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Sardinia - after Catalonia and Veneto ...

The ill-starred play with the independence of Catalonia continues to become overgrown with comical details, such as a runaway Puchdaemon, already sent to the hostel by members of the government of the rebellious region and the headache of Brussels, who now decides to arrest the unlicensed version of the rebellious prime minister or not to get into this fight of Madrid.

However, the independence of the bucking horse of independence is the desire to ride all the new Pucdemonas, and some of them are much more decisive than the Catalan Kerensky. This time we will examine the politicians of the sunny Mediterranean island of Sardinia. Funny "fish" name, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Italian cuisine, what else can you say about Sardinia?

Sardinia - after Catalonia and Veneto ...

Catalan heart in the middle of the flag of Sardinia - a new trend

For example, the fact that it is one of the oldest separatist regions in Europe. The separatism of Sardinia is not just an objective desire for independence or unwillingness to share finances with Rome (Sardinia cannot boast of a powerful economy and industry), it is a true folk trait, a kind of tradition that penetrated even the kitchen of the islanders. So, unlike Italians, sardis are not so greedy for wine. They prefer the drink "filvero", something like vodka. However, for Sardis, drinking “filverero” is not just a booze, but a patriotic act of independence (oh, how!), Since this drink, in fact, is a moonshine, and is banned. And the word “filveroo” itself is translated as wire, as bottles with moonshine were buried in the ground, bringing thin wire to the surface to find for the act of civil disobedience to the Italian authorities.

Another Sardinian tradition, which absorbed the spirit of separatism, is “Murales” or “Muralis”, which are artistic paintings right on the walls of houses under the open sky. At the same time, “mural” is not just some kind of graffiti, it is almost full-fledged canvases with its own plot and social meaning. Appearing in the middle of the last century, these paintings became a symbol of social struggle and an expression of the dream of independence of the island.

Traditional wall paintings - "Mural" ("Murales")

But not always the protests were just as peaceful, moreover they are not peaceful even now, but more on that later. Sardinia has an ancient history with a whole series of conquerors - the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Genoese, Pisans, Austrians, Spaniards, French and Savoy. The latter have just sewn the island to the united (in a very vague sense, even now) Italy.

However, there was a period of independent Sardinia, when the feudal island nation was called Arboria, starting from the 10 century. By the 14 century, the Sardinians had successfully repulsed the Spanish Aragonese and Genoese and, in fact, ruled the whole island. One of the rulers of Arborea, namely Eleanor of Arborea in the history of Sardinia, occupies no less place than Jeanne in France. Alas, at the beginning of the 15 century, the next ruler of Sardinia fell in a battle with the Sicilians, and soon Arborea fell under the onslaught of the Aragonese.

Of course, after the expulsion of the Spaniards and the expulsion of the Austrians, who fought in Sardinia after the division of the Spanish inheritance, the island was sewn to the so-called Sardinian kingdom. This offspring of international relations resembled the very eerie "Frankenstein" woven from Nice, Savoy, Sardinia, Piedmont, Liguria and part of the province of Pavia. The people of the kingdom chatted in more than six languages, there was also no single center in the form of the capital. As a result, the kingdom was safely sawn between Italy and France.

Another black and white photo of the next rally for independence

At the moment, Sardinia is part of Italy as an autonomous region. In order not to exacerbate the nationalist sentiments of the Sardis, Rome allowed the island to have its president (now Francesco Pillara) playing in independence, parliament and the flag. And in the 1999 year, he even allowed the islanders to teach at institutes and schools in the Sardinian language. I emphasize - not a dialect of Italian, but in the language officially recognized.

But all these privileges are quickly leveled, both by the inconsistency of politicians, especially in the period of their weakening, and by the decline of the economy. And Sardinia is not the most successful region of Italy, to say the least. Moreover, the very specific structure of the separatist movements of the insular Mediterranean makes attempts to independence indestructibly repetitive.

