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Galicia will be Polish or deserted


It is no secret that nationalists are in power in Poland. The point is not in the name of the ruling party and not in the program documents - the point is. In the country, nationalist hysteria is deliberately intensified from year to year. At the same time, it must be remembered that Poland is one of the most mono-national states in the world, managing even to press out not only Jews, but also Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarusians (not to mention Germans) even at the time of their socialist past. And the march of nationalists in Warsaw is a clear testimony to this.
Timed march to the celebration of the Independence Day of Poland, fell on Saturday, November 11. Even the Air Force was forced to state that "the march of extreme right-wing nationalists, in which, according to some estimates, about 60 thousands of people took part, this year eclipsed all state and other patriotic events ... The march became one of the largest such demonstrations in Europe. .. ".

The Air Force calls the minimum figure. A number of media outlets estimated the number of participants in 100 thousands. And this is despite the fact that the ruling conservative party did not participate in the march and held a lot of official events and ceremonies.

But the Polish state television company TVP, which covered the march, called it "the great march of patriots."

You can add - frank patriots. Who directly and honestly wrote on their posters that Lviv is a Polish city. However, like Vilna. The latter greatly complicates the coexistence of Warsaw and Vilnius in the European Union and NATO, but it also gives Lithuania hope that in the foreseeable future neighbors ’claims to half of their already tiny state will be curbed. Moreover, the Poles have something to do in the East.

And here there are very interesting changes. All 5 years of being in power Yushchenko, Poland in the focus did not notice the Bandera ideals. Although it was precisely after the first Maidan that the efforts of official Kiev and various activists throughout Poland poked memorials, crosses, caches et cetera. True, the local people broke it regularly under the guise, but the activity continued, Warsaw even detained the Vandals and continued to applaud Yushchenko even after assigning the titles of heroes to Bandera and Shukhevych.

They shackled the second Maidan. Yes, in fact, the Poles participated in it. The same Jaroslav Kaczynski spoke from the tribune of the Maidan 1 of December 2013 of the year: "The EU needs you."

Galicia will be Polish or deserted

And all the past years, Warsaw did not stop praising Poroshenko’s regime, calling itself the best friend of his regime and “a conductor of Kiev’s interests in Europe”. At the same time gradually preparing public opinion in Poland itself in order to legally recognize Volyn massacre as a genocide of the Polish people. Accordingly, recognizing Polish citizens to Bandera, Shukhevych and all Ukrainian nationalists as criminals. Prohibiting at the same time their organizations OUN and UPA. Warsaw was not even embarrassed that here they were in solidarity with Moscow.

On the contrary, Warsaw is very calm and consistently annoying Kiev. In April of this year, another monument to the UPA was demolished in the Polish village of Grushovitse. And now the demolition is authorized by the authorities, and not shares of nationalists.

At the same time, Warsaw, without ceasing, declares his patience. how сказал Polish Foreign Minister Vashchikovsky: "We still have patience, but other European countries, like Hungary and Romania, are already beginning to act against Ukrainian interests. For example, in December there will be no meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of foreign ministers because of the Hungarian veto."

In fact, very frankly. Poland deliberately did not participate in the well-deserved persecution of the Kiev regime after the adoption of the odious law on education. Putting in their place Romanians and Hungarians, the Poles quietly support and threaten. The same Vashchikovsky advised "to explain to the Ukrainians that they may have real problems, not necessarily created by Poland ...".

What kind of “Ukrainians” the minister was talking about, it became clear after Vyatrovich’s ban to enter Poland. This civil servant actually heads the institute of national memory from the time of Yushchenko - the office for rewriting originally created by the SBU stories.

Marek Zapur, vice-consul of the Polish Consulate General in Lutsk, echoes his minister. He directly called Lviv a Polish city. Moreover, after the outbreak of scandal, Mr. Zapur clarified that there was a view of Lviv in 1918, but he also added that most of the inhabitants were then Poles. Diplomatically without specifying how Bandera under the command of Shukhevych cut them after the city was captured by the Nazis.
Against the background of these scandals and statements, the main thing is not striking - Warsaw officially condemned and called criminals those persons and organizations that the regime relies on. Echidnye advice of the Poles to honor the "heavenly hundred and heroes of the ATO" is no more than a smoke screen - everyone understands that just all the "heroes" are just different nationalists and are enough to recall the OUN battalion and the gang of pravosek.

In fact, the Poles create a motivation base for themselves that will allow them to dissociate themselves from the ruling regime in Kiev at any time. At the same time, they also deliberately weaken it. I am well aware that it is the extreme right-wing neo-Nazi groups that are today the only ones who actively oppose Poroshenko, who has been elevated to the throne. This is where Poland beats, by inciting the Nazis against the head of the regime itself or by somebody else’s hands.

