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The secret of the lost regiment of the Wehrmacht in the Belarusian forests

A year before the end of the Great Patriotic War, the fascist intelligence received a report that large detachments of Wehrmacht troops were hiding in the territory of Belarus, deep in the rear. About two thousand German soldiers somehow miraculously avoided being surrounded by the Red Army and tried to get through to their own. Berlin decides by all means to help them return to their homeland. From the autumn of 1944 to the complete defeat of fascist Germany, the Germans, with the help of their bombers, dropped weapons, ammunition, food and so on to lost soldiers ...

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  1. svp67
    svp67 13 November 2017 14: 53
    It was a HUGE success for Soviet intelligence.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 13 November 2017 15: 19
      An extremely interesting historical story about the Second World War and the heroism and skill of representatives of the Soviet intelligence special services!
  2. Skay
    Skay 13 November 2017 15: 18
    Belarusian partisans were very pleased.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 14 November 2017 00: 01
      Quote: Skay
      Belarusian partisans were very pleased

      Eh ... Road spoon ... for dinner (!)
    2. Oilpartizan
      Oilpartizan 19 November 2017 15: 19
      Belarusian partisans in September 1944 near Minsk, released on July 4 of that year?
      Amazing knowledge in history?
      1. Svist
        Svist 20 November 2017 18: 03
        And these were the “forgotten” partisans, about which they were told in jokes. )
  3. Bosch
    Bosch 14 November 2017 10: 57
    But nothing that the abwehr did not exist from 18.02.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX.
    1. Eres eres
      Eres eres 14 November 2017 11: 44
      Her, he was reorganized and personally subordinated to Himmler. Therefore, here it is said about the participation of Himmler and Hitler personally. Canaris was gone.
      1. Bosch
        Bosch 14 November 2017 13: 20
        There was neither Canaris nor the Abwehr, and he is here in every sentence.
        1. Sergey Efimov
          Sergey Efimov 14 November 2017 16: 12
          They told you that most of the Abwehr was subordinate. Or do you have an alternative story? Share it!
          1. Ogienko
            Ogienko 15 November 2017 15: 09
            You have an alternative story. There was not a large part, nor a smaller one. Everything that was included in the structure of the RSHA. Therefore, indeed, at least it is incorrect to talk about a non-existent organ throughout the report. For reporting with a claim to documentary, this is unacceptable.
            1. Sergey Efimov
              Sergey Efimov 26 November 2017 08: 43
              Nothing Canaris executed? Or is he not part of the Abwehr?
              And, if I’m not mistaken, not only Canaris banged - what part? ...
      2. Ogienko
        Ogienko 15 November 2017 15: 02
        No, the report talks about Goering. Which way does not matter, but Abwehr as an independent unit at that time no longer existed.
        1. Sergey Efimov
          Sergey Efimov 26 November 2017 08: 51
          If we are talking about a plate on the door, then yes, it was changed, but the same people did the same regardless of the inscription on the fence ...
          1. Ogienko
            Ogienko 28 November 2017 11: 55
            I recommend to be more careful. I repeat. This plot is positioned as a documentary, which is why such inaccuracies are unacceptable. This is roughly the same if you shoot a report about some special operation in the first Chechen campaign (or earlier) and attach the KGB here.
            1. Sergey Efimov
              Sergey Efimov 4 December 2017 20: 47
              Well, if the operation was carried out by Vympel, then at least the FSB, at least the KGB - there is no difference - everyone knows that this is one and the same ...
  4. serge siberian
    serge siberian 14 November 2017 17: 41
    How many pages have not yet been opened in the Second World War. A very interesting program. And there were probably dozens and dozens of similar operations, large and small, successful and failed. Indeed, each of them was attended by people, our Soviet people.
  5. Gomel
    Gomel 15 November 2017 11: 05
    Thank you, interesting report
  6. legionnaire78
    legionnaire78 15 November 2017 19: 31
    No wonder Soviet intelligence and counterintelligence are rightfully considered the best in the world.
    1. Vania
      Vania 19 November 2017 08: 43
      Not the best, but one of the best. I apologize.
      1. visitork67
        visitork67 30 December 2017 20: 35
        Well, you probably know who is the best. I do not ask forgiveness.
  7. Oilpartizan
    Oilpartizan 19 November 2017 15: 08
    The history of this operation of the NKVD is readily retold by the "Chekists" so far.
    The Germans’s natural desire to help their soldiers and officers, even now surrounded by Russians, is bewildering, since the political leadership of the USSR and the leadership of the Red Army did not have this natural desire throughout the war, and especially in its first months, with the grandest “bags” and “boilers” in which the Red Warriors suffered losses killed and wounded by orders of magnitude superior to all losses of the German Armed Forces from 1939 to 1945. The history of WW2 in the USSR is generally not known for examples of the long-term supply of encircled Soviet troops, the removal of the wounded and subsequent release.
    The ugly practice of the Red Army command to destroy their own soldiers in encirclement and captivity was based on Stalin's political declaration that there could be no prisoners in the Red Army. Nevertheless, there were more than 5 million of them - almost the entire personnel force. Example 000 of the Shock Army is bright and not the only one.
    The Germans cherished their soldiers, the facts of the existence of completely isolated Demyansk, Chira, Rivne, etc. "fortresses", whose troops were supplied to fulfill the role of barriers for the withdrawal of the main forces, and in the case of Demyanskiy as a bridgehead for the offensive, speak for themselves.
    Soviet historiography of the loss of Germans in similar environments has always been overstated, and even the famous Stalingrad cauldron has not passed this cup. German losses in various historical works of different times were estimated at 300 or 000, and now this figure has been fixed at around 220.
    But the losses of the USSR from 20 of the Soviet period increased to 000 of the modern period.
    Therefore, I agree with the host - total secrecy will not allow to declassify most documents about 2MB in the USSR.
    Because if this happened, any well-known heroic military episode from Soviet history would have been diametrically opposed and losses of 29 million would also have been adjusted upwards.
    By the way, the current law of the Russian Federation on military secrets is a direct legacy of a Soviet law designed to hide its military losses.

    Because 2
  8. Svist
    Svist 20 November 2017 17: 54
    +5 000 000 XNUMX million?!
    Even an unrealistic figure, remove the Zeros, if you continued in words ...
    1. Oilpartizan
      Oilpartizan 24 November 2017 10: 18
      All right.
      Five million with a tail.
      Teach materiel.
  9. Torins
    Torins 18 December 2017 18: 06
    Quote: Oilpartizan
    But the losses of the USSR from 20 of the Soviet period increased to 000 of the modern period.

    And here shame is more likely to Germany. In tiny Belarus alone, the Germans shot, burned in furnaces and tortured every way 2.5 million civilians. Sorry, but the USSR in Germany did not strangle Germans in gas chambers, and did not burn them in crematoria. If the Soviet army acted in the same way as the German army, then Germany would have been gone a long time ago.
    1. Romka47
      Romka47 19 December 2017 13: 23
      And it should not have been! Churchill proposed not to leave Germany as a state at all, and only Comrade Stalin insisted that this be the country and people.
  10. Torins
    Torins 24 December 2017 20: 51
    Quote: Romka47
    And it should not have been! Churchill proposed not to leave Germany as a state at all, and only Comrade Stalin insisted that this be the country and people.

    They wanted to eliminate the USSR as a state. We are still raking the consequences of his Wishlist ...