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Europe without embellishment. Italy, Camorra. Part of 1


Large trash heaps in several layers cover the beautiful streets of Naples. Ordinary people in medical and building masks are trying to "organize" these layers into a single fetid mountain. Children go to school by rotting waste, pushed aside by local residents on opposite sides of the roadway. On the trash rush trying to move the car. Garbage trucks seemed to have disappeared from the city. It seems that everyone who was related to power was taken out of Naples. To an unwitting witness it may seem that the city is rotting alive ...

I want to warn you right away: this is not a disaster movie script. This is quite common in Italy, and especially Naples, a phenomenon. There will be many more describing such phenomena that are frightening with their surrealism. Described at the beginning - the so-called junk wars. They are conducted between the mafia and the government, and in fact, between the mafia and the townspeople. Structures controlled by the Neapolitan mafia are engaged in the disposal of MSW. It is called simply and sonorous - Camorra. The garbage warfare begins with the fact that the Camorists unexpectedly inform the municipality of the increase in the cost of garbage collection. And while the executive authority holds hearings on which new rates are agreed, and the process is not fast, the streets of the city are covered with garbage mountains. And when the centuries-old paving stones are abundantly saturated with humus, and the coordination process comes to an end, out of nowhere, columns of garbage trucks appear and in a few days they collect garbage from the streets.

Most of all, not the Italians during the garbage wars period are surprised not by the scale of the garbage apocalypse, but by the reaction of the locals to this problem. For them, it is a routine, habit, norm. Respect for the dons and bosses of Camorra in society is so great that any insanity organized by the mafia is taken for granted.

When I asked about the owner of the apartment in Camorra on Piazza del Plibichito, which he had been shooting for several days, he replied very evasively. And to the question “What is Camorra?” He replied: “Everything is around - this is Camorra!”, And then began to shirk, referring to the fact that he does not go to bad areas, and generally works as a clerk. As I later found out, Neapolitans do not discuss such personal issues with visitors.

The world learned about Camorra in 2006, when the young Neapolitan journalist Roberto Saviano wrote an amazing book called Gomorrah. The title sounds almost like Camorra, while referring the reader to Sodom and Gomorrah. In this book Savigno told about the affairs of Camorra, presenting to the world (the book is translated into 42 language) a shadow organization controlling the whole Campania region. Camorra's unexpected public presentation did not please her leaders, and one of them delivered a death sentence to the author of the book who violated the traditional law of silence “omerta”. Saviano had to ask for help from the state and from 2006, he began to live in the barracks under the guise of a whole part of the Carabinieri.

What is so zealous journalist exposed, for which you can cut off his head? To tell the truth, cut off the head, shoot, drown, blow up - for the Neapolitan reality is quite ordinary phenomena. History Savyano differs only in that it began to develop in a public field. So, Roberto Saviano, in his book “Gomorrah”, based on his many years of investigations and observations, told about who and how in Naples is engaged in the importation and sale of drugs, racketeering, the organization of prostitution, smuggling of goods through the Neapolitan port, contract killings, removal of MSW, disposal of toxic waste. And how all these activities are tied with the Italian government and the world organized crime.

The “highlight” of the book was the real story that took place over several decades in the north of Naples, in the town of Acerra, where the author came from. There, Camorra illegally disposes of chemical waste from all over Europe on 1 euros per kilogram. It happens like this.

The firms controlled by the mafia take in a short-term lease plots of land on which pits with a depth of 5-10 meters are dug. Through the seaport of Naples under the guise of consumer goods transported barrels of waste. Trucks are being taken to Acherra. They are laid in the excavated trenches and covered with earth, leveling the level of the site. All recycling is complete.

The liquids that are in the barrels eventually get into the soil, destroying both it and everything that is grown on it by poor farmers, who live mainly from subsistence farming. That is why, according to all international standards, such chemicals need to be buried to a depth of 120 meters or more, otherwise - an environmental disaster. It is proved that in the lands of Acerra the concentration of toxins and carcinogens exceeds the norm hundreds of thousands of times. The local population is at times more often the rest of Campania suffers from cancer, leukemia, baldness, children are born with genetic abnormalities. Animals grazing on pasture land recycling, simply rot. No wonder the locals, the descendants of Dante, who are able to formulate life in poetic phrases, called the north of Naples the “triangle of death”, one of the peaks of which is the town Acherra.

Which international environmental organizations are alarmed about this, you ask? No one. For the municipality there is no problem. No one risks getting a bullet at a crossroads.

Remember how in the great series about Corrado Katani "Sprut" the mafia "cleaned" the disagreeable? At a traffic light, a motor scooter with two riders drove up to the victim’s car and one of them from the Uzi was releasing the whole clip around the car. The victim died in a riddled car, and the young people in toned helmets hid with impunity. It is practiced now. And, again, this is not surprising society.

