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The Ministry of Defense told about the supply of equipment in the Strategic Missile Forces

More than 30-ti modern machines entered the re-equipped connections of the Strategic Missile Forces in 2017, reports RIA News message of the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense told about the supply of equipment in the Strategic Missile Forces
APC-14KM, automatic filling station

In 2017, the number of deliveries from enterprises of the industry of the new special equipment of the RCBZ troops doubled in order to equip the reconstructed RVSN units. More than 30 of modern ARS-14KM and РХМ-6 machines arrived in five re-equipped missile formations. This is a record number of vehicles for the RCBZ Strategic Missile Forces units over the past five years,
says release.

As explained in the department, “ARS-14KM is a new generation car filling station designed for degassing, decontaminating and disinfecting weapons and military equipment, certain sections of terrain and roads, as well as for temporary storage and transportation of water and degassing solutions, creating aerosol curtains” .

The RHM-6 is intended for conducting radiation, chemical and biological (RCB) reconnaissance and ensures the transfer of data to an automated troop control system. "The use of PXM-6 allows you to receive real-time information about RCB and meteorological conditions with its display on an interactive map, as well as monitor the chemical situation in the area where the troops are stationed and promptly notify them of the use of chemical weapons," the press added. service.
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  1. Shura Perm
    Shura Perm 13 November 2017 11: 39
    30 cars ... not enough
  2. andr327
    andr327 13 November 2017 16: 42
    missilemen have an acute shortage of "neutral" vehicles, which are very necessary, especially given the current state of constant duty of new mobile complexes in the field. Veterans of 8Т311 are very old and remember how they put the Pioneers on duty.
    So 30 pieces, even if only the ARS-14KM, is not even enough for one division!