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Project "ZZ". The world, intimidated by Russia. The collapse of Russia will solve all the problems of the world

Former people of the CIA and the National Intelligence of the United States are convinced: Vladimir Putin intimidated Donald Trump. In major American publications, they write about Putin’s outstanding “trolling” aimed at the entire West. Some European experts have suggested that Russia is not a modern state, and its disintegration would contribute to the formation of truly liberal states on the ruins of an “empire”.

Screenshot video frame: CNN

Eli Watkins on TV CNN told how two former American intelligence executives, James Klapper (ex-National Intelligence boss) and John Brennan (former CIA director), were unflattering about Mr. Trump.

James Klapper has no doubt that President Trump is played like a puppet, "both Chinese and Russians." At least, both those and others are sure that they are doing so.

Where did such harsh statements come from? It turns out, reminds CNN, over the weekend, Mr. Trump "ambiguously" responded to the "interference" of Russia, thereby belittling former officers of the American intelligence services.

In response, two former intelligence leaders turned against the president. It happened on Sunday, when Trump was still considered a hot topic of conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Former National Intelligence director James Klapper said that Mr. Trump's understatement of the threat of Russia's interference in last year’s elections is dangerous for the US national security and allows countries like Russia and China to “play the game.” In turn, former CIA director John Brennan said that Trump gives Putin the opportunity to shirk responsibility.

Speaking in a transmission with Brennan, Mr. Klapper said: “The threat created by Russia, as John noted, is both clear and obvious. The attempt to portray it in any other way, I think, is striking, and in fact represents a danger to this country ”[for the USA].

Brennan also noted that Trump actually "gave Putin a pass." And after Russia, other states can now also “shake” Mr. Trump.

Clapper agrees. He said that not only Russians, but also the Chinese believe that they can "beat him" [Trump].

It is quite easy to beat him: you just need to flatter. In addition, Mr. Brennan is convinced that Putin’s obvious success with Trump is due to intimidation: the current US president may be “intimidated” by Putin. “This is either naivety, or ignorance, or fear, judging from the point of view of what Mr. Trump is doing towards the Russians,” commented the situation with the “intimidated” American president D. Brennan.

Regarding Trump’s claims to US intelligence, Brennan views Trump’s attack as an attempt to undermine the credibility of the intelligence community. Clapper in this regard said that he now knows much more about the "indirect issues" concerning the potential ties between Trump's partners and the Russians.

If the former people of the CIA and the National Intelligence Service of the United States are convinced that Putin intimidated Trump, other observers tell how Putin “troll” the whole West.

Photo Shoot:

Leonid Bershidsky's article “Not Just a Tactic” Bloomberg View.

Putin’s “trolling” journalist considers “not just a tactic.” Intervention in the Western elections looks like a mistake, but in reality it is an episode of the “dark and long game of a loner”.

A few days ago, the White House insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Friday, it was announced that President Donald Trump would not officially meet with him at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Vietnam, although the Kremlin has repeatedly said that such a meeting would take place. It is clear that the dialogue between the United States and Russia has broken even more. Maybe Putin made some kind of strategic mistake? Smart people say yes, the browser indicates.

Leonid Bershidsky quotes the words of one such intelligent person. It is the former President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves. “Tactically, this is a great job,” he said. - However, strategically, what they have done is a failure. They [Russians] managed to push away many of the largest states of the West, and these are the same countries in which they launder their money. ”

Marc Galeotti, “one of the most astute Western scholars” who write about modern Russia, brought out the same thought. If Putin himself was previously mistaken that his “campaign of hacks, disinformation, secret political donations and other gambits” would allow him to form a political agenda in the West, now he should think hard. "Putin’s horrible passion for subversion seems to be a poisonous product stories KGB, ”the expert believes. Its premises originate in the “nationalist anger” that was formed due to the “decline of the superpower” and the inability to promote the “Russian agenda” in the world in any other way. Therefore, Putin is pushing "his spies, trolls, diplomats and lobbyists" to the strategy of "divide and conquer." Putin’s team uses every opportunity to "divide, divert attention and destroy the West." But such a tactic, the scientist notes, leads to the transformation of Russia into an outcast.

Western experts on Russia “have been arguing for many years about Putin’s fort: strategy or tactics,” says a columnist. If you believe that a campaign is underway to create chaos and promote populist candidates for power in other countries, then Putin is a tactician.

However, Bershidsky himself is not so sure. In his opinion, the Russian leader tried to play two different long games.

During his first term as president, he tried to follow the rules of Pax Americana, striving for economic efficiency, forcing his government to increase production and to strive for the best places in international ratings. He even spoke about the possibility of Russia's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In the second term, Putin tried to put Russia “on an equal footing” in negotiations with the United States and the European powers. In those years, Russia received an unexpected bonus in the form of a rapid increase in world oil prices. This period ended with Putin’s speech in 2007 at the Munich Security Policy Conference, in which he accused the United States of excessive use of force in international relations. However, Putin "was still in partnership with the West": Russia participated in the G8 and waged a joint war against terrorism with the West.

Putin did not act erratically and unpredictably during most of his rule, the author believes. He is probably a far greater strategist than any Western leader of this era. He didn’t even have to worry about winning the election. And he was hardly "suddenly turned into an opportunistic tactic during his third term."

"It's just that his current game is a dark journey into the unknown, and it seems that from time to time he scares his subordinates - and, perhaps, scares Putin himself."

All that he has done “since the invasion of Crimea in 2014,” the observer considers “a chain of reactionary, opportunistic, ultimately erroneous steps”. He "captured the Crimea because he could capture"; he “provoked a separatism war in the east of Ukraine, because it was easy”; he “went to Syria because there was a vacuum”; he “conducted campaigns of propaganda and" active measures "in the UK, the USA and other western states, because they were not ready for this." Yes, Putin "influenced people and the results, but did not make friends - in fact, he seemed to create enemies at every turn."

Such, alas, is the third Putin’s supposed long play, concludes Bershidsky. Putin "does not believe that there is an opportunity for cooperation with the West." Putin’s demonstration is intended only "for the rest of the developing world." It is assumed that he "called on Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American countries to challenge the hegemony of the United States and to view the West as a colossus on clay feet." He has got fans in some places: for example, in the Philippines this is President Rodrigo Duterte. Putin’s demonstration of the “weaknesses of the West” may even work for China, who seems to have refused to continue liberalization.

The path of the “global troll, the world joker, the eternal pretender is the path of a loner,” the observer bitterly ironizes. The evolution of Putin’s views is “irreversible,” the journalist is convinced. Putin clearly finds that he is higher than Western opponents believe.

The best Western response to “Putin’s game” is proof that “democratic institutions are still working, that they still reflect what people want from the government.” And the West "can be an example and a moral compass for the developing world and ultimately for the Russians."

But in this field, both the United States and Great Britain are still defeated, Bershidsky is sure. Continental Europe "works better," although its flaws are obvious to the world. Putin’s strategy is to file the failures of the West "as an existential crisis." And in this Putin "does not necessarily lose."

How to be the West? One hope - the collapse of Russia!

Some experts suggest that Russia is not a modern state, and its disintegration would contribute to the formation of such states on the ruins of an “empire”.

