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How to call sanctions: anti-Russian or anti-European?


Russia won another important victory in the gas war "for Europe". The package of sanctions adopted in August turned out to be a “dummy”, and the gas that the United States is going to supply to Europe will be Russian as well. Sometimes it seems to me that the sanctions are called anti-Russian wrong. In fact, they are anti-European.

According to Wintershall CEO Mario Meren, Gazprom’s European partners intend to continue funding the Nord Stream 2 project. This decision was the result of a careful study of the explanations of the American Ministry of Finance regarding the new anti-Russian sanctions adopted by the US Congress.

Who needs such sanctions

So, what did the US Treasury say on 31 on October 2017 of the year? Any company is allowed to enter into any contracts with Gazprom before the start of 2018.

In order to completely clear the Privat cash desk, one day was enough for Igor Kolomoisky. Washington gives Gazprom partners a full two months. Or maybe even more if everything was decided in advance, and the partners of the Russian company knew about it.

And it seems that this is exactly how it was, since before the release of official explanations, the US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch had already discussed how much Kiev would lose due to the construction of the Nord Stream-2.

Moreover, this question for her, judging by the context, was already resolved.

So, the new package of sanctions adopted in the United States with such a pomp turned out to be zilch. Yes, zilch. Since “Nord Stream-2” is the last gas pipeline under construction from today to Russia. And others are just not needed. Then who needed such sanctions, since there is no practical benefit from them?

Like who, Trump is needed. It was necessary to come up with such a brilliant move. To temporarily shut the throats of their opponents and do nothing to harm Moscow, with which Donald really wants to agree. And he has something to negotiate.

Nothing personal, just business

For example, about how to trade in Europe, American, that is, Russian gas. The scandal on this topic arose a week ago, that is, a few days after the clarifications of the US Treasury Department. Moreover, journalists who were close to Soros structures were engaged in the exposure. And this suggests that in this case we see another reflection of the ongoing intra-elite war in the United States.
And the offshore company, which will resell Russian gas to Europeans, is one third owned by US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. As they say, nothing personal.

True, so far until the end and it is not clear where this gas will come from. Most likely, we are talking about future physical deliveries from Yamal LNG, which are about to begin.

And once again, it can be stated that the intraelite confrontation in the United States causes more damage to the American state than all Russian hackers put together, and even multiplied by 1000.

Moreover, “American” LNG gas is only one of the options for such mutually beneficial cooperation. And what about "pennsylvania coal"? After all, experts with a calculator told that Trump had nowhere to take an extra million tons of anthracite for a friend Petit. He is not physically present. But if he is ready to overpay, then everything will be "OK".

And here comes the first bulk carrier with coal to Ukraine, and from there straight "runs" to Novorossiysk, for a new batch of cargo.

As we see, you can earn very well on sanctions. With this particular, and do nothing. Money themselves go into the hands. The main thing is for someone to believe that these sanctions are so necessary that for the sake of them you can sacrifice wealth. And again we see “just business”, what personal accounts there are.

Sanctions for suckers

So, the Trump team learned very well how to make money on the regime of sanctions and on the sale of Russian goods to Europe. But she cannot be blamed either. They are Americans and love money, and the “democrats” simply knit them hand and foot and do not allow them to work. So we have to invent such deceptive moves so that the “wolves” in Congress are full and the sheep (the profits from the joint business) are intact.

Those who believed that sanctions against Moscow are necessary suffer from such a game. Europe is now overpaying for the same Russian gas. However, she assures herself that in this way she diversifies supplies. And Ukraine today at an exorbitant price pays for everything: for gas, for coal, for nuclear fuel, and much more. And at the same time, each year when summarizing the results, its leadership notes with satisfaction that its dependence on Moscow has again decreased. On paper, of course.

Summing up

On paper, everything looks just fine. Europe received American gas, the US Congress is happy that Trump announced Moscow a new package of sanctions, and this is about to break Putin’s regime.

In fact, Russia every year sells more and more of its gas to Europe, bringing this figure to “indecent” 37% of all-European consumption. Exactly this figure is expected at the end of 2017. And if at the same time it also sells LNG here, then it will look like a regular mockery of Europeans and the sanctions regime, which are called anti-Russian on paper, but in fact they are anti-European.
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  1. Masya masya
    Masya masya 15 November 2017 15: 21
    And today Ukraine pays exorbitantly for everything: for gas, for coal, for nuclear fuel and much more.

    Reminded of a joke ...
    - So, he has already nibbled three paws for himself - and still in a trap!
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 15 November 2017 15: 58
      Quote: Author: Yuri Podolyaka (Yurasumy)
      trade in Europe with American, that is, Russian gas. A scandal on this subject arose a week ago, that is, a few days after the US Treasury Department issued clarifications. Moreover, journalists close to the Soros structures were engaged in exposing.

