Military Review

Jet Flamethrower "Prize" showed its incredible capabilities

The Priz infantry flamethrower, also known as the Bumblebee-M, was developed relatively recently and is designed to replace the well-established RPO-A Bumblebee flamethrower. Designers managed to achieve significant improvements in the characteristics of the "Prize". The new flamethrower not only shoots more accurately and further, but also causes more serious damage to the enemy’s armored vehicles, since the power of the warhead's explosion is comparable to that of an 152 caliber mm.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 14 November 2017 11: 34
    What military-technical thought came to ... he shot and there’s not even a wet spot ... But it’s not entirely clear ... it’s essentially a flamethrower or something armor-piercing ... If the flamethrower is like an earlier modification ... then it’s not clear what the armored vehicles have to do with it ...
    1. Cxnumx
      Cxnumx 14 November 2017 11: 51
      Quote: Vard
      Only now it’s not entirely clear ... it is essentially a flamethrower or something armor-piercing ...

      on the video - obviously a flamethrower. armor-piercing would not give such a cloud of fire - it would pierce through everything. on armored vehicles: I don’t remember if the old modification could penetrate them (or what she does there).
      1. Sergey53
        Sergey53 15 November 2017 16: 06
        It pierces the body with the power of an explosion \ like a 152 mm shell \.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 14 November 2017 11: 58
    A powerful thing ... it will be bad if such a weapon falls into bad hands ... a small, compact one can be hidden in a bag under the guise of a student’s tube and you won’t dig.
  3. tchoni
    tchoni 14 November 2017 15: 00
    The ballistic missiles were not shown close after the shot. It is not clear the effect of the device on the armor. Either he broke ... then he smoked ...
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 14 November 2017 17: 27
      The ballistic missiles were not shown close after the shot. It is not clear the effect of the device on the armor. Either he broke ... then he smoked ...
      . Just the tower was torn off and that’s it. laughingWatch the video carefully hi
      1. Wowander
        Wowander 15 November 2017 10: 22
        Judging by the video, there wasn’t a tower before the charge hit the BRDM. Look carefully.
        An explosion of a thermobaric charge has a high-explosive and flame-penetrating effect.
        1. Sharapov
          Sharapov 15 November 2017 19: 14
          If you look really carefully, then on the first hit at 1 the tower was, and before the second at 1.48 it was already gone. The fact. that the first hit was in the tower, and the board remained intact. only the hatch opened after the first hit ..
  4. Neputin
    Neputin 14 November 2017 15: 05
    Useful thing. I wish to purchase for civilian use. Here, individual characters have long been begging.
  5. ihappy
    ihappy 14 November 2017 21: 05
    And you won a PRIZE! Get it))
  6. dog
    dog 14 November 2017 21: 24
    Beauty is a terrible force!
  7. gromoboj
    gromoboj 15 November 2017 01: 04
    But the collective salvo was apparently from simple "Bumblebees".
    You can see how the caps from the tubes fly off, but there is no insert pipe.
    1. Igool
      Igool 15 November 2017 01: 51
      Look better 2:30 tubes fly out from behind.
      1. gromoboj
        gromoboj 15 November 2017 02: 17
        0:30 An insert flies out of the tube after the rocket.
        2:30 nothing like that.
  8. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 15 November 2017 11: 52
    NATO, Stoltenberg, settle down, because there will be no wet place from your depraved Europe with the American missile defense. Merkany do not even rock the boat to fight with us for you. they have their own interests: - set the EU and Russia against each other, weaken, and then the USA will dictate its conditions to everyone