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Sapper dogs received radio communications and video cameras

Mine-searching dogs received a new outfit that allows counselors to see what their wards see and remotely monitor their actions while searching for explosive devices, transmit News.

The new system was tested by Russian sappers in Syria.

“The equipment kit consists of a harness with a video camera and headphones adapted for quadrupeds. The image from the camera is transmitted to a miniature screen in the hands or on the sleeve of the counselor. As a result, the person sees the same as the dog. In this case, the counselor has the opportunity to direct the actions of the dog, giving him commands over the radio. Headphones cut off the sounds of shooting and explosions and help the dog to recognize the voice of the leader in a fight, ”the material says.

The system was developed at the 66 Interdepartmental Training Center for Engineering Troops.

To protect dogs from bullets and splinters, they, as well as people, are worn armored suits and special helmets.

According to the director of the Moscow city club of service and sports and applied dog breeding of the RO DOSAAF Alexander Zhuravlev, the conflict in Syria gave a powerful impetus to the development of cynological services and the development of special equipment.

Replace the dog when searching for explosive devices is impossible. Nyuhachi - dogs are single and very popular. On average, their preparation takes about 12 months. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in their equipment in order to increase the effectiveness of their use and to protect the dog as much as possible. It is very good that we began to pay attention to this issue,
he said.

According to the dog handler, in the Soviet Union, experiments were carried out when a radio was hung up on the dog and the guide gave the dog to the team. But for a long time this technique was not claimed.

Technically, this is not very difficult, it is a matter of proper dressing. At first the handler stands nearby so that the dog can hear commands from both his mouth and the speaker. Then gradually the distance increases. Here the quality of the training is important, so that the dog is in principle accustomed to automatically carry out commands,
he explained.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 9 November 2017 10: 33
    Sapper dogs received radio communications and video cameras
    Well now, even for dogs, you won’t swear and you won’t run to the corner ... They deprived the dogs of their last joys.
    1. NIKNN
      NIKNN 9 November 2017 10: 37
      At the same time, the counselor has the ability to manage the dog’s actions by giving him radio commands. Headphones cut off the sounds of shooting and explosions and help the dog recognize the voice of the counselor in a battle, ”the material says.
      Well, maybe when they want. In general, the class.
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 9 November 2017 14: 00
        I am glad that Russia is moving forward. And the progress in general is pleasing.
        Soon it will reach the neural networks. Of course, they will test animals in the beginning. I believe that it is the service dogs that will be those pioneers who test them.
    2. Primoos
      Primoos 9 November 2017 11: 05
      Quote: svp67
      Sapper dogs received radio communications and video cameras
      Well now, even for dogs, you won’t swear and you won’t run to the corner ... They deprived the dogs of their last joys.

      The main joy for the dog when the owner is nearby. These are real friends. Never betray, even cut it into pieces. I am an experienced dog lover, I know what I'm talking about.
      1. Xnumx vis
        Xnumx vis 9 November 2017 11: 13
        Have to sometimes communicate with your friend -RCHT on the mobile phone. I’m leaving for a day on duty, he refuses to eat, go for a walk ... My wife will press a pipe with a dog’s ear, I’ll talk and go for a walk, eat ... Miracles!
        1. dvina71
          dvina71 10 November 2017 02: 04
          Quote: 30 vis
          Wonders !

          No .. all nom .. without miracles .. I had a rottweiler .. six months already as I died .. When I first went on a flight, and he was 3 months old .. My wife calls .. Rota doesn’t eat anything, lay down my t-shirt doesn’t get up for the second day .. And they put meat under his nose and persuaded him ... he doesn’t get up. I’m on the road for a week usually .. the puppy will be exhausted during this time .. And during our conversation, she even hit the phone and turned it on speakerphone .. The dog heard my voice .. amused .. went to eat .. so week on the phone and persuaded him .. Then used to .. wait.
  2. Sergey53
    Sergey53 9 November 2017 10: 35
    We almost always do not want to pay attention to innovations. Either there is no money for this, then Amers do not, but why should we? But when they appear, they immediately begin to "dig the earth."
  3. san4es
    san4es 9 November 2017 10: 38
    Therefore, it is advisable to invest in their equipment in order to increase the efficiency of use and to protect the dog as much as possible.
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 9 November 2017 10: 51
      I agree. The preparation of such dogs is expensive and they must work out this money. It is a pity their age is not long.
      1. dvina71
        dvina71 10 November 2017 02: 06
        Quote: Kent0001
        Preparation of such dogs is expensive and they must work out this money.

        In the money is not so expensive. Dogs don't care about money. It all depends on a guide .. An intelligent dog handler can handle it quickly ..
    2. alex-cn
      alex-cn 10 November 2017 10: 52
      Well, well, everything new is a well-forgotten old, even the Assyrians made armor for fighting dogs ... And now this is completely useful ...
      1. san4es
        san4es 10 November 2017 11: 35
        Quote: alex-cn
        ... for fighting dogs armor ...

