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Russia hinted the US to withdraw from START-3

In the middle of 80-s of the last century, the situation in Europe was like the Caribbean crisis: Soviet medium-range missiles RSD-10 were ready to strike at NATO targets, while American missiles of the same Pershing class were waiting for launch on the territory of the USSR . In 1987, the treaty signed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan foreshadowed the end of the Cold War, but today the Americans again want to aggravate the situation, speaking of a possible withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Russia, in turn, hinted that in response to this, it could terminate the START-3 Treaty.

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    MOSKVITYANIN 12 November 2017 19: 30
    A hackneyed topic voiced and commented on here ....
    1. Popovich
      Popovich 12 November 2017 21: 20
      why did you write? once the theme is battered? show off?
  2. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 12 November 2017 19: 39
    The pioneers were reliable missiles, but now they need modernization. Huge software, of course it is better to reduce the Aggregate compartment, add maneuverability. False targets will help break through the missile defense. And basically the mortar launch and the rest are quite modern. Add the Autonomous diesel engine. Well, of course. Supports from Poplar. And stamping in hundreds.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 13 November 2017 22: 33
      We will leave START 3 and the RSD — the USA will rivet tens of thousands of anti-ballistic missiles and will increase the number of warheads on its carriers by five times. There will be nothing for us to oppose to the USA - we will not pull up a new arms race, since the country has no money, and the same capacities.
  3. Observer2014
    Observer2014 12 November 2017 19: 42
    This confrontation will end with the creation of a megabomb sooner or later. I will explain. The creation of a charge hidden in the territory of the Russian Federation or, more precisely, charges of colossal power. Connected to the Perimeter system. At X. (When attacking the Russian Federation) Everyone on planet Earth will die.
    Creepy But it is extremely effective and cheap.
    1. freejack
      freejack 12 November 2017 22: 31
      But it is extremely effective and cheap.

      About this effectiveness ... and no one will even remember the cheapness. Fatally, everything is somehow with you. And there is no other thought, so that at least some chance to leave the earthlings? .. what
    2. Siberian
      Siberian 13 November 2017 02: 24
      It will end with the creation in the Russian Federation of a neutrino flux generator that will burn nuclear fuel through the Earth in American warheads directly in mines and storage areas (i.e., their strategic missiles will turn into tactical ones in efficiency).
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 13 November 2017 22: 37
        "Neutrino fluxes" - Maybe neutrons, neutrinos constantly bombard the earth and nuclear materials do not suffer from them.
    3. Aimpoint
      Aimpoint 13 November 2017 19: 17
      Provided that all this miracle takes off, but does not remain in the mines
  4. the same doctor
    the same doctor 13 November 2017 16: 01
    Quit START! And the condition for new treaties is to equalize the number of warheads reaching national territories. Given the armaments of England and France.
  5. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 14 November 2017 09: 37
    Russia hinted ..... We must not hint, but loudly and confidently set up barriers and draw red lines. Or scary? Well then, in diplomacy it is necessary to switch to a fabulous form of communication with opponents. And cho, told the fable, and then let them think, maybe they will understand correctly.
  6. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 25 November 2017 10: 26
    To warn is not ambiguous: they will attack, God forbid! , so we’ll bang that not only winners, nothing will remain alive! Die like that with music!