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In the area of ​​the Syrian Abu Kemal seen rocket-gun T-72B

On the border with Iraq in the Syrian city of Abu Kemal, rocket-cannon Tanks T-72B, reports Messenger of Mordovia.

In the area of ​​the Syrian Abu Kemal seen rocket-gun T-72B

“A feature of these combat vehicles is the ability to use guided missiles that are launched through the barrel of an 125-mm cannon. Currently, Russia has created various versions of such weapons, including those with powerful high-explosive combat units, ”reads Dmitry Lemeshko’s material.

Previously, he said, such missiles were used only by more advanced T-72B3, “although it is possible that they will also entrust the TUR against terrorists to more“ adult ”machines.

Despite the fact that T-72B was involved in numerous military conflicts, nothing is known about the facts of firing rockets, concludes the publication.
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  1. The black
    The black 9 November 2017 13: 42
    I wonder whose crews? repeat... If in a short time managed to train (retrain) the Syrian crews, then respect. This is very important !.
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 9 November 2017 13: 48
      Quote: Black
      I wonder whose crews?

      Abu Petrov, Al Sidorov and Ibn Ivanov. repeat
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 9 November 2017 14: 00
        Abu Petrov, Al Sidorov and Ibn Ivanov

        worthy successors of the great Vietnamese aces Li-Si-Tsyn and Van-Yu-Shin !!!!
  2. Andrey K
    Andrey K 9 November 2017 13: 43
    In the area of ​​the Syrian Abu Kemal seen rocket-gun T-72B

    Well noticed ...
    So the barmalei came to pick up ...
    Do their job ...
    What's the news? Shouldn't they be there?
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 9 November 2017 14: 12
      The news is something

      The news is that the information in your ears is uninteresting you can forget.

      Tired of this grunt - like - "well, why did I find out."
      1. Andrey K
        Andrey K 9 November 2017 14: 47
        The news is that the information in your ears is uninteresting you can forget.
        Tired of this grunt - like - "so why did I find out"

        Information about the T-72B tanks being in service with the Syrian army has long been known to everyone who is not lazy. It’s ridiculous to clog the news feed with articles by type - and Syria has tanks.
        She has them, they are many and completely different.
        Specifically, the T-72 in various versions before the war was 1500 units. Therefore, protect your ears from noodles designed into the void hi
        PS By the way in the photo - the Syrian T-72M1, equipped with the TURMS-T system, Syria had 122 units. Tanks of this modification are capable of launching a guided anti-tank missile 9M119 (M) through the barrel of a gun.
        Here you have no noodles, about which not a word in this article hi
        1. Dezinto
          Dezinto 9 November 2017 14: 48
          Well, yes, the informational tape is very clogged today. An urgent need to bear another.
        2. pepel79
          pepel79 9 November 2017 17: 47
          By the way ... but where did you get the idea that the photo shows the Syrian T-72M1 ... does it have remote sensing ??? It seems not? Yes, and the location of the blocks themselves, as on the T-72B. The export version, the indicated modification (T-72S), has the same but, on the sides, their number is less than in the photo, and at least I did not hear about deliveries to Syria, and what's the point if they got the T-72A , in modification "B". Explain if you can your conclusions ... hi
          For reference, the families of our tanks, whose standard protection kit initially includes DZ, are T-72B (B1), T-80U, T-90 (all models) and export T-72S, all other models were understaffed during the repair, getting the letter "B". (I do not take the T-72BM mod. 1989 - this is essentially a prototype of the T-90). It seems something like this what
          1. Andrey K
            Andrey K 9 November 2017 18: 49
            Quote: pepel79
            By the way ... but where did you get that the photo shows the Syrian T-72M1 ...

            Comparison of T-72 tanks in appearance is not entirely correct. DZ on the already delivered by the Union about 700 T-72 Ural tanks, as a rule, were installed by local craftsmen. In the last 2-3 years, not without our help, respectively, a set of DZ inherent in “our” tanks appeared among the Syrian allies. Do not forget with you that in addition to our version of the T-72, an export contract for the supply of several hundred T-72M1 was concluded with Czechoslovakia, partially fulfilled by it, and after the collapse of the country ended in 1993 by Slovakia. Therefore, he wrote in his comment that our Arab allies have enough tanks, as well as modifications specifically to the T-72.
            Well, in all special sources it is indicated that all Syrian T-72A tanks (supplied by the Union) were upgraded to the AB standard - the purpose of the modernization was to increase the level of protection of the T-72A against RPGs by installing Contact-1 dynamic protection units (DZ).
            Well, a cherry for the cake: the delivery of sets of DZ Contact-1 was carried out by our Ukrainian non-brothers. Therefore, you have 2 + 2 and it does not work. DZ was installed on the spot in Syria. hi
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. pepel79
              pepel79 9 November 2017 23: 10
              At least I tied the model from walking from the BZ ... You did not answer the question ... What makes you think that the photo shows the Syrian T-72M1 ??? am ... and in order to think better ... a cherry on a cake: in the photo, instead of metal front fenders, rubber-fabric ones are installed, as on the T-80U. Slovaks, even on the T-72M2, they remained metal ... And we got (approximately) 1988 on the T-72 BA and migrated to the T-72S and then on the list (modernization and repair) ... By the way, there may be Ski, since the unit was adopted in 93 after the failure of a number of contracts, which is quite logical, pulling export models out of the troops and not the gross product and Damascus ... hi Google to help .. soldier
              1. pepel79
                pepel79 9 November 2017 23: 22
                By the way, about the correctness of comparing T-72 tanks in appearance

                Tower of the T-72M tank.

