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ATS army builds up muscles: Russia "puts into circulation" Syrian reservists

We have already told about how Russian officers train soldiers in the Syrian army. However, now instructors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have taken up and reservists. In Syria, opened the first such training center, whose task is to update the military knowledge of citizens who once served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the country. After a couple of days of training, the language barrier passes, and the Russian servicemen without much effort find a common language with the Syrians.

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  1. Horseman without a head
    Horseman without a head 14 November 2017 18: 24 New
    All would bring them into circulation
    And out of circulation
    TARAS BULBA 15 November 2017 10: 57 New
    Our reservists would be taught ...
  3. Alexei-
    Alexei- 15 November 2017 16: 46 New
    sit down in rows, is it their "calculation" such or what?
  4. MoJloT
    MoJloT 16 November 2017 10: 45 New
    Would not have fled at the first jump.
    1. passerby5
      passerby5 6 December 2017 15: 47 New
      so there was already in the beginning. weaned and almost all were dumped in the igil. the second group was not recruited. I heard from a military man