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Western experts were looking for Putin’s savings offshore, but found the money of their companies

On Sunday, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper from German Bavaria launched a new offshore scandal called the Paradise Dossier. A few months ago, secret newspapers were made available to the newspaper, which documented the activities of dozens of companies and individuals in small countries or in territories with a preferential tax regime - the so-called offshore companies. The participants of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), whom the newspaper attracted to the analysis of the materials received, drew an analogy of offshore companies with “paradise territories”. So this unusual name of the new dossier appeared.

Western experts were looking for Putin’s savings offshore, but found the money of their companies

Marked in Putin, hit Cameron and Poroshenko

It is impressive. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the dossier was based on a leak of 21, which gives an idea of ​​working in 19 offshore jurisdictions, 13,4 of a million documents. To analyze the information received, the ICIJ consortium attracted journalists from 400 countries around 67. However, working with documents took several months. On Sunday, she began to acquaint the world community.

This is not the first exposure of firms and personalities hiding their money in offshore oases. Last year, the Panama Dossier made a lot of noise. Then more than a million documents for internal use were registered in Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.

This is how data on 140 offshore accounts of politicians and civil servants, including world leaders, was opened. The Western press excitedly wrote about tax evasion from "representatives of kleptocratic regimes: from Russia and Africa to China." Nobody hid the fact that the leak itself was arranged in order to find “Vladimir Putin’s billions”.

Gossip about his condition appeared shortly after Putin’s Munich speech in 2007. Talked about the amount of the order of 40 billion dollars. For the elections, they tried to present this money to the Russian and world public. However, no one found the accounts of the Russian president. Opened only offshore история in 2 billion dollars worth of famous cellist Sergei Roldugin.

Roldugina media directly associated with the president of Russia. According to the British Guardian, Sergey Roldugin is a close friend of Vladimir Putin. "He introduced Putin to his future wife, Lyudmila, and became the godfather of his eldest daughter, Maria." On this basis, the newspaper concluded that in fact the funds assigned to the musician belong to Vladimir Putin.

Roldugin tried to explain the origin of money. He even told how at his own expense he buys unique musical instruments for the state collection. But no one listened to him. Newspapers still practiced variations on how “Putin's money in offshore is kept in the accounts of nominees” (cited as an example the names of other well-known Russian businessmen), but soon exhausted.

The assumptions about Putin’s money have overshadowed the real facts about the accounts of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmündür Gunnleigsson (along with a whole group of Icelandic officials, bankers and businessmen, including the Minister of Finance and the Minister of the Interior), British Prime Minister David Cameron and another ten world leaders.

Cameron soon resigned, lost their posts and Icelandic ministers, along with his prime minister. West Methyl in Putin, but actually he burned himself on offshore fraud. The media soon became eager to explain that tax evasion was actually a legitimate action. But government officials cannot use these schemes. The topic was quietly lowered on the brakes.

Offshore money - instead of the European budget

“Paradise dossier” is also trying to connect with the Russian president. All this looks even less convincing than in the Panamanian documents. Russians who came under the distribution (Igor Shuvalov, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov, Marina Sechina, Putin's fellow student Nikolai Egorov, and others) are convicted of having registered their own aircraft in offshore. Even Western experts do not consider this a serious violation, but merely a convenient form for using jets.

“Russian footprint” is now cleared at the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. In the Panama Dossier, there were no American citizens at all. Although in tax evasion even people who were far from business, like Argentinian footballer Lionel Messiah, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, Spanish director Pedro Almadovar, and others, were hooked on taxes.

Wilbur Ross, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung, through a network of offshore companies registered in the Cayman Islands, is connected with the UK-registered shipping company Navigator, which in turn fulfills orders from the Russian petrochemical holding Sibur for the transport of liquefied gas.

That's it. They caught the minister on the most serious crime for America today - cooperation with the Russians. Knowing this, the German newspaper was no longer shy and finished off Ross with the headline of the article “Trump's minister makes money on deals with Russia”. At the same time, SZ went through the American president. Let now justifies himself as Roldugin for Putin.

There is another reason for Trump to not relax. The Bavarian newspaper devoted a separate article to the Russian investor Yuri Milner. He had the good fortune to acquire large stakes in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For this transaction, according to the newspaper, Milner took money from VTB Bank and Gazprom, which, as German analysts think, cannot be done without direct support from the Kremlin.