Traditional rally party of the Independent Republic of Sardinia

For Sardinian irreconcilable nationalism, in view of the history, terrain and geographic location, there is a clear partisan on the verge of banal predatory raids. From time immemorial, “rebels” hid in the mountains, inflicting sporadic attacks on government officials. One of the most famous of these "Robin Hoods" was Greciano Masino. This “freedom fighter” eventually died in prison. Tellingly, in neighboring Sicily, Salvatore Giuliano, a Colonel of Sicilian separatists, who was not afraid of robbery, repeated almost the same fate. Giuliano, however, did not imprison him, but was simply shot dead in 1950. Tradition, you know ...

In the modern world, of course, the Sardinian separatists have somewhat deviated from the glorious traditions of their ancestors. They preach a non-violent and democratic way of realizing the right to self-determination. The pillars of the current legitimate wing of Sardinian separatism are the following parties - the Sardinian Nation party (Sardigna Natzione), the Sardinian Action Party (Partito Sardo d'Azione) and the Independent Republic of Sardinia Party (Indipendèntzia Repùbrica de Sardigna). All of them are frankly left-wing and similar to each other. But ... The same features that have shaped the spirit of Sardinian separatism do not allow these parties to unite, like Sardinia itself, which is very fragmented. One part of it looks towards Sicily, while the other rests on Corsica.

Sardinian party action does not hide their sympathies of Catalonia

For example, the party of LDCs, created in Sassari in the North of Sardinia, in every way helps to bring Sardinia and Corsica closer together economically and industrially. And he even considers these steps towards historical ones, which, to be sure, to put it mildly, confuses other participants in the independence movement.

But at the same time, the outbreaks of Rome’s frightening activity are quite constant, and the center’s reaction is increasingly nervous. In 2014, the Sardinian Party of Action initiated an online referendum on secession from Italy, and in the same year, this party weakly strengthened its position, which, again, was a nervous tic in Rome.

And the more serious the situation becomes in Europe and in Italy itself (with its Fall, Lombardy and the infinitely vibrating Veneto), the harder the response of the Italian authorities. Yes, and the promises are beginning to end - the autonomy of the Sardis, there is a president, some kind of one. In the words of Ivan Vasilyevich from the famous comedy: “What else do you need, dog?” Finances? And here the jokes end, because even the donor North is already howling to the South of Italy, what sards are there ...

The symbol of the party of the Sardinian nation, almost all parties use white, black and red colors.

Therefore, in April, 2017, one of the main fighters for the independence of Sardinia, Salvatore Meloni (nicknamed Doddore), who was a bugaboo for the entire central government since 80, was imprisoned for tax evasion. 74-year-old Salvatore asked the court to replace his imprisonment for house arrest for objective medical reasons. But received a refusal. Unlike the paper rebel Pucdemon, Meloni turned out to be more principled and unlike his example and went on a hunger strike. As a result, in early July, he fell into a coma and died a couple of days later, becoming a martyr in the pantheon of fighters for the independence of Sardinia. You can’t begin to respect.

Salvatore Meloni "Doddore" - Furious Sard

Such clumsy actions of the authorities obviously did not increase their popularity, but, it is true, only the fragmentation of the separatist forces did not allow to inflame the Catalan-level scandal. At the same time, the authorities were so close that in a couple of months Salvatore was rehabilitated. So, how to know, how to know ...
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  1. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 9 November 2017 18: 09
    So, unlike Italians, sardis are not so susceptible to wine. They prefer the fillevero drink, something like vodka. However, for the Sardis, drinking “filevero” is not just a booze, but a patriotic act of independence (oh how!), Since this drink, in fact, is moonshine and is prohibited.

    What is the Gestapo and SS in the USSR, they clearly did not know ..
    1. Barshchik-M
      Barshchik-M 9 November 2017 19: 13
      OUR CRIMEA, worked as a catalyst in these global processes ..
      Not for nothing that the West took up arms against Russia! Although Crimea like Russian has always been .. We lost a lot of territories during the 90s and are not particularly worried (who lives well and does not bark at Russia) ..
      But we will deal with the rest surely and soon! soldier
      1. 210ox
        210ox 9 November 2017 19: 47
        And what, Catalonia and Venetto have gone far? Then the brushes will not let go ..
        1. Barshchik-M
          Barshchik-M 9 November 2017 19: 56
          Quote: 210ox
          And what, Catalonia and Venetto have gone far? Then the brushes will not let go ..

