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Fuel revolution

Russia celebrated the centenary of the Great October Revolution. But few people know who became the main driving force of those events. There is no definite answer, however, the sailors of the Baltic turned out to be the most combat-ready fleet. But despite all the dedication, few people remember them now. They became only "fuel" for the main winners of the 1917 revolution.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 11 November 2017 19: 21
    There is no definite answer, however, the sailors of the Baltic Fleet were the most combat-ready.
    There is certainly "not everything is so straightforward" ... Among the sailors there were a lot of anarchists and the nickname "claws" assigned to them, already said a lot.

    And yes, the sailors proved to be a force that helped the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Provisional Government and establish their dictatorship. Remember how easily and unconstrained the sailor-anarchist Zheleznyak dispersed the Constituent Assembly, which ultimately cut off a different path of development of the country. But as a fighting force, the sailors turned out to be weak and they very quickly "dissolved" in the mass of the Red Army troops. Becoming commissars and employees of the Cheka. And the only way they were able to gain a foothold as separate collectives was in armored train teams.
    1. Monarchist
      Monarchist 11 November 2017 19: 57
      Sailors and anarchists, I immediately recall Vishnevsky: "Leader", "Husky" ... Who else wants a commissar body? "
  2. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 11 November 2017 19: 47
    And the first ones raised the Kronstadt rebellion, for the fact that their Bolsheviks lowered it under the ice.
  3. Old Horseradish
    Old Horseradish 11 November 2017 19: 48
    Then all these sailors were shot in Kronstadt in 1921. Nothing personal, they betrayed their officers, their elite, their fathers-commanders, and the international Bolshevik (I don’t even know how to write) them. Morality - "do not betray your commanders, otherwise you will get a bullet from any abomination."
  4. Eurodav
    Eurodav 11 November 2017 21: 12
    "... the sailors of the Baltic Fleet were combat-ready ..."
    Fighting for what? To deal with officers? After all, don’t say, but the commander of a destroyer, for example, was certainly not a satrap, not a “counter-revolutionary bastard” ... And why did they kill him ...? And then, when the “stick of insanity” already started tapping the sailor’s heads, why did they rebel in Kronstadt? Was it scary? Or did it finally come? That it’s one thing, hung with machine-gun belts, with Comrade Mauser on someone’s knee to decide their fate, and it’s quite another when the same brothers and “commissars in dusty helmets” with Jewish snobs came for you ...
    1. ICT
      ICT 11 November 2017 21: 35
      Russia celebrated the centenary of the Great October Revolution.

      but as noted, I even didn’t even notice
      1. svp67
        svp67 12 November 2017 07: 45
        Quote: TIT
        but as noted, I even didn’t even notice

        Quietly, at home ....
  5. Roman 4912
    Roman 4912 11 November 2017 23: 38
    Among those Baltic sailors there were a lot of Bolsheviks.
    1. Kolaaps
      Kolaaps 12 November 2017 09: 59
      Well no. There were not many Bolsheviks. Anarchists and trash - yes ... Sailor Dybenko - who is he? Anarchist, Bolshevik, Menshevik? .... he was, - lived foolishly, fought foolishly, married foolishly, and sewn into a derbyshat foolishly ... They recruited guys from the plow-boat, sent him to serve in the capital, they taught something, they didn’t do anything during the war, and Wishlist from the Bolshevik propaganda grew oh-oh-oh-oh ... The naval commanders were busy with their affairs, the officers - their own, but l / s sailor - their ... Well, it turned out .... Well, they got all the categories in full and condescending ... Which a little earlier, which a little later ... Everything .... You have to pay for everything .... The Russian Imperial Fleet - finally a separate interesting little-studied specific area of ​​the military history of Russia .... Gangut, Chesma, Sinop, Corfu, Kaliakri, Tsushima .... And !!! Disappearing novels by Novikov-Priboy, V. Sobolev, S. Kolbasyev, V. Pikul .... (from reading - breathtaking! - I guarantee!) ... the movie "We (like) from Kronstadt" ... everything .. ..