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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. New face of Chernobyl


Good health to all readers and readers!

I know that a lot of time will pass from the moment my first (but not the last, I will say straight away) visit to Chernobyl ended, but of course, holidays, weekends, but nonetheless.

So, Chernobyl. I have long promised to tell you, show, show, I fulfill.

I will begin, perhaps, with the sacramental phrase "Chernobyl is no longer the same." And I will not lie to any half a hryvnia. I don’t know how for whom, but today Chernobyl has several people, unlike Pripyat and a lot of smaller settlements, both former and not so much.

The Official

Maybe for some it will be a discovery, but today Chernobyl is completely inhabited. And almost three thousand people live there. Half - shift workers: physics, energy, biologists. Watch and learn. Plus, public utilities (yes, no kidding!), Employees of the power plant (no, not Chernobyl NPP, but ChTPP) and everything else.

People live, you will laugh, in houses. In the apartments. A fair number of houses are heated and illuminated, so life can be said to be quite normal.

The streets are sweeping, cleaning, and even the bus goes. Two routes. Scheduled.

From where, ask, such luxury? It's simple. There is electricity. It illuminates, pumps out groundwater from canned power units, and so on. All this thanks to the built TPP. On fuel oil.

This is the new landmark of the Exclusion Zone. Trumpet. There used to be a famous pipe at the power unit, now here is another one. But - the pipe. As a symbol of the fact that nuclear power is here, the pipe, and it has arrived.

Yes, and this, as you already understood, is the very Sarcophagus. Under which today is the same power unit, from which it all started in 1986 year.

The picture of desolation, of course, not for weak nerves.

Former station switchgear. In those days, it worked exclusively on the distribution and distribution of electricity, today it works partially. To receive electricity from the mazutnoy TPP. And feeds the whole city and the station.

Unfinished 5 block of the Chernobyl NPP. Willingness over 80%. They didn’t even preserve it, they just left it.

Place of water discharge. The same cooling pond. A little phonite, but not critical, within the limits of permissible. There are scumbags who try to catch local catfish. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes local catfish catch scumbags on the bait.

And this is the highlight of the program, one might say. See how different is the structure from the overall picture? So this is the very storage facility for the spent nuclear fuel storage facility, that is, spent nuclear fuel, which was nevertheless built. The French began to build, the Americans finished. Our purely "bring-bring" was, therefore, probably built.

So here it is quite possible to store this very fuel. From all Ukrainian NPPs, in spite of Atomenergo, yours.

And now guess how much fuel is stored here? Weakly without Google?

Zero integer, zero tenths of a kilogram or gram. Never mind. It is important that for the sake of this zero eight trucks of money were “mastered”, and a storage facility was built. From which sense zero.

Ask, why is it so? And I will answer with my usual ease. And not delivered.

They didn’t deliver fuel to him because there’s nothing to carry on! Everything we did was yours! In nature, tricky, like local cockroaches. Your “Atomenergo” left, and not only the special wagons, the special carts they took out!

So all plans for storage of the imported SNF in Chernobyl run into this. If someone brings special wagons and locomotives, then yes, you can store. And to no - and there is no court, and there either.

So we live ...

And I will tell you about one more unique institution. I can not hold.

This is a bar. Even not so, but as in the well-known computer game "STALKER" - Bar. The only Chernobyl and unique. Called "Drunk muzzle." The fastest bar in the world, I guess.

The fact is that in Chernobyl, as in a city of special treatment, there is a curfew. Patrols and all that. And because "Drunk muzzle" works two (TWO!) Hours a day. From 19 to 21 hours. And since reeling with alcohol through the streets is strongly discouraged, everyone has two hours to fill the tanks to the eyeballs.

In the evening there is music, illumination and all other pleasures. They say it looks very funny.


The second part, if not of the population, of the organisms that live in Chernobyl - you will laugh, but these are tourists. No matter how sad it may sound, today Chernobyl is a kind of tourist site that enjoys close attention. Moreover, not only Ukrainians. They come from all over Europe.

All these are managed by several companies, the largest one is called “Chernobyl-tour”. And they arrange tours here from 1 to 3 days lasting. The guides are proud to talk about numbers. 30 thousand last year and already more than 50 thousand of this.

On that day when I was there, there were Austrians, Swedes and Czechs.

Who has the desire and dollars to tickle his nerves overnight in a dead city, to the services of such individuals as many as two hotels. One was so before, the second was made from the hostel liquidators. Fully preserving all the surroundings of the 80s of the last century.

They say the contents of the "Rainbow" went to the equipment. But since everyone hangs out with dosimeters, and no one rushes out of the windows in panic, then everything is normal in terms of radiation.