I managed to find out about another aspect of Camorra’s smuggling. This is real art.

Naples is primarily a seaport. Beautiful Neapolitan Gulf with a calm Tyrrhenian Sea, the bottom of which is covered with black volcanic sand. On a smooth bend of the sandy coastline is the port, part of which belongs to the Chinese transnational container company "Cosco".

Imagine how, on a warm September morning, through the haze of breeze, an enormous cargo ship enters the port, forced into several floors by sea containers. Thousands of twenty-foot metal boxes with numbered sides undergo the procedure of customs clearance. As in the song about smugglers, “the three border guards are a thief on patrol,” so is the customs in the Neapolitan port under the supervision of the thieves from Camorra. There is one secret of container clearance. For example, customs officers check container number XXUMX, the process is successful, customs gives the go-ahead, everything is quite official. But such containers at number nine on the ship 9 pieces. Thus, customers, having cleared one container, 10 others import into Europe duty free. Dexterously? Masterfully!

Thus, an enormous amount of gray goods gets to Europe. Similarly, drugs are being brought to Europe. Naples has the function of a “hub” standing on the silk roads of competitive products.

As the locals say, there is not a single item in Naples that is not imported through the port. China and Naples are more closely connected than you can imagine. The turnover of the port of Naples alone is 20% of the total cost of imported Chinese fabrics, and if we take it in terms of production, more than 70% comes from here. Almost all goods arriving at the port are Chinese, 1,6 million tons. Unpaid taxes from hoax during customs clearance 200 million euros. Business, I think, is profitable. Insolence rolls over. The trade in smuggled goods starts right at the gates of the port - pieces of cloth are spread out on the ground and women's bags, caps and clothing are laid out. And so on all the tourist streets of the city. Sellers are mostly Africans. Work is for everyone who wants to work.

Is power struggling with Camorra's smuggling corridors? We can say that fights. But rarely. The reason is the deep integration of Camorra into the state. Simply put, they catch those who are beginning to bring less. All society, including the representatives of the law, is imbued with respect for Camorra. The phenomenon of Camorra is that this is the mafia of the people. Unlike the Sicilian mafia, the “Cosa Nostra”, which covered the society like a dome, the mafia is elite, and in Naples it’s popular. In the next article we will talk in detail about the features and structure of the organization.

The drama of the Camorra phenomenon lies in the fact that all this socially endorsed going wild law occurs at the foot of the handsome Vesuvius, exactly the same place where in 79 this handsome man burned in his lava 2000 inhabitants of Pompeii. Believers believe that Pompeii paid with their lives for their depraved way of being. In this vein, the name of Roberto Saviano’s book “Gomorrah” is very symbolic. The warped society of Naples, in which the thirst for profit won out over love and respect for life, is approaching in its stratification to the level of the inhabitants of Pompeii. Vesuvius simply has no choice ...

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 17 November 2017 15: 12
    The mafia is immortal ... and not only in Italy ....
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 17 November 2017 15: 44
      if the mafia cannot be defeated, then it must be led
      1. Dedall
        Dedall 17 November 2017 23: 47
        This is done in our country. Moreover, a bribe is paid directly to the head of our organized criminal group for goods from China.
    2. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 17 November 2017 22: 56
      Quote: parusnik
      The mafia is immortal ... and not only in Italy ....

      There was a case with me in 1997.
      In Ceuta, trying to shorten the way from the store to the port (here he is, dear, with a pier and a ship moored), went through the "private sector" there.
      I taxied in one of the courtyards, and around the corner - a truck is unloaded, and around there are several types of gloomy exterior ..... I give birth with a "brick", ran past, I did not turn my head. And there, the plaque fly is a dead end! I literally flew back .... But I still remember the looks of those “movers” - it’s like someone who keeps an eye on it, as it was in Northern Ireland, when an armored car on the road was machine gun in a turret at us, peacefully walking along the sidewalk, unfolded, and held it in sight, until they darted into the first lane. Came to the ship - wet pants. From sweat .....
    3. Rostislav
      Rostislav 20 November 2017 10: 46
      Joseph Vmssarionovich would argue with you. And convinced what I have no doubt.
  2. Dzmicer
    Dzmicer 17 November 2017 15: 47
    Therefore, the northern (white) regions of Italy and want to get out of its composition.
    Southerners are not needed.
  3. Altona
    Altona 17 November 2017 16: 01
    As if once again plunging into the atmosphere of "The Godfather" or "Once Upon a Time in America." So dashing, brazenly and simply multimillion-dollar affairs are being handled. Naples with such a turnover of gray goods can compete with some countries in terms of its GDP. It is not surprising that people who control such financial flows are not shy about setting conditions for the authorities or demolishing their heads. Similarly, Japanese yakuza and other Far Eastern mafia are doing the same, judging by the popular Double Blow or Tokyo Drift films. If, for example, the Colombian narcotic mafia, all sorts of Pabla escabars order themselves luxury versions of submarines for smuggling. Chinese smugglers use double and triple bottom vessels. Very interesting, thanks for the article on the world of major crime.
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 21 November 2017 04: 12
      Quote: Altona
      Japanese Yakuza and other Far Eastern Mafia

