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Party "Alligators" prepared for transfer to the troops

The aircraft plant in Arsenyev (Primorsky Krai) prepared for the transfer to the troops the next batch of Ka-52 Alligator attack and reconnaissance helicopters. In accordance with the state defense order, the Ministry of Defense will receive eight combat vehicles

Party "Alligators" prepared for transfer to the troops

The Ka-52 helicopter is designed to destroy tanks and other armored vehicles, manpower, helicopters and other aviation at the forefront and in tactical depth at any time of the day. Thanks to the coaxial propeller scheme, the machine has unrivaled maneuverability and is able to perform aerobatics inaccessible to other helicopters.

The main weapon "Alligator" - guided anti-tank missiles "Sturm" and "Whirlwind", successfully tested for use on the helicopter anti-aircraft "Hermes" with a range of destruction to 100 kilometers. A total of six points of suspension Ka-52 can carry up to 2800 kilograms of weapons. The 30-mm cannon with 460 ammunition of shells and a variable rate of fire is a side weapon. A weapon is induced by turning the pilot's head, reports the TV channel "Star"
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Press service of OJSC ACK "Progress"

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 9 November 2017 12: 23 New
    Army aviation is being built at a good pace .. Well, thank God.
    1. The_lancet
      The_lancet 9 November 2017 12: 30 New
      The Alligator’s main weapon, the Sturm and Whirlwind guided anti-tank missiles, has been successfully tested for use on a Hermes ATGM helicopter with a range of up to 100 kilometers. In total, the Ka-52 can carry up to 2800 kilograms of weapons at six suspension points. The on-board weapon is a 30 mm cannon with ammunition of 460 shells and a variable rate of fire.

      But he is beautiful
      1. XXXIII
        XXXIII 9 November 2017 13: 18 New
        Quote: The_Lancet
        But he is beautiful
        Very handsome good His mother is also beautiful ..... yes
    2. newcomer
      newcomer 9 November 2017 12: 31 New
      what what, but Hermes pleases the heart. The_Lancet, Alligator does not accept flattery, do not try.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 9 November 2017 12: 39 New
        Biting crocodile. good It is good that their stock is growing.
    3. Nasrat
      Nasrat 9 November 2017 12: 31 New
      Quote: 210ox
      Army aviation is being built at a good pace .. Well, thank God.

      So who would write an article about the use and military way of army aviation in Syria ... it’s just interesting how effective these devices are in a combat situation with the real work of air defense (at least like the Barmalei) ...
  2. Funnels
    Funnels 9 November 2017 12: 32 New
    Here is another herd of alligators "sailed." 8 individuals are a good replenishment.
  3. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 9 November 2017 12: 36 New
    Well, pride takes such a technique !!!!!!
  4. Egorovich
    Egorovich 9 November 2017 12: 43 New
    The replenishment of weapons in the troops is systematic and constant. Do not slow down!
  5. Tektor
    Tektor 9 November 2017 22: 36 New
    If these Ka-52s cannot carry the X-35 and X-31, then they lose their combat potential by half.