Personal taxi for VIP clients. There are several of them.

Shows attractions depending on the price of the tour. Generally - from 40 to 500 dollars. For some reason, the sarcophagus is forbidden to take pictures, they are looking very carefully at this. But they bring almost "to the entrance." Foreigners quite like it.

Since I am not a foreigner, but also a harmful type, of course, the Sarcophagus was filmed in all its glory. Found, you know who forbid ...

In general, I will talk about my impressions and what I saw somewhat out of order, so I’ll say two more places. The first is the exhibition of liquidation technicians in Chernobyl. Robots and machine guns that fought with people. Yes, they were deactivated as best they could, but it did not happen to everyone. Because show almost on the run.

This one, nicknamed “Flying Scrap”, still gives out almost an x-ray per hour.

And this is a Japanese dosimetrist. Out of order, because the radiation completely ruined his scheme.

But most of all I was hooked by a monument. Handmade. They created it, as best they could, with the hands and means of the participants in the emergency response.

Dosimetrists, firefighters, work station, engineer, doctor, soldier. Strong monument. Very strong.

But I will tell you about the monuments in the second part.


Local here already three groups. The first is returnees. These are people who just after a while returned to their homes and live here or live for their own pleasure. Houses. Some guides bring visitors to them to look at the subsistence economy, and are likely to share part of the profits. Sort of lively attractions of the Zone.

The second group is "metalworkers". Workers cutter and argon. Continuing to systematically cut and cut everything you can reach in terms of the metal and taking it out of the Zone. They are trying to fight them, but as with any Ukrainian hydra, the struggle is senseless and merciless and ends with a victory for the metalworkers. Cut and take out.

Third group Stalkers. They are, have not gone away. Just like in the novel Strugatsky or already mentioned game. Despite the prohibitions and cordons penetrate into the Zone and something is muddy there. What and why - no one knows. With them, the authorities also wage war, and also lose. Horse guard and bicycle patrols of the National Guard, guarding the perimeter, usually lead the pursuit to the nearest fishing line. If a group of stalkers went into the forest - no one will pursue, for it will be difficult to predict that it will arrive from the forest.

Rumor has it that in our time, some groups of these stalkers are armed no worse than the characters in the game. The main occupation of stalkers - also excursions. Only without prohibitions. Do you want to store the equipment or a photo session on the roof of the power unit? No problem. If only physical training was enough.

Particularly famous in terms of mayhem, the Belarusian gang of stalkers "Guerrillas". These few breakthroughs through the cordons, they enter the territory of the Exclusion Zone from their territory. Pripyat swamps. They do not want to share with anyone, so they use the experience of their ancestors to the fullest.

I witnessed a very interesting appeal of the guide to the group that went to Pripyat and beyond. If, he says, you will see stalkers (which is unlikely, of course, but still), especially when there are representatives of the bodies with us, by no means attract attention to them. They will not appreciate it, and may be useful.

I then asked what could be useful? It turns out that it happens, but not often, thank God, that tourists from multi-day tours, taking impressions and vodka on their chests, lose control over themselves and get lost. You have to search for them and catch them. This is where experienced stalkers, who know the terrain, come in handy. For a moderate fee.

But most of all I was struck by the air. Not in terms of cleanliness, although in this respect too. I have never seen such a lively movement in the sky, and I hardly see it. Dozens of drones buzz, growl and whistle at different heights. Deliver all the most necessary: ​​alcohol, batteries, cigarettes and all that you may need.

I was shooting an abandoned pier in Pripyat, when a clearly self-made, multi-engined monster flew out of the forest at great speed, crossed the river and disappeared on the other bank. It is a pity that the photo did not work, was not ready.

The spot in the upper left corner is exactly what he hooked.

In short, progress is evident. Somewhere, maybe they dream of such a thing, but here the drone, dragging under the belly several baklazhkah with alcohol and blocks with cigarettes - routine.

But, as you, probably, understood, I in Chernobyl not absolutely on excursion appeared. More precisely, not at all on the tour. On intelligence. And he had to meet with one organism, moderately radioactive, with which it could be perfected, and see something from the fact that everyone is not shown even for money.

