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What is wrong with modern "activists"?

In our time, the word "activist" managed to acquire, to put it mildly, an ambiguous interpretation. When the next activists come to the forefront, or rather those who call themselves that, they openly smack of some kind of trick. He slipped into the hospital in dirty shoes and without boot covers, took his own photograph of his feet - uploaded the photo to the Web, and that's where the all-Russian bloglog is arranged. But do not touch him, for an activist, because he cuts the truth of the womb. He nailed the scrotum to the pavement or set the door on fire, shook his thorn - this is already taken higher - not only an activist, but also a whole actionist, artist, advocate of creativity, the embodiment of the spirit of freedom. He made a fake about the mass use of doping by Russian athletes, fled across the ocean - also, you know, an activist, a "political refugee from a bloody gebni."

And behind such screens, designated as public organizations, or as humanitarian communities, more and more rogues of all stripes are hiding.

No, of course, there are a huge number of such public organizations that are really engaged in business - for the benefit of creation, and not destruction and squabbles. There are also such active representatives of society who, in principle, cannot be indifferent to real facts of violation of rights and freedoms, bureaucratic lawlessness, corruption, ignoring the interests of certain social, ethnic or religious groups. They can not look with indifference, and therefore carry out daily hard work, aimed at changing the situation for the better - as much as it is within their power.

However, it cannot but be disturbed by how pseudo-socialists are trying to use the status of constructive communities to achieve non-constructive goals. Among other groups that have become active recently (and not only in the information plan) are the so-called moral advocates, who have almost declared themselves to be the morals police and custodians of traditional values. Who is behind such a mask, it is worth to understand in more detail.

So, if you try to clarify information on how films of various directors come to the screen, open museum expositions and exhibitions, you can come across the systematic appearance of the term “Orthodox activists”. Moreover, the information occasion is usually with a bias in one single direction: “Orthodox activists” demanded a ban, “Orthodox activists” thwarted one event, another, “Orthodox activists” accused someone, including law enforcement officers, almost in Satanism, “Orthodox activists "called for mass repentance. In general, things like that.

What is wrong with modern "activists"?

And now, Runet is particularly replete with reports that the "Orthodox activists" again broke through somewhere. From the series “they didn’t look, but we condemn”, this has already become the norm, moreover, such that if someone suddenly declares: “And I’ve watched, what is there?”, Then he is immediately “overthrown into hell” by threats and statements in the style of "We will sue you."

But on the surface is an amazing truly phenomenon. Some people who have attached themselves to the image and are trying to convince everyone of their own infallibility go with bottles of urine and other “analyzes”, with the help of which they express their opinion about the object or phenomenon. Ultimately, such a discussion is heated up even by a seemingly insignificant topic, which leads to the clash of the entire social groups. And these “activists”, having washed their hands in time, leave the “epicenter”, observing and rubbing their hands from the outside. A report for the organizers on the work done at the same time.

In development, one can observe such a situation that outsiders, ordinary citizens, assessing what is happening, are divided according to professed opinions not about what the pseudo-Orthodox activists pointed out to them with their “fingers”, but already to the Orthodox faith itself. Then - indignation at the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church is allegedly trying to interfere in the high life and that “the ROC is the most needed”. The fact that these "Orthodox activists" in leather jackets and with flying banners have a thirty fifth relation to the Russian Orthodox Church and certainly do not express the opinions of the Russian Orthodox clergy, unfortunately, not everyone remembers.

In other words, we are talking about actual provocation, one of the goals of which is to strike at the root of the Russian faith - Orthodox Christianity, exposing this belief as a mockery, using the dirtiest schemes.

This can be compared with the appearance in the Middle East of the so-called “Islamic State” (* forbidden in the Russian Federation), when ISIS militants (*) smashed Muslim mosques under the slogans of Islam, blew up their own co-religionists, carried out terrorist attacks in Europe under the cries of Allah glorification. The essence of the provocation is to sow hatred towards the Muslim religion, people practicing it and obviously not having any relation to extremism or to other human-hating ideas. So what? - after all, the terrorists succeeded in many ways The term “Islamic State” (*) itself has become a symbol of modern terrorism. That is, who created and financed this structure, it turns out, made sure that the word "Islam" was associated with terrorist activity. And who financed and supported militarily? - we recall the statements of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces on whose military bases in Syria the bearded men from ISIL (*) hang out on pick-ups ...

The most interesting thing is that the Islamic State (*) has a pseudo-Christian copy. The organization, which has been called the "Christian state", operates in our country as well. Itself appeared? It is unlikely ... The essence of the activity is the same - to ensure that the majority of the population, meaning one of the most popular religions, also becomes associated with destructive manifestations and outright extremism. Arson, provocations, clashes with the police, rolling eyes and a hysterical reading of prayers - with ostentatious religiosity. Any religious alternative is declared hostile to the foundations and norms that they themselves invented.