“Russia's economic strength, as well as the political and military might associated with it, depend on the export of minerals. The country cannot offer anything more, - Vit Kucik writes in the Česká Pozice publication (the source is translated from Czech - "InoSMI"). “Therefore, the pipeline network plays a crucial role for Russia, and control over them guarantees Moscow the preservation of the integrity of the empire. If Moscow stops controlling them, then it will immediately lose power, and then the Russian Federation will fall into three types of regions. ”

These are the three types distinguished by the expert: 1) regions with mineral reserves that would get rich in mining and export, while the energy resources "would be sold based on criteria different from the current Kremlin principles"; 2) regions with a strategic position, competing for transit fees from the supply of minerals; 3) regions that would have to "buy minerals at market prices." This group includes, for example, Moscow.

In which case could Russia establish a long and honest cooperation with Europe, without being a potential threat to it? Here is the answer of Vita Kuchik: “Only then [I could have adjusted] when Moscow no longer needs centralism, which keeps the empire from falling apart. It is cruel, but logical. Russia will cease to be a threat only when it falls into smaller formations. The collapse of imperial centralism will allow successor countries to build a more efficient economy and depend less on mining, thereby stimulating economic growth. ”

Here and the tale is over, and who listened, that fellow.

* * *

Consequently, the West has the only way to get rid of the Russian "intimidation": to split an outdated "empire" into many "regions" that will compete with each other. The first in the competitive race for survival will be the raw materials territories and regions, the second - the transit ones, since the resources will go all the same to the West, the third and closing ones - those who have no minerals. Here, other analysts, as they say, sum up the base for Moscow, where power is now concentrated: Moscow simply does not have rich resources, as a result it will weaken. True, this territory will have a chance to “build a more efficient economy,” to a lesser extent dependent “on mining”. The Moscow region, apparently, will turn into some kind of special “country”, from where former Muscovites will run to other regions, richer. However, maybe they will not run, but they really build a “more efficient economy”. It will be built outside of oil, gas and other raw materials and beyond the question of increasing military power, since the latter hardly makes sense in a single conventional Muscovy.

Such a picture of the future, apparently, means the long-standing historical desire of a certain "friendship" between Europe and the USA with the Russians. The present Russia seems to the West to be very big!
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  1. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 13 November 2017 09: 35
    Russia can be split only from within. And only the government itself can do this, with its worthless domestic politics! Compradors, coupled with the oligarchs, death for our country!
    1. volodya
      volodya 13 November 2017 10: 36
      They mixed up one word. The collapse of the United States will solve all the problems of the world.!
      1. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 13 November 2017 13: 32
        And also the collapse of Europe, which is already underway.
      2. Alber
        Alber 14 November 2017 20: 12
        Quote: volodya
        They mixed up one word. The collapse of the United States will solve all the problems of the world.!

        Hmm ... If anyone knew how favorable for the whole world would be the collapse of americosia!
    2. Alber
      Alber 13 November 2017 13: 43
      Quote: andrej-shironov
      Russia can be split only from within. And only the government itself can do this, with its worthless domestic politics! Compradors, coupled with the oligarchs, death for our country!

      Not only possible, but already split more than once
    3. NordUral
      NordUral 13 November 2017 17: 35
      And the external is slowly sliding to the level of the internal. But the main thing is the situation in the country, which is very alarming. And the end and edge of this "ours" in power is not visible. Where is the united patriotic front with new and strong young opposition leaders from the Communist Party of Russia and other patriotic forces? So we sit on the fifth point and go into oblivion to the joy of the West?
      Are we so stupid that for a quarter century we can’t understand how we were divorced in the 80s and how they continue to breed now? It’s time to get smarter already!
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 13 November 2017 22: 43
        Quote: NordUral
        Are we so stupid that for a quarter century we can’t understand how we were divorced in the 80s and how they continue to breed now? It’s time to get smarter already!

        I don’t know about you, maybe there are certain difficulties in the logic, but don’t try to broadcast for everyone. The hedgehog understands that the problems that have plagued Russia in recent years are precisely due to the fact that Russia does not want to see itself as the Western Six and is consistently defending its interests, which “suddenly” ceased to coincide with those of the West.
        1. Romey
          Romey 17 November 2017 09: 46
          The problems that have piled on Russia in recent years are precisely due to the fact that Russia does not want to see itself in the role of the Western Six

          That is the problem. The Kremlin is only for domestic consumption trying to show the appearance of such a desire. But in reality, he did not take a single step for the real achievement of sovereignty, remaining the raw-material semi-colony of the West, headed by TsySi Putin and Lee HongChzhan Medvedev. Those, too, puffed out their cheeks and sincerely considered themselves to be Sunshine Megastrategs, rising from their knees ...
    4. Zmei53
      Zmei53 13 November 2017 17: 38
      Do not show your stupidity and inability to analyze the periods of collapse and recovery in the life of Russia!
      Read Wanga's predictions! Better no one has yet drawn conclusions.
    5. Vladimir Sh
      Vladimir Sh 13 November 2017 17: 49
      the only complaint against the current government in the field of domestic politics is that it is too soft towards outright anti-Russian agitation in the media and in the okrug.
      by the way, I think, and here the authorities know what they are doing - up to what point you can play democracy and when it is time for the Tiananmen to arrange propaganda for maydaun.
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker 13 November 2017 19: 02
        Quote: author
        ... Here and the tale is over, and whoever listened, well done ...

        "This is just a saying, a fairy tale is ahead... "V.V. Vysotsky.
        Tighter rhetoric of the powers that be of the West weeksthe political opposition is a sign of not so much annoyance and intolerance, but rather a clear reluctance to listen to the opinion of the leadership of the Russian Federation on many pressing issues of today (Ukraine, Syria, etc.).
        Today, the West is not embarrassed to switch (and in some places to the same) to the language of ultimatums - sanctions imposed and emerging, pressure on the sports leadership and NOC through the IOC and WADA, buildup of the NATO military grouping on the western pages, including the "duality" of missile defense systems in Poland and Romania, the accelerated creation of new ground-based RMD and RSD models.
        And again, the "maximum point" is brought under the Olympics in North Korea - "Oh sport, you are the world!" lol , with the subsequent transfer of the center of gravity to the presidential election in March 2018.
        And who do we see on the other side? The great politician of "all time and peoples" of the former Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves? To paraphrase Ilf and Petrov, "Ilves? This is the head!" laughing Immigrants from the Baltic region directly suffer from a “bear disease” when it comes to Russia. Rasmussen, Stoltenberg, the current Polish ministers from defense and foreign relations ...
        Everything would not be so sad if the prospects were not so gloomy ...
      2. Glen-99
        Glen-99 13 November 2017 20: 40
        Everything is exactly what is happening, everything is captured, everything is under control, hence the howl to the whole planet Putin ... Putin ... Putin, then the comrades are on the right path.
    6. zenith
      zenith 16 November 2017 12: 25
      Russia can be split up without a fictitious (very convenient for diverting a muddy eye) so-called 5 column. And fictitious - fake reports on the growth of the economy and a reduction in inflation and on how "everything is fine with us", with the general impoverishment of the population. It resembles a children's game - "but it doesn’t hurt me - the chicken is happy." Repetition ala of the socialist conquest of the world at the expense of their own people. These soap bubbles, like twin brothers, are only 27 years old between them. But I agree for the oligarchs, the new ones, who replaced Yeltsinsky, are probably "meaner."
  2. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 13 November 2017 09: 39
    How to be the West? One hope - the collapse of Russia!
    Some experts suggest that Russia is not a modern state, and its collapse would contribute to the formation of such states on the wreckage of the "empire" ...
    Therefore, the West has the only way to get rid of Russian “intimidation”: to split the non-modern “empire” into many “regions” ...

