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Japan demands from the USA to increase the safety of Osprey convertoplanes

The Japanese government, represented by the Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers, Yoshihide Suga, demanded that the United States ensure an adequate level of security of the Osprey convertiplanes used by the American marines against the background of the fact that they are characterized by a high accident rate.

We demand the highest possible level of Osprey security from the US military - this is our main position.
- stressed Suga

Japan demands from the USA to increase the safety of Osprey convertoplanes

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Japan received from the United States a response to a request for information on the number of accidents of the mentioned convertiplanes. According to the Pentagon, for every 100 thousand hours of flight of rotorcraft by September of this year, there were 3,27 serious incidents, which was the highest rate in the US military aviation to date.

Osprey convertible gliders of the US Marine Corps are permanently located on the Japanese island of Okinawa and the main island of the country of Honshu. In August, one of them crashed off the coast of Okinawa. After that, another car of the same type made an emergency landing at one of the airports in Kyushu. In Japan, there are deep doubts about the reliability of the Osprey, which combine the capabilities of a helicopter and a propeller plane.

In 2012, two converters flew in Florida and Morocco. Last year, an incident with such a machine occurred in the Persian Gulf, then the marine was killed. In early August of this year, another convertiplane crashed off the east coast of Australia. On board were 26 people, 23 of them were rescued, three died, reports TASS

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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 9 November 2017 12: 54
    Yeah, osprey often began to fall lately.

    Well, unsurprisingly, the design is complicated of course. Engines in the wings is still that park, there are so many vulnerabilities.
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 9 November 2017 13: 10
      But the idea is extremely interesting.
  2. newcomer
    newcomer 9 November 2017 13: 14
    "Japan requires ...", well, perhaps, the Yankees will lay straws laughing , and even then, you need to find out where the next one will collapse. laughing
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 9 November 2017 14: 13
      Quote: newbie
      Japan requires ..

      It was necessary to demand when a stranger was allowed into his house, now it remains to smile and to PR for the next election winked
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 9 November 2017 14: 53
        Quote: Pete Mitchell
        It was necessary to demand when a stranger was allowed into his house,

        And they were asked? Well, they offered their "cultural" services on the example of the delivery of nuclear warheads to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese could not refuse the services of America ... request
    2. Setrac
      Setrac 9 November 2017 21: 23
      Quote: newbie
      “Japan requires ...“,

      Hai walk.
    APASUS 9 November 2017 19: 00
    The car was never completed, although I think the idea itself was successful. It was just necessary for the Jews to propose creating electronics, and leaving the iron to the Americans, maybe that would have happened?
  4. nmaxxen
    nmaxxen 9 November 2017 22: 33
    potential advantages over a helicopter
    - high speed of about 500 km.h. and economy in horizontal flight
    potential advantages over the plane
    - the possibility of vertical (or shortened) take-off and landing
    - the possibility of freezing (relevant only for combat missions)

    for all the time (since the 1950s) the development and construction of convertiplanes
    failed to succeed - the only serial tiltrotor v-22 osprey
    + + +
    Convertoplane (helicopter) Bell V-22 Osprey
    25 years were spent on its development, and the disasters that occurred during the flight tests claimed the lives of 30 people. The US Department of Defense spent $ 20 billion on the program and is expected to spend another $ 35 billion (some sources cite an amount of almost $ 50 billion). The cost of one serial tiltrotor is estimated at 110-120 million dollars.

    The program was threatened with closure several times. For example, US Secretary of Defense Cheney R. has ordered four times to stop funding V-22
    + + +
    1. nmaxxen
      nmaxxen 9 November 2017 22: 42
      causes of failure in attempts to build a reliable and meaningful at the cost of production and maintenance tiltrotor
      1 complex, heavy and therefore expensive and unreliable
      nacelle turning mechanisms with engines and screws,
      2 small number of screws - from the desire to reduce the influence of the 1st item
      accordingly, there is no margin for fault tolerance - failure of any rotation or screw control mechanism leads to severe instant consequences.
      3. The complexity of creating real-life (rapidly changing and unpredictable) control systems