For this structure, the Russian legislation on freedom of conscience does not actually play any role. Moreover, the constitutional status of the Russian Federation, which says that Russia is a secular state, does not play any role either.

It can be assumed that these “Orthodox activists”, including those from “HG” are ordinary sick people with an autumn exacerbation of the disease. It’s just that their activities seem too cohesive to convince themselves of this assumption. Their actions are too well honed and proactive, after which such a flurry of emotions is played out that people are ready to cut each other's throats just because one film / picture / performance / person appeals to others. Well, and if they are still sick, the place is not in public places, but in beds in the respective wards ...
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 9 November 2017 07: 37
    I think the so-called "Orthodox activists" have no relation to Orthodoxy because they are engaged in affairs incompatible with Orthodoxy ... all human vices prevail over them ... pride, hatred, fear, rejection of other people's opinions ... this, by the way, applies to Russian ultra-racists speaking allegedly on behalf of the Russian people.

    In general, a distinctive feature of such ultra-communities is their statements that they say and act allegedly on behalf of the People, Orthodoxy, Islam, etc. I immediately understand that they are an instrument in someone’s vile affairs.
    1. vkl.47
      vkl.47 9 November 2017 08: 32
      These are not activists but terrorists and dormoids. Pests and parasites. On someone else's x .... they want to enter paradise
      1. FID
        FID 9 November 2017 09: 03
        Somehow I doubt ... But what about the priests who approve of this?
        1. twviewer
          twviewer 9 November 2017 19: 53
          In 1905, people were shot with machine guns, so everyone was approved.
    2. ID90
      ID90 9 November 2017 09: 47
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      I think the so-called "Orthodox activists" have no relation to Orthodoxy

      and priests have nothing to do with Orthodoxy.
      1. Varyag_0711
        Varyag_0711 9 November 2017 11: 13
        ID90 Today, 09: 47 ↑ New
        and priests have nothing to do with Orthodoxy.
        Not only priests, but the whole Russian Orthodox Church have nothing to do with Orthodoxy. Of these, the same "Orthodox", as from Zyuganov "Communist"! In general, one must understand that FAITH in God is one thing, and religion is another. Religion is a way of subjugating and controlling the masses, no more and no less.
        And all these "activists" must be kept in special institutions for the mentally ill and violent. It is the so-called "believers" that pose the greatest danger.
        1. Galleon
          Galleon 9 November 2017 12: 21
          Do you like to chop off the shoulder? Does it help?
          The Creator himself is objectively present in the Church - would anyone like it or not. for 2000 years of its existence, believe me, she has seen many of her leaders. Among them were those whom it was impossible to call a Christian (for example, Moscow Metropolitan Zosima). Well, nothing. The church stands - God is in it.
          1. Varyag_0711
            Varyag_0711 9 November 2017 13: 02
            Galleon Today, 12:21 ↑
            The church stands - God is in it.
            Are you sure about that? Well, well, blessed is he who believes. God is one, but there are many churches. And these churches have been fighting among themselves from time immemorial for the flock, and more precisely for the opportunity to shear this flock as sheep.
            The Creator himself is objectively present in the Church
            How is he present there? In the form of icons and crucifixes? But what about the commandment "Do not make yourself an idol"?

            However, I'm not going to destroy your beliefs in the church, you want to believe in the Russian Orthodox Church, but for God's sake. Just do not impose your faith on others. For example, I am against the introduction in schools of the "word of God." The child will grow up to decide who to believe in him, and messing up brains from childhood is too much. How does the Russian Orthodox Church in this respect differ from the "Seventh-wheel Adventists" or some kind of "witnesses of the Eighth Flood"?
            1. raw174
              raw174 9 November 2017 13: 48
              Quote: Varyag_0711
              For example, I am against the introduction in schools of the "word of God." The child will grow up to decide who to believe in him, and messing up brains from childhood is too much.

