention to this issue is “offensive” for Putin. Therefore, according to Trump, "it's time to leave this question." The United States and the Russian Federation should cooperate in countering the nuclear threat from the DPRK and ending the war in Syria. In addition, cooperation in Ukraine is also relevant.

He told the journalists who accompanied Trump on a trip: “He [Putin] said he did not interfere, I asked him again about this.”

“Every time we meet, he [Putin] says that he didn’t, and I really think that when he says that to me, he’s absolutely serious,” added Trump.

However, the direct question about whether the US president believes in Putin's refutations, he chose to avoid the answer. And even that version of the conversation with Putin, which Trump himself adheres to, testifies: he is inclined to accept the statements of the Russian president despite the assurances of American intelligence officers who are convinced of Moscow’s interference in the election of the 2016 of the year.

Why does Trump make such overtures to Putin? The material indicates that the statements were made by the American president against the background of investigating Mr. Trump’s campaign headquarters with the Russians, and recent revelations have already shown: there have been more contacts between advisers to the election campaign and people from Russia than has been established so far.

It is curious that the very next day Mr. Trump, in fact, abandoned his own fervent speeches. According to him, he does not dispute the findings of the US intelligence community, according to which the Kremlin intervened in the presidential election.

Senator John McCain gave an angry rebuke to Mr. Trump and almost called him an enemy of the American people. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said that nothing was left of Trump's slogan “America first”.

“In that,” he said, “in order to prefer the words of the KGB colonel to the words of the American intelligence community, there is nothing from America First.”

President Trump, we add, in response to this, broke out in a short but expressive speech in "Twitter" - networks where he regularly “chirps”.

“When will all the haters and fools understand that good relations with Russia are good, not bad?” Trump exclaimed.

After all, these “haters” are bad, and meanwhile Trump is going to solve the problems of North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia “can help a lot with this!”

Trump's Twitter "counter strike" became an occasion for an editorial Washington Post.

Trump's statements in this editorial are called "protection" by Trump "by Russian leader Vladimir Putin." This “defense”, according to the editors, includes Trump’s trust in Putin, who refused to recognize Russian “interference” in US elections. In addition, Mr. Trump later "called for pragmatism" when he wrote on Twitter about "good, not bad."

"Theoretically," the Washington Post considers the last rebuff to the "haters" ... to be true! However, this view of the newspaper is a simple irony. “The problem, however, is that Mr Putin consistently ignores the agreement, and instead of that, undermines the US and its allied governments. He promises cooperation, but in practice he seeks to put obstacles to the United States, as well as to demoralize and divide Western democracies, ”the publication said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is well acquainted with Mr. Putin, should know "and this is his duplicity," the editorial board continues to blame. Nevertheless, he “worked hard” on agreements with the Kremlin. For example, last Saturday, the US State Department announced a new agreement with Moscow on Syria, which obliges Russia to ensure the withdrawal of Iranian forces from the country and achieve a transition to the peace process, which should culminate in elections of the new government with the participation of international observers. Like several earlier agreements on Syria concluded by Russia under John Kerry, the predecessor of Mr. Tillerson, "it sounds too good to be true." Most likely, this will go to ashes, "like all previous agreements."

The new agreement is a continuation of the theme of "de-escalation zone" in southwest Syria. Hezbollah units, Iranian troops and Shiite militias, which Tehran delivered from Iraq and Afghanistan, must withdraw from the region.

When US officials were asked at a briefing how Russia would “force” Iranians to leave those areas and how it would oblige the Assad regime to hold “fair elections”, they simply nodded at the agreement as the only answer. It was “Mr. Kerry’s echo”: he also tirelessly argued that Russia should follow its obligations in Syria. When Russia “violated these obligations, Mr. Kerry insisted that Moscow be given another chance,” the newspaper’s editorial board laughs.

That is why Mr. Tillerson and the Trump administration as a whole turned out to be “on the same merry-go-round”. US officials simply believe that they have “some leverage.”

Will Mr. Tillerson avoid “the silly mistake of Mr. Trump”, who firmly believes that Putin will indeed fulfill his promises?

The editors did not answer this question. Apparently, futurologists in the state edition does not hold.

In principle, we note the violent reaction to the recent statements by Trump and the major press and intelligence services (including former intelligence chiefs, see this in the previous "Project" ZZ ") is not surprising.

After all, Trump has publicly expressed his confidence in Putin! By itself, such a statement is already a reason for scandal - especially if we recall that an investigation is underway on the issue of the “connections” of the Trump team with the Russians, in which both intelligence services and congressmen, primarily “hawks”, are involved.