But it was from Poland that Saakashvili came to organize the next Maidan. Although just the Poles could easily wrap it. And the circus arranged by Mishiko suits them precisely with its sluggishness - at the right moment you can always organize another “heavenly top ten” and fit a couple of hundred militants with weapons. Everything is possible, the main thing - there is a reserve for the designation of "popular protest."

If we recall that there is a Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade ... The political decision was made again under Yushchenko, and in 2014, the next regime rushed into the arms of its "best friends." Who happily agreed.

As a result, today the team is formed. The headquarters is in Polish Lublin. But only if Yushchenko planned equal proportions from each country, then in fact it turned out that the composition of the brigade included about 3,5 thousand soldiers of Poland, from 150 to 350 gave Lithuania and the entire 560 - APU. At the same time, of these, only 15 officers joined the brigade headquarters. With more than a hundred officers in the headquarters! So even the question is not, who commands the brigade and whose orders it will carry out.

At the same time, the Poles will still look like peacekeepers, heading to Galicia "to protect civilians whose lives are threatened by bandits and nationalists who have fled." And Warsaw knows that the days of Poroshenko are numbered. Six months or a year later, but the Kiev regime will live to see the next traditional Maidan, with the next coup (and all neighbors will help this Maidan as much as possible).

Then Warsaw will immediately remember hundreds of thousands of people living in Western Ukraine with “Pole's cards”. And suddenly he will announce how many Polish citizens live in Galicia. And Lviv residents will meet LITPOLUKRBRIG as the Wehrmacht once met - only this time they will not write "Glory to Bandera" on the posters.

As for the Ukrainian nationalists themselves, Poland has the richest experience. In addition, the local population for the opportunity to "move directly to the EU" itself will crush any overly fanatical ukronacii.

And for the sake of joining the “primordially Polish lands”, and for its “Cresy voskhodni”, Warsaw will spit on the opinion of Brussels and on the opinion of Washington. Moreover, the support of Bucharest and Budapest is guaranteed to them.

Today, we see the preparation of the motivating part, which will allow quite a European way to chop off a piece of fatter from a collapsing Ukraine. Volyn can also be regained, having paid for that very massacre ...
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  1. Alber
    Alber 13 November 2017 10: 07
    Ukraine will definitely go over reformatted ... And it’s not a pity this is western-bandering
  2. svp67
    svp67 13 November 2017 10: 21
    Galicia will be Polish or deserted
    I am afraid that with this approach, Galicia will be a deserted and no man's land ...
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 13 November 2017 13: 07
      Quote: svp67
      I am afraid that with this approach, Galicia will be a deserted and no man's land ...

      Poland dreams of being Great Poland. From the sea to the sea. But will her EU and NATO partners agree with her ???
    2. alex-cn
      alex-cn 13 November 2017 13: 12
      The Poles, they know whether they are toothy, will be populated by their own moment, especially since the issue of restitution has been raised for them a long time ago. For each dog will find a master.
    3. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 13 November 2017 13: 59
      Quote: svp67
      Galicia will be Polish or deserted
      I am afraid that with this approach, Galicia will be a deserted and no man's land ...

      Well, why no man's land? Definitely Polish, that's all it goes. The author’s statement is true
      And for the sake of joining the “primordially Polish lands”, and for its “Cresy voskhodni”, Warsaw will spit on the opinion of Brussels and on the opinion of Washington. Moreover, the support of Bucharest and Budapest is guaranteed to them.
      -...... but with a small correction. Warsaw does not give a damn about Washington’s opinion, since this is in the interests of Washington, which is redrawing the map of Europe from Yugoslavia little by little. The United States already understands that they cannot keep all the urkain, and given how tightly they settle in Poland and use it as the main European “balamut,” they are probably interested in this situation almost more than Poland itself.
  3. solzh
    solzh 13 November 2017 10: 54
    If in Ukraine Poroshenko’s power remains or Saakashvili makes a coup, the country will split up into several states. In principle, everything goes to this. Galicia can already be said to be a semi-independent state. And if Galicia becomes officially independent, then the Poles, sensing themselves gentlemen, will want to make the Ukrainians their slaves, and make the lions the capital of the Polish Voivodeship. The massacre in Galicia in this case will have no analogues in the history of mankind, because two nationalist-minded people, some raving about the idea of ​​a new great talk of the Commonwealth, others have an idea of ​​fixation about a great Ukraine, and both have nationalism in their blood, they will go to great difficulty if only they would be considered great nations in their own understanding.
    1. enmesher
      enmesher 13 November 2017 20: 02
      And the Slavs will massacre among themselves to the joy of the Anglo-Saxon audience (((
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 13 November 2017 11: 00
    Quote: svp67
    I am afraid that with this approach, Galicia will be a deserted and no man's land ...