                Tower of the T-72M1 tank.
                NUUU are the same is not true ... what appearance .... request
                1. Urs
                  Urs 15 November 2017 21: 00
                  The turret from the bottom just has an altered shaft of the aiming complex, and may well have a CCF.
              2. Andrey K
                Andrey K 10 November 2017 08: 51
                I will not argue with you and prove what is obvious to me and not obvious to you, it's just a pity. Given the mess in the supply of equipment, its most brutal operation, crooked and not very local craftsmen, the supply of spare parts and various equipment from under the floor and officially - to focus on the presence of DZ or its absence, the appearance of the tower by the presence of attachments on it, and more on metal front fenders or rubber-fabric - it's just nonsense ...
                Colleague, did you participate in the hostilities? Do you even know for what period of conducting intense battles from a tank that virtually "blows" all the bells and whistles? And talking about the type of wing flaps is something, this is a thought ...
                PS In the photo it is T-72M1 hi
                1. pepel79
                  pepel79 10 November 2017 10: 11
                  You would indicate at least that sign on the basis of which you draw such a conclusion, I am a constructive person and ready to admit the obvious, but it looks like ... I said that it was him because he said, AXIOM is straightforward .. .but more like a concussion ... and lastly ... the trend in the modernization of local craftsmen is still visible, if it is a T-72 M (M1), then it’s a lattice in a circle, if “A” then they are most likely DZ are understaffed, walking and you are right about modernization, who just did not participate in it, starting with Italians and ending with Armenia ... But I want to note that it is nice to communicate with a correct and competent person, and not a screamer writing for the sake of writing, in the absence of the slightest understanding of the issue ... hi Good luck drinks
                  1. Andrey K
                    Andrey K 10 November 2017 10: 56
                    A colleague, it’s good already that you can adequately evaluate information that is different from yours.
                    And about: "... I said that it was because he said that AXIOM is somehow direct ..." - I agree, I retired, and the manners remained ... I'll have to work on myself ... laughing
                    Good luck to you hi
              3. Andrey K
                Andrey K 10 November 2017 09: 29
                On my last trip, to one of the mountain republics, the body kit from the attached tanks was demolished literally on the very first night after the shaitans checked out at the outpost. DZ where it was, and where only the bolts from the fasteners remained. And so your favorite Lockers, in rags after passing a couple of passes, the rubber really lasted longer.
                You need to look not at the lining, but at the information on the use of a particular technique. Where, when, to which part is transferred, the intensity of use, its presence in the composition of one or another upcoming unit. Draw drawings from Google for students from civilian universities soldier
  3. askort154
    askort154 9 November 2017 13: 53
    Where better to try the technique ?! Under Tagil is good, but in Syria is better.
  4. K-50
    K-50 9 November 2017 14: 16
    In Russia, all tanks are Rocket-Cannon, where there is a 125-mm gun !!!
    Even BMP-3 can launch anti-tank missiles from the gun barrel.
    And there was absolutely nothing to sculpt the article from. In general, a message about anything. request negative
      TELEMARK 9 November 2017 14: 25
      No, not all tanks with a 125 mm cannon are capable of using a guided projectile, even in Russia, this requires the presence of a complex of controlled tank weapons (KUVT), but, for example, they are not in command vehicles.
      1. Sergei75
        Sergei75 9 November 2017 14: 40
        But what about the guided missile and the ETOG missile?
        1. TELEMARK
          TELEMARK 9 November 2017 14: 46
          A missile in the common people, a more correctly guided projectile (9m112, 9m119), shells for the Cobra and Reflex complexes.
  5. novel66
    novel66 9 November 2017 14: 27
    where are there "armata"? only they have not yet been noticed. disguise?
  6. Sergei75
    Sergei75 9 November 2017 14: 39
    ".. On the T-72B introduced KUV (complex guided weapons) 9K120" Svir ", which was not installed on all tanks ...."
    And I thought that anyone could shoot rockets.
    True, there is "Svir" along the beam, along which it can fly into the return line.
  7. Berkut24
    Berkut24 9 November 2017 14: 51
    News that is not news. All Soviet and Russian 125mm tank smoothbore guns were adapted for firing guided ammunition. Accordingly, any tank with such a gun fits the described sensation.
    1. Urs
      Urs 15 November 2017 20: 56
      Not as mentioned above, except for the barrel you need a complex of guided weapons.
      In my memory (I shot myself) the first were about.164m_T-64B complex 1G42U for a missile, sorry guided projectile 9m112 ,.
      Then there was the T-72 (I don’t remember the letter) with the 1A40 sighting system, then 42 already with a purple range finder (neodymium on the glass), so he just got a modified MZ and the ability to shoot UR.
      It’s a pity I didn’t have a chance to play on this typewriter.
      And to shoot from them is not so difficult to shoot and capture the projectile in auto mode and then keep the mark on the target and the mustache to the bank the end, the only bad thing at the time of the shot-hit is the tank cannot shoot and actively maneuver what looks like a target.
      I don’t think I revealed a military secret, more than 25 years have passed negative
  8. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 9 November 2017 15: 37
    Let the guys train, there will still be a lot of work for the tankers, despite the fact that the main forces of the isils are broken.
  9. viktorch
    viktorch 9 November 2017 15: 47
    news of the day: the sun is shining in Syria, the sky is from above, the earth is from below, the tanchigis are traveling along the earth.
  10. Radikal
    Radikal 9 November 2017 21: 34
    In the area of ​​the Syrian Abu Kemal seen rocket-gun T-72B
    But what, visually they somehow differ from the usual ones, at least in this photo for the article? wassat