That is why McCain and his friends again took up arms against the President of the United States: after all, “the words of the KGB colonel,” Trump dared to prefer “to the words of the American intelligence community”!

As for the intelligence community itself, it has fallen into the awkward position of the exposed cheaters. And they were “made” by the liars none other than Mr. Trump himself: you see, the CIA, the FBI and the US National Intelligence Service he does not believe, but Putin believes!

A flurry of indignation reached its goal: Trump surrendered. "I believe our special services", - with a sigh recognized the owner of the White House.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 16 November 2017 06: 41
    ... tramp seizes in its own meritosia, like flies to a patty ... wassat
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 16 November 2017 06: 52
      Trump is directly expelled from his own intelligence services and the media. He understands that the world is changing. Let's see what happens after the parliamentary elections. It remains to wait for less than a year.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 16 November 2017 07: 05
        Trump is directly expelled from his own intelligence services and the media.

        Honestly, who is scamming over whom is still a big question. So far they are scampering over Trump and moreover efficiently. Therefore, he has seven Fridays in the week.
        1. siberalt
          siberalt 16 November 2017 07: 09
          What is the question? Everything is mutual. Yes, only chickens think about autumn. lol
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 16 November 2017 08: 44
            Ha! The miserable militarist John McCain so the militarists Hillary Clinton in the US Presidents are not enough for a couple that he can not calm down! laughing
            Both of them are “brain disabled” - friends in misfortune! fool
            1. The black
              The black 16 November 2017 10: 00
              Quote: Tatiana
              Ha! The miserable militarist John McCain so the militarists Hillary Clinton in the US Presidents are not enough for a couple that he can not calm down!
              Both of them are “brain disabled” - friends in misfortune!

              When an already shot brain devours cancer, you can’t say such a thing .. The Vietnamese give it to them - they qualitatively and coolly demolished the cuckoo laughing
        2. To be or not to be
          To be or not to be 16 November 2017 09: 39
          About seven Fridays a week .. and not only ..
          1.Donald John Trump is an American statesman, politician, acting president of the United States of America since January 20, 2017.
          Born: June 14, 1946 (71 years old)
          2. Donald Trump was born under the sign of Gemini, which is unpredictable; since the country itself belongs to the same sign (July 4, 1776), the United States expects "double unpredictability." laughing
      2. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 16 November 2017 12: 28
        Quote: siberalt
        Trump directly expels over his intelligence services and the media

        Hmmm ... Trying to rule the country and "cast out" their "special services" ... ??? These are some sayings ...: "And eat a fish, and sit on a Christmas tree without pants ... without ass scratching"! wink
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 16 November 2017 06: 56
    Something needs to be done urgently wassat -Put him as ambassador to India, for example, or best of all to China good ! There he met the mother of the unforgettable Kuzi wassat .
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 16 November 2017 07: 12
      McCain spent five and a half years in a Vietnamese prison. So think about who helped the Vietnamese do this to him. bully
      1. Herculesic
        Herculesic 16 November 2017 07: 27
        So, therefore, he will have a place in China — they will justify their grandfather’s brains, or, on the contrary, they will take them out clean! !! There he will quickly recall anti-Chinese statements! !!!!
  3. already a Muscovite
    already a Muscovite 16 November 2017 11: 40
    It’s just now clear that Trump has no power ...
  4. iouris
    iouris 16 November 2017 12: 34
    The administration system of power has a distributed structure. Trump plays a role in it. The purpose of the US administration is to eliminate all restrictions on the way of American goods to the consumer and provide free access to the taxpayer (producer) necessary for the American (USA). What does the people have to do with it?
  5. solzh
    solzh 16 November 2017 17: 42
    Of course, I am pleased that Russia can now appoint presidents in the United States. But at least kill me, I don’t understand how we chose them to trump. Their voters voted for the senile Hilary, but they also have some kind of electors there, who appointed Trump by a majority vote by the president. And here are we?
  6. Div Divich
    Div Divich 18 November 2017 11: 41
    Donald Trump voices what he considers necessary, it is not his preference, but what he considers necessary to voice.
    But in the US government decisions are made collectively, so his statements may not support, and even vote for the opposite decision. And during the implementation of the decision they can still give orders from the top that slightly change the decisions made.

    So the words of Trump are just the opinion of a person living in the USA, and they will act as they decide collectively. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the actions of the United States, and pay no particular attention to the words - they can change a hundred times (in one country it will say one thing in another, which is more beneficial for him to say).
  7. Wolka
    Wolka 20 November 2017 16: 41
    and it didn’t occur to McCain that trump is a child of the American business elite, including the power system, what kind of power, such a child ...