  5. AleBors
    AleBors 13 November 2017 11: 36
    We will see. They will not miss their pshek. that's for sure..
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 13 November 2017 12: 40
      Quote: AleBors
      We will see. They will not miss their pshek. that's for sure..

      But who will allow them, malacholny?
      1. AleBors
        AleBors 13 November 2017 12: 52
        Judging by our "concerns" and "protests" will allow. And in Europe they will do what they say from across the ocean. And the lads there are profitable to be unstable in Europe ..
    2. 97110
      97110 17 November 2017 21: 16
      Quote: AleBors
      They will not miss their pshek. that's for sure..

      But they won’t miss them either - history has tested the amazing ability of this amazing nation to move all-in with the wrong cards.
  6. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 12: 39
    The saddest thing is to rescue the non-brothers from the shit that they plunged right into their heads with such joy and zeal, most likely we will have to ... For in fact, Ukrainian heroes, heroes only against civilians ...
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 13 November 2017 13: 16
      I want to remind you that Vladimir Volfovich, as early as the year 14, launched a letter to the west, actually proposing a division of Ukraine. I suppose that not without approval .... At least it sounded like "we will not mind" ...
      Well, what about rescuing, so no one bothers to work only with the left bank, this, probably, Russia will pull ... they have not completely killed him yet.
    2. proletarian
      proletarian 19 November 2017 17: 57
      That’s why it’s not hell to “let it go”, because whoever "shit" is washed.
      Afterword: Do not look at the “flag” born in Ukraine, I live and die.
  7. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 13 November 2017 13: 09
    An article in the wishful thinking series. What individual groups of Polish nationalists want, does not mean that the same Ukrainians want it. The so-called "Bandera" went to fight against the formation of the Russian world in the distant and alien to them Donbass. What will they do if they go to their houses? The author did not simulate?
    If everything is so bad, why didn’t the ethnic brigade break up and the Poles supply arms and ammunition to the Ukrainians ?!
    1. mac789
      mac789 14 November 2017 07: 29
      They will not arrange anything. Their superiors will not allow ... wink
  8. Scud
    Scud 13 November 2017 13: 22
    Let the Nazis on both sides destroy each other more.
  9. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir 13 November 2017 14: 33
    LITPOLUKRBRIG - litroluk brigade ???
  10. Odysseus
    Odysseus 13 November 2017 14: 40
    The main conclusion of the article is erroneous. The fact that "Ukrainian nationalists with a memory" enthusiastically cleaning toilets in Poland and sending their wives to work as prostitutes there would have sold their mother for the opportunity to be immediately in the EU - it’s pure truth. That is, if the solution to this issue depended from "Svidomo Ukrainians", and from Poland, then Galicia would become Polish, and Ukrainians would agree to become second-class people there.
    But the solution to this issue depends on the USA (which controls both Poland and Ukraine), and the USA uses the territory of Ukraine as a zone of chaos and a springboard against Russia and they are not interested in its formal disintegration.
    In addition, the growth of power and capabilities of nation-states as such contradicts the fundamental political principles of globalist capitalism.
    This is not to mention such a trifle that the EU will be categorically opposed. So the collapse of the territory of Ukraine (which the adherents of the KhPP have been telling us since 2014) in the near-medium term is unlikely.
  11. igorra
    igorra 13 November 2017 14: 46
    The Poles, driven by their primordial wormhole-ambition, headlong rush to the fourth section. I hope the final, because not only we are tired, but also half of Europe.
    1. captain
      captain 13 November 2017 17: 41
      No sir, this time they will begin to collect the lost land.
  12. nsws3
    nsws3 13 November 2017 15: 49
    If the partition of the 404 country takes place, then in my opinion everything will be done within two to three days, so that the rest of the world doesn’t have time to recover before the country disappears, as Potemkin said, all of us were snouting in blood, and only then diplomatic warfare would begin, but the dog barks, and the caravan goes on.
  13. Lieutenant Teterin
    Lieutenant Teterin 13 November 2017 16: 20
    The Poles managed to preserve the national elite in the 20th century. People for whom the nation, people, above the state and ideology. And sooner or later this elite will achieve its goals ...
    1. polpot
      polpot 13 November 2017 20: 48
      Your truth will arrange another Warsaw uprising and betray everyone by pronouncing an honorable surrender.
  14. captain
    captain 13 November 2017 17: 40
    I am for". The words of the author, but to God’s ears.
  15. polpot
    polpot 13 November 2017 20: 47
    We are waiting for reports from the UK about the clogging of the toilets in the absence of plumbers and cleaners who left the rally.