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Russia needs its aviation industry, otherwise ...

The domestic air transportation market is seized by American and European aircraft manufacturers. This was due to the complete collapse of the Russian aircraft industry over the past 25 years. Last news Bankruptcy of airlines only confirms our dependence on foreign imports - it becomes more expensive to serve western liners. In the near future, Russia may lose its air carriers to 10.

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  1. Forester
    Forester 14 November 2017 10: 53
    ABOUT! woke up! At first they destroyed it, now let's arrange a storming force for restoration!
  2. Gardamir
    Gardamir 14 November 2017 11: 13
    in sarcasm order. probably we don’t know everything, and this is a cunning plan.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 14 November 2017 11: 33
      The game of giveaways, including in the aviation industry, began immediately.
      To lure "friends" to the market and kill hundreds of thousands of slave seats in its aviation industry - the goal of the reformers has been achieved.
      now they are looking for where else you can invest the loot and do not understand (?) what to create anew - for decades.
      But bankers need to bankrupt those who do not take loans from them and create "their" borrowers.
    2. bald
      bald 14 November 2017 22: 11
      Yes, what! - Many warmed up on this matter. And finding them and their lasts is not so difficult - the complete confiscation of all relatives and pencils will be thrown away - until the end of life. After all, how they did not have the USSR and Russia with the people.
  3. iouris
    iouris 14 November 2017 11: 56
    You need to start with the ruling class. True, there is almost no time.
  4. senima56
    senima56 14 November 2017 12: 45
    Why guess? It has already been said that the idea of ​​"backwardness of the domestic aviation industry" was strongly promoted by Mr. Khristenko and Co. Let’s ask him, whose "mill is he water" and how much did he have $ for ?! And at the same time try Mr. Poghosyan and Co. as he helped to ruin the remnants of the design bureau for the sake of the SSJ! Where is the landing, Vladimir Vladimirovich?
  5. Stepan Kudinov
    Stepan Kudinov 30 November 2017 10: 00
    Forester. Do not rush! While the clowns, at the direction of the hillock from their puppeteers who ruined and ruin the industry of the USSR, there is nothing to expect jerks. Just by condition NOT!