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South Korea will buy 12 ship helicopters

The Government of the Republic of Korea will purchase an additional 12 ship-based helicopter, reports TASS message of the Republic of Defense Procurement Agency.

The purchase of helicopters allocated 400 million dollars.

In connection with the growth of the North Korean threat to the sea, the Republic of Korea purchases naval helicopters in addition to the eight AW-159 Wildcat anti-submarine warfare vehicles already in service
said in a release department.

It is expected that the new 12 helicopters will be adopted by the Navy with the 2020 year.

The agency does not specify which machines will be purchased. AW-159, MH-60R and NH-90 are considered as a possible option.

Recall that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has seriously deteriorated recently due to the activation of the DPRK missile and nuclear programs. In July, Pyongyang twice tested a ballistic missile. In late August and September, North Korea launched two medium-range missiles that flew over Japanese territory, and on September 3, Pyongyang announced the successful testing of a hydrogen warhead. In this regard, the UN Security Council sharply tightened the regime of international sanctions against the DPRK.
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Republic of Korea Navy
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 9 November 2017 15: 12
    It is clear that they have and what they are purchasing .. Yes, and they have no choice ..
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 9 November 2017 15: 18
      As an option, the AW-159, MH-60R and NH-90 are considered.

      Two Europeans and an American, so the choice is not so obvious. Yes, and the United States can give this purchase to Europe as a stone.
    2. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek 9 November 2017 16: 49
      Quote: 210ox
      Yes, and they have no choice ..

      there is a choice, if not to be slaves !!! wassat wassat laughing laughing laughing
    3. Normal ok
      Normal ok 9 November 2017 17: 22
      Quote: 210ox
      It is clear that they have and what they are purchasing .. Yes, and they have no choice ..

      Damn, such as AW-159 Wildcat - this is complete .. nonsense?!.
  2. san4es
    san4es 9 November 2017 16: 23
    ... eight AW-159 Wildcat anti-submarine combat vehicles already in service,