        ... I wonder if the armored stafford with the unarmored mate angry , who will win? bully

  4. Igor V
    Igor V 9 November 2017 10: 55
    Still need a small AK in each paw. So, just in case. smile
  5. Masya masya
    Masya masya 9 November 2017 11: 19
    They still cannot completely replace dogs with robots, it’s a pity of course ... so far we have to work in the old way, as well as our grandfathers ...
    Announcing victory, red flag
    Tossed over defeated Berlin
    The ruined Reichstag froze beneath it.
    Blackening, steaming colossus.

    Around the soldiers cry and sing
    Through the laugh with a cap by wiping tears,
    And they salute the fallen, shooting up
    And for the living one hundred grams of soldiers drink.

    The war is already over for them:
    German houses lie in ruins
    But she hid vengefully
    Among them are unexploded mines.

    Do not count in liberated cities
    Silently lurking traps
    They will be deadly and then
    When the vents of the guns have cooled for a long time.

    And for some, a long war
    Alas, it’s not over yet,
    In the ruins, without rest and sleep,
    Brave sappers work.

    It’s not easy to find a mine probe
    From tension, sweat flows in hail:
    One wrong step - and everyone who is nearby
    They will forever lie in the earth.

    Not for a medal they risk their lives here,
    It’s necessary to clear the earth of shells,
    And lighten sappers hard work
    Four-legged troops arrived.

    Trained dogs go forward
    Work confidently in the rubble,
    In the attics, under walls, in the basements
    Tol smell their noses.

    The soldiers are in no hurry to believe in them:
    "Where can a dog find a mine!
    Here an experienced sapper, barely breathing,
    For hours oppressed a strained back. "

    But suddenly the dog sat down: - "There is a shell!"
    Minesweeper hands ground carefully
    Ripped, quietly unscrewed the charge
    And he breathed out: - "You can work with them!"

    Someday the birds will return to the city
    And joy and peace will reign
    In the meantime: “Min no” - reads the table
    Nailed by a soldier's hand.
  6. stolz
    stolz 9 November 2017 14: 05
    Quote: svp67
    sappers received radio communications and video cameras

    Talking dogs! In give, miracles and more!
    1. ICT
      ICT 9 November 2017 22: 24
      Quote: Stolz
      Talking dogs!

      hearing the guard dog bark, convey its intonation to the guard commander lol
  7. ICT
    ICT 9 November 2017 17: 50
    I repeat

    When he woke up, he found that a bot that had been pretty much shattered by fragments fell apart from the blow, and it was thrown onto soft grass. Nearby, on clumsy trees, a huge banner of parachute swayed. His sagging slings reminded Gary of pasta, and he felt that he was hungry.
    - Do not piss! Do not piss, I said! - it sounded somewhere very close, and Gary decided that he was raving.
    Melanie and By-Fers crawled out from under the wreckage of the ship.
    “We need to get out of here, or you can see the parachute from afar,” Eric said, and fell powerlessly next to Gary.
    “Tired of running away ...” muttered Melanie. - I’m not leaving anywhere ... Nowhere ...
    Something rustled nearby in the bushes, and then something crawled out from there, which made even the experienced Eric Beifers speechless - Yes, in my opinion, this is a dog ... just ... - Apache said in a trembling voice.
    “If it was just a dog,” Eric said. And in fact - the usual-looking dog was dragging an installation of small-caliber unguided rockets on his back, his head was covered with a real helmet with two optical lenses and glasses in order to protect his eyes at the moment of rocket launch.
    - You are arrested and do not advise moving! One volley, and you are firebrands! - threatened someone's harsh voice.
    - Yes, he is a speaker! - startled Melanie.
    “He is not the speaker, but the speaker!”
    - Like this? - did not understand Dr. Navinsky.
    “He has a speaker on his helmet,” the all-knowing Byfers explained.
    “Finally, we’ve figured it out, you’ll be stupid ... So, now you’ll go under the supervision of a dog to where it will lead you. Clear?
    “I see,” Gary answered for everyone.
    - Good. Listen further ...
    While the unknown read out the conditions of surrender, the dog carefully moved to the hull of the vessel and, raising its paw, began to generously water it.
    - Do not piss! Do not piss, I said! - Again the order already heard by Apache sounded. “You're a disorderly dog, Bill!” You must not do this in combat! And where did you get so much fluid from?
    Bill sighed humanly and lowered his paw.

  8. PValery53
    PValery53 10 November 2017 07: 38
    True to the duty and owner of the dogs, of course, it is necessary to equip both for their greater effectiveness and for their safety. We, too, must be faithful to them.
  9. Aqr009
    Aqr009 10 November 2017 14: 08
    Now there will be dogs bloggers soldier