              Exactly! All these attempts at religious lessons will not bring to good! If you want, go to the Sunday school at the temple, go to the mosque, but you don’t need to go to school! The maximum is religious studies, which should be taught by a secular teacher, preferably from atheists, who in 7-10 lessons will tell a little bit about the main religions of the world.
            2. Galleon
              Galleon 9 November 2017 14: 49
              Varyag, you broadcast some cliches of the last century, behind which glimpses of idiocy are visible. What have you done now: entered into a conversation with me? - No, it was a monologue without any interest in the answers. Are you a squabbler? Cling home with your wife - there are more reasons. I believe you are not, and that annoys me. I don’t want and will not talk about this topic with you in this state, you will have to stop being rude and shut up. Want to talk about God and faith seriously - write in a personal.
              1. Varyag_0711
                Varyag_0711 9 November 2017 15: 05
                Galleon Today, 14:49 ↑
                Varyag, you broadcast some cliches of the last century, behind which glimpses of idiocy are visible.
                Well, which of us is rude? Where in my comment you saw rudeness towards you personally?
                Are you a squabbler? Cling home with your wife - there are more reasons.
                Sklomer is more likely you. And again, the rudeness in your comment is directed at me personally.

                Now calmly re-read my comments and yours. As a result, I didn’t be rude to you, you told me yes. I did not start a squabble with you, you are trying to do it. So which of us is who?
                You have now revealed the pattern of a "true believer." laughing Firstly, it was you who entered into a discussion with me, and not vice versa. Secondly, they began to be rude and indicate what I need to do. Thirdly, they turned the entire dialogue inside out, accusing the opponent of exactly what you yourself are to blame. Five points!
                Answer after all who is more dangerous atheist or "believer"?
                1. Galleon
                  Galleon 9 November 2017 17: 54
                  Napoleon said that only believers can rule. Atheists are only good for being shot. Peter the First said: do not believe three: don’t believe a Turk, don’t believe a woman, don’t believe a drinker.
                  I agree to be more dangerous. But personally, you can not be afraid of me.
                  1. Varyag_0711
                    Varyag_0711 9 November 2017 18: 26
                    Galleon Today, 17:54 ↑ New
                    I agree to be more dangerous.
                    Well, suppose you can be dangerous only to your loved ones.
                    But personally, you can not be afraid of me.
                    Afraid of whom? You? Do not flatter yourself, you can frighten your own reflection in the mirror, no more.
                    Napoleon said that only believers can rule. Atheists are only good for being shot.
                    You see how right Napoleon was. It is possible to manage the herd of thoughtless herds, but it is really difficult to manage thinking people.
                    1. Maksus
                      Maksus 10 November 2017 11: 59
                      That is, a believer and a thinker are incompatible concepts for you?
                      But what if a person has a higher education, or maybe several, has a good job, recognition in the scientific community, but is a believer?
          2. FID
            FID 10 November 2017 09: 51
            Quote: Galleon
            . The church stands - God is in it.

            I apologize, but Islam literally speaks the same words, and Catholicism ..... Whose god is one, or is he one for all, then why religious wars?
    3. Ivan Hangoverov
      Ivan Hangoverov 9 November 2017 12: 26
      "Russian Spring" wrote that those who set fire to movie theaters lit up in 2015 in Ukraine at the bases of the Right Sector. Passed training. Yes, and Poklonskaya herself "mishandled" IMHO-IMHO. One way or another, the Orthodox Church of the Russian Orthodox Church Spill is now being used as a weapon AGAINST Russia. Plus the strange neutrality of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukrainian events. Only Old Believers and atheists IMHO not tarnished.
  2. ando_bor
    ando_bor 9 November 2017 07: 46
    Clearly, the State Department’s fault is to blame for everything, - they broke the braces, - here are the demons and weak souls, like Svidomo’s in Ukraine.
  3. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 9 November 2017 08: 00
    Nowadays, the word "activist" has managed to acquire, to put it mildly, an ambiguous interpretation. When the next activists come to the forefront, or rather those who call themselves so, frankly smacks of some ...

    Today, the activist, and the opposition parties, is also not a small step away from them and resembles worms, swarming in a heap of what is there ..... yes
    This is what the party’s struggle with the “bloody gebene” and “tyrant Vlad” looks like:

    In this creak, the struggle is apparently somehow connected with masturbation:

    But these small bastards, already screaming: We are here power! - you should first thoroughly flog it, and then send it to school under the supervision of your parents:
  4. Horseman without a head
    Horseman without a head 9 November 2017 08: 03
    What is wrong with modern "activists"

    What is largely paid
    the Islamic State (*) has a pseudo-Christian copy

    Why is it possible for someone but not for someone?
    And if they interlocked (preferably somewhere in Africa) - it would finally be perfect
    1. Galleon
      Galleon 9 November 2017 12: 14
      Yes, they would have jumped on a united front, and not clashed: this is discussed in the article.
      Nick you ... and pulls blurt out, that since something is missing, then until it comes through the horse ... Sorry, not from evil, a joke good smile hi
  5. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 9 November 2017 08: 24
    These are all “couch activists” of our time — that in Russia and in the “west” —they are the same: show off with “slogans” on “topical issues” in front of the “dissatisfied” electorate, call for something and .... into the bushes when it comes to "business." They would show off in front of the public, and suffer according to the "adult" for beliefs, no, no, this is not for them .... let them go, suckers "suffer" for them ...
    1. ando_bor
      ando_bor 9 November 2017 10: 05
      Quote: Cat Marquis
      “couch activists” of our time — that in Russia and in the “west” —they are the same: show off with “slogans” on “topical issues” in front of the “dissatisfied” electorate, call for something and .... into the bushes, when comes to

