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Anti-aircraft missile system "Circle". Infographics

The Krug air defense system is one of the first medium-range wax air defense complexes. The tests of the anti-aircraft missile complex began at the end of 1959, and were accompanied by a serious failure rate. The problems continued until June 1964. 3 February The 1965 of the Krug anti-aircraft missile system was adopted for use by the air defense of the ground forces.

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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 15 November 2017 09: 02
    It is better to see once.
  2. seacap
    seacap 15 November 2017 14: 30
    And the only Orenburg RZRKKU, which still existed since the tsarist times and trained officers for the operation of these systems and the S300V, which were worth its weight in gold in the USSR Armed Forces, where combat manuals and manuals were created, was carried out by a huge scientific work.
    1. Severok
      Severok 15 November 2017 23: 54
      But was this part not located in the "horseshoe" of Gagarin Avenue - Mira Street - 10th Line Street ???