    As they say: - dreaming is not harmful, but it is sometimes very dangerous to realize dreams! yes After all, we have not only Gazprom ...
    1. ID90
      ID90 13 November 2017 13: 06
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      After all, we have not only Gazprom ...

      do you have Gazprom
    2. Berkut752
      Berkut752 13 November 2017 13: 38
      Sergey-svs, I envy you, you have Gazprom, but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations ..................
      1. Grandfather
        Grandfather 13 November 2017 13: 40
        Quote: Berkut752
        Sergey-svs, I envy you, you have Gazprom, but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations ..................

        not true! Gazprom is a "national" asset! wassat
      2. Sergey-svs
        Sergey-svs 13 November 2017 13: 47
        Quote: Berkut752
        Sergey-svs, I envy you, you have Gazprom, but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations ..................

        I'm sorry .... but you hold on! lol
        1. ID90
          ID90 13 November 2017 18: 24
          Quote: Sergey-svs
          Quote: Berkut752
          Sergey-svs, I envy you, you have Gazprom, but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations ..................

          I'm sorry .... but you hold on! lol

      3. Orionvit
        Orionvit 13 November 2017 15: 26
        Quote: Berkut752
        but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations.

        Return to earth and please show me at least one country where people have no duties and debts? Just in the most developed economically and socially (states and Europe), this "good" is the most. The whole question is the number of duties, debts and their balance. And I’ll tell you honestly, Russia, this is not the last place in this regard.
        1. Glen-99
          Glen-99 13 November 2017 20: 43
          OK, that's exactly it.
      4. 97110
        97110 13 November 2017 16: 03
        Quote: Berkut752
        but the rest of the citizens of Russia have only debts and obligations

        Well, not only that. There is also the right to vote on a single day for one of the proposed lists / candidates. And thus influence the thoughts of the leaders of the Party and Government of the EP.
      5. aleksander.kalabanov. 2015
        aleksander.kalabanov. 2015 16 November 2017 23: 27
        Comrade Berkut - there is such a happy island called Chung Chang, of course Russia is still far from it, rejoice.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. pvs512
      pvs512 13 November 2017 15: 46
      Sergey-svs, level picture +100500. I can not copy, some stupid .webp format
      1. Navigator Basov
        Navigator Basov 13 November 2017 17: 49
        What is your browser (mobile, as I understand it), this is the picture format.
    5. -Barbarian-
      -Barbarian- 13 November 2017 18: 31
      After all, we have not only Gazprom ...

      You have nothing! You probably forgot that we are not a country of people, but a country of capitalists ... and all your hopes that someone will press a button to punish someone is naive to the extreme. If the capitalists really set a goal to ruin the country. then it will be enough for them to "chip in" to buy this "elite" that controls the button ... and that's it ... Because the capitalist will always agree with the capitalist (even with such undercapitalists as ours). And here are your hopes, as well as many here. that we are “still awesome” and will be able to prove something to someone - scaring Okrug with a “big club”, and not with our achievements and innovations, which, like a locomotive, could drag the country forward, come out ridiculous at all ... True, this laugh through tears.
      Before thinking about threats from the outside, look around and you will see that the strength of the current country is based on the remnants of the greatness of the past Country, whose successes are shown only as episodic breakthroughs ..., and this suggests that. that the current "government" does not have a Project, and so ... small "gesheft". And in the case of Trouble, our capitalists, like any other, will defend their OWN, not yours ... But you, of course, can dream ... That they will protect and that the country is on the rise. The main thing is to repeat more often ... like a mantra or a prayer ..., AVOS will come true!
      As one Farmer said: "It’s scary not that the country is in the ass, it’s scary that it settles down there."
      1. Vladimir Sh
        Vladimir Sh 13 November 2017 19: 15
        it was always interesting where the opinion came from that for some reason the button was entrusted to control some kind of miller or chubais. how ridiculous it is so widespread this nonsense.
        and the people themselves wiped the picture with it in the 91st. however, they weren’t allowed to wipe it up to the holes, it was lucky - the smart man came to power and changed his course to scrapping the country in the 99th for development. and now the state has manned space and atomic icebreakers and nuclear power plants and its meat we eat and bread and troops and protect the country.
        1. -Barbarian-
          -Barbarian- 13 November 2017 20: 01
          He laughed ... I don’t even know how you can read it .. Chubais was remembered here ... It was about the “smart” and his environment, but apparently I don’t want to see that the fantasies became stable. What the fuck is your meat? I'm from the store - meat from Brazil ...
          Three frayers in one grove wiped. The breakdown was stopped only when they began to threaten the top, and before that, they had not just climbed under the T-shirt to the West ... they tried so hard, so ...
          Space ... where did it come from? And it is manned ... !!! We are cabbies that carry other people's cargoes, and that often cannot be delivered .... to see the production culture is lame .. Icebreakers are even more fun. How many built in 30 years?
          You are right with the latter! There are troops, only who will be defended more by the town. or the capital? Recently I heard about a team on the 2,5000 km border in the taiga ....
          Have fun ... thanks!
          1. Vladimir Sh
            Vladimir Sh 13 November 2017 20: 46
            yes laughter is good. three fraers wouldn’t have worn themselves if the “great builders of communism”, for the sake of jeans and chewing gum with yells from Yeltsin, didn’t jump at first with merry fillies. the truth is, I see that you already ate enough chewing gum and after 26 years you were drawn to nostalgia and oh, you would have shown everyone if you hadn’t been talking about everything ... loved after 26 years, but having understood that life was a bit unsuccessful, you remembered that everything around is common and in the spirit of the unforgettable ballik decided to share. but you kind of got your chewing gum already. there, by the way, Sharikova didn’t end very much in the sense for Sharikov. but for a ball of norms.
            and why do I need a ship withdrawal schedule. any vessels that have developed a resource are decommissioned. it is strange that it surprises you. you better schedule how many ships were introduced during your drunk fight and how many are brought under Putin now (how many were built? one was built during the fight and emnip 10 for the last 17 years of icebreakers entered our fleet with diesel counting essno and now how many are being built). But the struggle got a country with industrial potential as it is now, and gave it to Putin half as much, while Putin’s got it on the contrary. and in the 99th year in our agriculture so much was being produced that the whole country ate the legs of the bush and somehow the quantity miraculously tripled in 17 years and we ourselves would feed anyone with these legs. from Brazil probably began to actively carry yep)
            Space hasn’t come from anywhere. we always had it. before your struggle to ruin him in the 90s. More precisely could not. “often” he “cannot deliver”. Well, it’s a pity that you often do not succeed, but Russia often does. and the number of accidents is comparable to the usa. and yes manned, really bad yes ?. and by the way, in addition to the terrible export, we also sell engines. completely slipped .... usa)
            and our Government does not have projects, some bridges, stadiums, an airport, factories, railways and roads, pipelines, etc. are being built, but alas, there are no projects. . Yeltsin had a project. sell everything, scrapped it, get cancer in the US Congress, repent, bring a pension up to 2 bucks in the 93rd year, and piss the airplane wheel after learning about the bombing of Serbia in protest. a true, complete communist, the pinnacle of the development of the exemplary leadership of a people's country and a worthy ruler of a great power. not like the current one.
            have fun please)
            1. -Barbarian-
              -Barbarian- 13 November 2017 23: 01
              Well, I’m saying that a funny person has come across! With what fright did you decide to attribute me to Yeltsin? I didn’t bring anything down with him, and at that time I did not see chewing gum very often. I studied at school, graduated more precisely. And not nostalgic for 90-00. So why did my fight become?
              Judging by your words and a detailed listing of the "achievements of 90's," you experienced all this in your own experience, if you reproduce it in such detail. So there is another question: who and what "" in life. But this is lyrics.
              In 90 - I remember, in terms of TV frames, there were several thousand people near the database. who shouted "a struggle for the kingdom", so say thank you to them, I didn’t ruin the country. It was not that age. So trolling here is not appropriate on your part.
              I repeat, the meat in the store is from Brazil, and in this case, it is somehow strange to hear that it is not there, but instead of it domestic .. Well, apparently, you have a different store ... :) Although, to be extremely honest , domestic imported from Tyumen, but for some reason it is always more expensive ...
              I don’t understand about space ... Successful development (at least near-Earth space, I’m silent about the moon and Mars) I need to evaluate according to ACCIDENTS with our enemies ?! Having fun in your life position. Straight breathed optimism! Oh well! Why do we need success, we need to be on a par with the same scammers !!!! Class. And yes, soon. judging by the fuss in the Duma, they want to stop trading Soviet engines for the United States ... it will be a BREAK of manned space! It doesn’t work with our cosmoflot always deliver cargo on Soviet ships, where the technology has been worked out for decades, and .... in theory, there should be 100% success, and not parity for accidents !!!!
              I liked the projects too. We have a megaproject - the Zenith Arena. How much dough did they kill him? and how many people sat down for theft? do not tell me?
              And so, well, it’s so necessary for us to have the most expensive stadium in the world, mind you. not a factory, but just a place of amusement, where our worthless footballers will earn by llama per month !!!! Here's how to raise the economy! What can I say, the authorities need people like you - blindly believers. Although the same guarantor, I remember strongly scolding these builders ... and lo and behold! none of them were hurt ... because their friends are capitalists ...
              I have a feeling that you live in a metropolis, everything is perceived differently, let's say ... on the go .... Take your time, you need to think more, and not just talk about bridges and airports ... Anyone, before starting to do something, calculates costs and minimizes them, and our government loves extremes ... Either hit everyone (having forgiven ALL debts) or "there is no money, but you hold on!" Such is the disease.
              For example, let me remind you of the bridge that was built for the APEC summit in the Far East several years ago. Time has passed a little, now this bridge needs to be restored already ... How to work! Build temporarily! Dump the dough, and then earn on the eternal repair ..
              The same story will be with Vostochny, where there are scandals and loss of money, rather than construction ...
              About railway too famously said. The last branch, like the Crimean bridge, arose because of the exceptional squint of our leaders .... So, “pro ... love” Ukraine still had to try to spend, well, absolutely no extra money from the budget, on “nenki” workarounds. Jumbled in childhood looked about a guy. which 7 once measured and CHAIR built, which of course is a Thing !. but some with a catch ...
              Oh yes ... a related topic is pipelines. Do not tell me, and with what fright decided to build here and bypass branches? If you say that to increase profits, it is better to see News with Kiselev. He will not even tell you that.
              My nostalgia, as you put it, is not about the past (although partially it is), but only the realization that the path chosen by the Russian Federation does not lead to prosperity, but to the abyss. I’ll try to explain. Capitalism has received and is making profit, and accordingly develops only when there is someone to "eat". But here we have one ball! And if everyone will eat each other, then no one will be left ... This is the philosophy of this "virus".
              And all that you have listed, for example, by tripling domestic "milk yields", then you would have to dig deeper and find out about Putin’s stupidity with joining the WTO, where we had only a short period for the development of our agricultural sector, but after that. .. - norms according to the rules of others. not yours. So the sanctions in this matter, this is good, a gift from heaven ... No wonder Putin asked not to cancel them. The situation is like in a fairy tale - did stupidity, so the other helped out ..., but the fact that everything rolls down the slope ... it does not bother anyone. This is sarcasm if you do not understand.
              1. Vladimir Sh
                Vladimir Sh 14 November 2017 04: 34
                Well, to be cheerful is much better than being a bile envious and offended by life. Let it be fun.
                And Yeltsin is your everything. Do you contrast the successes of the USSR with modern Russia? And the final of the USSR is Boris Yeltsin. Therefore, in the picture you should have beggars of the 90s selling garbage from the ground so that you do not die of hunger, a blizzard under a collapsed roof, a photograph of how troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant instead of the Dnieper hydroelectric station.