      They are the same only in appearance, there is no opposition in Russia - its hired downturn has trampled, the money has lost, everyone who comes from an opposition position, criticizing the government, no matter which side receives Western money at the moment, is "for your right cause," the tranche is already with wishes and valuable instructions, so the opposition with real problems turns into a hired country, didn’t take it - no one will see and hear it much, you won’t get much without funding, the one who has money inside Russia has oligarchs, the same the opposition is not particularly funded, otherwise they will not be oligarchs.
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya 9 November 2017 08: 44
    All these instigators, liars and gossipers are called in one word- MUTNIK, dregs are shorter ...
  7. then
    then 9 November 2017 08: 51
    Why then does the state have internal organs. Each activist has a name and surname, and so take this activist "by ear and in the sun." I’m not that the country would know its "heroes", I don’t want to know such people, I mean that people obligated by duty would figure out how each activist breathes and sniffs.
  8. thinker
    thinker 9 November 2017 10: 20
    Question archivalas already written here
    Today, there are 4500 people in the Christian State, and how many will be tomorrow? Today these people have “25 branches throughout Russia,” and how many will be the day after tomorrow?

    Just a couple of fresh headlines -
    Orthodox activists as a weapon against Russia
    Experts talked about the growing number of protests in Russia
  9. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 9 November 2017 10: 21
    Unfortunately, the current Russian society is painful. It hurts because it has no purpose or idea of ​​its existence, it burns its life here and now. Chasing chimeras stubbornly in the form of "success", "freedom", expensive and completely unnecessary toys in the form of cars and iPhones. But it did not fall ill on its own. No! These are the consequences of neoliberalism, which has been the power of Russia for the past 25 years. And there is no figure on the horizon capable of changing this and curing society.
  10. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 9 November 2017 11: 47
    You need to get married on time, then there will be no time for all sorts of stupid things.
  11. raw174
    raw174 9 November 2017 13: 41
    When they ask me about religion, I say that the Koran, the Bible and other scriptures were created and written by people like us, only quick-witted. If you want to have real power - create a religion! Religion incredibly simplifies life, why work on yourself, what to strive for when the ways of the Lord and the will of Allah! Why delve into yourself if Bes beguiled ... Religion without straining explains EVERYTHING! It is no accident that religion at all times opposed scientists and science, tried to stop the development of mankind, because the monks probably disappointed when the conquerors of the sky did not crash into the heavens, I am not talking about experiments on the artificial creation of life (genetics, cloning, modern robotics).
    I am not against religions, each master of his own thoughts, if this helps people in difficult times, let them go to the temple, mosque, synagogue, and at least to the god Kuse, after all, the placebo often really works. But the imposition of views is unacceptable!
    The requirement to prohibit the showing of a movie is an imposition! If offends someone’s feelings, don’t look! I will see, do not deprive me of the freedom of choice! (I'm not talking about extremes, of course the framework is needed).
    The fact that religion is just a tool for managing the masses and a super-profitable business is a fact for me, I think many will agree ...
  12. zzdimk
    zzdimk 10 November 2017 05: 03
    Since when is Orthodoxy a true Russian faith? Again, the substitution of concepts. Orthodoxy is, as it were, a convenient tool for unification and management — no more. By the way, Russian - maybe, but not Russian.
    1. Butchcassidy
      Butchcassidy 13 November 2017 09: 36
      Generally since 988.
  13. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 13 November 2017 19: 56
    Orthodox activists = Orthodox extremists
  14. Brigadier
    Brigadier 13 November 2017 20: 22
    The highest-ranking "activist" today is Nataha from the Duma! It would be necessary to melt it back to Ukraine, so that there wouldn’t be more turbulent water and people would not be poisoned. It’s better not to send her to Crimea either, otherwise she will force everything there with images and portraits of Nikolashka. Only to Ukraine, and nowhere else!
    But the true Russian faith, this is not the Russian Orthodox Church with its sanctuaries, ready to consecrate for the loot anything. Everyone remembers how Christianity was introduced in Russia - by fire and sword, by the killings of many thousands of people who did not want to change their Slavic gods to a foreign peasant crucified on the cross. But then the authorities, like today, didn’t really listen to them ...