      Quote: Altona
      on the popular Double Blow or Tokyo Drift movies
      Do not judge the mafia by films, especially American ones. Japanese Yakuza is a scanty semi-legal organization that controls casinos and brothels. They have not had any real influence for a long time, in fact, they are needed only to cover up a business from which the state ultimately has income. The Chinese triad is more about the United States and Chinatowns. In China itself, security forces have long cut out all the major syndicates.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 17 November 2017 18: 52
    I remember the films went to the cinemas of the USSR: a man on his knees, recognition of the police commissioner to the prosecutor of the Republic, communication through a pizzeria, everything about the mafia, the impression was very painful!
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 17 November 2017 22: 12
      There was also the film "The investigation is over, forget it!" - very real and therefore heavy.
  5. Awaz
    Awaz 17 November 2017 19: 03
    and so for the layman, Italy is very similar to Russia, even in terms of what you see on the streets: the same easy mess, roads and facades are not well repaired. It affects the number of people smoking and the same number of bulls underfoot. You won’t even meet this in the Russian Federation. It seems to be a separate collection of garbage, but the garbage truck pulls up and collects everything from all containers in one heap))). Drivers are also not very disciplined, they break the rules at times, the speed in general, except for foreigners on rented cars, no one abides, although it seems to be around the camera .. Although, the guys themselves are not bad ...
  6. free
    free 17 November 2017 20: 30
    The bestial grin of capitalism!
  7. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 17 November 2017 22: 33
    Was in Naples in the summer of 2015 at the conference, the city as a city, it seems that at that time camorra did not fight with the municipality
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 21 November 2017 04: 14
      Honestly, it looks at the level of Africa and other Third World countries.
      1. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 21 November 2017 08: 44
        There is no rubbish on the street, as in the original article. Well, the tradition of drying clothes on the balcony seems to be rooted in the Roman Empire.
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 18 November 2017 18: 03
    The world learned about Camorra in 2006

    What a dumb, limited, uneducated and illiterate world! Different renegades, well, those strange creatures that read these ... like them ... books, yeah! So these people have always known about camorra, since this is not a secret at all. Well, perhaps for Russian journalism, known for its broad outlook and strong education.
    Okay. The author of this ... this ... in general there is nothing for the girl to say. Okay. I suppose the legs are from the ears ... Let me tell you a little about the mafia. From the beginning, so to speak. There is an amazingly beautiful and kind island in the world - Sicily. He is known for the many thousands of bays that make up his coastline, bother, I do not want. Well, the fact that Sicily served as the breadbasket of the Roman Empire. Cereals grow in monstrous quantities there. And it is practically impossible to defend the island with military force - you can land wherever you want, the mass of the plains, there are practically no natural fortifications.
    And what did all these features turn out for the locals? Well, in general, it’s nothing good. Firstly, locals are mainly peasants. And secondly, how it will ensue on the continent, and even more so in Italy, what a mess, so all sides of the next conflict, how can we capture Sicily! To deprive the enemies of grubs, to eat yourself ... Some seize, others kick them out, everything at work. Some peasants are sad for some reason.
    The peasants do not like the peculiar European games! Well, no way imbued with fun! And how cool it is - every time there is fire, violence, murder, robbery ... well, everything that an enlightened European loves so much. But the Sicilians are not here. Do not like. They do not like to be raped. Sicilians could never throw another uncle waving swords from the island. And then...
    Then the funniest conquerors suddenly began to wake up from the fact that their heads were separated from the bodies. The peasants thus demanded a simple thing. Do you grab Mars is with you. Capture. But to the locals show RESPECT. That's how the mafia came about. Surprisingly quickly, the invaders learned a lesson, and ceased to rape Sicily. Because Sicily had a mafia, and all its inhabitants were ready for their own (precisely their own!) Mafia and die. And keep silent ...
    Now is another time. The mafia has changed. Imitators arose, the same camorra. But the mafia’s roots are there. On howling from the pain of Sicily, which once stopped unpunished robbery and violence. Without war. But so that everyone understood everything ...