                If you like meat from Brazil so much and you can only eat it, then for God's sake the Russian people have been hunting for their pork and chicken for a long time, I don’t want to paste pictures on Google on the “growth of meat production in Russia chart”.

                And in accidents you began to talk about space. what do you think it turned out that most of these accidents already. Those. you lied corny. And you need to compare like with like. Those. in comparing the number of accidents, the two leading space powers have nothing to be ashamed of.

                Two holes on the bridge to Russky Island strained? Well, right there would be no bridge there would be no pits. The beauty. And what is the problem with Oriental? Our full spaceport. Are we a space power or where? Let me remind you that due to the clever policy of the USSR, Baikonur has Kazakhstan. And we have built and are building and will build. And you continue to be proud of DeproGES which only 90 years ago began to build.

                And the railway branch and the Crimean bridge and pipelines are absolutely necessary things. It is not possible to use the territory of the gadyushnik called Ukraine. Thanks again to the communists who nurtured Russophobian Ukrainian Nazism. And it is quite possible tomorrow there will be a radioactive desert and you ask "pipelines" to bypass why? amazing Yes, even if it doesn’t, a state should not get a dime. Or here the Ukrainian fascists hate Russia and Russians again, Putin is to blame. Cancer did not get up and did not bring the country to its knees in front of the American Six. He should have been glad to go and repent as your Yeltsin went to Congress.

                The chosen path is the path of a normal person. When a country in 17 years received such an impetus of development that it did not receive at least 60 years, and when life expectancy was a record for all time and people began to earn money since they never earned it, believe me, it’s not at all scary. This is even good. And when the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station is opposed to this in 1932, the capture of Berlin of 1945 and the flight of Gagarin of 1961 is a strong argument. Not a whole Dnieper. Well it is necessary. It is true that everyday life without any Dneproges Crimea was provided at the same power in passing. But without Dneproges it’s not that. But for 61 years he is somehow far away. And then what happened? We do not plow, we do not sow, we do not build, we are proud of the social system. That’s your whole philosophy. The ball to eat the abyss)