          Even so, but the challenger is ... The first Scotland tried!
          I am against any "crushing", etc. But now it is beneficial to Russia! !!!!
          Just for revenge, how they pitted us in the USSR during the collapse ..
          We will destroy them, by their own methods, without any war .. I am sure of that!
          Forward Russia and the battle continues again .. negative
      2. Loess
        Loess 9 November 2017 21: 26
        why exactly the Crimea? why not Kosovo, for example?
        1. Barshchik-M
          Barshchik-M 9 November 2017 21: 31
          Quote: Less
          why exactly the Crimea? why not Kosovo, for example?

          Kosovo, it’s all forcibly under bayonets ... they cut out the dissatisfied after the US bombing!
          And here the people began to rise in the world and think. What is this injustice for?
      3. PPK
        PPK 9 November 2017 21: 54
        Quote: Bathhouse attendant-M
        Although Crimea like Russian has always been

        Crimea was annexed to the Russian Empire in 1783m. Before that, there was the Crimean Khanate and the Turks.
        In total, Crimea belonged to Russia only 170 years. As far as history teaches us, Russia is more than 1000 years old.
        170 years and 1000 years. It does not seem to fit with your statement.
        1. stas
          stas 9 November 2017 23: 56
          Yes to hell with this Barcelona.
          Today, China and the United States have signed serious economic treaties.
          Capitalist Russia cannot be an ally of socialist China.
          And the United States is more profitable for China in economic matters.
          That's where you need to scratch your turnips, and not to discuss garbage, how the Spaniards there Maidan.
          1. Amurets
            Amurets 10 November 2017 06: 39
            Quote: stas
            Today, China and the United States have signed serious economic treaties.

            Where did the firewood come from? I have not found anywhere. If possible, reset the link.
            1. PPK
              PPK 10 November 2017 10: 26
              For example:
  2. VadimSt
    VadimSt 9 November 2017 18: 12
    A new virus, wandering around the EU - independence, from everyone!
    1. Barshchik-M
      Barshchik-M 9 November 2017 20: 06
      Quote: VadimSt
      A new virus, wandering around the EU - independence, from everyone!

      Crimea virus and referendum .. hehe
      Putin calculated everything clearly!
      The thirst for the storm rises in the World ...

      The ghost of the Russian revolutionaries blows over the planet ...
  3. Hoc vince
    Hoc vince 9 November 2017 18: 15
    Why not remember: “Do you even understand now what you have done !?” Putin V.V.
  4. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 9 November 2017 18: 17
    If Muslims are in these areas, then my idea is not true. The bottom line is that, once the Jewish peoples migrated to the Boot from Isponia, the reverse process is quite possible when Israel moves to independent Catalonia, for example, why not. .
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 9 November 2017 22: 40
      Quote: p-k Oparyshev
      The reverse process is quite possible when Israel moves to independent Catalonia for example.

      The current location of Israel is not accidental, everything is done with a distant eye.
  5. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 9 November 2017 18: 27
    Verily, the eater kills passionarity. And freedom must be watered with the blood of patriots!
  6. bnm.99
    bnm.99 9 November 2017 19: 43
    The author, the Sardinian kingdom was not a "Frankenstein" and no one "sawed" it; moreover, it was it that served as the nucleus of the modern Italian state. You need to know the story.
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 9 November 2017 21: 33
    Wonderful are your lords! There is no Russian gas, and more than that, bloggers, here sss ...... again framed.
    Sanctions. Or maybe we’ll stir up the base? I think the "educators" from France will creep in shoals to express loyalty and "whatever you want," it is clear, south.
    There is fog in my head, and the United States is far away, and Germany is not comme il faut .... And imbeciles will crept. The base is good, but the slipper is better. (little hands itch ...)
  8. Freeman
    Freeman 9 November 2017 21: 58
    A badly played performance with the independence of Catalonia continues to grow into comedic details like the fugitive Puigdemon

    Surname Puigdemon should be written in Russian as Pandaemon. Then everything will become clear with him.
    Pan (English Punch, short for Puncinello) is a character in the English Puppet Theater.
    Pan close in character with characters such as Pulcinella, Open Sign, Parsley