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Start of the American space truck Swan

We usually observe the launch of our Soyuz, for a change, we will see the launch of the American launch vehicle Antares with the Swan spacecraft from the Virginia cosmodrome.

Antares carrier rocket with a cargo ship Cygnus launched on November 12 from the US space center to the International Space Station.

9 November 2017. The launch vehicle is located in a horizontal assembly hangar (the English Horizontal Integration Facility), from where it is taken to the launch pad. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

The booster rocket is taken to the launch pad. Antares is a one-time launch vehicle developed by Orbital Sciences Corporation and Yuzhnoye Design Bureau for launching payloads of up to 5.5 tons. For comparison, the maximum carrying capacity of the Soyuz-FG carrier’s rakkto bearer is 7.4 t. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

Pointer to not get lost. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

The next stage is to lift the rocket into a vertical position on the launch pad in Virginia, 9 November 2017. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

The launch vehicle launches the private automatic cargo space ship Cygnus (Cygnus), which was also developed by Orbital Sciences Corporation. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

(Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

The number of launches Antares rocket - 7, 6 of which are successful. So far, Soyuz-FG is ahead - 61 from the 61 launch has been successful. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

Initially, two oxygen-kerosene AJ-26 rocket engines were installed in the first stage - developed by Aerojet and a US-licensed modification of the Soviet NK-33 engine (from 37 copies purchased from Kuznetsov’s SNTC) for use on American rockets carriers (including in the "Antares").

After the accident that occurred during the launch of 2014 in October of the year, it was announced that the first-stage engine AJ-26 was changed to an RD-181 engine - developed by NPO Energomash specifically for Antares. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

Go! Launch of the launch vehicle Antares with the space truck Swan, November 12 2014. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

(Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

(Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

(Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

He will not return. The design of the ship Swan does not provide for the return of cargo to Earth, so after undocking from the ISS and information from orbit, the cargo ship "SIGNUS" with recyclable debris from the ISS is destroyed when entering the dense atmosphere. (Photo by NASA | Bill Ingalls):

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  1. crazyrom
    crazyrom 15 November 2017 07: 02
    What kind of missile carrier?
  2. cobalt
    cobalt 15 November 2017 07: 39
    The authorities are repeating sanctions and retaliatory measures, but it’s of little use, take the ban on the export of the RD 181 engine to the USA, we’ll see how the Americans sing, and stop supplying titanium to them so that the Boeing can’t assemble new planes and then the response can .
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 15 November 2017 22: 20
      From this, not the Americans will sing, but the workers at our enterprises will spit - being out of work.
  3. nmaxxen
    nmaxxen 15 November 2017 08: 05
    The most perverse arrangement is kerosene-oxygen in the first stage and solid propellant rocket engine (the same as in the first stage of the MX intercontinental missile) in the second.
    The sleep of reason.
    Perhaps this is how the MX strategic missiles taken out of service are used up and the second stage is shareware.
  4. bald
    bald 15 November 2017 08: 50
    The sign pointer really amused me. Either launches do not often occur, or for lost minds.
    1. max702
      max702 15 November 2017 10: 15
      Quote: bald
      The sign pointer really amused me. Either launches do not often occur, or for lost minds.

      No, this attention to little things .. And it is for these little things that we value a lot of bourgeois ...
      At the beginning, they will not hang a sign at first, there will be no hot water in the cabins, do not dream about the air conditioner in the summer, and conveniences are arranged on the street .. tea is not a bar .. But it all starts with banal plates .. Believe me, there is a difference in approach and worked for the bourgeoisie for both those and ours ..
      1. bald
        bald 15 November 2017 10: 27
        Actually, in the case we have enough of them, but not to the same extent.