                The tripling of domestic milk production is the work of people who live in this country and who develop it. And if in 17 years they began to work three times more efficiently and earn an order of magnitude more, this is not a reason for irony but a reason for pride. They may have entered the WTO in vain, but any decision must be evaluated from the position of the time of the decision. And there are no sinless people. And meat production doubled with the WTO or without the WTO and the GDP has tripled and this is the result and performance assessment. And still for 17 years our star-striped wouldn’t roll so down so something “friends”. Apparently they take care of us. This is not sarcasm if you do not understand. Just a good mood cheerful person)
                PS. And yes, I will definitely now watch Kisilev, thanks for the advice. A man with a picture about Dneproges and a combine criticizes Russian television for allegedly propaganda. where to roll the world)
                1. -Barbarian-
                  -Barbarian- 14 November 2017 19: 55
                  Actually, I had fun with you, how did you manage to swap places ?!
                  And since you got personal, and even straight in series, then I recall “Iuppiter iratus ergo nefas”. Well, God be a judge to you, although they would be there, they would answer for insults .. you didn’t run into you, they just showed the world from its other side ...
                  You are in vain torn here, trying to attach a fight to me. Your logic is flawed if only because you did not hear any joy or words of support about it from me. But the fact that you use the "latest American know-how" to conduct a conversation by constantly repeating one thesis, but without giving any reason ... does not show you in the best light.
                  And the attempt to identify the struggle with the USSR seems ridiculous at all, since "it" has divided our homeland with you ... Although I already doubt that the USSR means anything to you. As the picture is straight (I'm talking about the inscription).
                  For meat, you still do not understand. The point is to talk about the growth of domestic meat, since it costs more than imported meat. It doesn’t get to everyone on the table, as it became EXPENSIVELY (just taking up import niches with which the government is struggling). Import niches and other products also occupied, simply because the competitors left, and if so, it was not a sin to raise prices, although earlier the only thing they took a domestic product was at low prices in order to somehow compete. Capitalism in action ..
                  About icebreakers. I missed this point in the last post. What I showed is an active icebreaking atomic flotilla. So to speak, the top of the cake, where all 2 workers and 2 conditionally live their lives. Diesel ships are built simply for poverty, because there is no money for an atom.
                  About space. Consider the successes (or rather, the efficiency) that should replace the failures of the space fleet, and do not compare the failures as parity with the enemy-scammer, then the meaning will appear. And I said
                  We are cabmen who carry other people's cargoes, and that often cannot be delivered .... to see the production culture is limping ..
                  but you’ve already talked about accident parity, so don’t shift from a sick head to a healthy one. Here you are lying ..
                  About the roads - it’s not the pit that bothers me, but the system that is profitable to make a marriage to then have a stable gesheft from repair. In the same usa, roads have not been repaired for years, they muffle from time to time, and we have ANNUAL REPAIR. Can you imagine how much money flows into the void ?! Although what I'm talking about, you have pink glasses with large diopters (just kidding).
                  Baikonur was built in the USSR where it was cheaper to put ships into orbit, and I remind you that at that time no one even had dreams about dividing our Homeland, but "your" struggle "fell in love with the country." By the way, I was born in the Ukrainian SSR and mine is here, judging by your logic, there should be at least Kravchuk, but certainly not a fight. Here he is closer to you, since you are only talking about him ...
                  You’d better talk more carefully about the Communists, since if there weren’t them, then 90% of the people would be a dumb mass without any options for success. It’s shitty that they somehow somehow miss it all the time, to see the horizons it is more like comparing the present with .. invented (with a pleasant picture and a nice eye and soul) ...
                  We have been living under capitalism for more than twenty years. Do you have your own yacht, palace and maids? If so, then you are undoubtedly a thief, and I fully understand your anti-Soviet attitude. So, like you, in the USSR there was a road to Kolyma or the last few meters along a tiled corridor. If not, then you have the last Soviet “flaw” - the hope of a miracle. Therefore, you are so zealous and defend Putin, but I here on the facts show the results of their work, which are not very encouraging. But apparently Kiselev explained everything correctly and you are calm.
                  Talk about GDP, too. The government is playing the numbers, here they are hammering you absolute figures, instead of trends. Evaluate where we are heading ... And this is the RESULT of the activities of the "elites".
                  The chosen path is the path of a sick person! We have so famously abandoned the designs and deeds of fathers and grandfathers, who built the future for their descendants, that your praise of the current "figures" smacks of betrayal, which grandfathers will not be able to answer! It is meanness and cowardice to do so. But what do you want from their aspirations, there’s an “opportunity to have a drink” (moreover, it is an opportunity, not a firm guarantee) and for the sake of it, everything that has been accumulated by the older generations is extinguished.
                  About making big money I especially liked it. This is a matter of comparison. With whom? Here on the same "Nenko" has its own gradation of success, and in England its own level. And this is the current moment that you can feel, and what you appeal to (to the past 90s) is called juggling the facts, since in the USSR the same GDP was higher (and there were more people in the country, and not as it is now) - it's all called the low base effect, which is beneficial to show the crowd. So watch more TV. There they will tell you HOW to see the world. And it is very unfortunate that you do not see this propaganda and the closure of existing problems. As I said earlier:
                  The main thing is to repeat more often ... like a mantra or a prayer ..., AVOS will come true!
                  1. Vladimir Sh
                    Vladimir Sh 15 November 2017 10: 18
                    Quote: -Barbar-
                    Actually, I had fun with you, how did you manage to swap places ?!

                    your fun is your fun. and mine is mine. let's not mix. I am in a good mood from the successes of my country and you have a reason to build the Dnieper in 1932.

                    and I didn’t get personal, anyway I tried. if you see it where it is possible the problem is in you. and to answer this we are always with great pleasure. it is not only easy and pleasant to speak the truth, but the Russian people were never ashamed of it.
                    and Yeltsin’s struggle is yours as it’s the finale of what you hung up the pictures about. and where you were born the tenth matter. the result of the USSR about which you found 5 pictures, i.e. his final in kind is the struggle between Yeltsin and the life of Russia from 91 to 99. And Dneproges is 32 last year. By the way, you lost it by losing somewhere in the territory of Bandera. so forget about it. not him anymore. your final Dneproges is a drunken fight leading the orchestra, the ruins around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan to the orchestra and a rusty snowstorm under the collapsed roof of the hangar instead of gagarin. these pictures are put together in a heap, write what you want below and sit think why you need it and for what you are agitating here.

                    I still haven’t understood you for meat. if before we ate someone else's meat and now we eat our own, why are you going broke that is bad? to double meat production and provide them with their own country is bad news only for the enemy of the country.
                    it’s just as simple with icebreakers - if we hadn’t produced them before and for the last 17 years we have been producing both atomic and diesel ones, then your minus sign is again not clear. and you generally drown for what country? Well, except for the USSR sample 32 years?)
                    And the fact that the roads are being repaired is normal. That's when they are not repaired as in a fight and there are no roads, this is not normal. And when there are roads, you can also drive along them, and you can drive quite well, since they are also being repaired, this is wonderful. However, if this does not suit you, move along forest paths. And the system of scammers is just the USSR. There whole plants for the production of marriage were not only expensive. You did not find those times simply. It now made the marriage punished itself and then made the marriage and received the Lenin Prize was in the order of things. There was such a system)

                    About space and successes do not need demagogy. we had a conversation dragging on. You started by accusing Roskosmos of having half of the unsuccessful launches, which I objected to, that you are corny lying and the proportion of unsuccessful launches does not exceed the global value. Now you are trying to move out of your lies, starting to conduct demagogy about some successes and calling the whole world a scammers. not serious.
                    Baikonur in the USSR not only built but also lost the same Baikonur of the same USSR along with the Kazakh SSR. That’s when East Russia will lose something you will say. In the meantime, the Russia-USSR score is 1-0. Eastern Russia built and did not lose, but the Baikonur USSR built and lost.
                    About both the Communists and the commies, I will say whatever I see fit. By the way, I didn’t say anything bad. Only the truth.