So I will continue my story after a while. Especially if it will be interesting to you, my dear. At this let me say goodbye, but not for long. So - clean your air and non-thrashing dosimeters. Yours sincerely.
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  1. Loess
    Loess 9 November 2017 08: 34
    writes well, calmly, I want to read
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 9 November 2017 08: 45
    We wait, we wait, we wait, sir !! Fantastic !!
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 9 November 2017 09: 03
    Bad guides were at the cockroach. In 2014, I was more fortunate - friends and comrades invited me to an empty seat on the bus, and some worked there in the same years.
    I don’t know why Tarakan called Chernobyl “wrong” ... In the 2014 year, in the early spring morning, it was visible in some windows of the house lights burning behind the curtains. Those who knew already explained simply that people live.
    Well, then about the misconceptions that Coloradsky puts out for revelation ...
    For starters, not the “Drunken Muzzle” bar, but the “Eternal Call”. That was his name from those times. He was the first to "meet" returnees from the shift. By the way, before, one could also buy products, items of clothing and souvenirs there. In addition to this bar, there were several more. From my memory ... "Stokvartirny", "Pripyat", "Fairy Tale" ... The first was named for the location on the five-story building on 100 apartments, the rest - for the names of dining rooms and cafes ... Yes, the drink was ALWAYS available. Afraid of the police - buy a bubble and go home, drink there.
    I don’t know why the Cockroach called ISFSF with an extra letter (ISFSF). Decryption is simple - Nuclear Fuel Waste Storage. Where the letter "C" is from is not clear.
    From the locals I know a more romantic story of the appearance of this object. It was built according to the project of the Belgian architect, who, for fear of radiation, controlled everything remotely and without communicating with local specialists. The final storehouse is built with 180 rotation (confirming the location of rail tracks “into the void” and (!) Under foreign containers (such as round honeycombs) that are not compatible with domestic ones. The final legend - the architect shot himself ...
    And it’s a pity that Tarakan did not visit the memorial on the wall of which flying storks are depicted ... An interesting and at the same time scary installation is a glass floor under the feet with the outline of the Chernobyl zone, and Soviet dolls, prams, cradles hanging from above ...
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 9 November 2017 12: 45
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Where the letter "C" is from is not clear.

      C - Dry Storage of SNF
  4. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir 9 November 2017 09: 04
    Thank!!!!!!!! really looking forward to continuing !!!!!!!
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 9 November 2017 11: 42
      Especially if it will be interesting to you, my dears.

      How interesting! Write, Cockroach, and give your Cockroach the God of health to you, and your Cockroach, and to all the like of you! hi
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 9 November 2017 09: 45
    Will there be a new “Stalker” scenario based on the trip?
  6. vadimalehin76
    vadimalehin76 9 November 2017 09: 54
    Well, cockroach, well bothered. We look forward to continuing. He knew many (who live in our area) liquidators. And to common sorrow, many are no longer there.
  7. Lexa-149
    Lexa-149 9 November 2017 12: 56
    Krutetsk narration! I look forward to continuing!
    Thank you so much Cockroach!
  8. Me 262
    Me 262 9 November 2017 23: 47
    The article is excellent, but I personally didn’t see the devastation that the author tells about. It is a well-groomed object, in the photo with stunning graffiti in the background, the characters in orange vests are not stalkers at all, but a flock of janitors! Which in itself says a lot, plus at the entrance to the city of Chernobyl a neatly tinted sign, with a sickle and a hammer (here's the desovetization)
    1. Slarch
      Slarch 11 November 2017 14: 13
      Here, for sure - that same feeling when you see that the roads in Chernobyl are better than in your city ...
  9. Mih1974
    Mih1974 10 November 2017 02: 20
    We wish the Cockroach to return from there with still six legs, but not with eight or more good , Now it’s already cold and the forest fire is not threatening, but if “smoke is sensed” - it is better to bring down at maximum speed. Local - do not eat or drink from the word at all, even if packed. If radiation passes along the “chitin” - it hurts, but not fatally, but to choke on the “inside” is the worst.
    I don’t understand who go there to “travel” negative , or "immortality bought," or frankly wish themselves evil. And Evil - will be very very unpleasant and bad.
    I’m writing to you, as a resident of the Russian “satellite city of nuclear power plants” (not to be confused with “I’m a daughter of a Crimean officer”), whatever they say to you about “safety” and “small doses of radiation” mmm - the policy in the field of announcing such information has won. Hide almost everything that you can "sweep under the rug." And even against the backdrop of monstrous mortality on our roads - you should not "add" and meddle in such places.
    By the way, let the Cockroach look after itself, if it glows in the dark, then - some may consider it a "source of food"

    lol repeat
  10. Slon_on
    Slon_on 10 November 2017 11: 13
    Many places are recognizable now. Maybe BRDM from our battalion RHR, although unlikely. Bridges already then "shone" is not sickly. Induced radiation.
  11. Yoshi
    Yoshi 11 November 2017 11: 58
    Thank you!
    Especially for kind words about the monument.
  12. japs
    japs 12 November 2017 00: 32
    A long time ago you were not in, already bored. Health and new stories!