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Storm Abu Kemal. Exclusive report by Eugene Poddubny

Abu Kemal assault completed, the city is taken. Reporter VGTRK Yevgeny Poddubny prepared a report on the military operation of the Syrian army, being just 2 kilometers from the residential areas of the city. Militants of ISIS provide fierce resistance, taking advantage of the complexity of the battle in urban areas. The city is in a ring, and now the terrorists can only surrender or die.

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  1. pepel79
    pepel79 10 November 2017 11: 21
    Good news, but the approaches, this is not the whole city. Successful assault and minimum losses. BEAT them ... Good luck ... soldier
    1. Freelancer7
      Freelancer7 10 November 2017 14: 18
      Yesterday, it seemed like they reported that the city was taken .... or, as always, yellow?
      proof -