                    About GDP nothing amusing, I'm not just saying facts. It has grown 2.5 times during the reign of GDP. and yes on your chart when you fight your column below so this is bad - the country's economy is falling. and with GDP, the columns are at the top. it’s good - the country's economy is growing.
                    And GDP is now higher than it was under the USSR. And the standard of living of the population is now so higher a couple of times for sure than in the most successful years of the USSR. Well this is considered easy. So yes. The fact that people now earn more money and live better is not only you but also the Russian people like it. Presidential support, where do you think?)
                    And with England, America can be compared once you are so jarred by a comparison with the republics of the former USSR with which we started under relatively identical conditions, however, for the sake of objectivity, our conditions were many times worse. In the USA, in 99, the average salary was 2.5 thousand bucks. In Russia, 56 bucks. Now there are 3 thousand bucks. we have 650.
                    It was 50 times less, it became 5 times less. Well, if this is the case, and our country will continue to slide into the abyss, then after 17 years somewhere in the "abyss" our salaries will be 2 times more than in the United States. hahaha)
                    And the fact that your people of the USSR lost in the end so whose fault is it?) Yes, and is it so bad. Now, how do you look at what has grown out of this "lost people" and it’s even joyful that there is a border between me and them and that it does not live in my country.
                    And again - the advice to watch TV from a person who is brandishing a demotivator with a tractor, virgin soil and Dneproges looks convincing. If you advise viewing the box again 50 I will even think about it.
                    And so yes. The economy is three times, production is two, agriculture is two and a half, wages are eight times ... increased. Catastrophe. the country is heading into the abyss)))
                    1. -Barbarian-
                      -Barbarian- 4 December 2017 15: 37
                      Of course, I guessed, but now I was convinced. Propaganda works well for us. And you are vivid confirmation of this, unfortunately. Your mantras about success are worthless, because the words are worthless, except for some strange conviction that "everything is fine with us, since they don’t show Bad TV on TV." I also get confirmation that the logic is also somehow not so hot. You’re “wooing” me a fight, or you are telling fairy tales in space. From your ideas about the economy and - I was so completely stunned.
                      About space - tell me that there AGAIN exploded and did not fly from the East, huh? So I will tell you - again the cab driver did not deliver the goods. The efficiency of the cosmodrome and the space industry is awful! But you believe that all is well! The main thing is that rockets fall in places of enemies ... It's so nice to look at the world through pink glasses!
                      Sanctions have not been lifted from Russia, oil remains at the level of 45% of 2014 prices of the year, the currency began to flow into the economy a miserable stream, to sell us something more advanced (machine tools, turbines, etc.) than nobody wants expensive cars, " tourism "blew over the hill, Russians acutely feel the crisis, saving on food, but the authorities have already declared that since November 2016, the country's economic situation has begun to change, and the country has begun to grow weakly, claiming (or rather repeating as a mantra) that sanctions only benefited us. They became the incentive for the development of the economy. This is what kind of world we live in, what sanctions began to HELP ?! Look at the Results !!!
                      Television propaganda has long convinced people like you that the economic crisis has been overcome, and we should thank our wise supreme leader, brilliant managers from the Central Bank and no less talented government for that. In fact, the "mantra of power" has nothing to do with reality and only serves to divert people's attention from the real situation in the country ...
                      Construction in the volume of commissioned space has fallen. The huge gap between the commodity and production economies suggests that the trend for economic recovery is determined only by the current situation - energy prices and money, which poured into the state defense order. And these are the only points of growth, the rest of the economy either stagnates or declines. Moreover, according to the latest data, the state order has already been decided to cut down for the next years.
                      The budget deficit was reduced due to slightly more expensive oil, but at the moment it is more than 550 billion rubles and is growing. It is obvious that the authorities will once again be forced to close this hole with the help of the reserve fund (which, according to the plans of the Ministry of Finance, will dry up this year) and the National Welfare Fund, if the oil prices continue to fall, the deficit threatens to grow significantly and bring the key moment of exhaustion of financial reserves closer bourgeois state. In manufacturing industry, Russia now produces at 2,5% less production than 3,5 a year ago. And if in 2013 the share of imports in the Russian economy reached 90% for some product groups, then it is logical that with a decrease in manufacturing products, import dependence did not decrease, but only increased. The main factors in the growth of entrepreneurial activity - affordable loans and predictable business conditions no longer work. In fact, the rate is 18,75% per annum. With such rates, we will not build a new economy and we will drive through the old one, because the business doesn’t have such profitability in order to cut the stake and still earn a living. Things are even more tragic in the sphere of services and real incomes of the population - retail turnover has been falling for more than 2,5 years, which is a record indicator since the 1990 years and indicates that the crisis continues to directly affect the lives of wide sections of the population. In “flourishing” agriculture thanks to anti-sanctions, the slowest production growth in 2 of the year is observed — only 0,7%, instead of the previous 2-3%. The illusion of the prosperity of our economy is largely ensured by the undervaluation of the ruble. Artificial understatement creates, according to the authorities, competitive advantages, however, this leads to higher prices and inhibits the growth of labor productivity. Indeed, a weak currency, supporting labor-intensive traded sectors, thereby “subsidizes” industries with low labor productivity at the expense of the rest of the economy. This preserves the structure of production, not allowing resources to move to more productive, labor-intensive or capital-intensive industries. I translate - we will not have other growth points except for the sale of raw materials and arms trade. And all this "holiday of life" is due to the deliberate decline in the welfare of the population. Those. US! And a little later we will become even poorer.
                      And before that, the Pension Fund, the National Heritage Fund and the reserve fund have dispossessed ...) but you probably don’t care, you will live forever and not need anything :) By the way, the question is purely from everyday practice - when do you get it "capsules" and give out debts, eh? Probably, like everyone else - when it becomes difficult, our “elite” one sensed how the scribe began to row to them at the door. Our common money for plugging holes began.
                      In addition, the Central Bank and financial authorities continue the disastrous policy of attracting foreign currency into the country by selling debt bonds to global financial speculators. Enemies, for example, are not prevented from exiting Russian assets at any time, and any change in the political or economic situation can become the starter of such a scenario (which, in fact, is being pushed by the West starting with the Munich speech). The sale of Russian assets will be followed by a sharp collapse of the ruble exchange rate, which will immediately affect all citizens.
                      Now, attention, Question! Where did you see the rise and growth ??? If only in a dream, or on TV ... Therefore, your strange beliefs need at least adjustment, and to the maximum - you need to take a ride through the regions so that you can see where we are rolling with our eyes. Although I will say so - to your favorite fight (you are so scampering with it that it even scares :)) and the revelry of crime in the end, like in almost all fragments of the USSR, because we grew out of one garden and the mentality is everywhere us are the same. So get ready! By the way, the government has already begun to prepare for this - Nat. the guard has been created and is already working out the future dispersal of the Moscow Maidan. Strange truth ?! After all, everything is "growing" with us and there should be no reason for the disappointment of the people. But the authorities do not think so. Once again - look at the real situation, and stop wearing pink glasses.
      2. Glen-99
        Glen-99 13 November 2017 20: 52
        Of course, what gesheft from the Crimean Bridge or Vostochny cosmodrome or the construction of nuclear power plants around the world, when it was possible to arrange the production of smartphones and diapers, or else they got into Syria, what the hell did Syria do ?,.
  3. Nonna
    Nonna 13 November 2017 09: 50
    Wet dreams of Bershid and McCain about the collapse of Russia into specific principalities were not destined to come true. For centuries, the mainstay of Russia has always been a simple people, not a corrupt, offshore Kremlin power. And our army is flesh from the flesh of the people. I believe in my compatriots, in their strength, reason, will, love for their land and fatherly tombs.
  4. Loess
    Loess 13 November 2017 09: 54
    Some European experts suggest that Russia is not a modern state, and its collapse would contribute to the formation of truly liberal states on the wreckage of the “empire”.
    Personally, I believe that the collapse of the United States would contribute to ... hmm ... world peace)) And not only on the wreckage of the "empire."
  5. Nikolay73
    Nikolay73 13 November 2017 10: 42
    ... I don’t like John McCain, but I do not urge him to commit suicide, which would allow the worms in the cemetery to fertilize the land in which beautiful roses could be grown ... ... by the way, who is Bershidsky? I know Putin, Trump, I know, I don’t know Bershidsky, I don’t know ... ... and don’t tell me what to do so that I don’t tell you where to go ... ... by the way, are we the chapel too? I'm about Brexit ...
  6. Shadow of darkness
    Shadow of darkness 13 November 2017 10: 55
    From the article: it turns out that the existence of the West and Russia together is impossible. Two empires became crowded on the planet.
    PS ... And then the Creator thought about the fate of mankind: - "A dot or a comma?" he thought, looking into the open Book of Fates.
  7. Rey_ka
    Rey_ka 13 November 2017 10: 55
    I'm confused . If we are so terrifying and insidious and our henchmen on the role of leaders of all truly democratic countries. then where do such haters come from?
  8. andrewkor
    andrewkor 13 November 2017 11: 01
    Vladislav Morozov has these Alternatives to a fig and more!
  9. Nikolay73
    Nikolay73 13 November 2017 11: 12
    ... you are to blame for the fact that I want to eat ... :) and what’s interesting is that there are three types of modern democracies selling raw materials at convenient prices, transiting at convenient prices, and the market at convenient prices that are absolutely safe (controlled ), yet I do not see democracy and general happiness here ... and after that liberals have remained in our country? So the most interesting thing is that yes, and even ideological ... about woe to me woe ... Tsar Ivan Vasilievich, a complete work ...
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 November 2017 11: 38
    its collapse would contribute to the formation of truly liberal states on the ruins of the "empire."