So what awaits Trump now is not just cyberwar and Russian hacker attacks, but Putin’s full control over American social networks. However, this story is not entirely European. Especially against the background of information on tax evasion of companies of the European Union itself. There is a lot of interesting things showing that kleptocracy has taken root not only in “regimes: from Russia and Africa to China”.

Analyzing the “Paradise dossier”, Süddeutsche Zeitung comes to the conclusion that the European Union annually loses 60 billion euros in corporate income taxes due to the fact that international concerns are registered in tax havens - offshore. This is about one-fifth of all corporate tax deductions in the EU.

The newspaper refers to the calculations of the French economist Gabriel Zuckman. He estimated Germany’s losses at 17 billion euros - almost a third of the corporate income tax collected in the country. France could get more tax percent from its companies on 25 than it does now, the UK - on 20 percent.

It is strange that the Bavarian newspaper is surprised by this. After all, global business hasn’t set up tax oases not for enterprising Russians and other Africans and Chinese. By the way, the “Paradise Dossier” again paid little attention to American corporations, but noted a very characteristic detail.

Europeans hide their incomes not on some exotic ocean islands, but directly on their native continent. Germany, for example, loses most of its potential corporate tax revenues (up to about two-thirds) in offshores within the European Union - the Netherlands, Ireland or Luxembourg.

In this connection, the proposal of the Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany Peter Altmaier, made on Tuesday in Brussels, looks rather strange. According to Deutsche Welle, Altmeier called on his colleagues to settle until the next meeting of EU finance ministers scheduled for December 5, “all the conditions and issues related to the publication of a black list, which countries and territories that do not adhere to basic tax control standards should enter ".

The offer is strange because everyone knows about European offshore without a black list. They began talking about them immediately after the publication of the Panama Dossier, but the matter did not get further. Now the discussion is on the second round. French Finance Minister Bruno Le May even suggested to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to stop financial support of states that refused to cooperate internationally in the fight against tax evasion.

However, the Frenchman immediately responded from Luxembourg. The head of the Ministry of Finance Pierre Gramenya objected to a reduction in international investment. “Inclusion in the blacklist will in itself be a rather severe punishment,” noted Gramenya. So, since the decisions in the European Union are taken by consensus, it is unlikely that further progress will be made further talk.

What Europeans really agree on is searching for Vladimir Putin’s billions. They are aggressively sought. But they only find their money, illegally hidden in tax havens - offshore. The publication of the Paradise Dossier documents continues. The press flashed information about the dubious financial operations of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the British Queen Elizabeth II, and other people known to the world. It is becoming more and more interesting ...
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  2. Same lech
    Same lech 9 November 2017 07: 44
    Western experts were looking for Putin’s savings offshore, but found the money of their companies

    All on Putin ... smile and then his long arm reached them ...

    Torment dust swallow ... GDP he is. what
    1. 210ox
      210ox 9 November 2017 09: 27
      Ah, what a bummer. We looked for other people's shit, but stumbled upon our own .. wassat
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 9 November 2017 12: 17
      Now the thieves began to be divided into good and bad. Let's see what the United States will do with the assets of our oligarchs after March 1, 2018. belay
  3. Cat Marquis
    Cat Marquis 9 November 2017 08: 43
    Strange they are looking for "money" and real estate in the "offshore". "Smart" people, in money, usually hold a minuscule for small expenses - the rest is in "trusts", in bearer securities, as well as in liquid, impersonal resources - gold, diamonds, antique coins, works of art from the world auctions and so on ...
  4. venik
    venik 9 November 2017 08: 52
    ".... Marked in Putin, got in Cameron and Poroshenko ...."
    EVERYTHING IS CORRECT !!! As the saying goes: "for what they fought, they ran into something" ..... It turned out beautifully !!!!! The main thing - in the right direction !!!
    But now it remains only to wait, when the howl begins, that all this is "Putin’s machinations" .....
  5. dzvero
    dzvero 9 November 2017 09: 49
    They are not looking and digging there. All accounts are sorted by some for the title. And the stall opens very simply - the offshore territories themselves own the GDP smile
    1. Azim77
      Azim77 9 November 2017 11: 04
      The bourgeois are so chronically dependent on money and bank accounts that they cannot even imagine that someone does not need them at all. That's why GDP dollars may be needed? Even if they are needed for some projects, let's say for hobbies, why, for example, should a conductor carry and own his violin, cello, trumpet and clarinet? He has a small conductor’s wand, from which will be music ..
  6. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 9 November 2017 09: 52
    Ha ha ha And my grannies did not find! Once again ha ha ha! fellow
  7. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 9 November 2017 10: 21
    Roldugin tried to explain the origin of the money. He even talked about how he buys unique musical instruments for the state collection at his own expense. But no one listened to him.