      You can’t build analytics on fakes. A week ago right everyone understood that it was a fake. Soros has thrown against Trump.
      Russian LNG Plant in the Baltic no! There was nothing to transport from there to Europe. The plant is only going to build.
      “On June 3, 2017, 10:10 today, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017, Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Ben van Berden, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell plc, signed the Basic Terms of the Joint Venture Agreement.” -
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 15 November 2017 16: 34
        Ta-ahhh !!!!! here there is no LNG in Ust-Lug .... but the fact that I used to go to Sibur for tender documentation for this terminal wound up so I probably dreamed ....
        and a reference to everyone ... otherwise I may be insanely, so comrades will at least open their eyes ....
        rgo- /
        1. Nicholas C.
          Nicholas C. 15 November 2017 17: 58
          Quote: Nikolay S.
          Russian factory LNG in the Baltic no!
          “Eight years ago, the Gazprom joint venture (80%) and Sovcomflot (20%) - the Swiss Baltic LNG - received more than 270 hectares of it under a plant with a capacity of up to 7 million tons per year for deliveries to the United States and Canada. But in 2007 the year the project was declared unprofitable, Gazprom abandoned it in favor of Shtokman and sold Baltic LNG to SIBUR in 2011, which it planned to build gas chemical plants on the site, the project was never implemented, and Baltic LNG was liquidated in early 2013. The reasons for this and do not comment on the fate of the site in SIBUR. "-https: //

          And here is the terminal by transshipment! SUG! and light petroleum products SIBUR built and sold a consortium of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Gazprombank, and the Thirty Seventh Investment Company from the UAE and Baltic Sea Transhipment Pte. Ltd. from Singapore.
          Nevertheless, 100% of the LPG transshipment through this terminal belongs to SIBUR. The terminal has 4 of its own gas carrier vessels.
          In theory, if you have a relation to this and not in insanity, then you should already know what LPG is and what LNG is. There is a big difference. These are different gases. Just in case, I will give you link for educational program:
          There was also such news: "Media: the United States supplies Russian to Europe LNG under the guise of own "-

          If we are talking about LPG, then we should write like that, and not be misleading.
          1. d ^ Amir
            d ^ Amir 15 November 2017 18: 09
            so colleague what ??!?! if the official site of the terminal is written in Russian in white - PRODUCT INFORMATION - SUG TRANSFER and ORGANIZATION INFORMATION - SUG TRANSFER ON MARINE TRANSPORT?!?! ??!? so what does Russian LPG not in the Baltic ????? very much even in Ust-Lug ..... and I repeat the terminal drawings I saw in the feasibility study ... at the pre-bid for the facility ....
        2. Yurasumy
          15 November 2017 18: 20
          Have you read the article? Apparently not. The author actually knows that there is no factory. Moreover, he writes about this.
          1. Nicholas C.
            Nicholas C. 15 November 2017 21: 06
            How everything is up and running. You don’t even understand the meaning of what I point out in your article and in the article posted here a week ago. Here is the “colleague,” d ^ Amir realized that he was lousy, and managed to change his shoes. Like, not LNG, but LPG. You still didn’t get it. I repeat, in other words.
            In Ust-Luga terminal for transshipment of LPG. This is not LNG (liquefied natural gas). Natural gas is the one in pipelines (mainly; there are nitrogen pipelines, etc., including LPG pipelines). LPG is other! gas. If my link above with educational program about this didn’t help, then check this one too: “What is liquefied petroleum gas” - /
            You in your article refer to the article that was a week ago (my link is above), and the terminal in Ust-Lug is clearly indicated there. He transports LPG, but you and that article stubbornly write about LNG.
            If they sold some volume of LPG to Europe, as the Sorosovs “exposed”, this does not have a direct connection with gas pipelines with natural gas and with LNG. Moreover, you cannot sell hydrocarbon gases through the Nord Stream pipeline, it contains natural gas -
            Moreover, the composition of natural spelled out in the contract. Deviation = substantial penalty. Therefore, LPG and carry the railway and / or special loans. Then what is the reason for hype and writing articles? Fake in its purest form.
            We must at least somehow understand the subject you are writing about. And then it didn’t happen so solidly.
            PS. Nord Stream-2 will be carried out in any case, even if the junta does what Schweik soldier said on this occasion.
      2. Yurasumy
        15 November 2017 18: 19
        And what did I say that the gas from Ust-Luga? Have you read the article?
  2. shinobi
    shinobi 16 November 2017 04: 03
    Americans, by hook or by crook, are trying to keep the markets for their goods. Sanctions, and politics in general, wars are just tools in this matter. But they won’t hold. They have practically no tools of political pressure. They can’t fight with Russia or China. the reason for guaranteed cutting everyone and everything. The decline of America has come. Only they still do not understand this.