    Who just did not try to bury Russia as a state, but failed. So with what then does these inadequacies seem to be able to.
    1. Nikolay73
      Nikolay73 14 November 2017 14: 10
      Unfortunately, our problem is that our country is in manual control mode, plus almost everyone wants to eat us ... and for a very, very long time ... this is a reality, as well as the fact that Russia has no friends , no vassals, some partners ... :)
  11. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 13 November 2017 11: 47
    "The West can be an example and a moral compass" - well, excellent, rear-wheel drive gay countries talk about morality.

    "The country cannot offer anything else" - i.e. weapons, space, aviation, tanks, nuclear weapons, rockets, etc. it's nothing? Well, of course, for Czech horseradish only beer is of strategic importance.
    Anyway, the debris has not grown while Putin is at the helm.
    1. Nikolay73
      Nikolay73 13 November 2017 12: 14
      ... as you can with sarcasm about Česká Pozice, you still say about NYT that this is not a media bible! :) Or maybe it's an insult to an article in "Evening Uryupinsk" under the heading "But Czech is not that now!"? :)
      1. Sands Careers General
        Sands Careers General 13 November 2017 12: 32
        Then GTRK LNR. Why do we need Czech, if I mastered brewing beer?

        Another thing is that a representative of a country the size of a country outhouse drives the Russian Federation without any moral right to do so. I am not against the Czech Republic, I like this country, but some citizens deserve a thorough beating by the tailbone.
        1. Nikolay73
          Nikolay73 14 November 2017 14: 12
          ... so far I have only mastered the distillates ...
  12. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 13 November 2017 12: 11
    But in VO exactly you need to duplicate the opinion of Western degenerates? What difference does it make mentally defective geeks think of us there?
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 13 November 2017 13: 13
      To listen or not to listen is everyone’s decision, but it’s definitely necessary to take measures to prevent the collapse of the Russian Federation (although a couple of regions could have been thrown out of the federation). For example, economic and technical development.
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 13 November 2017 15: 37
      Quote: Antianglosaks
      But in VO exactly you need to duplicate the opinion of Western degenerates? What difference does it make mentally defective geeks think of us there

      Be sure to listen and know what they say about us in the West and not only. Whatever happened then, not a pleasant moment, such as missed, because they did not know. If you say that you absolutely do not care what your colleagues say at work, for example, I just won’t believe you. The same thing with respect to the native state in which you live, only on a large scale.
  13. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 13 November 2017 13: 00
    The collapse of the will solve all world problems.
  14. NordOst16
    NordOst16 13 November 2017 13: 11
    Mmm ... the collapse of the Russian Federation, of course, is clearly an unpleasant process. I hope that they can still prevent centrifugal phenomena in the Russian regions. But, as I think, it is necessary for foreign politicians to hint that if the collapse takes place, then the former government will take measures so that they do not have time for rejoicing. Something like: "Drowning yourself - swamp another." For example, reducing the number of strategic nuclear forces by using them in the largest industrial areas and military facilities. I think in this sense optimism will diminish.
  15. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 13 November 2017 13: 19
    After the collapse of the USSR Margaret Thatcher She said that according to the world community, 15 million people are economically justified on the territory of Russia.
    Madeleine Albright broadcast that historical injustice that Siberia belongs to Russia should be corrected, since Siberian minerals are the property of all mankind.
    They were echoed by A. Chubais, who said, “Well, are you worried about these people? Well, they’ll die out 30 million ... They didn’t fit into the market. New ones will grow.” What was now voiced in the article on dividing the Russian Federation into several states was in the program of the oligarch M. Prokhorov when he proposed to hide 84 or 7 from 8 regions, thereby laying the foundation for a future split of the country. So the West’s dream of the collapse of Russia is not new, but the bottom line is that in Russia there are those who are ready to really help them in this and they are much more dangerous for Russia.
    1. Andkor1962
      Andkor1962 13 November 2017 17: 54
      So what is left for them? they have all the money in the west. So they are afraid that they will close this shop to them.
  16. meriem1
    meriem1 13 November 2017 13: 24
    They rustled .... Straight pounds them with fear. Is it ogony ??? am
  17. keeper03
    keeper03 13 November 2017 13: 34
    The collapse of the USSR, we have already passed, the collapse of Russia-we will not allow !!! am angry No.
    But the United States is really a threat to World No. 1, fall apart already soon, everyone will only breathe a sigh of relief, damned spin-gyrs, feed at the expense of other nations, like tapeworms !!! negative
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 13 November 2017 16: 38
      Well, to be honest, it’s very technological. They constantly spend money on new developments. As for me, the Russian Federation should also do this
    2. iouris
      iouris 14 November 2017 13: 13
      Quote: keeper03
      the collapse of Russia-not permissible !!!

      The USSR - this was Russia, "which we sawed."
  18. loaln
    loaln 13 November 2017 13: 36
    I read idle reasoning and wonder. What, no one can see that all the fuss with Trump is a game in which everyone plays, of course, for a fee their role? One is a fool, the other is a moron, the third is a nerd. One thing is clear as God's day. The US is slowly, in millimeters, moving towards its goal in each case - to get the maximum benefit. And all Trump, Trump .... And he is in the know. There are people who like to go around where you are mistaken for another. And chuckles. Over the fools. True.
  19. Gloomy
    Gloomy 13 November 2017 13: 48
    The collapse of Russia will lead to increased expansion of mattress democracy around the world, as there will be no one in the jaw of the impudent world gopnik.
  20. Sergey Cojocari
    Sergey Cojocari 13 November 2017 13: 59
    Looking at the situation from my hemp, I’ll say - it’s time for Putin to stop going to such a meeting format. For him, affairs are full at home. Whoever needs it, let them come to Moscow. Remember - "Europe can wait for the Russian emperor to fish." The only way! And no other way!
  21. lady.endzhi
    lady.endzhi 13 November 2017 14: 01
    Tired already, every day they come up with something new. What such states should be formed on the ruins of Russia ?? They confuse Russia with the USSR. There, an alliance of different nationalities broke up, everyone wanted to live their own home, is there a fundamental nation - Russians, do they need to divide themselves to please the West? So the formation of which states in place of Russia they mean - maybe English-speaking, Hispanic, etc. ?))) Lip no fool...
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 13 November 2017 15: 46
      Quote: lady.endzhi
      They confuse Russia with the USSR. There the alliance of different nationalities broke up, everyone wanted to live their own home, here the fundamental nation - Russians

