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A unique generation of children is growing up in Russia: what to do with them?

Russian writer, journalist and journalist Dmitry Bykov enjoys dubious authority in our society. He often criticizes the current government, its foreign and domestic policies. However, Bykov’s last speech in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, surprisingly, deserves attention and discussion. The journalist addresses the pressing problems of educating the younger generation, and offers very interesting methods for solving them.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 14 November 2017 11: 09
    What liberals Bykov can offer good for the country .. two we write six it went to mind ...
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 14 November 2017 13: 28
      Bykov believes that in Russia it is necessary to form a generation of professionals.
      And how to do it and who will lead? That's the question! And Bykov gives an answer to it
      I am absolutely convinced that we have our own pedagogical utopia - Russian Lyceum (see from 21: 25), which at one time formed not only Pushkin, but also no less than 20 geographers, travelers and great statesmen. Chancellor Gorchakov left the same place ...
      Utopia, according to Bykov, is that children should learn more than live (at the Lyceum); work more than have fun.
      А neutopia Bykov believes "Russian" copyright school, which already exists in Russia.
      Ha! But can all educational schools be made copyright? No, of course, if education is public! Do you think Bulls are not friends with the head? He’s very friendly - but only in his own way!
      So. Ultimately, Bykov everything came down to the fact that supposedly all schools should be copyright. Doesn’t resemble anything? Recalls - the reform of school education from the "perestroika" times of Mishka Gorbachev for money, programs and textbooks of the Soros Foundation, which destroyed the - CLASSIC - Soviet education system and led to elite narrow-profile private schools for the elite.
      And who will lead this process? Of course, representatives of the "opposition" like Bykov himself!
      In general, the impression is that of the clericalization of a secular state, only from a different - secular-liberal direction. (Clericalization is a political direction that seeks the primacy of the church and the clergy in the social, political, and cultural life of society.)
      Thus, this Russian pro-Western neoconservative-democrat Dmitry Bykov reminds me of clergymen who seek to get into school education of the SECOND state according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in order to not just make themselves - i.e. for his religious denomination - hurt future "buyers of candles", but also to lead the state themselves "from below" to the "top". And, according to Bykov, we get - to consolidate personnel liberalism in all the power and professional-corporate structures of the country!
  2. Vasya Vassin
    Vasya Vassin 14 November 2017 11: 28
    That the new generation is growing talented is what we see without the bull. The question is, where can they put their talents?
    1. Greenwood
      Greenwood 14 November 2017 19: 07
      Quote: Vasya Vassin
      where can they put their talents?
      Probably in London. wassat
  3. Eurodav
    Eurodav 14 November 2017 11: 41
    Does Dmitry Bykov, the son of Leo Moiseevich and Natalia Iosifovna say something about our children? And then I did not watch, I'm sick ...
  4. Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman 14 November 2017 13: 44
    What is unique about today's youth? IPhones, computers? Well, this is not unique. Monkeys have long been able to play computers too. And this is no laughing matter. Back in the 60s of the last century ... by the way, then the monkeys were tested on computers, one monkey was born a son and he was given the opportunity to watch his mother play and solve the tests, but he was not trained. Then they made it so that the monkey mom could not get to the computer, and the son could. So what? The son climbed into a chair and coped with tasks and games better than mom. Well it is ...
    Life is the sum of the initial conditions and what you can and the power allows you to do with these initial conditions using your mind and your hands. With slavery, feudalism, capitalism, the Initial Conditions are preferable for those who have money (by inheritance), and the authorities (state), of course, have to rely on those who have money and work for them. So what can a young man think, knowing his initial conditions? If he obviously knows that they are not?
    The only ones who equalized the Initial Conditions were the Bolsheviks, for which the "blue blood" hated and hates the Bolsheviks. Well, the people in the USSR in “Perestroika” decided that the claims of “blue blood” should be satisfied. And then how-egalitarianism ... is not interesting ... How interesting ... to pray for money. The workers were also dissatisfied: they did not like the 8-hour working day, they demanded more for the sake of money ...
  5. antivirus
    antivirus 14 November 2017 20: 30
    Ushkanist: “students can’t tell what they are doing” - cut off all Internet channels?

    or does he need the dough for the Pioneer dawn? - "Yes, more, more ..."
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 14 November 2017 20: 46
      and the elites are moving.
      without a general level, only those who want to study.
      and then we’ll hire guards to protect the elite from former troeshnik classmates
  6. high
    high 15 November 2017 10: 04
    Quote: Evrodav
    Does Dmitry Bykov, the son of Leo Moiseevich and Natalia Iosifovna say something about our children? And then I did not watch, I'm sick ...

    Doesn’t you feel sick of the only Nobel Laureate in Russia, academician Zhores Alferov, son of Anna Vladimirovna Rosenblum?
    Sick of your caveman anti-Semitism ...
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 15 November 2017 18: 17
      on antisimitism-- if in the province he learns from old textbooks and by Bykov "smart and well-educated" move forward, Knowledge is better than teachers - THIS FAILED STATE POLICY
      In my opinion, they used to be “exiled” correctly - they sent them for 3 years according to distribution. In Israel, you can choose different schools (you can get to just about any) and in Germany, too.
      In the Russian Federation, there are failures in civilization - "here they are listening to Schubert", and there "Bach--" you go to x ... we are listening to Bach. "
      So far, it’s enough, with difficulty, to spread the average for the country, qualified specialists.
      for 100 years from the elimination of universal illiteracy, we have not gone far in creating a civil civil society.
  7. gridasov
    gridasov 19 November 2017 19: 18
    First of all, we need mid-generation specialists who have experience in life and survived the era of great change. They are young talented because they were born and becoming takes place in a completely new and dynamic information space. However, they are too divorced from the realities of simple life, so in warm conditions they will certainly develop, but to survive in real life where difficulties of a different order and at the same time not break, they need the knowledge of elders. Therefore, people and educators are needed not on the logic of emotions, but people with reason on the logic of understanding the real processes of development of society. People tolerantly accept all reality in a variety of perceptions of the past, but also of the future. Only in this way can the nation’s future be preserved and developed without breaking the connection between generations