    Truth? Well, how did 2 billion earned? wassat And then with that kind of money, you can buy tons of musical instruments. For example, the most expensive violin was purchased for 6 million dollars, the Stradivarius violins are not more than 3 million
    1. AID.S
      AID.S 9 November 2017 10: 35
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      Truth? Well, how did 2 billion earned?

      Every self-respecting violinist has an account in the offshore. If you would go when your mother suggested, in childhood, to a music school, then you would not ask silly questions now. laughing
      1. Galleon
        Galleon 9 November 2017 11: 32
        Come on, come on! very funny statement! Only for some reason, I personally know a respected and self-respecting violinist from the Temirkhanov’s orchestra who has no accounts in offshore. Or in your concepts can a violinist respect himself only for this bank account?
        1. AID.S
          AID.S 9 November 2017 15: 54
          Quote: Galleon
          Only for some reason, I personally know a respected and self-respecting violinist from the Temirkhanov’s orchestra who has no accounts in offshore.

          It's dark for sure laughing
          1. Galleon
            Galleon 9 November 2017 17: 43
            laughing Test answer accepted laughing But seriously - it’s not dark, yet the mortgage for the kopeck piece has not been paid.
        2. sapporo1959
          sapporo1959 13 November 2017 19: 03
          Well, this is your friend, the violinist, therefore, there’s not a billion, but if Putin was a friend, then maybe he would have had a couple of billion dollars offshore at a small cost. That’s the main thing, after all, if you have friends who have good violins for shopping ...
    2. svp67
      svp67 9 November 2017 10: 39
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      Well, how did 2 billion earned?

      Dear, and who told you that he EARNED them? It can be fund money, which means INVESTORS. The bad thing is that in our country no one really demanded an explanation from him. But it would be worth it.
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      You can buy tons of musical instruments.

      You can say a lot of things. I would say in his place that this is not only a purchase of tools, but also money for the education of talented children.
      1. Stirbjorn
        Stirbjorn 9 November 2017 11: 47
        Quote: svp67
        You can say a lot of things. I would say in his place that this is not only a purchase of tools, but also money for the education of talented children.

        2 billion dollars ?! - You would have sat in a puddle no less than Raldugin, with such an explanation! You imagine what this amount is - it can be cured of all our sick children, who collect money from the whole people, repair and equip hundreds of hospitals, etc. with modern equipment!
        1. Siberian
          Siberian 9 November 2017 15: 36
          So he explained that this is investor money (this is S. Roldugin’s fund, and not his private account), and therefore verbiage has ended.
          about - to cure all children ... Firstly, everyone decides what to donate to him, secondly, not all (in the sense of not all diseases) can be cured, thirdly, they should invest and treat their children first of all parents themselves (at least with their heads) - a genetic examination will solve a lot, but future parents don’t want to spend money on it (unlike cellular novelties, gadgets and other nice gizmos). So why should Roldugin do this? He probably loves art, not a hospital.
          1. AID.S
            AID.S 9 November 2017 16: 04
            Quote: Siberian
            So he explained that this is investor money (this is S. Roldugin’s fund, and not his private account), and therefore verbiage has ended.

            It’s clear that the matter is dark. The fact that the layman does not know the sources, purpose, owners, movement of funds. Further, fortune telling or stuffing "truth-cutters", such as bulk. I believe that if there is no clarity on this issue, then it is not necessary. What if the FSB bought Trump with this money ...
            1. Siberian
              Siberian 9 November 2017 17: 39
              All is correct. There is nothing to talk about them. Let everyone inquisitive about their finances.
  8. Macross
    Macross 9 November 2017 16: 12
    Slave system, indicates how to live.
  9. Eroolguy
    Eroolguy 9 November 2017 18: 48
    The joy of some commentators is not clear. Between the lines, the whole point of the article boils down to storing money offshore is not so bad, but in fact it’s convenient and wonderful, all the same, well, registered your planes there, well, you’ll think of a couple of billion of them there, not mine, my word, it's all investors! Wrong you Uncle Fedor keep the looted billions offshore, I will teach you how to! Well, the main thesis of the article is that Putin hides as no one hides. Everyone is already looking, but they cannot find everything. The war of global clans is going on among themselves, all competitors are being merged, and the pretext is, of course, the struggle with the Russian Federation in general and with V.V. in particular. What is the article about? What are politicians all over the world corrupt? This opened their eyes!