      Oh don't tell me. The current Ukrainians, the same were previously Russian. Are there any nationalities in Russia? There Yakutam constantly whisper in your ear, they say you are "great", you have diamonds, why do you need Russian. Nothing has been decided with the Caucasus, a new “nationality” has been invented, “Siberians”, the Tatars still will not forget Ivan the Terrible. And so where not to throw. Until there is an official national idea for the Russians, which would unite the entire population, Russia will sit on a powder keg.
      1. lady.endzhi
        lady.endzhi 13 November 2017 21: 02
        I say: Russians are a fundamental nation, they live throughout Russia and consolidate it. Take the same supposedly huge Yakutia, the Yamal-Nenets okrug, etc. When the Russians developed the territories beyond the Urals, these nationalities were only islands in the vast expanses of the North and Siberia; they did not even connect with each other and did not know about each other's existence. So all these territories are lands that have been mastered by the Russians, and not conquered from other peoples.
        It was later that the communes generously endowed them with huge chunks of territories, creating the very powder keg. But there are many Russians everywhere, and this is the main thing. The people from the Baltic states write to me - if anything, we are with you, and we are almost half the population. But it’s not necessary to go far for the national idea, let them throw me hats, but this is Orthodoxy. Our ancestors always fought for faith, the king and the Fatherland. There are no more kings. But the homeland and faith remained.
        1. Orionvit
          Orionvit 14 November 2017 01: 53
          Quote: lady.endzhi
          I say: Russians are a fundamental nation, they live throughout Russia and consolidate it

          So what am I talking about?
  22. enmesher
    enmesher 13 November 2017 14: 03
    The cards are open!
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 13 November 2017 16: 04
      Quote: enmesher
      The cards are open!

      That's for sure. Only our superiors will not understand in any way that it’s impossible to get along with parasites peacefully, and therefore they’ll have enough to defend themselves, at least some action should be taken to break up the West, Nata, America, etc.
  23. Natalia777
    Natalia777 13 November 2017 14: 06
    Westerners dreamed of. Roll up your lip, or we’ll get a seaming machine!
  24. lady.endzhi
    lady.endzhi 13 November 2017 14: 15
    "Not only possible, but already cracked repeatedly" ..

    When? In ancient Russia? Then, on the contrary, they simply did not weld together yet.
  25. lady.endzhi
    lady.endzhi 13 November 2017 14: 17
    Quote: ID90
    Quote: Sergey-svs
    After all, we have not only Gazprom ...

    do you have Gazprom

    Be that as it may, but taxes from it go to the state treasury.
  26. Agasfer vecnyzhid
    Agasfer vecnyzhid 13 November 2017 14: 31
    The analyst presented by the author speaks about one thing: the whole West, led by the USA, lives at the time of 1991, at times of the collapse of the USSR. Beliefs are based that the former republics of the USSR should live like modern Ukraine, in chaos and contradictions. And stable Belarus and the Russian Federation are not their plans and hopes. How so? How dare Putin make Russia not according to their plans. Therefore, some Western thinkers have such plans and beliefs.
  27. Pushkar
    Pushkar 13 November 2017 14: 31
    Hungry chicken millet dreams.
  28. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 13 November 2017 14: 32
    No, I also read this nonsense - in foreign languages, including mov. On the move they write about Putin, the "demoman" and the "conspirator" even more crap. But to us, military observers, as it were, why should all these political articles of the information war HERE be read and discussed? What is the purpose of the author of the publication? Does he not troll our segment of the war?
  29. demo
    demo 13 November 2017 15: 39
    And the tale is about this:
    "The masks are dropped, gentlemen."
    It’s time for us, oh, it’s time according to the law of wartime (and we have declared a direct war on the complete destruction of the country) to start living.
    With all the ensuing charms.
  30. nikvic46
    nikvic46 13 November 2017 17: 13
    The main thing in the unity of Russia is the quiet work of the whole society. And not any psychosis. After all, the threat itself is not from the outside
    of the world. The threat lurks in the state itself. In our country, all are independent. From what? From liability? The Bank of Russia is independent of the state, and Deutschbank is dependent on the German president. What do Germans suffer from this? Our Army should not escalate the psychosis among the population with the threat of war. The Army should demand from the society new types of weapons that would ensure a quiet life and work of man.
  31. NordUral
    NordUral 13 November 2017 17: 29
    The characterization of everything that happens in the world, what they have, in the West, what we have - evokes only obscene epithets.
  32. manne mann
    manne mann 13 November 2017 17: 49
    And so almost all the analysts of the “West!” Think narrow-minded ki, tell a tale after a deep, “analyst” of Putin’s behavior! Golems are on our head, but we must not forget the goal alone - to destroy us!
  33. Navigator Basov
    Navigator Basov 13 November 2017 17: 53
    Stool, window, asphalt! In the extreme case, if someone is annoying or annoying Russia, they can always get into a corner and cry.
  34. Glen-99
    Glen-99 13 November 2017 20: 31
    They’ve been splitting it for 1000 years, and all the same, all the schismatics ended up irreplaceably badly, now you won’t take Russia to Pont even more so, my mother has gained a lot, or will still be ahead.
  35. Shon
    Shon 13 November 2017 21: 05
    yellowstone will come sooner. or maybe we can help him. Khokhlyatsky Maidan is a vaccine against rabies for a hundred years in Russia. And there it will explode earlier.
    1. Nikolay73
      Nikolay73 14 November 2017 14: 18
      ... oh? I’m talking about vaccination ... Unfortunately, a person doesn’t learn from his mistakes, not just from strangers.
  36. Asthma
    Asthma 14 November 2017 19: 35
    Oh, thanks. I did not expect from the Czech ... though, they are all cowards!
  37. mss001
    mss001 15 November 2017 00: 59
    Only the complete disappearance of the United States from the face of the earth will finally allow all of humanity to breathe freely and begin comprehensive and peaceful development in the name of universal prosperity.
  38. Viktor is the winner
    Viktor is the winner 15 November 2017 11: 12
    "And the West" can be an example and a moral compass for the developing world and, ultimately, for the Russians. "

    Lies, pees ... and provocation. Stalin needed to include a large half of Europe in the USSR and make him work for the Russians. And later plug the mattresses. And then, look, tongues have been dismissed, the capitalists are bad at dealing with their problems. It’s just that we have half of the traitors in the administration sitting, working safely and long live.
  39. silver169
    silver169 17 November 2017 15: 20
    In principle, the Czech is deeply right. Unfortunately, Russia is not able to offer the world high-tech products. “Raw materials economy”, “raw materials appendage of the West”, all this is a bitter truth. After the collapse of the Union, nothing has been done in terms of modernizing the country and I cannot believe that in the future, anything will change for the better. ((
  40. Chaos
    Chaos 17 November 2017 15: 22
    They would do better with their homeless and rogue people, of which hundreds of thousands are in the cities of America. No, they go to other countries and learn how to live. and gentlemen the Americans would not have gone into the crack of a cow.
  41. vladikod
    vladikod 18 November 2017 23: 00
    Only the collapse of the United States, a real weakening of the backstage, claiming a world government ... and in this light, the "liberation of Europe" from many years of military dependence on the United States will restore world peace ...